Interplanetary Spy Dictionary
Hope you enjoy this. Please notify me of any omissions, avoidable circular references, or other errors. It's a lot easier than searching for them myself!

Ackaroo: Ancient alphabet that the inhabitants of Parno send you a message with.

Akto-Jazen: Fourth planet in the Koromi system in The Space Olympics. Acrobatics are the event here.

Alvare: Home of kidnapped prince Quizon, whom you must rescue in Find the Kirillian. It is in sector 13. Also where you start in Monsters of Doorna.

Anderson, Darrel: Illustrated The Planet Hunters and The Red Rocket.

Andromeda: Participant in Space Olympics, from the planet Nez. You must save her from Gresh in The Space Olympics. She also becomes one of the Ultraheroes in Ultraheroes.

Aquist: The third moon of Frandor.

Banks, Michael: Co-wrote Ultraheroes with Len Neufeld.

Barbalba: A city on Frandor.

Barenga: The first place you land on Threefax. It is also the capital city.

Bellen: One of the telepathic water people in The Star Crystal. Unlike Cicelia she can communicate with non-telepathic beings.

Binomia System: Two-star system where Sarpan is located. The stars give off a lot of radiation.

Biodroid: Your (sometimes) friend in The Space Pirate. Created on Zeta, a moon of Frandor. After The Space Pirate he goes to Parno where he sends you an S.O.S in Mission to Microworld.

Boolea: Third planet in the Koromi system in The Space Olympics. The footrace occurs here.

Callisto: Scary-looking square-headed sculptor of impossible shapes in The Star Crystal. Tunk is his traveling companion. He also accompanies you in The Rebel Spy, recovering half of the key the Glorids gave to Delbor.

Centana: Level 10 spy that advises you in ~12.

Ceta: Home of Cicelea.

Choons: Group of people on Delbor who oppose the Ro-Zins. The Glorids wanted to unite them and left each city a key to the automatic city. You try to get the key from the Choons in The Rebel Spy.

Cicelea: Plays the Nautilus Pipe in The Star Crystal. It is her only way of communication with non-telepathic beings. She is from Ceta.

Celestial Tunnel: Site of the space race on Zet.

CEM-450: Leader of the rebels in Mission to Microworld. He makes an appointment with you at the Interface Tavern.

Centar: Capital of the planet Teledar.

Centrax: Planet in sector 13.

Chronos: One of the Ultraheroes. He can slow down or speed up time.

Cranex: a monster that appears mutated in The Space Pirate and helps you in The Star Crystal. It communicates by spreading ink but when mutated sends out electric charges.

Cryon: winter planet where the Ultraheroes go to capture a robot for training. Neighbor to Galdan.

Cyberg (Dr.): Creator of Robot World who becomes your ally. You also contact him again about the shrink ray in Mission to Microworld. He makes the Bionic ESP Machine in Ultraheroes and also makes your helmet in Ultraheroes to defend you from Kort's mind control.

Darkstar: Your code name in The Star Crystal. You pretend to be an art expert from Kron.

Daxon: your Looney Tune friend in Skystalker who is from the planet Orminia. He was employed by Zillio before Skystalker double-crossed him buying the planetoid orbiting Templar.

Delbor: Home of the rival Choons and Ro-Zins, between whom the Glorids tried to establish peace. Valeeta is tracked there in The Rebel Spy.

Domino: Your code name in The Space Pirate.

Doorna: The setting of Monsters of Doorna. Also a place where you die in The Space Pirate. It is in the distant Sector 512, and you fly the experimental X-Wing to get there.

Dreefoid: Life form with longer, thinner neck than humans. Diagrammed in Robot World.

Electron: Dictator of Microworld in Mission to Microworld.

Elnar: Spaceport on Galdan.

Erval: The name given to your "statue" in one ending for Mission to Microworld.

Flodar: Famous merchants from sector 13.

Flonari: Alphabet similar to Ackaroo in Mission to Microworld, but if you interpret Ackaroo as Flonari, there are serious consequences.

Fourton: Planet in sector 13.

Frandor: Planet in The Space Pirate. Its moons are, in order, Vantil, Lorax, Aquist, Zeta, Quondam, and Pakhee.

Freeba: Paper bag-headed painter in The Star Crystal. He is from the Ganesh Star Cluster.

Frexia: The planet you pretend to come from as an athlete in The Space Olympics.

Galdan: Where training for the Ultraheroes starts. It is in sector 21.

Ganesh Star Cluster: home to Freeba the painter.

Genrax: A pet of people from Threefax. See Find the Kirillian. They're both pretty ugly, so it's a good fit.

Glaronian Helmet: What Kort is trying to steal in Ultraheroes. It is on Oldenor, at an ancient weapons expo where Tunk is the M.C.

Glorids: super-race that tried to establish peace on Delbor between the Choons and Ro-Zins and turn Delbor into a garden planet. They moved on but their technology--which Valeeta coveted--remains.

Gorapod: four-eyed animal(no, it doesn't have glasses) with eight arms that you meet and must try to escape if you hit the warp storm in Ultraheroes.

Gorm: large carnivorous desert animal on Delbor.

Gorond: A person that could never be confused with a Flodar. Part of a puzzle in Find the Kirillian where you're laughed at if you give the wrong answer.

Gradak: Mushroomy-mustachy Planet Hunter. His cohorts are Sarvala and Venya. He is from the planet Kranso.

Gratz: Many-eyed octopoidal monster found beneath a trap door in The Rebel Spy.

Grax: A three-clawed animal in The Space Pirate.

Grell: Jungle world in Sector 12 where you connect with the Mobius Express.

Gresh: Tries to disrupt the Space Olympics and kill Andromeda. He comes from Sharm and has a host of clones to do his bidding.

Grottos, Crystal: you and the Biodroid must cross these in The Space Pirate.

GRXQZYP monster: Found in the Sargasso Sea of Space in The Red Rocket and a peril to any careless Interplanetary Spy. "According to the Interplanetary Spy handbook, GRXQZYP monsters are extinct. But this one hasn't read the handbook, because it is alive and hungry. In fact, it is about to make you extinct."

Indari, Reeta: Leader of Pallax who drew up a peace treaty with Zavril over the scant resources of Volanium on Muron. She did not sign the treaty(she wanted her people to see it) and before going home was lost in her rocket. Your mission in The Red Rocket is to find her.

Interface Tavern: Where you meet CEM-450.

Interplanetary Zoo: See Zoo, Interplanetary.

Joles: home planet of Zillio.

Joujan: tame animal found on Delbor that you can ride.

Kad-miles: Interplanetary units of distance.

Kad-hours: Interplanetary units of time.

Kapar: Decoy statue to Tavro in Find the Kirillian.

Kasanga: A peaceful animal in The Space Pirate that looks a lot like the carnivorous Marapang but has asymmetrical facial markings.

Kayjay: Scientifically known as B-3-66-KJ3, it is your bug-zapping reptile friend in Monsters of Doorna.

Kellzor: A planet in the Utonian System that houses the Romular Sphere, which has been stolen in Skystalker.

Klagon Hand: Your main weapon in The Space Pirate.

Khen, Marco: Your eye-patched, metal-parrot-wielding nemesis in The Space Pirate. His daughter and wife are below, but you don't know who's who. But where were they when he could've used their help against you in The Space Pirate?

Khen, Melissa: One of two space pirates that capture careless Interplanetary Spies in Robot World.

Khen, Mildred: One of two space pirates that capture careless Interplanetary Spies in Robot World. Since Mildred is the stereotyped "older woman" name I assume she is the wife and Melissa is the daughter.

Kirillia: Home of Phatax, villian of Find the Kirillian. There's a circular reference for you.

Koromi: The star whose orbiting planets host the Olympics in The Space Olympics. Planets include, in order, Vecto, Zet, Boolea, Akto-Jazen, and Vikalpa.

Kort: Evil twin to Tunk, he steals Dr. Cyberg's bionic ESP machine tries to steal the Glaronian Helmet from Oldenor in Ultraheroes. He tried to be a spy but after failing moved to Sarpan where the radiation got to him.

Kranso: Home of the three planet hunters Gradak, Venya, and Sarvala.

Kron: Where you pretend to be from in The Star Crystal as Darkstar, the art expert.

Kuzuri: Where the Planet Hunters are docked and where you originally try to infiltrate their ship. Its justice system is very slow.

Lifeseeker: Your code name in Monsters of Doorna.

Logico: One of the Ultraheroes. Very smart--intelligence increased electronically. He's got this cool metallic outfit that has a mohawk on top.

Lorax: The second moon of Frandor, where Dr. Nelia Lorkan lives.

Lorkan, Dr. Nelia: Doctor who creates biodroids. She lives on Lorax.

Macroboots: they use suction, so that you can climb vertically, or down steep slopes. Part of your uniform in Monsters of Doorna.

Maddad: A city on Frandor.

Makpan: Ferocious flying monster in The Space Pirate.

Marapang: A carnviorous animal in The Space Pirate which looks similar to a Kasanga but has symmetrical facial markings.

Marox, Swamp of: You must cross this is Robot World.

Martinez, Ron: Wrote The Space Olympics and The Star Crystal.

Mazuma: A commerce world on sector 35. Kort gets a jammer from it in Ultraheroes to block your radio waves.

McEvoy, Seth: Creator of the series and author of Find the Kirillian, The Space Pirate, Robot World, Monsters of Doorna, Mission to Microworld, The Planet Hunters, and The Red Rocket.

Metrobot: Robot on the Mobius Express. There are three types: security, helper, and maintenance. Maintenance's left arm is made of spheres. Helpers' right arms are made of spheres. Security has no arms made entirely of spheres.

Megaron: Spiky animal on Threefax.

Menelon: Governor of Sector 90 who alerts you of planets destroyed and your mission in The Planet Hunters as you cruise through Sector 91.

Metron: Planet in Sector 13.

Microworld: Ruled by Electron, it feeds off Parno's energy.

Mirado: Headquarters of the Galactic Arts Council and the destination of the Mobius Express.

Mitoshi: Drew two of the paintings Freeba asks you to identify.

Mobius Express: The mobius(or moebius)-shaped ship where the murder mystery part of The Star Crystal takes place. It has three sorts of maintenance robots, an aquatic beings dock, and its passengers are Darkstar, Callisto, Cicelia, Freeba, and Quarboss Tro.

Multikon: A device that shrinks your ship and performs other functions in The Rebel Spy.

Muron: Moon near Pallax and Zavril which contains rare Volanium.

Nanden: A city on Frandor.

Negatrol: A substance in Skystalker that destroys everything except qualium.

Nethergun: Weapon the Planet Hunters use to destroy planets in The Planet Hunters.

Neufeld, Len: Wrote The Rebel Spy, Ultraheroes and Skystalker.

Nez: Peaceful planet conquered by Sharm that is home to Andromeda, for which Sharm was disqualified from the Space Olympics.

Nishells: Silent, deaf police officers on the moon Lorax in The Space Pirate.

Nuba-cab: method of transportation used by the Choons.

Octopod: Tentacled animal on Threefax.

Ogar: Valeeta's pet.

Oldenor: Home planet of twins Kort and Tunk. It is in sector 35.

Orbyn: Leader of rebel robots hiding out in the Sargasso Sea of Space. They escaped from your freeze ray in Robot World.

Ormal: moon of Doorna.

Orthaz: Desert on Threefax. It is home of the Zeren Bazaar.

Outlaw Sector: Sector 89, where the Planet Hunters have escaped from in The Planet Hunters. Criminals can get in but can't get out. Sort of a high-tech roach motel, you see.

Pakhee: The sixth moon of Frandor.

Pallax: Planet that disputed ownership of a moon Muron with Zavril in The Red Rocket. Most of their citizens have smooth heads, but Reeta Indari, the leader who proposed a peace treaty, has a mohawk; her father was from Zavril.

Parno: Planet that is in Sector 63. Originally a training base for Spy Center, Electron has shrunk it to provide energy for his Microworld.

Phatax: The villain of Find the Kirillian. He is from Kirillia, hence the title, but he's located on the planet Threefax. He also is referred to in a couple of other books.

Planet Hunters: Destroy planets with the help of the Nethergun. They are all from Kranso. They are, respectively, Gradak, Venya, and Sarvala.

Poddians: telepathic hand puppet-looking monsters in the caves of Delbor who apparently can't leave their caves. Valeeta made enemies of them while finding a path to the Glorid city.

Proteum: One of the Ultraheroes, he possesses extensive mechanical ability. He is in fact the traitor as his brain is being subliminally controlled by Kort.

Qualium: The metal that makes up the surface of the Romular Sphere. It is the only substance that negatrol does not dissolve.

Quarboss Tro: A legless metal cyborg diplomat who is a murder target in The Star Crystal because he is carrying the jewel.

Qubex: Your contact on Delbor in The Rebel Spy.

Quizon: The prince of Alvare, kidnapped by Phatax.

Quondam: The fourth moon on Frandor.

Rantrog: One-eyed beast on the cover of The Space Pirate.

Reeta Indari: See Indari, Reeta.

ROB-8008: Video game computer you must defeat in Robot World.

Rolo: Spy you must meet in Centar on Teledar in The Star Crystal.

Romular Sphere: Very valuable item in Skystalker. It was discovered on a north pole of Kellzor in the Utonian System.

Roz, Larat: Sharpshooting goon in The Space Pirate. A buddy of Marko Khen.

Ro-Zins: Group of people on Delbor who oppose the Choons. The Glorids wanted to unite them and left each city a key to the automatic city. Callisto tries to get the key from the Ro-Zins in The Rebel Spy.

Sandragon: Vicious animal seen in Find the Kirillian and The Space Pirate.

Sargasso Sea of Space: A place where junk gravitates. You must visit it in The Red Rocket, and Orbyn and a group of rebel robots is there.

Sarpan: In the Binomia twin star system, where Kort went after failing Spy training. The radiation got to his brain and made him evil.

Sarvala: The giant Planet Hunter and the leader of the bunch that includes Gradak and Venya.

Sassen: A city you eventually visit on Frandor.

Savamp: Decoy statue to Tavro in Find the Kirillian.

Search-and-destroy droid: Skystalker's favorite hi-tech "hunting falcons" in Skystalker.

Semilian: Alternate life form with shorter legs and torso than a human and a neck thicker than its head. Part of a puzzle in Robot World.

Setali: winged phoenix-like flies in Monsters of Doorna. They spin cocoons for themselves when very old.

Sharm: This planet, home to Gresh, was banned from the Space Olympics after attacking neighboring Nez, home of Andromeda.

Skystalker: Villain who tries to break open the Romular Sphere, which he stole from Kellzor, in (circular reference alert)Skystalker.

Spy Center: Your employers as an Interplanetary Spy. They are located in the sector of illusions, sector 666. Wait, that's not a very good number for the sector where the good guys are located.

Stargazer: Your code name, which Proteum gives you via telepathy, in Ultraheroes.

Starscan: Your code name in Find the Kirillian.

Straiten: Planet in Sector 13.

Tataba: A city on Frandor.

Tavro: Agent you need to meet in Find the Kirillian. He also assigns your mission in Robot World.

Telanon: One of the Ultraheroes. She can teleport.

Teledar: Place in Sector 11 where you begin The Star Crystal. Its capital is Centar, and your object is to meet fellow spy Rolo and diplomat Quarboss Tro.

Templar: In sector 72, the star around which the planetoid in Skystalker orbits.

Threefax: The eighth planet from the star in Sector 13. The planet in Find the Kirillian where you track down Phatax.

Torloo: predatory bird found on Delbor.

Tunk: Callisto's pet and Kort's good twin.

Ultraheroes: Group of people with extaordinary powers. See Ultraheroes. They include Andromeda, Chronos, Logico, Proteum, and Telanon.

Utonian System: Location of the planet Kellzor, where the Romular Sphere was found.

Valeeta: The bug-like antagonist of The Rebel Spy.

Vantil: The first moon of Frandor.

Vecto: The first planet in the Koromi system in The Space Olympics. Site of the opening ceremonies.

Venya: Along with Gradak and Sarvala, one of the Planet Hunters. A bit of a nature freak. A bit of a freak, too, actually.

Vikalpa: The fifth planet in the Koromi system in The Space Olympics and the site of the headcraft race

Volanium: a precious metal, the rarity of which is the source of a dispute between Pallax and Zavril in The Red Rocket. It is on the moon Muron between the two.

Wolfstone: Jeweler who claims to have the Crown Jewels of Alvare in Find the Kirillian.

X-Craft: See X-Wing.

X-Wing: uses suspended animation to take you to Doorna in Monsters of Doorna. Also known as the X-Craft.

Zapf: Another animal Marko Khen mutated. It has three heads. The heads act by majority rule.

Zavril: Planet that disputed ownership of a moon Muron with Pallax in The Red Rocket. Most of their citizens have mohawks.

Zebulax: Planet in sector 13.

Zeren Bazaar: Where you find fake crown jewels in Find the Kirillian.

Zet: The second planet in the Koromi system, in The Space Olympics. Site of the space race.

Zeta: The third moon on Frandor, where the Biodroid was created by Dr. Nelia Lorkan.

Zoo, Interplanetary: A structure orbiting Frandor that Marko Khen has stolen from in The Space Pirate.

Zillio: From the planet Joles, he buys and sells planetoids. A bad deal with Skystalker, who had promised to pay him with the Romular Sphere, has made Zillio vengeful. His friend and employee is Daxon.

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