These are some links to some of my favorite sites. I've got lots more, but this is all I'm putting up for now. If you come across any broken links, email me so I can repair it.

3D Studio MAX links:

Kinetix (makers of 3D Studio)
Digimation (sells all kinds of good graphics stuff, highly recommended)
Virtual Republic Boboland

Discworld MUD (highly recommended game)

Ultima Online Links:

Ultima Online
UO Vault
Crossroads of Britannia

Medieval and Fantasy Links:

Shalla's - i wanna be gidget (My friend Megan's home page. She has lots of medieval research links available here)
Snapdragon Gifts Home Page (Gifts, knicknacks, prints, greeting cards, etc. Discworld stuff too!)
Arms & Armour Glossary of Terms (So you will know an Aiguilette from a Ventail)
The Arador Armor Library (Glossaries, pictures, and all kinds of reference material)
Valentine Armouries Home Page (Some of the most beautiful armor you can buy. Very expensive though)
The Renaissance Faire (Wanna know when the Renaissance Faire is going to take place? Note:this is not a comprehensive list)

3Dfx links:

Voodoo Extreme
3Dfx Mania

Quake 2 links:

Planet Quake
3 Fingers Quake Guide
Quake Stomping Grounds

Online Gaming Mags:

Online Game Review
Computer Gaming World
PC Gamer
Next Generation
Combat Simulations

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