Pictures From the Bristol Renaissance Faire


While my pictures of the joust didn't come out as well as I'd hoped this year, I did manage to get some good pictures of the faire and faire goers in general. Mostly MAX 800 this year. Once again, not all the pics are up. I may put some more at a later time. All pictures should weigh in at less than 90Kb or so, just click on the smaller thumbnail image to see the full sized one.

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Part of the morning parade / royal procession. The costuming of some of the faire participants is quite good. :) Some of the lords and ladies take a rest in the shade. I seem to have a lot of pictures of her. She's very photogenic.

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It must be hot in those things. It was near 90 degrees F that day. Two faire goers stop for a picture. They have weddings at the faire too :) The queen holds court in the late afternoon.

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Does she look nervous to you? :) My cousin, Stephanie decides to get her face painted too. Stephanie showing she too can be an ornery devil. My, she sure packs things tightly. I hope she doesn't bust a lace.

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Moonie the Magnificent balances on the wire. Doesn't exactly fit into the medieval Europe genre, but very very cool. The Rag Lady, one of the more 'colorful' people at the faire ;) The Gargoyle. A great costume, but you have to be pretty confident about... things.

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The Troll, a new performer at the faire this year. The Troll ponders some rocks. One of the newer knights. I didn't get his name. Sir John Sidney is back again this year.

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Another of the newer knights this year. I love the helm on this suit of armor. One of the knights makes ready. A pass at the rail.

renfaire23.jpg (83016 bytes)

I've fallen and I can't get up! ;)      


These pics were taken from two jousts (a tournament of skill, and a tournament of war) held at the faire on Saturday, July 26, 1998 in Bristol Wisconsin. I've mixed the pics all together though, so don't try figuring which pic is from which tourney. I shot mostly Kodak Gold 200, and some MAX 800. Unfortunately, large patches of passing dark clouds made it very difficult to shoot the 200 speed film with a zoom lens and fast action.

I shot a lot more pics than this, but these are some of the better ones. I am still perusing my stack, and may add some others as time goes on

Ok, enough talk! Click on the pic to see an enlargement. I altered resolution and quality of each jpg file to squeak them in at about 70Kb or less each (give or take a Kb).

Knight6.jpg (58931 bytes) Knight2.jpg (62078 bytes) Knight3.jpg (76702 bytes) Knight5.jpg (74436 bytes)
Sir John Sidney greets his fans. Sir Don Diego (left), and Sir Lloyd make ready. John Sidney was the knight that represented my group. Which is why I have so many pictures of him. :)
Plate1.jpg (63258 bytes) Knight7.jpg (49071 bytes) Knight8.jpg (52345 bytes) Knight1.jpg (52561 bytes)
Sir John is a terribly nice fellow too, and a relative newbie to the knighthood (this is his first year). Sir William DeBracey greets his audience. Here he picks a maiden to tie a ribbon to his lance for good luck. (What a pickup line - 'Hey baby, wanna touch my lance?') William DeBracey makes ready for the joust.
Spanish.jpg (80951 bytes) Joust1.jpg (47394 bytes) Joust2.jpg (88468 bytes) Joust4.jpg (70752 bytes)
Don Diego sounds a hell of a lot like Ricky Ricardo. I half expected him to say, "Lucy, jou got some splaining to dooo..." What a freakin cool sight. God what I'd give to be able to do this stuff... It is *really* difficult to get a shot just as the knights are about to meet Another pass on the rail.
Blood.jpg (45356 bytes) Victor1.jpg (58990 bytes) Victor2.jpg (57986 bytes) ?
Yes kiddies, that is genuine fake blood. Still looks pretty cool though... Sir John has defeated Don Diego, yay! Sir John makes his point to Don Diego, so to speak. The Mystery Knight

All right, I made a major screwup on the names of the knights in these pics, and hopefully it is corrected now. After meeting and talking to Sir John Sidney for a while, I think I owe these guys an apology for not remembering their names.

BTW, in the next few weeks look for a few more pictures of the joust to make their way onto this page, as well as a picture of a mysterious unkown knight too...

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