Eternal Dagger/Wizard's Crown Dungeon Maps

(3/7/2001, PM): here's my second draft of maps for Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger. There were lots of goofy things up with the first draft, but I think I've fixed it all.

The maps are mostly as you see them in the game, except impenetrable blank squares are marked--I want to add booby-trap squares but that might take a bit of planning.
Wizard's Crown Maps
Guild in town Old Thieves' Guild(1) Old Thieves' Guild(2) Gozaroth's Mansion(1)
Gozaroth's Mansion(2) Gozaroth's Mansion(3) Tarmon's Castle(1) Tarmon's Castle(2)
Tarmon's Castle(3) Tarmon's Castle(4) Tarmon's Castle(5) Tarmon's Castle(6)
Eternal Dagger Maps
Necromancer's Cave(1) Necromancer's Cave(2) Alvis's Tower(1) Alvis's Tower(2)
Grey Eagle's Aery Magoomba's Grove Waddling Turtle's Hut Koruy
SRI's lair(1) SRI's lair(2) Enolho(Underwater) Demon World

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