This is my gamebooks page. It lists, first of all, the gamebooks I have. I'm not a huge collector, as I concentrate more on specific series, but they are a lot of fun to look through.

Currently I have pages set up for the following two series:

My other books:

My current gamebook count is 12(Spy)+4(Zork)+1(Narnia)+4(CyoA)=21, although 3+2+0+0=5 are currently shipping. So I "really" only have 16.

I must be honest, however. Some gamebooks are quite bad, especially the Junior Edition CyoA which were only fifty-odd pages with six endings. In fact, many Choose Your Own Adventure books are more valuable as collectors' items or memorabilia. As a result it is rather easy to satirize certain gamebooks, and here are some efforts that I particularly enjoy.

If anyone knows of an Apple disk where you could create your own gamebook, tell me. I remember having one in the '80s...

There are also some authors that have a gamebook-ish quality to them. I include:

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