Montaron & Xzar: Found in the very beginning of the game, just east of Candlekeep as you head toward Friendly Arm Inn. They want you to go to Nashkel.
Montaron, Fighter/Thief: Solid stats, useful to have, Montaron is a nice person to have up in the frontlines.

Xzar, Necromancer: A solid mage with killing abilities. Good for the long term, were it not for the fact he's Chaotic-Evil and whines a lot. If you're tending toward the Good side of things, don't even think about him.

Kagain, Fighter: Found in Beregost in one of the houses you can't see the doors to, across from the Burning Wizard. He's looking for a caravan, but reports are if you don't find it, he'll stay with you anyway. A lawful evil dwarf with 20 constitution, Kagain offers much in the way of frontline battles. After all, he regenerates. As long as you can tolerate his alignment...

Safana, Thief: You run into her west-south-west of Beregost, and she wants you to help her  rob this pirate cove. This sexy vixen is a better thief than Imoen. Once again, however, you'll  have to deal with her Chaotic Neutral Alignment.

Edwin, Mage: Found in Nashkel, this mage is personally recommended by one of the BG crew (Luke, Lead Writer). As for me, I have no use for evil boys in my crew.

Shar-Teel: Found two areas East of Beregost, NW Corner with the basilisks. You have to fight her (man to woman), and besting her, will gain her fightership. One of the best evil-oriented fighters in the game, and interesting to have in the party. Numerous people have emailed me about how cool she is.

Viconia, Cleric: Found in Peldvale, NW Corner, you need to decide to rescue this dark elf by killing a member of the Flaming Fist. She'll cost you 2 reputation points, and has a dismaying 8 constitution and 10 strength. Nice voice (course, most of the women in the game sound attractive). Compared to Branwen, she's a turd.

Faldorn, Druid: Cloakwood, the third NW area in the Druid's Circle. You need to complete a mine quest for her. The only pure Druid in the game, but stats aren't that great.

Eldoth, Bard: Cloakwood, same area as Faldorn. This bard, like all adventurous self-serving heroes, wants to "free" the daughter of Ethan Silvershield (In Baldur's Gate). I don't like bards in the first place, and none of the bards in BG have good stats.

Quayle, Cleric-Illusionist: Just inside North of Baldur's Gate. He has horrible body odour and NPCs complain about him, but fellow players have called him a versatile, spellcasting powerhouse.

Tiax, Cleric-Thief: At the entrance to the Flaming Fist Headquarter's, Tiax' class
combination makes no sense to me. Chacun son gout, I suppose.

Branwen, Cleric: Found at the Carnival East of Nashkel, she is petrified in stone and you must rescue her with a stone-to-flesh scroll. After the rescue, she is indebted to you.Branwen is one of the few pure clerics that you can get to join you, has solid stats, and definitely useful. One of  my personal favourites.

Imoen, Thief: Found in the very beginning right when you get out of Candlekeep. She walks up to you and joins you out of sheer love. Imoen has a great attitude and is handy to have. Although her abilities are not so hot, they get better as she gains in levels and is simply a nice NPC to have around. Also not bad when dual classed to mage.

Khalid & Jahiera: Found at the Friendly Arms Inn, Gorion's friends and therefore your loyal friends.

Khalid, Fighter: Decent stats, but a wimpy attitude. As with all fighters, good to have in the front lines.

Jahiera, Fighter/Druid: One of the worst combinations in the AD&D world. The Fighter/Druid is basically just a Fighter who can't use a sword, who has some healing and casting abilities. Think about that. Handy in the beginning, useless in the long run.

Garrick, Bard: Found in the middle of Beregorn, proper Rogue. You enter a conversation with him and he leads you to a mini-quest involving an escort service. Upon completion of the quest, he will join you. A bard is a jack of all trades and Garrick fits into that description. However, he has a very low constitution so do not expect any kind of front-line power.

Minsc, Ranger: Found in the middle of Nashkel to rescue Dynaheir in the Gnoll Stronghold. Note that if you don't go to Gnoll Stronghold within a certain amount of time, he will turn on you and fight you. His companion Boo the hamster is cute and many feel that Minsc has "personality". His 18/93 strength is also very handy. One of the guys you want up front.

Xan, Enchanter Mage: Found in the last level of the Nashkel Mines. Besides his nice Moonglow sword, the Enchanter class of mage is pretty much useless. Cocky. I once said he's not recommended, but have received emails saying that he's very useful in later levels with some significantly useful spells: acid arrow, flame, charm person, etc.

Dynaheir, Invoker Mage: Rescued from one of the pits in the Gnoll Stronghold, she is one of the more powerful mages that you can get to join you. She will pay off in the long run, especially if you don't have a mage.

Kivan, Ranger: Found in High Hedge, an adventurer and ogre-hunter. Kivan is one of my personal favourites. A pure Ranger with excellent stats, he picks people off quickly.An excellent marksman and personal favourite. Cool voice/attitude.

Ajantis, Paladin: Found in the area North of Friendly Arm Inn, west along the road to help you fight the Bandits. He's an excellent fighter-type to have with high charisma. One of the best to have (I love Paladins), Ajantis can fire arrows from afar or fight with the best of them up front. Also acts as a solid Leader if you don't have good charisma. Excellent "let me lead" attitude. Your typical Paladin :)

Yeslick, Fighter/Cleric: Found in the Dwarven Mines, this cleric has solid stats and is another Paladin/Cool Cleric type with all the skills necessary to heal or fight. Whether or not the fact that it'll take'm longer to level is worth it, remains to be seen.

Coran, Fighter/Thief: In the first Cloakwood by the Druid House, on the bridge. You need to complete a Kill-The-Wyverns quest within a certain amount of time, or he'll leave the party. This stalwart of a multi-talented companion is reputed to be one of the best NPCs in the game.

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