The Definitive (?) Planescape: Torment Walkthrough  (Version 1.0)

By Stefanos Koutsoukos

Greetings adventurers!!! We are well met once again, even though we may walk the shadows of Sigil this time around!? ‘Tis a strange, yet most wonderful world that the good folks at Black Isle Studios have put together for us to enjoy.
     Personally, I consider Torment the BEST rpg I’ve ever experienced, far surpassing Baldur’s Gate and even the divine Fallout series. And why is that, I hear you ask?
   Simply, because Torment takes the best elements of Fallout and combines them with the very best of Baldur’s Gate!!!!

But enough with the chatter! Some big,scarred and tatooed guy has just risen (Am I Dead?) in the strangest of places....

1.Character Generation and Gameplay (All Things Have to Start Somewhere)

 Torment is quite different -in regard to the character generation system that is- than any other rpg that ever graced the PC. First of all, you don’t get to choose a class. You start out as a fighter, but if you wish, you can become a Mage or a Thief as the game progresses. You start out at Level 3 with 21 points to add to your basic attributes.
  CAUTION HERE! You probably have an idea of what kind of character you’ll want to be in the game (Once again, I did a paladin style fighter) so make sure that you raise the relevant ability/abilities  now.
   Strength is quite important for fighters, Dexterity is also important to a fighter but benefits the Thief most of all, high intelligence is a must if you intend on practicing The Art, but also gives you more conversation options and allows you to outsmart people on a regular basis(and in this game it will help you gain memories faster, meaning that your skills will improve faster under the right conditions), a high Wisdom is essential for a Priest, but will also allow you to gain more memories (for example my character with his shining Wisdom of 9 must have surely gotten much fewer memories that a character with a 17+ score on Wisdom). Constitution is also extremely important to the fighter (and yet again, in THIS game, it’ll allow you to regenerate hit points faster) and finally Charisma, in the words of one previewer makes your character a great pimp?. I.e., you’ll be able to talk your way out of a good many situations, and also bluff often with great results. All in all, a character with a high Charisma is very persuasive and well liked.
    Now you can elect to either bolster greatly three main statistics and leave the rest to the obscurity of 9 or 10 OR select to play a balanced character. Personally, I opted for the «Bolster Three» method since it provides a much more satisfying role playing experience (but then again that’s up to the player). Still, as you gain levels later on in the game, you will also get extra points to add to the your main abilities, so don’t worry about having some underdeveloped attributes.

However you opt to develop your character though, keep in mind that Torment is a ROLE PLAYING game that greatly rewards one who actually roleplays through it. Someone who becomes one with the Nameless One (uh oh, isn’t that a most unacceptable overusage of the word «One?» Ah well),  LIVES through the game rather than play it, is bound to get a much more satisfactory experience than anyone who skips through half of the dialogue in the game and just attacks anyone who seems vaguely suspicious.
  Also, if you want to get even more out of your game, try and create your character to your likeness. If somehow you got sucked into the world of Planescape (or any other fantasy world for that matter) what would you be like? Would you be smart?Charismatic? Clumsy? An idiot? It’s all up to you! I’ve played most of my rpg’s this way and believe me, not for once have I regretted it!
      And before we get on with the adventure, here’s a short description of my character’s starting attributes:
 I had a Strength of 17 (since I plotted to play a character who can hold his own and not wimp out of any dangerous situation) with plans to raise it later on , an Intelligence of 16 with plans to raise it later on in the game, since a high intelligence helps in conversation and such, and finally a Charisma of 17 with definite plans for raising. The rest of my stats were in the 9-10 range, sth I have yet to regret!

  Onwards with the adventure!

2,The Mortuary (I WANT OUT!)

      Bloody battles on distant dreamscapes, a beautiful woman, a smiling child images pass in front of your eyes as in a feverish dream shattered,deformed figures accusing you.... a handsome young man hideously deformed...cursed perhaps?
 You awaken with a start upon a cold slab. Apparently you were ...dead. Still,now that you’ve risen, you’ll definitely want some answers! No sooner than you get off the cold slab, a floating skull will approach you and give the rundown of the situation. You are both locked inside the mortuary, and what’s worse, you are unarmed.  There’s also an entire mesage tatooed on your back. You are to look for  a man named Pharod. Perhaps he knows something about you??? And apparently you are missing your journal, mayhaps it is somewhere within the mortuary halls. Morte Rictusgrin, the skull, your companion from now on, suggests looking around for some kind of weapon.
      There’s a scalpel in the nearby shelves but I recommend using your fists since they do better damage and you’re more likely to hit an opponent with them. According to Morte’s brilliant plan you are to start killing the zombie workers until you find the one with the key to the room. This is a good chance to familiarize yourself with the combat system in Torment which is not unlike the one in Baldur’s Gate. Slay the zombies (they are easy opponents) and eventually you’ll find a key on them.
      Note: Make sure you search EVERYTHING and speak to EVERYONE in every location/screen you enter. The above procedure shall be referred to as «The Ground Rule» from now on, and it’s extremely important if you wish to find out EVERYTHING in the game!

   Notice how the skull won’t help you with the fighting? Better have a little chat with him about that! Also, once he’s in your party, talk to Morte about his special abilities. He’s endowed with the «Litany of Curses», a very interesting special ability which amounts to our very own heavy cussin
   He can enrage people with his insults, so that they suffer penalties in battle and try desperately to engage Morte in melee combat, completely ignoring everything else. Said ability is EXTREMELY useful against enemy spellcasters, since it totally disrupts their spells.

      Now that you’ve got a key, a weapon and some confidence, start trying the various doors in the room (After applying The Ground Rule of course. Always apply it, you’ll be amazed at the gunk you find(gunk=Good Junk).
      Eventually, one of them’ll open up into the Receiving Room. (You can check your automap, which is greatly improved in Torment, for the names of specific locations. They will all be marked by an orange wand symbol).
      Morte advises you to be cautious and don’t attack anyone lest you want everyone in the Mortuary alerted. He’s particularly frantic about you not attacking any of the female zombie workers (They’re dead,we’re dead, you get my meaning chief?). Feel free to mock him and be as caustic as you wish. This however should be avoided in conversations with other people. In the grand tradition of Fallout and BG, in Torment you can be either disgustingly polite and nice, a total bastard, indifferent, a true mercenary (what’s in it for me?), AND in Torment only, you can bluff,lie and vow an option that I find most intriguing and ingenious on the part of the developers. It has to do with the shaping of your alignment in the game... I think. And also boosts the role playing experience 200%.  It is best to be nice when talking to people you don’t know, and if they are thugs and such bluff a lot (if your charisma is high enough) or even say the truth about bashing a few heads. When you can though, avoid combat. It pays extraordinarily well in terms of experience points! Take your time exploring the entire room. Pick up everything you can and make sure you read all journals/logs and notes that you happen upon. And if you find a Bone Charm (Another change in the world of Planescape is that there are NO potions. Instead there are Charms which are the exact equivalent of potions with their sole difference consisting of a freakier appearance) make sure NOT to use it, unless you don’t care about the safest and easiest way out of the Mortuary. (In which case please Drop Me A Line (DMAL from now on) and tell me about it), at skazz@hotmail.com.
      Of particular interest is the scribe, Dhall who sits by the huge book. Speak to him about EVERYTHING and make sure you understand all the terms and principles of the Dustman beliefs. They’ll come in handy later on. And for those off you who won’t be bothered with reading all that babble here’s the gist: The Dustmen, one of Planescape’s basic Factions, believe that all creatures should achieve True Death, i.e enter a state of total and perfect oblivion after death. Like the Buddhists (or Hinduists I can’t quite remember), they believe that people’s insistence on the «hollow» pleasures of this life keeps them eternally tied to the Temporal Plane, forced in a circle of eternal reincarnations, until they achieve True Death (Is this perhaps what is happening to you?).
      Also, Dhall mentions that a  woman who travelled with you lies in the Mortuary’s memorial hall. You should definitely check it out.
    (Note: Later on in the game, you’ll be able to join the Dustman faction...personally I totally disagree with their philosophy.And style. And dressing habits. And business. And guts)
     Keep exploring the Mortuary Halls, applying the Ground Rule. Should any of the Dustmen confront you, do the Ahnold thing (from True Lies). Say that no you aren’t lost and are looking for Dhall the scribe. They shall all bugger off and leave you a clear field. At a point you’ll meet Ei-Venne a half/blind,half/deaf tiefling. Courtesy of Morte, you’ll learn that tieflings are half/demon, half men (actually more like mutants). Speak to her, get her attention and she’ll think you’re a zombie. She’ll ask you to fetch some embalming fluid and some needle and thread for her. Agree and keep exploring the place. The fluid and needle are just lying about this and the upper floor so don’t worry about finding them yet. At another room you’ll encounter a man disguised as a zombie. Speak to him at length and he’ll eventually ask you to bring him the embalming room key in exchange for some information.
       Before going up, explore the rest of the second level and don’t pick any fights!!!

Now that you’re on the Mortuary’s top level, feel free to explore it and apply the ground rule everywhere. Make sure you read all important documents found here (By applying the Ground Rule). In fact there is a document of particular interest which seems to be written from...yourself?! It mentions you hiding an item inside a skeleton with the number 42 on him (not quite sure about the number, it’s been a while since I played through that spot!!). Make sure you grab some needle and thread (for Ei-Venne downstairs) and find a prybar. Not only does it serve as a great bashing weapon whilst trying to pry open locked containers, it is also the sole means by which you can disjoint a skeleton without entering combat mode.
  Now, seek out the skeleton marked with «42» and use the prybar to crack him open. Pick up the interesting stuff you’ve left behind for yourself (this is weird!). By now, Morte should have said something about taking over one of the skeleton’s bodies and using it. With my luck, I destroyed for educational purposes the only skeleton Morte could use! Still, if you manage to help Morte get a body (he’ll want the skeleton in the southernmost room) please DMAL and tell me about it!
   When you’ve explored the third level thoroughly, make your way back to the second floor and Ei-Venne. Give her the embalming fluid and thread, and apart from the embalming room key she’ll start running her talons across your chest. Let her work, and she’ll stitch you up and make you a bit like a zombie ( I suspect that’s another way to leave the Mortuary. Disguised as a zombie. Which can either be achieved through Ei-Venne, or even the spy-playing-zombie in the next room)
     Now head to the aforementioned zombie-spy-type-of-person and give him the embalming room key. In exchange, he’ll give you the location of a portal that leads out of the mortuary. It’s activated by a Bone Charm and will take you right out, quickly and easily He’ll also offer to stitch you up just like a zombie, but there won’t be any need for that, Ei-Venne’s done it already.
    Explore the rest of the second floor and apply the ground rule (there are some locked doors, for which the key lies in the third floor. If you’ve applied the ground rule so far, you’ll already have it). Once you are ready, head down to the lower level and that mysterious woman which  Dhall claims accompanied you on your journeys.
    Once down, avoid conversation with the Dustmen, and speak to Soego instead. Ask him about everything, and if he mentions anything about you being lost, just do the Ahnold thing (see above). There are also some axes mounted on a wall close by, so you MIGHT want to check on them too. Once you’re ready, head up to the northwestern end of the Mortuary. The ghost of Deionarra is here, along with one of the game’s greatest musical scores. Speak to her about everything, and ask her to reveal you her vision. You’ll learn that she loved you greatly (and apparently you,her) in her life. If you spoke to her the *right* way, you’ll also gain your first skill here, the invaluable Raise Dead. VERY useful,later on. Leave Deionarra for now, and exit through the portal the «Zombie» indicated. (it’s just north of Deionarra’s tomb).
    (Note: Portals also play an important role in Planescape. They can be ANYWHERE and activated by ANYTHING. Though most of the portals in the game are plot-related and impossible to miss, there are a few, meant to be game «secrets». So a general rule, it might be good to keep some strange one-of-a-kind items that you find. You never know what gates you might be able to open up).
    Once in the tomb, grab the cash and read the letter before exiting this place.
(There is a cinematic sequence to be watched here, called «Shadows Will Follow». I only saw it when,by accident, I left through the portal without speaking to Deionarra. When however, I reloaded my game, spoke to Deionarra and THEN exited through the portal there was no cinematic....)

2. The Hive (of Scum and Villainy)

After the small but nice video introducing you to the City of Sigil,  you’ll find yourself in the middle of the Hive, the «ill reputed» neighborhood of Sigil, ready to start the marvellous adventure that Torment is.   Your two main goals now,are to find this Pharod person, whoever he might be, and your missing journal of course.
(NOTE: In most stages of the game you’ll have on or two, main «plot» quests. These are the quests that are absolutely necessary to progress with the plot and your character will be able to ask almost everyone he meets about them. However, I recommend scouring all areas and completing EVERY SINGLE «irrelevant» quest before getting on with the main one(s). Thus, your character will not only gain levels and power faster but he’ll be much better prepared and equipped with the challenges of the «main» quest.)
       With the above note in mind, feel free to explore the Hive, applying of course the Ground Rule everywhere you go, and try to do as many quests as possible. I got REALLY obsessed with this game and did EVERY single one of them (except for one which I could by no means complete but we’ll talk about that later). What follows is a detailed description on how to get through all of the Hive’s quests and encounters (don’t you feel special?)
The first thing you’ll notice (or at least *I* noticed) is the incredible number of whores (harlots if you prefer) that seem to be around. Never,not in any RLD (Red Light District) have I seen this... *mischievous grin* abundance.  Anyway. Apart from the harlots, there will also be dabuses around. Speak to one, and try and learn their language. If you are successful, you’ll learn that they serve the Lady of Pain, and are her...construction workers of a sort...only of a magical sort. They are amiable enough fellows, and you can gain some good XP by learning their language (if your Intelligence is too low for that, you can ask Morte to translate).
     Now, run a bit to the north and you’ll notice Pox, the Dustman. Speak to him and learn that he’s dumb enough to smuggle you into the Mortuary if you pretend to be dead. Don’t do it just yet, but keep it in mind if you ever wish to re enter the Mortuary. It also pays good in terms of XP. Now run to the south and enter the private dwelling you’ll find there. Speak to the husband (to get the telling-off of your life) and speak to his wife. Ask her what’s wrong with him, and she’ll tell you that he signed a contract with the Dustmen that is tearing him apart. Offer to help. I think she’ll tell you the name of the Dustman to contact in the Gathering Dust Bar. Leave the house. On the street, there’ll be a zombie called «The Post» make sure you grab that piece of rock off him and read all the notices he has. Now make your way to the Gathering Dust Bar. Once inside, speak to everyone. In particular, there’s a sucidial young man that you can convince of the value of life (good XP!), an elderly doubtful dustwoman with which you can speak about most of the Dustmen), Emoric, who is a recruiter for the Dustman faction (BOOoOOOO!) and will also ask you to find the source of Pharod’s never-ending supply of bodies. Lastly, the Dustman with whom the contract was made should be here. By speaking to him, after knowing the Dustman philosophy, I was able to talk him into giving me the contract. Now if I remember correctly, there *might* have been another Dustman here, one with short spiky black hair, who’ll ask you to look into the disturbances in the local Mausoleum. He’ll give you the portal key for it. Once you’ve scoured the bar, leave, and head to the grief-stricken man’s house. Speak to him, and when he starts turning hostile, mention his contract and then tear it up in front of him.He’ll be eternally grateful and you’ve just earned yourself a place to rest!!!
(Note: Unlike BG and Fallout where you could rest almost anywhere, here you can only rest in specific locations which are therefore very important)
      Leave the house (rest if you need to), and venture outside. Another thing about the Hive, are the numerous thugs. If you feel like honing your combat skills, feel free to pick fights with them (sometimes they’ll be kind enought to pick fights with you first). If you ever get the wild urge to give some Conan air in your game, slay a host of thugs, have yourself a beer, and then a harlot (not necessarily in that order)
    Anyway, here you’ll also find Ingress, the woman with the living teeth.Speak to her and learn of her sad tale of planar horror. Promise you’ll find a way to help her (At least I promised, and are presuming with the understanding that we’re doing ALL the quests in the most sickly altrustic and unselfish way)
     Now, if you haven’t alrady, accumulate a few blood,or clot charms and venture near the Mausoleum. Open the portal as the Dustman taught you and venture inside. You’ll be confronted by the guardian spirit of the place. Explain why you are here, and ask him what’s wrong. Offer to help. Venture inside, and storm the corridors of the mausoleum, with the trusty Morte by your side. You’ll have a fairly tough battle on your hands here, but nothing that can’t be handled with a bit of strategy,practice and LUCK!. Make sure to pick up all the gunk stored in the floor alcoves. Once you’ve cleared the antechamber, rest, heal and make sure you have a Fly Charm. (you know, the dead fly thingie).
     Enter the Mausoleum’s Inner Sanctum. You’ll be confronted by Strahan the Mage. Regardless of what you tell him, it’ll end in bloodshed. Now pay attention. Once Strahan goes down, EVERYONE goes down. So it would seem fairly obvious that you concentrate your attacks on the bastard and not worry about the skellies. But just because his spells can do you some serious harm, use the Fly Charm on him right away,as soon as combat starts. That’ll throw off his spellcasting and buy you just enough time to get up close and personal with Mister Magic. (worked for me at least!). Once Strahan dies, all of the skellies will disintegrate as well. Loot the place thoroughly, and read his diary.
    (Note: By this time you’ll probably have started gaining levels. It is imperative that you save your game prior to level -upping any character. Since the Hit Points you gain per level are totally random, you might want to reload a few times till you get optimal hit points. Curiously enough, the Nameless One, when playing as a fighter, frequently gets 9 or 10 of the base hit points he deserves. Don’t ever settle for less than 8, at least in a character who’s a pure warrior -that includes you and Morte. But for the Nameless One I suggest you stick with 9 or 10. Especially if like me, you didn’t have a Constitution Bonus)
 Leave the Inner Sanctum and speak to the guardian spirit that appears as soon as you set foot in the antechamber. He’ll thank you for your assistance. You have earned the gratitude of the dead. Leave the Mausoleum and report to the Dustman to get your reward.
    Now somewhere in this screen, there’s also Baen the Sender, who’ll ask you to find a man named Craddock and deliver him a message. Accept,once more.
    Craddock can be found in the Southern Part of the Hive, in the open air market. Give him Baen’s message and he’ll ask you to find Jhelai for him. He says Jhelai frequents the Smoldering Corpse Bar so maybe you’d want to check that out. There’s an assortment of strange and wonderful merchants here whom you’ll need later on in the game (quest related). The only «pure and simple» merchant here, is the weapon seller, and now’s your chance to buy some good weapons. Personally, I bought the Battle Axe of Quality, since a) the axe is the most powerful weapon in the game and b) I liked it.
     There’s also a merchant selling Lim-Lim’s (kinda like frogs with wings). Though I never spoke to him, I think there’s some sort of quest related to him and his Lim-Lim’s or that at least, a Lim-Lim will allow you to access a «secret» portal later on. If anyone knows anything about this,please Drop Me A Line at skazz@hotmail.com and tell me about it!Thanks!
   Iron Nalls is also a little bit south of the market, collecting nails. Speak to her,to learn of the infamous coffin maker!
    Exit to the east (I think) and you’ll find yourself in the Smoldering Corpse Bar District. Once again apply the ground rule. You’ll meet a man named Mourns-For-Trees (the happy ecologist of the game). Agree wholeheartedly to help him and even ask Morte to support «the cause». (Note: If you want to be a really,disgustingly good guy like I was, once you get a new party member make sure you go speak to Mourns and ask the member to support him). Question Mourns at length and you’ll learn of Fell the fallen dabus Tatoo Artist. Interesting...
    Make your way towards the Smoldering Corpse. Outside, there’ll be Jhelai with some other thugs. Speak to him about Craddock, and carry Jhelai’s colorful message back to Craddock. After the usual fit of fury and curses, you can step in in Jhelai’s place for some handsome XP points!
    After your work with Craddock is done, return to the Smoldering Corpse district. If I am not totally mistaken, on the street you’ll find a man named Reekwind. Speak to him about evertything, and eventually, apart from his tales of Ignus the fiery sorcerer whose obsession created the Alley of Dangerous Angles, you’ll learn of his curse. He’ll ask you to find a cure for him.Accept.
   Now go to Fell’s place (it’ll be marked on your automap. If you can’t seem to find a place,always check the automap’s nametags). Speak to Fell about everything (If I’m not mistaken he knows something about you-but then again it’s been a while since I played through that spot so I can’t say for sure) and explore his parlor. If you wish, you can buy some enchanted tatoos from him. Cool thing is, Fell’s list of tatoos increases as you perform noble deeds and help people. So after playing through several side quests,make sure you stop by Fell’s, you never know what you might find.
   Leave, and head to the bar. Once inside, one thing you’ll notice immediately, is the flaming corpse in the center of the establishment. You can’t speak to him -yet- so be content with just examining. Speak to the woman near him to get their story. Maybe you could help...if only some water could be found...
  Go up the short flight of stairs and start socializing. There’s Ebb Creakness here, the long hair Ex-Harmonium guard who can give you some really cool information, such as where exactly is the elusive Pharod located (he’s set up his «kip» somewhere below Ragpicker’s Square). By speaking to Ebb further, you can learn of all the regulars, get some information on the Blood War, and also some of the Harmonium’s philosophy. The Harmonium are, simply put, the cops of Planescape. Alas, like in real life, about 95% of them is comprised of totally corrupt bastards. So much for joining the Harmonium...
     Anyway, once done with Ebb, speak with that silent fellow named Dak’kon. He’s one of the githzerai, an alien race of Planescape whose culture curiously resembles that of the Orient. Dak’kon is much like a ninja himself. Speak to him at length, and ask him to join you on your travels. He’ll accept. Congratulations! Now there’s three of you!
   Dak’kon is a very potent fighter/mage, with an incredible living katana which exists only because he so WILLS it (speak to Dak’kon at length once he’s in your party, the githzerai philosophy is fascinating and at points reminded me of the ancient Greeks). In addition to the «normal» spells, Dak’kon has a few «Gith only» spells which prove extremely helpful in combat. Also, there's a bug concerning one of Dak'kon's spells, "Submerge Thy Will". If you have Dak'kon cast it on you, the lowered armor class it offers, will "stick" permanently to your character!!!!! It can only be reset by dying, and even then you can have Dak'kon recast "Submerge Thy Will". This way, you'll have a beauteous AC of -2 at the early stages of the game which is invaluable, especially with the Nameless One's natural terrible armor class and total(?) lack of armor in the game.
   Now that the Terrible Three are on track, find the fellow called Candrian and speak to him at length about everything. He may be a bit hard to spot since,as a Planewalker (someone who knows the exact location of most portals in the multiverse and can travel between planes of existence as easily as you and I crawl to the bathroom after 8 hrs of Torment:) his appearance is a bit on the ethereal side.
   He'll give you a Negative Material Plane Charm/Token (if spoken to correctly) which wards against  Shadows (mmm....might come in handy later on) and you can also ask him to help Ingress with her problems. He'll agree, and once back, he'll give you Ingress's parting gift: Her teeth. And since you aren't big on bone collecting, they make an excellent weapon for Morte at this stage of the game. (Yes, a teeth changing skull, got any problems with that chief?:)
           Ilquix, the phenomally harmless old man, turns out to be an advocate of chaos (as a philosophy) if spoken to. Morale of this encounter? Never ever trust smiling people again. People who smile a lot are hiding things.?. ?. Ok,perhaps I should lay off the hard drugs…onwards  with the adventure!
   In continuing the grand tradition begun in Baldur’s Gate with Peter of the North (read all about it in the literary masterpiece entitled “The Defininitve(?) Walkthrough to Baldur’s Gate” by the world renowned authors Stefanos Koutsoukos and Liam Sommervile. Apart from paragons of modesty these fine lads are also very popular amongst gerbildom worldwide.)
Anyway,as I was saying,here you will find O, yet another person gone insane or perhaps, one of the immortals? Mmm? Speak to him at length and accept to be lured into his crazy philosophy. If spoken to,correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a permanent +1 to your Wisdom, and the bugger’s disappearance. Not half bad,eh chief?
   All this talking must have made you thirsty though. Head to the bar and speak to the bartender. Apparently you were a regular and have left something for yourself here. Something for which you must pay.
(Irrelevant:You pay for everything in your life. Sooner or later,you pay. And sometimes it’s all you’ve got.) –there now I’ve filled my quota of life meanings for this walkthrough?!
   If you can spare the copper,pay the barman. He’ll give you, your…ewwwww disgusting, eyeball. Pop it into place for a sudden flashback and some fighting experience. (You were in an endless battlefield? Fought Fiends? Blood War anyone?)
    Speak again to the bartender, question him about everything and eventually he’ll charge you with making sure that a young lady in the back doesn’t leave without paying for her poison. If you do that, you’ll be able to drink for free,for ever.
   Find said lass, and speak to her. Once again, if, like me,you wish to be good, be sympathetic to her pleas and lend her all the copper she needs. (By the way, if you don’t seem to hold out very well on the economics department, I suggest you pick some fights with thugs and sell the loot at nearby stores. That,and running errands.)
    If on the other hand you’re of the “Alcoholic Bitch” school of thought,bully her to high heaven.
   Either way,she’ll head to the bar and set her tab (sort of). Congrats, drinks are on the house?! Now you can piss off the bartender  to no end, by camping in here and emptying the cellars?.
   Seriously now, let’s see who else is here…notice those guys in the powerful looking armor? Go speak to them. Turns out that they are Mercykillers, yet another Faction which I suspect you’ll be able to join later on in the game. Their philosophy is straightforward: Help the cops, by being even crueler and greedier. Away from me!?
      Lastly, there’s a couple of shifty Abishai here, and Morte cautions you during your conversation with them. I heeded Morte’s wisdom and never finished that conversation. If you did, and leads to something interesting,please DMAL and tell me about it!Thanks?!
   Leave the bar, headed for even more insane questing!
Somewhere in the Hive, you’ll meet Porphiron. Speak to him and he’ll ask you to retrieve a necklace that some thugs took away from him. He claims to be a powerful warrior whose religion (caps are instead of words in asterisks, damned be Word 2000), forbids him from fighting until the End of Days,the Final Nights, what have you. Still,accept and locate some thugs dressed in red. (just like the ones Porphiron described. Which reminds me of a horrid pun…thugs in red, Porphiron, get it??)
  Anyway,if you have hig charisma and/or intelligence, you can talk them into handing over the necklace AND some money (fuel for the flock, trinkets for the trinity) in order to avoid the “horrible curse of the Order”.
    If you don’t care much for talking you can just bonk em on the head and be done with it. Return the necklace to Porphiron,who will be overjoyed and in turn offer to train you in the use of weapons. (Note: In this game, unlike Baldur’s Gate, you don’t get to assign your weapon proficiency points when you gain them, but they are stored for later use, once you’ve found a proper trainer. And in case you’re  not into RPG lingo, weapon proficiency slots indicate how good is a character with a particular type of weapon. They range from 0 to 5 and the higher the proficiency rating is, the better damage you do and the more chances you have to hit your opponent.)
   At this point you won’t have many slots,but I recommend choosing one or two weapons in which to specialize and leave the rest. Porphiron can train you up to the second level of proficiency at any weapon. When I met him, I had enough points to raise my fists,clubs and axes to two. Since then, I think I dedicated all points to the axe proficiency since it was my preferred weapon.
    Ok…now let’s see what OTHER insane persons may have any requests for you. You’ll find Reekwind somewhere, who’s name suits him perfectly. He has been cursed by a “fat,short man in orange” to perpetually fart from his mouth and speak through his ass (or something?). If you want to be good, give him some coppers and hear his tales. Of particular interest is the one about Ignus and the Destruction of the Alley. Promise you’ll find a way to help him. Don’t worry about this quest for now, it is completed near the end of your time in Sigil.
   Your travels shall also bring you to the Flophouse. And surprise,surprise, there’s a problem here too. The owner wants the crazy old coot, Nestor, out of his place. If you manage to drive him out, you’ll earn yourself yet another “rest for free” spot. Speak to Nestor. He’ll ramble on about his “fork”. Yet again,you can either agree to find his fork OR hit him very hard with something very sharp to “gently” steer him towards the exit. But since we are doing an –almost- disgustingly good character here of course we’ll agree?.
  Luckily, the thug who was Nestor’s fork, is right outside the Flophouse. Speak to him and discover that he is as of yet uninitiated to the mysteries of adult conversation. So pull out that nasty axe and slay the bugger. Retrieve Nestor’s fork and return it to him. Huh. Guess there are indeed portals everywhere. Now you can rest here for free!
     Near the Mortuary, you’ll find a woman mourning for her slain relatives. Agree to help her avenge their deaths. She’ll ask you to slay three Barking Dog (or crazy dog whatever) thugs. If memomry serves they are located in the southeastern part of the Hive. I found exactly three of them and they weren’t especially strong. After you’ve slain them, speak to the woman again for your reward.
  Ah, the time has come for the final and most interesting string of side quests,prior to moving to Ragpicker’s Square and seeking out Pharod. At one point, you’ll encounter a man surrounded by dead Lim Lim’s who’ll ask you to take a box off him and deliver it to Ku’atraa.Agree. Now why is there something about his reaction that makes me nervous???
    So,make like a good boy scout (or girl scout for that matter?) and head to Ku’atraa’s warehouse. In keeping with the finest of RPG cliché’s, Ku’atraa will run away screaming once he sees the box and tell you to show it to Brasken. Seize the opportunity to loot his place.
   Since we’re in good scout mode, find Brasken and speak to him about the box. At least this one’s braver. He’ll prompt you to Shilandra, the sorceress. How long is this going to take,anyway???
   Off you go to Shilandra, and at last someone will actually speak to you of the box and it’s terrible properties. Shilandra will suggesting visitng the cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles.
   Now that answers are in sight, head for the Alley.

3. The Alley of Dangerous Angles (The place mother always warned you about)

Immediately after setting foot in the Alley, a friendly and jovial thug will ask you for a “toll”. Tell him where to stick his precious toll and proceed to slash the living hearts out of every thug of his gang. Eventually you’ll get to their illustrious leader, Rotten William which you’ll also slay and loot. Now find the OTHER gang in this place, the Razor Angels. They’ve GOT to be better than the other bunch. At least they didn’t ask for a toll. Speak to their leader, Krystal, and she’ll ask you to dispatch of Rotten William and his merry men. Since you already have,speak to her to collect your reward. Now speak to Krystal again,and she will ask you to find and slay a man named Blackrose. He’s in the northwest corner of the alley which is only accesible through a narrow path to the North (it’s quite easy to miss actually, especially if it’s nighttime). Upon finding Blackrose, make sure you position your party at a proper distance from him and ready some minor combat charms. Speak to him and he’ll ask you to slay Rotten William. You already have,so tell him you did it,for some nice XP. Now he’ll ask you to slay Krystal (I think he stands for neutrality, Krystal’s for good and William for evil). That’s where I broke up kip with him (Christ!Planescape jargon is getting to me!). Charge!!!!! Fight with power and steel (heavy MANOWAR influences here?, and even though he can be a fairly tough opponent, at least this early in the game, use the aforementioned charms of him if you have any serious trouble.
    Once he’s dead, speak with Krystal to earn the Razor Angels eternal gratitude.
   Now that this little matter is resolved, it’s time to see what can be done about this accursed box! If you wish,explore all tents and ruined buildings. In one, you’ll find some mages and a hapless guy who’s lost his rings. If you find and return three rings to him ( I think it was one copper,one silver and one gold) the mages will cast a spell which will summon a murderous Lim Lim who’ll curtly proceed to slay the mages and then happily jump around posing no threat whatsoever. Loot the fresh corpses, speak with the guy and wish him your best on his newfound companion and leave.
   Head for the cathedral. Once inside, speak to the priest there about everything. If you speak to him the right way, you’ll get him to neutralize the box by scattering the fiends particles to various Planes (this is getting good?).
    Congratulations!!! You’re rid of the damn box and all the miserly folks associated with it!!! But there’s this Mar person, the one who got you in all this, left to deal with. He’s gone into hiding and can be quite a pain to spot. He actually remains on the screen on which you first encountered him, only now he’s moved in the shadows, a bit northwest of his former position. Look for dead Lim Lim’s around that area, and you’ll find him. You can either kill him for all your trouble or merely take his stuff. Your call chief!?
     Personally, I just had him hand over his stuff.
Time to get on Pharod’s trail. If you’ve been methodical so far, you know that Pharod’s hiding somewhere UNDERNEATH Ragpicker’s square and that his hideout is probably accessed through a portal, which can be activated if you have some junk on you (If you don’t, don’t worry. There’s some over at the Mortuary. Just talk to Pox and have him smuggle you in)
   So, leave the glamour of the Hive to find yourself in…

4.) Ragpicker’s Square (From Rags To Witches)

Apply the Ground Rule here as well. You’ll find a seedy collector named Nod, who’ll ask you to find his lost sister Amarysse. She’s a harlot in blue and can be found in the southern ( I think) places of the Hive. Speak to her about Nod, and she’ll give you some money and a message for him. Return to Nod and give him the money and message. There goes another happy ending.
    Around here, you’ll also find a ravenous collector who is willing to give the something he wears around his neck for a bite of your flesh (grab it and shove the creep away!)
    A thief who can train you is also to be found here, outside Sharegrave’s place. Definitely get the training even if you don’t wish to play as a thief. You can also go in Sharegrave’s place and speak to him. I never found out what he wanted though, since at point he started getting rude and I responded with steel. Never liked his face anyway. (If however, you DO find out what he wants, please DMAL and tell me about it!Thanks?)
     Now before you visit Mebbeth’s hut, there’s one final insane object related quest for you. In one of the houses, there’ll be a mage who’ll ask you for a ruby required for his spellcasting. To this day, I have been unable to find the ruby. If any of you does find it, please DMAL!
   Ok, now that most of the minor quests are out of the way, visit Mebbeth. Speak to her at length about everything. She can heal you for free and you can rest here if you so wish. If you speak to her extensively, she’ll offer to teach you the Art. (Mages of the world rejoice!). Agree to learn.
   Here begins a series of infernal tasks (or perhaps, infernally boring would be more suitable) that you’ll have to do for Mebbeth in order to be unitiated unto the Mysteries of Kitchen Magic. First of all she’ll ask you to fetch some rare seeds from the Market. Go to the Market and speak to the spice merchant. As is often the case, he carries none and prompts you to a gardener. Now where did we meet a gardener before? Yes, it’s Mourns for Trees. Speak to him about your problem and will the seed to growth. Off to Mebbeth you go to report your deed. She’ll thank you and give you your second task. Fetch her laundry. (Christ, if you knew you’d have to do such stuff perhaps you should have opted for a career in accounting instead,mmm??)
    So, off you go the Marketplace again and speak to the slow fella with the laundry. No infernal sub-quests here, just get the clothes and take them back to Mebbeth.
   NOW she’ll ask you to fetch her some ink. (this gets better). However tempted you might be to say something rude and horribly unpleasant to her, DON’T! It matters?. Off you go to the market again, and speak to the fish lady and ask her for some ink. She carries none. Big surprise here?. She’ll point you to Meiram, a slightly crazed old lady selling strange fish, a bit to the South. Speak to her and she’ll tell you that even though she has the ink, you’ll need a container for it. So, off you go to the girl selling jugs and plates and buy the cheapest tankard you can get?. Take it to Meiram and she’ll fill it right up with ink.You can speak to Meiram at length for some interesting info on your previous lives. Take the ink back to Mebbeth.
   At last!!!! You are now officialy a mage! Furthermore, shall you wish to switch between Fighter/Mage class, just speak to Dak’kon. Also, later on in the game, if you are playing a mage character and have a high enough Wisdom score you can speak to Dak’kon about the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon and ask him to teach you the discipline. Read each circle and if your wisdom is high enough, you’ll offer a suitable response to Dak’kon’s questions. Every circle you complete grants you a gith spell. From the sixth circle on (there are eight totally), you start teaching Dak’kon. In the end, he’ll end getting his stats raised permanently and swear eternal allegiance to you.
   Not half bad eh??

Ok, now you’re ready to meet the elusive Pharod. Locate the rickety bridge in the beginning in the western part of Ragspicker’s Square and follow it. Eventually you’ll come upon a dead end, and if you have some junk with you, the portal there will be activated. You’ll emerge in….

5.) The Trash Warrens (And the truth is closer)

 Immediately upon entering the Warrens, you’ll be confronted by a not so friendly Collector. If spoken to correctly, you can avoid a fight. Still, down here you’ll meet a lot blokes more than happy to bust your skull, so be on the lookout and never fear to use terminal force if necessary. Apply the Ground Rule here too and fully explore the Warrens. At one point, there is a portal (can’t remember what activates it, but if you are here following this walkthrough there’s a good chance that you’ll have the key on you) that’ll take you to a  “trasure room” of sorts.
   Once done exploring, locate the thugs guarding the trapdoor and ask for admittance into the Buried Village.

6.) The Buried Village ( Pharod, The Seamstress and Uhir)
   At last you’ve reached Pharod’s hiding place. Explore the whole village and apply the ground rule everywhere prior to visiting Pharod. There is a shop here, and there is also Marta’s house. Marta is a deranged old crone, yet harmless. If spoken to correctly you can actually benefit from her. She’ll offer to  * eww * (HAH! I finally figured to put words inside asterisks without getting the bold letter effect!?), look * inside * you, for stuff. There is something in your intestines, but if perchance a masochistic fit would be to seize you, you can have her check your head and torso for items.
    From Marta you can also purchase some very good teeth for Morte. Definitely do so.
  Anyway, here you’ll also find a collector who’s lost his favourite knife Uhir to a ghoul in the catacombs and will ask you for it. A man named Ku’ u’ Yin has lost his number to a woman named Radine (that’s a new one?) and asks you to find it. Simply talk to Radine and ask her nicely to return it. Then speak to Ku’ Yin once again for your reward. (and if speaking to Radine doesn’t work you can always thump her though it’s definitely not recommended and LOW!).
      Now, to seek the man himself. Speak to the guards of Pharod’s Court and enter.
      So * that * was Pharod???? A sickly old man? He probably doesn’t know the way to his own bathroom, what could he possibly know about you?
    Nevertheless, speak to him and you will be surprised. Speak to him at length about everything. Pharod will tell you that he wants you to go down to the Weeping Stone Catacombs and fetch a bronze sphere for him, if you are to ever learn anything from him. Since you don’t have much choice, accept.
     Exit to the Buried Village. Now run to the southeastern corner and speak to the guards there to open the gate. Welcome to your first Planescape: Torment dungeon.

7) The Weeping Stone Catacombs (HAH! I knew there was a leak!)

   The Catacombs are a pretty straightforward business. Explore them fully, kill everything along your way ( there aren’t any particularly tough opponents) and revel in your combat skills?!
     Here you will find entrances to a couple of crypts, which are essentialy small treasure rooms. Enter them, slay the guardians and LOOT!
     Of more interest, are the two exits, one to the Warrens of Thought (Domain of the Cranium Rats- the Bad Guys) and the Dead Nations Catacombs (Domain of the Undead- The Good Guys). Prior to exploring the two other catacombs, make sure you find the large stone head in the middle of the level. Speak to him and he will ask you to reclaim The Decanter of Endless Water so that his curse may be lifted.
      Exit to the Dead Nations Catacombs.

8. The Dead Nations Catacombs (Gecko from Fallout 2 anyone?)

     Immediately upon setting foot here, you will be set upon (sorry!?) by a group of undead led by Hargrimm the Bleak the Skeleton Priest and their apparent leader. They’ll inform you that now you’ve come, you are here to stay. Don’t argue with them.
      Shortly after, you’ll be taken to your small quarters. Feel free to explore the whole place applying the Ground Rule. Surprise, surprise!!! Soego’s here! Remember him from the Mortuary? Apparently he’s here trying to convert the undead.
       You can speak to Hargrimm for information on your situation and the Dead Nations, as well as the Silent King, the enigmatic ruler of this vast underground realm ofdeath. Notice how he still won’t let you out.
      Somewhere in the halls, you’ll encounter a skeleton in an existential crisis. Speak to him, and then go to Soego and tell him that he has a potential convert. He’ll run off happily, giving you just enough time to peek into his diary. Vewy intwesting, Inspecteur! Apparently, our friend Soego, is a spy for the RATS! (So,he’s a rat of sorts and…oh, sorry, once again, I’m stopping right now?)
      Tell this to Hargrimm and watch the nice cutscene, during which Hargrimm brings down the thunder –literally- on Soego. Visit the site of Soego’s death and collect his skull.
       Now, Hargrimm will be more positive towards you. In fact, he’ll ask you to take care of any cranium rats you might encounter. A bunch of them has appeared on the western side of the Catacombs. Slay them quickly before they get off their chain lighting spell (Note: Cranium Rats are only strong while there are many of them. They gain the power to cast spells whose power is augmented by their number. So your best bet, is charging right into large groups, cleave bodies left and right, and hope that you’ve slain enough to prevent any fatal bolts of lightning).
    Now report back to Hargrimm. He’ll express the eternal gratitude of the dead, and tell you that you are free to go.
   BEFORE going away though, wouldn’t you like to know what’s the deal with the Silent King???
   Explore the catacombs further. There’s a merchant here, as well as zombie/skeleton which is puzzled over a riddle. To help him, you can speak to another zombie (the one who gave him the riddle), best him in a contest of wits (major “Lord of the Rings” scene here?) and give the troubled zombie the answer.
     Furthermore, Acaste, the malign leader of the ghouls is here. Speak to her to gain some insight to true paranoia. Close to her, is the Ghoul that has Uhir’s Knife. Speak to him. He wants some meat in exchange for the knife. Personally, after a point, I screwed up terribly and had to kill him for it. That is not recommended however. You can try pickpocketing him, or finding his meat. (if anyone DOES find it,please DMAL and tell me about it?)
     Lastly, there is the leader of the zombies, who if spoken correctly, will teach you the ability to speak to the Dead and also tell you of a portal that leads to the Silent King’s throne room.
     Thank her, and use the portal (it’s close by). Heh. Guess why the Silent King was silent. He’s been dead for what looks like centuries. The suggested approach is to examine him and then leave. However, if you wish to work for the Rats, or have a tendency towards performing very stupid deeds (like me) break his head off. From this moment on, everyone in the Dead Nations will be your sworn enemy. I ended up running like a madman (not wanting to kill any of the Deaders) stopping only briefly to slay the ghoul and reclaim Uhir’s knife. Still, I don’t recommend fighting. The dead guys seemed sort of…nice?!
        There’s an exit to the Drowned Nations Catacombs here, but don’t go there just yet. Leave the Dead Nations Catacombs, never to return, and head to the Weeping Stone Catacombs, once more.
           Here, you’ll get an excellent chance to put your new found ability to use. Close to your emerging point, there will be Chad’s Corpse, who’ll ask you to slay a group of vargouilles to prevent him from turning into one, himself. It’s quite an easy task, and once you’re done, report back to him for your reward.
    Time to pay a visit to the RATS. Head to the Warrens of Thought. Immediately upon entering you’ll be “welcomed” by Mantuok, whom you can either kill straight out and proceed to clear the rest of the rats OR ask him to present you to Many-as-One (Oz the Gweat and Tewwible in Rat Land). While speaking to Many-As-One, you can either tell him to attack and overrun the Dead Nations since their king is long dead, or tell him that the Silent King is far too strong for him, thus ensuring the Dead Nations Future (is that an oxymoron I hear??)
     Now, leave, Many-as-One’s chamber (You can fight and defeat him if you so wish, but try it only after you’ve cleared out the rest of the Warrens).
     So leave his chambers, and explore the warrens cleaving rats left and right. Loot everything,apply the Ground Rule, you know, do the Dungeon Romp thing?! Once all the rats are dead, if you are not too badly hurt you can take on Many-as-One himself (mostly as means to boosting your ego?). He’ll send a few waves of rats at you, and if you defeat them all he’ll yield. Watch out for some nasty spells though.
     Once you are all done with the Warrens of Thought and the Dead Nations, proceed to the Drowned Nations Catacombs (They can be accessed through both the Warrens of Thought –most apparent exit- and via the Dead Nations –never figured where that exit was-).

Alright! You’ve plunged straight into some of the most dangerous catacombs in Sigil and so far you’ve kept your own quite well! Let’s see how you do in this, the final level.
      Feel free to explore the Drowned Nations, applying the Ground Rule everywhere. There are some ghouls here, and some white saurus-like creatures which didn’t prove to be especially tough. If you follow this strategy, you’ll find the Decanter of Endless Water. And you’ll also notice another entrance, one to a crypt, and one that seems vaguely familiar to you…
     Enter. Notice how your party remains behind.

The Empty Tomb

  The first thing that will strike you upon entering the crypt, is the Sigil of Torment carved on the floor. Don’t run straight ahead, instead take some time to explore the side areas and make sure you don’t step in the center of the Sigil of Torment. Once you’re ready, follow the route straight ahead. You’ll be teleported somewhere in the Sarcophagus Room 1. Take the first key, loot anything else and then step into the Mark of Torment that’s inscribed on the floor. You’ll die.
    Fortunately, you rise at the start of the level. Try to run to the center of the room and once again you’ll be teleported to a Sarcophagus Room. Get the second key and loot  the place. Die and be respawned at the beginning of the level.(Via the Sigil of Torment).
    Repeat the same procedure, and get the third key. Die again, and run to the center room. This time it will be allowed that you access the main tomb. Search it for the fourth key, and now read each and every wall panel. So * that* was your journal!!!! Make sure you read every wall AND the one that was carved on your back. “Don’t trust the skull”….Morte’s got some explaining to do!
    Die yet again, and run to the center of the room. You’ll be teleported to one final room, which you’ll loot and I think that Pharod’s Bronze Sphere is here. Take it, die for the last time, and exit the tomb.
   CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You’ve solved both of your major quests, party’s getting stronger, and there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. Upon reentering the Drowned Nations, recruit Dak’kon and Morte, and have a lengthy chat with Morte about that extra line on your back.
     Now head all the way back to the Weeping Stone Catacombs, and speak to the Stone Head to release him of his curse. He will thank you and tell you to seek a woman named Nemelle at the Higher Ward in Order for you to learn the Decanter’s command word.
   Don’t forget to speak to the collector in the village and return Uhir to him!
    With all your good deeds done, go back to Pharod. Present the sphere to him and question him at length about everything. In the end, the beautiful Annah, (which happens to be Pharod’s “daughter”) will join your party and offer to take you to the site where she originally found your body. Refuse initially, and chat her up instead.
    Before we go any further, I’m declaring that Annah is one of the best conceived characters ever to appear in interactive fiction. Apart from perfectly fitting my standards for womanly beauty (except for the tail part that is, but we could work that out?), has a personality that “…burns brighter than Elysium’s fires”. And though it sounds infintely sad and you must think I look 90 at 17, have a back shaped like a question mark, and pics of Annah taped all over my room’s walls (with drool all over them?) –and I assure you I am not- one can actually fall in love with her. Personally, with all the terrible superficial girls inhabiting (should I say infesting??) my hometown, I’d exchange all of them and then some for Annah? (Sad-o-meter hits 100?). Her part is superbly written, something that really shines later on in the game.
    And to top it all of, she’s a very good thief and can hold her own in a fight! An excellent addition to your team?!
   Speak to Annah at length about everything. Note what she says about Pharod’s treasure stash and the location of your body. It appears that she found you in the Alley of Lingering Sighs, past the Tenement of Thugs. But…whilst you explored Sigil, that was just a painted door, right? WRONG! Speak to Annah, to learn the key for entering (not sure if you have to be right outside the Tenement to get this option.)
        In any case, leave the Buried Village and Ragspicker’s Square far behind you, and make your way to the Gathering Dust Bar. There, report to Emoric, and tell him where Pharod got all his bodies from. Some very good XP and cash for you?!
     Leave the bar and head for the Tenement of Thugs, in the Hive. By the way, if you want a good laugh, as well as an insight of Annah’s feelings for you, try having a whore whilst Annah’s in your party?!
     NOTE: Before going to the Tenement, make sure that you have a hammer and an iron prybar/crowbar in your inventory.
    Once at the Tenement, do as Annah told you, and enter it. Feel free to fully explore it. The oridnary thugs you’ll meet should be no match for your team by now. The only fairly difficult opponent, is a crazed mage, on the third level, but you can have Morte neutralize him with his Litany of Curses ability. Once you’re done with the upper and second (with the second being the one you start in, if I’m wrong forgive me, but it’s been a while since I played through that spot) floors, proceed to the ground level. Here there’ll be one huge room filled with Veteran Thugs. (A tough fight, that you CAN win,albeit with heavy losses) Instead, explore the rest of the level, and eventually you’ll meet a girl who’ll tell you of a key to a back exit that can get you out without having to fight all the nasty fellers inhabiting this place. Also, an old fellow named Tiresias Is here (Tiresias was originally a blind seer in Greek mythology?), he’ll probably summon the guards if you try and talk to him, but it’s a good laugh.
   If you explore the rest of the Tenemnt (apart from the main room), you’ll find the key mentioned, and be able to exit the Tenement. Before you do, make sure you’ve applied the Ground Rule everywhere and gained access to all the areas that lie behind locked doors. (Annah’s skill or yours should be able to help you in that).
    Now you can either leave in peace, or do the cowboy thing and enter the main room guns ablazing. In fact, since my party was high and mighty, I ended up doing just that, even though I had the key. I think everyone died, me included?, but in the end I WAS able to defeat all the thugs and resurrect my part members. It’s all up to you actually, but if your party’s high and mighty you could always try it. If it doesn’t work out, just load a previously saved game.
   In any case, now that you’re all done, exit the Tenement. The girl who previously asked you for the key shall exit with you and reward you with an Adder’s Tear and some more XP for your troubles. Run down the alley, and enter the house. Notice the dead dabus and feel free to plunder the place. Exit the building and leave the alley to the east.
The Alley of Lingering Sighs

  And finally here you are, at the site where sweet Annah first discovered your body. Run to the end of the alley and a stone face, the Essence of the Alley shall come alive and speak with you. Speak to her about everything and watch the very interesting cinematic sequence.
    It appears that alley is –get this- pregnant therefore blocking your way to Sigil’s Lower Ward. She’ll ask you to unmake the dabuses’s repairs for her. I hope you remembered to bring that crowbar and hammer with you?! Return to the previous screen, ready to unmake those repairs. However, the dabus that still lives proves to be a problem. If you wish to settle this peacefully, just speak to him and ask him to investigate his kindred’s murder in the house. This way you’ll get him out of your hair in no time.
Locate two spots on the walls that turn the cursor into a question mark. Examine both areas and unmake any repairs. (First area is a bit to the east of the house you can enter and the second is on the western side).
     After you’re done with both spots, return to the Face and speak to her once more. After another nice cinematic you’ll find yourself in the…

9.) Lower Ward ( The Abishai, the Mage and the Godsmen)

        Good going! After much plodding around in the Hive, you’ve ended up in the middle class Ward. And what an interesting place this Ward is. First of all, immediately upon arriving, Morte will be kidnapped by a couple of friendly wererats.
     Hunt them to an old abandoned building to the south. Enter it, and take the stairs leading down. You’ll find yourself in Lothar’s Den. Lothar is quite a powerful magician who apparently kidnapped Morte. Upon entering, examine the skulls on the shelves, until you locate Morte. Just as you’re about to grab him and run for it, the damn mage appears ruining everything by asking you to go down to the Weeping Stone Catacombs and do yet another insane item oriented puzzle for him. His request shouldn’t come as a surprise by now. He wants you to fetch him the skull of someone really important. Fortunately for you, you’ve already been to all the catacombs and have amassed quite a collection of skulls. You should have a human one, a wererat one, Soego’s skull and if you fucked up like me, the Silent King’s skull. I immediately gave Lothar the Silent King’s skull and he accepted it. I think he’ll also take Soego’s skull, but please DMAL about it, to clear this subject up.
      Anyway, once Lothar has his gooey skull, he’ll release Morte back in your keeping and will also tell you that if you wish to learn more of what happened you should seek out the most terrible of the Grey Sisters, Ravel Puzzlewell The Night Hag.
      (This is your third “major” quest, after Pharod and the Journal). Speak to Lothar at length about everything and feel free to loot what you can in his place. He can also sell you some healing. (And maybe some spells, I’m not sure.)
    In any case, once you’re done here, leave Lothar’s dwelling and prepare yourself for one of Sigil’s most intriguing segments. Just make sure you go back to the site of Morte’s kidnapping to get his gunk back. (Gunk= Good Junk i.e equipment. And I thought I wasn’t going to use that one in this walkthrough?)

   Definitely apply the Ground Rule here too. At a point there is a group of Thokola warriors (can’t miss em, they are practically huge). Speak to their leader and you will find out that he intends to fight an Abishai to earn a lady’s pardon. Find said “Lady” a bit to the northwest of the Thokola, and speak to her at length to discover what terrible bitches women can sometimes be. Warn the Thokola of the Abishai’s nature. You’ve earned some good XP for yourself?! If you wish, you can go speak to the “Lady” again and tell her of your deed?!
      Anyway, now locate the marketplace. On the outside, there is Glitspur, who has three straightforward quests for you. First he will ask you to take a handbill to the nearby Print Shop. Definitely do so to familiarize yourself with the Lower Ward and then report back to Glitspur for your reward and next assignment. He’ll now ask you to take a message to Keldor at the Great Foundry. Go to the Foundry, and tell the guard your business, so he’ll let you in.
    You are in the Great Foundry, the headquarters of the Godsmen, the sanest, in my opinion, faction of them all. They believe in life,creation, and that man CAN become a God! You can join them, I did, and I’d definitely recommend that you do too, since they have the best battle axe in the game, apart from other privileges?!
   So, once in the Foundry, apply the Ground Rule in the first room, speak to everyone, and make sure you get some ore from the supervisor, and learn as much as you can from the woman. Now, before going to the Inner Chambers, visit the Clerk at his desk. At the time you can’t get anything much off him, BUT if you succesfully pickpocket him, amongst other things, you will find a receipt. Give him the receipt and he’ll reward you with the “Justifier” one of the most powerful, living,breathing maces in the game!!!
   Onwards to the Inner Chambers! Here, speak to everyone yet again, and particularly, the woman on the upper floor, and the two children of Sandoz’s. Finally find Keldor and deliver the message to him. Speak to him at length about everything and if you want, ask him to join the Godsmen. As a first quest, he will ask that you forge an item at the Great Forge. Leave him, and find an engineer nearby. Speak to him about everything, and he will tell you the story of the Dream Builder machine that YOU asked to have built for yourself. He’ll tell you that to complete it, he lacks three elements, the first of which being a vial of your skin and blood. (Ewww…are all people that gross in Planescape?)
     Exit to the Main Hall, and speak to the Clerk again. Buy the equipment necessary to work the Forge. Now, find the empty cauldron, and work on it. You can choose what to forge between a dagger, a hammer, and a battle axe, always depending on what is your favourite weapon. I chose the battle axe. Once you have the item, speak to Keldor once again and he will assign you, your next quest. A murder has been commited in the Foundry and he wants you to solve it.
   Go to the Main Hall yet again, and speak to everyone. Speak to Thildon in particular. He’ll indicate Sandoz’s son as a possible suspect. Go to said son (sorry?!), and tell him what Thildon told you. You’ll have to work like this for quite a while, going between Thildon and the kid and you can also speak to the woman on the upper floor for some extra information. After a certain point, the kid shall give you Thildon’s awl, and by then you will have learned that both the woman and the kid are anarchists, but that Thildon truly commited the Murder. Now if you want, you can speak to Thildon, and he’ll try and bribe you to let him get away. Do as you will, but I refused his bribe and instead told Keldor that he was the murderer. The bastard’s executed and you’re one tiny quest away from joining the Mighty Godsmen and wielding “Ascension”. (You’ll see?!)
     Keldor has the last of your quests for you: One of the Godsmen “Elders” is about to commit suicide. He wants you to talk him out of it. (The guys were porbably looking for masochist victims like you to get their dirty work done?!) Before you do, make sure you speak to Sandoz’s daughter about his situation. Now, climb up to his quarters, (they’re behind the engineer who assigns you the DreamBuilder quest), and talk to him through the door. Tell him what his daughter told you, and you’ll persuade him to postpone his death.
    Go back to Keldor and report your success. Congratulations, you are a Godsman now! You can rest here, and buy stuff and healing at good prices. Definitely, DEFINITELY buy the axe Ascension from Keldor. Personally, I never changed my weapon (except when a blunt one was required, in which case the Justifier worked really good) again. And if you are playing a mage, or chose to specialise in hammers instead, Keldor has a fantastic dagger and maul as well.
    Furthermore, now that you’re a Godsman, you can speak to Sandoz’s daughter about the Godsman philosophy and have your Wisdom permanently increased. You can also speak to his son, and he’ll express his gratitude for your mercy.
    Exit yet again to the Main Hall and show your Godsman Token to the guards of the Northern Gate. Enter the Armory (and no, alas, you won’t get to wear the fabulous Godsman Armor. Bummer.), apply the ground rule and speak to the lead engineer to gain some insight on the Godsmen’s secret project.
      Leave the Foundry, and report to Glitspur yet again for your reward and final assignment. He’ll want you to deliver yet another handbill to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse Bar. Pretty straightforward business, just report back to Glitspur once you’re done for your final reward. Note that you can also buy gunk and rent rooms via Glitspur.
      Enter the Marketplace and speak to everyone. Of particular interest is the kid working the furnace. He can supply you with some invaluable information on how to get inside the Siege Tower and also provide some insight on the Ward’s name. There is also a young woman named Karina here, who’s searching desperately for a companion.
    The Weapon seller doesn’t have anything spectacular to offer, but the one selling spells has some very interesting things if you are a mage. Lastly, there’s a guard named Corvus (I think). Who has his eye on Karina. Speak to him and urge him to approach her (after you’ve spoken with her). There goes another happy ending, and now you’ve got yourself a friend among the Harmonium.
    Exit the Market. Somewhere in the northern part of the Ward, you’ll meet a dying githzerai woman. You can have Dak’kon execute her either mercifully or cruelly. Either way, it’s your choice. Also, there is a githzerai of a clan opposed to that of Dak’kon’s here. If you try to talk to him, he’ll fight Dak’kon. And when Dak’kon starts beating him real bad, he’ll call in his whole crew for backup. (In my game it happened very cinematically?, Dak’kon and the gith fighting in the center of the screen and the rest of us holding off a bunch of wild githzerai sailors?!
   All in all, it’s an easy fight and incredibly atmospheric?!
 Now that you’re done with the “miscellaneous” quests, visit the slave market. Speak to the merchant for a nice debate on slavery, and then locate Trist and speak to her. Here you have your average,classic, “Damsel in Distress” sequence?! Trist claims that she has been falsely accused by Byron Pikit and unjustly sold to Slavery. She’ll ask you to be her champion and prove her innocence. IF you don’t agree, it’s your problem?!

    First off, go find Byron Pikit and speak to him about Trist’s loan documents and be as brooding and threatening as you wish. Not to the point of attacking him though. Now find his underling, Lenny in the southern part of the map. Bully him into telling you about Trist’s loan documents and then mention that you work for Trist too?. You’ll become friends with Lenny and he’ll ask you to reclaim the documents from the warehouse. Go to the warehouse, apply the Ground Rule, and then speak to the black,spikey thing. If your intelligence and/or charisma is high enough you can ask him for a bag of coins. You’ll automatically get the sum right if your stats are high enough. Anyway, after the money thing (Perhaps you left those for yourself?) use the password Lenny taught you and ask him for the documetns AND some incriminating evidence on Byron Pikit (Note: Since it’s been a while that I finished Torment, it might be possible that Lenny will give you the documents himself and then ask you to go to warehouse to get incriminating evidence.)
     Either way, once you have the loan documents, present them to the slaver and he will let Trist go free. Don’t forget to mention what a bastard Pikit really is every chance you get. Speak to Trist for your reward.
   And now…the juicy bit. Remember Corvus your friend in the Market? MOST of the Harmonium is corrupt but HE is not. (After spending a few months with Karina he’ll probably end up being the worse of ‘em though?!) Tell him about the pond-scum Byron and give him the evidence.
     Hooray! The bastard’s to be dragged to the execution block sometime soon. ( I notice a morbid fascination of mine with executions in this walkthrough…should I worry?Nah.)
 Now, if you’ve applied the Ground Rule right and proper, you should have met a man who told you of Sebastian the Mage and of how he helped him with some of his old scars. He suggests that you seek out Sebastian since you look in dire need of his services?
    Find Sebastian, and ask him to heal your scars. He’ll say that he can do it, but he needs you to do him a favour. He stroke a bargain with an abishai named Grosuk that apparently went awry. He wants you to take care of the Abishai for him (Abishai= Tana’ri=The really really bad demons). Locate Grosuk, near the Siege Tower, and don’t hesitate to challenge and fight him openly. You CAN beg your life out of it but it’s REALLY pathetic. Anyway, make sort work of Grosuk and then report to Sebastian. The good man will heal your scars thus increasing your Charisma permanently. If you are a mage, you can also ask him to train you further in the Art.
   If you have not already, speak to Annah, and do the flirting sequence. (The one that ends with her saying that she was just teasing you no matter what you do).
   Anyway, you can also speak to Lenny again and report your success. He’ll thank you and also offer to train you further in Thief Skills. And now that you have both Annah and Dak’kon in your party you can pracitcally switch between the three classes at will.
   Time to pay a visit to that intriguing Siege Tower. Enter it and speak to Coaxmetal about everything. Interesting philosophy he’s got. If you’re not into axes (in which case you probably have the best there is, Ascension) he can sell you some mighty weapons and if spoken to correctly, he will craft the Blade of the Immortal for you, the only weapon that can kill you. Notice that is shaped like the Sigil of Torment too.
    Alas, you need to be on a Plane cut off from the rest of the multiverse for the Blade to function. Note that possesion of the Blade is not necessary to complete the game, it just opens up another way to do so.
    In any case, pay a visit to the miserly coffin maker who’ll probably remind you of someone you knew in the third grade.  Speak to him at length and notice that his “friend” is actually a zombie. Speak to Dimtree and he’ll beg you to release him from his Torment ( I don’t blame him). He’ll ask you to speak to his maker, your old friend, Sebastian.
    If you can stand the coffinmaker’s chattering, he’ll tell you that he actually has the plans to your tomb which you can claim at the Warehouse.
    Leave his place, and speak to Sebastian about Dimtree. He’ll sympathize and teach you the Rites of the Final Death (boy that sounded dramatic). Return to Dimtree and release him.
  Now pay a visit to the warehouse, and ask for the Tomb plans. A thing I didn’t get is, how everyone seems to mention that there is trouble at the Warehouse and they won’t go in to claim anything whilst when you go they fix you right up. A quest idea left forgotten or me missing sth? DMAL if you find anything about this!?
   Once you have the Tomb plans, return to the coffinmaker and tell him so. You’ll be rewarded with experience. Now in the first version of the game (unpatched), every time you spoke to the coffinmaker after that, you always got experience as if you just finished the quest. I think this is adressed with the patch though and in any case the XP was miserly.
   Make sure you are all done with this area (there is also a fighter trainer here who can give you the highest level of mastery in any weapon)  and head to the Clerk’s Ward.

10. Clerk’s Ward (The Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts)

   And here you are, in the final part of Sigil. If you try leaving this location, the world map will appear and you’ll be able to switch between various locations without having to walk.
    By now, you should have gotten the Tomb plans and also watched Pharod’s Death so you have a good incentive for going back to the Buried Village. Not just yet though. You have the private Ward of the “Bold and Beautiful” to pill…sorry, to explore!
       The most prominent of all buildings, is the Civic Festhall, HQ of the Sensates faction and also the dwelling place of Quell, the mage who just  might know something about Ravel. Wander around the block for a while without entering any buildings. Make sure you find Nemelle (Remember the woman the stone face in the Weeping Stone Catacombs told you to seek out in order to learn the decanter’s command word?) She’ll want you to find her friend Aelwyn. She’s in a café on the exact opposite end of where Nemelle is. After that is done, you’ll learn the command word, and I think that you get a permanent stat increase too. (I’m not quite sure though?!).
    Now, enter the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts (Gotta love the name and place?!)
        Apply the Ground Rule here as well. Make sure to speak to Fall-From-Grace first about everything and ask her to join your party. She’ll tell you to speak with the Brothel’s Ten Students first and then visit her again.
   During your tour of this illustrious establishment and if you’ve applied the Ground Rule correctly, you’ll have plenty of handkerchiefs, Finam’s journal and spoken to Louis the Wonder Wardrobe.
    Now the girls here are quite fascinating. Most of the Clerk’s Ward quests are associated with them. There is Nenny whom you should always consult on matters of gossip and everytime you get a  new brothel-related quest. Speak to Juliette first. She’ll ask you to spice up her love life. I suspect that there are numerous ways to do this, but I opted for the “love letters” method. You’ll have to go back to the Print shop and have some fake love letters written. Then, enter the Civic Festhall,find Montague (The guys at Black Isle, must have had a ball recreating the Romeo and Juliet saga-partly?!) and give him the letters.  If you want,you can tell him the truth (I did) or totally ruin the relationship.It’s all up to you?!
  Now return to Juliette and speak to her again for your reward.
    In continuing your tour of the Brothel, you should happen upon Vivian who’s scent has been stolen. Speak to her about everything. Keep exploring the Brothel and speaking to all the girls. Every time you learn something new about one of them, make sure you talk to Nenny about it, since she has valuable hints for you.
  Make sure you don’t miss Marissa in the dark room. She’ll tell you that someone has stolen her crimson veil. (And she can also turn your pet Lim Lim into stone, if you’re THAT much of a sadistic bastard!). Kismaxi, the goat woman, proves invaluable at teaching Morte some new insults.
     Of particular interest is Ecco, who can’t speak. Dolora is here too, and she’ll ask you to talk to Merriman and regain the keys to her heart. Make sure you notice the strange contraptions next to Dolora. (The Modrons). Speak to them about everything.
    If you wish you can go to the basement of the Brothel, via a secret door in the northern part of the ground level. 10 sensory stones are underneath it, alongside with the Caretaker. I think (Damn word 2000! I still can’t place a word within asterisks!), you might be able to somehow interact with the tenth stone if you have a high enough wisdom score. If any of you finds anything more on this, please DMAL and tell me about it?!
       Once you’ve spoken to every student, return to Fall from Grace. Speak to her again, and now she will join your party (Despite what Annah has to say?!).
      As a party member, she is by far the worst NPC in combat, BUT her healing powers are indeed invaluable. In addition, she has the “Succubus Kiss” ability that deals substantial damage to any living opponent.
    Speak to her at length and question her about all of your companions, Morte in particular. You can also ask her to show you her diary but she’ll refuse. I suspect that in order for her to let you see her diary, you’ll have to be in love with her and also prove it, during the “Ravel’s Temptation” sequence, later on in the game.
      Now, speak to Morte and corner him, using what Fall from Grace has told you. You’ll get his whole story (he actually got you killed in the past and as a result was doomed to spent eternity atop the Pillar of Skulls in Baator). Now that Morte told you the whole truth, his skills will increase substantially.
    Now, before leaving the Brothel, find Louis the Wonder Wardrobe and ask him about Marissa’s veil. Turns out good old Louis has some weeeird fetishes. Grab the veil and reurn it to Marisa. Now speak to Vivian and tell her about her scent.
    Thus, apart from all the good and wholesome XP, you’ll get a permanent increase to your charisma?!
     Leave the Brothel, and find the Tailor’s shop. Speak to the man outside and he’ll ask you to fetch him his costume. Go inside, ask the shopkeeper about the costume (notice how you get snubbed whilst everyone treats Grace like royalty) and deliver it back to the man. You can tell him what Goncalves told you,  that his costume is tres bagnale (I think I killed the French,sorry!?). He’ll ask you to get him another one. In doing so, you get even more cash and XP?.
     Speak to Goncalves yet again and you’ll get access to his merchandise which is as close to armor as you’ll find in this game. There are a couple of alternative vests/bodices for Annah/Grace respectively. Not your first priority but definitely good if you can afford them.
     On the map, make sure you find and mess with the old poet, the street theater and the cursed artist (when I say “mess with” I mean deal with, in any way you see appropriate?) Finally, meet “The Tough Bloods” at the southewesternest part of the map. Witness daddy’s boy play big and tough gasp Thug! Make sort work of them and you’ll get a head in a box. (Go figure?) Speak to the head and he’ll ask you to take him to his body in the Civic Festhall (by now you’ve probably understood that the Festhall is the single most important building in the Ward).
    Other points of interest include the Curiosity Shopee. Enter, speak to Vrischika and learn something more about Grace’s past. (Speak to Grace extensively after that to hear her full story and also speak to Dak’kon if you have not already).
   Vrischika carries quite a variety of gunk?. Ask her to see her specialties and buy the Modron Cube, The Fiend’s Tongue, Deva’s Tears, Expensive chocolate candy and Gorgon Salve (I don’t quite remember the catalogue of items, but I do remember you need to purchase everything but the frost ale mug, the Lady of Pain doll and the monster in a jar?).
         Leave and go to the Art Gallery. If you’ve met Yves at the Brothel and traded tales with her, here you’ll find her mother. Speak to her about everything and encourage her to have a reunion with her daughter.
   Examine all works of art and question the woman about them. You can apply the Gorgon salve to the statue here if you wish?. You will die, gain some XP and Morte will learn some new and terrible insults?. Not a very bad deal either. There is a ruby statue here that I suspect has something to do with Jarym and his bedamned quest. If you find anything about it, please DMAL at skazz@hotmail.com.
         Leave and head for the outside of the Civic Festhall. Speak to the Master of Curses and the drunk aristocrat bitch here. I’m told that in this ward there is also a seedy feller who’s a thief trainer and has some quests associated with him, but I got in a fight with him early on so I didn’t have much time to figure it out ( I didn’t like his face burk!?) If you do, DMAL?.
        Time to enter the fabled Festhall. Immediately upon entry, speak to the golden skinned man. If your charisma is high enough, you can convince him that you are a long lost Sensate member. (That’s what I did). If not, I think you’ll have to join the faction. Any way, ask him about everything and Quell in particular. He can take you to either the public or private sensoriums. Of course, the private ones are your goal, but if you so wish, you can visit the public ones and try out each stone for a measly experience bonus. Only for the truly dedicated.
     However, don’t go to the Private Sensorium just yet. Find the dumb body and reunite him with his head. After that, wonder around, and attend all three lectures on Planescape. (Except for laughs, they are very good and informative on the workings of Planescape. Pay exceptional heed to the Blood War topic. And feel free to ridicule Death’s Advocate).
    Also find Merriman and speak to him of Dolora and her keys. Dolora is a robot??? Anyway, the Merriman fellow wants you to erase his memories in order to give you the key. If you want you can pickpocket him or kill him, but doing his bloody quest pays really well. So resist the temptation. You can watch the practice going on in the three rooms and somewhere in the halls there is a statue who, if spoken to correctly can teach and tutor you in the ways of fighting. He’s a rather poor trainer, especially now, that you’ve found the guy at the Lower Ward. In any case, also find the fat man in orange who cursed your old friend Reekwind. Talk to him about lifting the curse of Reekwind. Insist. You’ll be stuck with the worst case of hiccups. And because there are no “Halls” and miracle cures in this game here’s what you’ll have to do to not only get well but get the bastard.
     Go outside and speak to the Master of Curses about your case. Use your reverse psychology thingie on him (You know, he says he can’t help you and you go “hah! It’s because you CAN’T not because you WON’T and the other guy is somehow still in the first grade mentally and tells you everything and then looks extremely pleased with himself whilst you run in the night with a grin on your face and the wind in your hair. See now? That’s the educational value of walkthroughs!) and he’ll teach a terrible curse for the Fat Man. Go to him again and curse him. You’ll eventually “compromise” and Reekwind shall get his life back. I never paid him another visit though (Reekwind), so if you do,please DMAL. Thanks?
    Onwards with the adventure then!!!
  Proceed to the Inner Quarters and speak to the clerk to obtain the key to your room. (You’ve been here before?). Prior to hitting your digs though (Hah! I just had to write that one?) go to the other rooms. Make sure you meet a gal named Unfulfilled Desire and speak to her of your desires. Now, go to your room and loot it thoroughly.
   Be especially wary of the locked cabinet ( I managed to somehow miss it and then become stuck for hours?). Bash it open or lockpick it. Get the dodecahedron and try to decipher it. Alas, you don’t know the language. Perhaps we should find ourselves a linguist mmm??
       Find the man with the Golden Tan and ask him to take you to the Private Sensoriums. Make sure you check all three sensory stones. The trap left behind by yourself can be overrided very easily, Deionarra’s stone is the most important and Ravel’s is quite creepy. In any case, speak to Quell whom you’ll find here. He’s a bit whacky but loves his candy so make sure you don’t do any disgusting stuff with it. Try to speak to him as sensibly as possible and when he ignores you, give him the special chocolate you bought earlier (Er..you did, didn’t you?). He’ll sober up immediately and tell you all that you wish. The location of the Portal to Ravel’s Maze is unknown to him but he knows the key. Some of Ravel’s Blood.
     Leave the Sensorium forever, and exit the Festhall. First of all, visit the Failed Mage in one of the Open Air Bars. Talk to him about Unfulfilled Desire after listening to his sad story. He’ll thank you and give you his magic cup. Now visit the Gallery with the Cup and capture a sliver of styx water with it.
    Return to Merriman in the Festhall with it and give it to him. Congrats?. He’ll give you the keys, which in turn you’ll take to Dolora. Now she’ll tell you Ecco’s full story. Before speaking to Ecco, make sure you’ve found the “intellectual” girl and challenged her both in games and debate.
    Now with Ecco, speak to her about her problem and offer to help. First, give her the Fiend’s Tongue. Ooooops. Slight problem. Use the Deva Tears to the rescue and there you got one beautiful,clean talking Ecco. She’ll thank you and you can question her about anything. Make sure you speak to Yves, Nenny and Kessai-Serris about Ravel, and her “blood” which turns out to be her progeny. In fact, if you ask around the Brothel a bit, you’ll learn that Kessai Sarris is actually Ravel’s daughter. At first she won’t have it, so you’ll have to prove it. Speak to everyone and Yves in particular, until you learn that Kismaxi is actually Kesai’s half sister. Speak to Kismaxi about it. Now go to Kessai and after a dialogue sequence you’ll convince her to give you some of her blood on a handkerchief (in case you haven’t got one, they are all over the Brothel?). Finally, before leaving the Brothel for good, speak to the three Modrons there about the Modron toy you have. Interesting…it’s a portal of sorts. But to where? Let’s ponder this later on, shall we? Now you only need to find the location of the portal. Remember what Ravel told you? It has to be somewhere within the Great Foundry! And yet, try as you might, it’s impossible to find it… curious.
    Visit the Apothecary’s. If you spit to the strange hybrid of a shopkeep, he’ll get you the vial of skin and blood which is rquired for the DreamBuilder, but he’ll also ask you to help him. Give him the Elixir of Horrific Separation (bought from the Curio Shopee) and he’ll be alright again. Remember to speak to the fat guy for your reward. Not bad at all?.
     Time to pay Iannis the Advocate a visit now. (He’s a fellow Greek judging by the name?, hah we’ve infested Planescape too?). Speak to him about everything, mentioning Deionarra’s sensory stone last. After you’ve learned everything you can from him (Deionarra’s story is explained), tell him about her sensory stone and ask for the legacy that she left you. Amongst other things there is also a fantastic wedding ring, that gives a +3 to AC,various THACO bonuses, not to mention the sentimental value for all of us Crow fans out there?.
      Iannis will ask you to get him permission to use Deionarra’s sensory stone and your permission to read his daughter’s legacy to you. I agreed to both. In order to get him the permission he needs, merely speak with Golden Boy over at the Festhall and then to Iannis. After this business is done, take off once more.
      Visit Finam the linguist at his place. Apply the Ground Rule and make sure you use your “Stories Bones Tell” skill on his father’s remains. After you’ve done this, speak to Finam and ask him about the language of Uyo (the language of the dodecahedron). He agrees to look into your problem if you find his missing journal. Hopefully, you’ve taken this document during your trip of the Brothel and you won’t have to backtrack. Give him his blasted Journal and he’ll teach you Uyo. Now, read the dodecahedron in it’s entirety. VERY interesting. Go back to Iannis ( Geia sou patrida athanath?) and ask him for your legacy, the one you left for yourself. Notice the receipt for the Great Foundry’s clerk.
     Bid Iannis farewell for the last time .
 Now you could head straight for the mysterious Ravel Puzzlewell, but in this case “Know Thy Enemy” prevails. You still have the Dreambuilder machine to complete.
   Leave for the Lower Ward.

11.The Lower Ward (Revisited)

Once here, go back to the Great Foundry and give the vial of skin and blood to the engineer. He’ll now ask that you find a coffin pillow. Get back to that annoying coffin builder bloke and ask him for one. What follows is one of the most hilarious sequences I’ve ever encoutered in any rpg. In any case, after you resist your urge to strangle the guy,  and patiently wait through his babbling. (Hey at least you can build a coffin while you wait, carve your stone et all that?)
    In the end, he’ll mention that the coffin pillow is in the warehouse but he can’t get it due to “problems”. Visit the warehouse, speak to the strange head,get the pillow and report back to the coffin maker for some more measly experience.
     Take the pillow back to the engineer who’ll now ask you for the final ingredient: A Cage Made of Razorblades. Before you ask where the fuck such an item can be found and what rational person would ever want one, he’ll tell you that he’s already ordered it from Coaxmetal. So just go to the Siege Tower and get it.
    Report to the engineer for the final time and you’ll get the Key of Dreams. Congratulations!
     Now march proudly past the cauldrons and enter the western gate of the Foundry (the one that was previously inaccesible). Once inside, you’ll watch a beautiful cutscene which prepares you for what is to follow.
      Once the Dream is over (is it ever?), go to the Clerk and show him the receipt you’ve got. He’ll give you –get this- a portable portal!!!! And yes, you’ve guessed it, it leads straight into the Heart of Ravel’s  Maze.
      Before you go though, pull out that Modron Toy you’ve got and tinker with it a while. If you’ve spoken to the other Modron at the Foundry you’ll get the option to rearrange his limbs. It’s really simple. Pick a movement at random. If sth happens, you know it’s right. If the toy resets, close the dialogue window and then retry. Keep trying for a while and you’ll eventually find the right order which’ll take you to the whacky…

12. The Modron Maze (Welcome to Ze Dungeon)

    Once inside, speak to the Modron guarding the entrance for a little insight on what the hell is going on. Now exit to the south, where the control room lies. Speak to all Modron and the engineer in particular. Apparently, the Director is missing and they’ve all fallen into a state of helplesness. As a paragon of modesty, you can offer to be the new director. You’ll now be able to question the engineer about the maze. The good news are, they have a portal lens that can teleport you anywhere in Sigil, so there IS a way back (also, if you explore the maze you find additional portal lenses which can be sold for quite good prices in Sigil). The bad news are that you are somewhere in Limbo. (Doesn’t sound too good).
     From here, you can also set the difficulty level of the maze. Easy and Normal are almost identical with the exception of tougher opponents. In the Hard Setting however, a new area appears, the Wizard’s Den. There is quite a big fight here, with a sentient Wizard Construct (who can fill you in on what the maze is EXACTLY). You can’t talk your way out of this one, so you’ll have to fight. Just concentrate your attacks on the mage (for God’s sake don’t let him cast Mechanus Cannon on you!) and then take care of the constructs. Once he has fallen, you can make short work of the costructs. From the mage’s body, you can get the spell Mechanus Cannon which is quite powerful and also has a nice cinematic sequence associated with it.
       Also, if you search the maze really well, you’ll happen upon Nordom, one of the coolest NPC’s in the game. He wields twin crossbows ( is in fact the only character adept in missile combat in the entire game), is inherently cool (you can talk him into raising his own stats later on in the game), plus he’s got a great voice AND you can get plenty of different lenses for him by exploring the maze and slaying the constructs (they carry items useful to Modron)
  You can teleport back to Sigil at any time using a portal lens. Finally, you’ll occasionaly find some stuff labelled “A bag of coins!”, “A Clue!”, “A Magic Item!”. They’re totally worthless so don’t worry about them.
    Once you’re all done with the Maze (and have recruited Nordom if you are lucky enough) teleport back to Sigil, near the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
   Remember Ignus the Flaming Corpse? We had nearly forgotten the bugger, hadn’t we??. Go inside, and use the decanter on him. You’ll put him out and he will now join your party. He’s still a terribly evil character, not to mention his odor. Speak to him about everything and learn that you two go way back together. At a point he’ll start getting violent, and you can either drop the subject or push on and kill him. I opted for the second way because, plain and simple he was bad fucking news.
        This completes the entire quest set of Sigil (Apart from the one with Jarym’s gem?, what the hell is up with this quest anyway????).
   Perhaps you tired of running around Sigil performing endless quests for petty and small minded people. From now on, the game’s pace quickens substantially and there are very few minor quests (aside from the major plot quests).  If you haven’t already, have all your party members put their belief into Mourns’s crusade and then ask him about the progress of the trees for some extra experience.
        You’re done with about three quarters of the game and it’s about time you got some answers. So, prepare as best as you can (sell all gunk to stores and stock up on blood/heart charms I recommend at least five for each party member and 10 for the Nameless One. If you have trouble getting the cash, you can always have Annah go on a pickpocketing spree?).
Oh! I nearly forgot!!!! There is one last thing you SHOULD do before leaving Sigil. It is accessed via the Clerk’s Ward and it’s none other than

13. Undersigil. (Shit Happens)

 This place is an arena, pure and simple. The enemies down here are particularly powerful but give some very good XP. Some goodly magical items are hidden here along with some moderate amounts of cash. The killing is the main focus though. Make sure you memorize a lot of offensive spells before going down because you’re definitely going to be needing them. Clear Undersigil at least once and if you ever feel like you need some extra experience, you can always return. At this point of the game, one time should be enough though.

 (Undersigil is a severe Morale wracker. Just when you thought you have a really good party going you get your asses kicked to high heaven?)

Once you’re done with Undersigil, you have to pay one final visit to the Buried Village and Pharod’s Court. (We never got around to looting his corpse, did we?)

  Use the map screen and return to…

14. The Buried Village (Revisited)

  Once back,head straight for Pharod’s court. Loot his corpse and make sure the Nameless One gets the Bronze Sphere as well as Pharod’s crutch. If you’ve spoken to Annah before, you’ll know that Pharod has a portal to his Vault somewhere around here… The portal is a bit west of his throne and activated by the crutch.

15.Pharod’s Vault (Didn’t the guy have,like,ANY money at all?)

Surprise surprise! Just when you thought you were going to see some serious cash, it turns out that Pharod was dead broke. Apart from some minor cash, the only thing of interest here is a rag doll of the Lady of Pain.
    Once again, I am told that if you mock or worship the doll in public, the Lady of Pain appears and mazes you. (A new cinematic sequence and a whole new map area called the Player’s Maze). However, no matter how much I mocked and taunted, absolutely nothing happened in my game! If you find anything more about this, please DMAL!

Ok, now you are REALLY,REALLY ready to leave Sigil for good. I hope I’m not forgetting something terribly important. Just make sure you have the Bronze Sphere, plenty of healing charms and the Blade of the Immortal before you leave. (Though the Blade isn’t all that important.)

Activate the portable portal and find yourself in

16. Ravel’s Maze (Never Believed in Good Byes)

   You’re 20 minutes away from the MOST FASCINATING SEQUENCE I’VE MET IN ANY ROLE PLAYING GAME, EVER! Wander around the maze for a while, slaying Ravel’s creatures. Your objective Is to reach the center of the maze, where Ravel dwells. I had no difficulty getting there. Once you find the Last of the Gray Sisters, speak to her.
    The dialogue sequence that occurs is divine, the guys who wrote it have my eternal hails (and more rounds of drinks) and I don’t want to spoil it for you. It much depends on your charisma, and intelligence. I’ll state here the benefits list (I believe I actually got em all, I was quite the sweet talking bastard with Ravel. I had a charisma of about 20 or 21 at this point?). EXPERIENCE (talking over 500000 points here). Various stat increases (Wisdom and MAX hit points as I currently remember but there might be more), Ravel should also give you plenty of charms and a tuft of her hair. AND if you do it really well, you will get “Ravel’s Temptation” sequence where you are prompted to choose your lover. I actually turned down both of Ravel’s offers (even though I was starting to get deeply in love with Annah at the point it was only Ravel!?). Watch very carefully what she tells to each of your companions. She will tell you your story, of how you asked her for a great boon and what went horribly wrong. You will also learn the nature of the shadows that stalk you. In the end, if you try to leave she will not let you. She will attack regardless of what you say or do. Surprisingly she Is not all that hard to beat. Once you’ve killed her, you should look for the exit she pointed out to you during your conversation.
    BUT before that, (note that I played through this entire sequence after midnight when the house was totally silent thus increasing the atmosphere by a further 200%) speak to Annah (or Grace, depending whom you love –if you love either one of them). Speak to her about her torment according to Ravel. Now is your chance to give your heart to either Annah or Grace.  I chose Annah (in which case, the dialogue is done once you kiss her). If any of you followed the romance with Grace please DMAL and tell me about it?)
    Once you’ve taken care of your love life, you’ll be attacked by several shadows. Dispose of them and then exit Ravel’s Maze forever via a portal that is just northeast of Ravel and very easy to find. (make sure you get the dialogue option to do as Ravel told you in order to actiavate the Portal).
    Step through the Gate to reach

17. Curst (Tryouts for Fallout 3,anyone?)

Welcome to the Outer Planes cutter!?. This place reeks of Fallout 2’s Den. Everyone is corrupt and has his own private agenda which probably involves harming you. And what’s worse, you’ll have to find the Angel that Ravel spoke of (*sighs* Beautiful Ravel, by now you should have watched her true death sequence, in which the bastard known as the Transcedent One Is introduced to us).
   Run around applying the Ground Rule (but do not enter the underground) to get the feel of the place. Find a woman who intends to murder her husband and you can turn her in or keep her secret.
       In any case, make sure you loot everything and speak to everyone. Of particular interest is the Inn. Speak to the Barkeep of the Deva (btw, you can sell almost everything to the innkeep here) and he will tell you that he has a secret tunnel leading to him BUT first you’ll have to learn the key which is broken into five pieces, each held by an equally whacked person who wants you to do a quest in return for his knowledge. The Innkeeper, Barse, has the first part of the key and asks you to rescue his daugher for you to have it. He says that Marquez will give you the specifics. Have that in mind, and speak to Marquez. He’s the last trainer in the game, and he’s as good as the guy from Sigil’s Lower Ward.
      He’ll give you the details on the daughter’s kidnapping and ask you to save her. If you wish, explore the rest of the Inn, applying the Ground Rule everywhere. Note that most of the “named” characters in here (Excuse the pun?) willl give you some quests later on, as part of the key sequence.
   Lastly,make sure you speak to the guard sitting at the Bar. He’ll tell you that he’s actually spying on the barkeep, waiting for him to open his secret tunnel so he can bust him. Could there be a way that you do ALL the quests associated with gaining access to the tunnel and then spare the Barkeep’s life by entering the Deva’s prison through another way?. Yes. But that comes later on.
      Now visit Inner Curst. Barse’s daughter is cornered by a large host of Harmonium Bastards  (some things never ever change,not in any world, do they?). Now, have Dak’kon immediately cast submerge Thy Will on her. After that is done, and not having commenced any combat yet, position your best fighters close to the girl. Now have Annah, backstab the Harmonium leader. (If you just talk to the leader without positioning correctly, he orders his brave goons to slay the girl and then come after you). If you’ve played your cards correctly, you’ll make short work of the guards and save the girl. Talk to her  (MY HERO?), and then go back to her father to claim your reward: the first part of the key. Now, if you go to Marquez, he can train you in any weapon up to the maximum level of proficiency (5).
     Speak to the person Barse told you has the second part of the key. (If I’m not mistaken, it’s the young woman). She’ll ask you to mediate a family dispute between the town smith and the Apothecary. Speak to both of them (the smith is in Outer Curst and the Apothecary in the Inner City), get each man’s part of their father’s will. It’s unclear what the father wanted, so the fairest thing you could do would be to split everything in half. But then again,that’s your call. Also, make sure you check the smith’s shop for the cursed Axe of the Jester (it’s in a locked and trapped chest. If you defuse the trap prior to opening the chest, the Smith won’t even notice you taking it. The question is, do you really need that thing?)
    In any case, once you’ve settled the dispute, report back to the woman to get the second part of the key, as well as instructions on who has the third part. Find him (he’s in the Inn) and he’ll ask that you defend the Dump Caretaker from some thugs. (Sorry if I get the order of the Curst quests mixed up but it’s been a while?). Speak to the caretaker, and he’ll tell you his problem. Now find the thugs he mentioned, and ask them TO LAY OFF! Alas, they don’t seem to pay heed to your words. Go back to the Caretaker and draw steel. The thugs shall attack in a matter of seconds. It’s an easy fight and you shouldn’t have any trouble protecting the old man. He’ll express his gratitude and from now on you’ll be able to purchase healing from him. Return to the Inn and speak to the person who gave you the quest for the third part of the key and  directions on the fourth idiot with something to ask of you.
     Find the fourth person, and he’ll ask that you settle a political dispute in town. Go to Inner Curst, and locate the two politicians he mentioned. (One is a woman near the town hall, the other is a githzerai near the northern part of the screen). Speak to both of them to get their different stories. They both seemed like totally corrupt and conceited bastards to me, so I turned both of them in (and got some walloping XP for it?). However you choose to settle the issue, report back to the person who gave you the quest,for the fourth part of the key and directions on where to find the last of the key-holders.
      The last one, is the crone, Dona Quisho (Hah! I remembered another name!?). Speak to her and she’ll ask you to release a fiend for her. (The fiend’s in the grain silo’s upper floor. It’s possible that you’ve been there before whilst exploring Curst. It’s the small room with the pentagram on the floor. It doesn’t seem like you got a choice, so go to the Silo and perform the summoning and freeing rites. Make sure you bargain hard with the Fiend to get the game’s second strongest weapon, the Battle Axe HeartGrinder. Once your business is done, the fiend shall disappear. Return to Dona Quisho, report to her and get the final part of the key.
     At this point I think I screwed up. Normally, I went to Barse and told him I had the key and wanted to access the Deva’s Prison. When he asked me if I was sure though, I remembered the bit about the guard watching him and how I needed to stock up on some more healing items. That, coupled with the fact that I hadn’t yet explored the underground caverns, made me refuse his offers, and plunge into the underground instead. (The entrance is near the dump)
       Welcome to the Curst Underground. The bad news are, the entrance just caved in behind you and you’ll have to find a different way out. The good news are, that this place is crawling with not-so-tough-to-beat opponents that give you plenty of experience. Explore the level freely, slaying any monsters you encounter. Make sure you meet the friendly Baatezu and speak to him. If you’ve followed this walkthrough and joined the Godsmen, you’ll have a new dialogue option, concenring the secret weapon which is being prepared in the Great Foundry. There are also a couple of Abishai here, but I never actually talked to them (still heeding Morte’s advice?).
    Of particular interest is the smuggler Voorsha who resides here and asks you to slay a gehreleth that is making his… “business” more difficult. Agree but ask for a reward. Find and slay the gehreleth (after the most entertaining conversation with it?), and report back to Voorsha. Well, well… since the kid wants to fight, who are we to stop him? Slay the treacherous smuggler, and proceed to the western part of the caves. Meet the friendly hermit who offers you a place to rest as well as healing. Once you’ve rested and healed good and proper, exit west, to the Curst Prisons.

18) The Prison (To Free An Angel)

  Prepare for one of the toughest,roughest and all around most satisfying segments of the game. The Prison is located here, and what comes with any good prison? Yep, that’s right. Guards,guards and even more guards. And these guards are quite a fair match for your powerful party. Prior to enter the Prison Rings (the prison occupies the southwestern part of the screen and is built in rings), explore the rest of the prison, slaying any and all guards you chance upon. Make sure you find, Trias, the captured Angel. Speak to him at length about everything. Seems like the bastards in Curst burnt off his wings, took away his sword and chained him to fathoms below. He’ll ask that you bring him his sword, Celestial Fire so that he might fly free and take terrible vengeance upon those foolish enough as to imprison him. I don’t know if this is a bug (if it was, it must be corrected in the latest version of the patch (1.1) which is available for download at www.planescape-torment.com ) but the first time I spoke to him, without having his sword or anything, I got dialogue options to free him, as if I already have the sword. But even if you have the same problem, don’t do it. It’s much more satisfying going through the full course?.
      Anyway, once everything in the Prison Grounds is done, enter the First Ring. Explore it fully, loot everything and slay any guards you might find. This is how you progress through each and every ring of the Prison. Note that people that  you gave up to the authorities before, will now be here and curse you bitterly.
      Since this can be quite a tough fight, until you reach the Inner Prison, a good method is to have Annah sneak around and backstab guards prior to entering melee combat. Heavy spellcasting on Dak’kon’s and Grace’s (and possibly your) part is also essential to surviving the battle with the Prison Guards. If you get horrendously beat up and are low on healing supplies you can always go back to the Hermit for some healing, provided you have enough jink of course?.
      Once the Battle is done, you will find yourself in the Inner Prison, with Trias’s Blade and a chubby guy guarding it. (He may look like a wimpy Nupperibo, but oh boy,are you in for a surprise?) Speak to it and you’ll find out that he is the spirit of the blade and if you wish to posses the sword you will have to best it in a contest of either strength,intelligence or dexterity. The three tests are clearly associated with the Nameless One’s character classes. Even though I was a fighter, I chose a contest of wits, since my intelligence was high enough. In that case, you have a contest of riddles not unlike the one in the Dead Nations Catacombs. Beat him, and the sword is yours.
     The dexterity contest involves succesfully pickpocketing him and the strength one, I think is fighting hin. Once again, it’s your choice.
    No matter how you acquire the blade, the moment you get it, the prison will start falling apart. All the previously locked cells will open and new guards will begin slaying the prisoners. There’s no way you can save them (and I think they’are actually hostile towards you right from the beginning), but it looks like you have another tough fight in your hands.
       The prisoners often distract the guards quite nicely thus allowing you to get in there quickly enough to finish them off. Make sure you loot all the cells afterwards. If you are too weak at this point though, you can go straight to Trias and free him. (You also have an option to strike him, if you do this, please DMAL and tell me what happens.Thanks?) Make sure you ask him about your mortality first. He’ll tell you that you ought to seek out Fhjull Forked Tongue, a baatezu residing in the Outer Planes and ask HIM. He’ll give you the location of the portal (the northeastern part of the map) and also the key to activate it ( a link from his chains –don’t worry if you don’t see it, it doesn’t show up in your inventory). He’ll leave laughing somewhat ominously, leaving you with a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach…still…but nah, it couldn’t be. Anyway, now that you have secured a way out, make haste and go to the portal.
      Here lies the last NPC you’ll find in the game, Vhailor. Vhailor is kind of a ghost knight. He’s an undead Mercykiller Spirit with an attitude. To find him, go BEHIND the portal (do not enter it) and examine the armor you’ll find there. Alas, I managed to miss him, and exactly because he sounds totally cool, if anyone got him on his team, please DMAL!
     Once you’ve dealt with Vhailor, enter the Portal and find yourself in…

19. The Outer Planes (Yes, there is definitely going to be a Fallout 3?)

   Immediately upon setting foot here, you will be beset (sorry?) by a host of not so friendly creatures. The larger ones are fairly easy to kill (fun too?) but there are some smaller ones, reminiscent of gehreleths, that are immune to edged weapons. So if you see that you’re not damaging them at all and instead of blood you just see some sparks, switch to a dull/club/crushing kind of weapon ( I still had The Justifier on me and it worked just right).
    After you’ve dealt with the initial party of enemies you’ll be able to assess your situation. Right. You’re in the middle of nowhere, beaten to hell after the battle in Curst (Annah and Fall from Grace where next to dead in my game and so was Dak’kon. Me and Morte went ahead, since we were in a relatively better state. At the time, I had missed both Nordom and Vhailor – I actually got Nordom later on in the game to join?)
     Either way, find and enter the giant skeleton’s head. Once inside, don’t be scared by the surroundings. They look rather Star War-ish don’t you think??. Find old Fhjull and speak to him about everything. Learn about Fhjull’s “curse” (hey, Trias sounds like a nice chap!?), and ask him about resting in his place. He can’t do otherwise but be curses! Helpful! He’ll let you rest and heal all you want (A gift from God at this point and in your state?). After you’ve recovered from the confrontation in Curst, speak to him once again and make sure you loot all his items and spells (he has to give them to you for free, heh heh?). He has some of the most powerful spells in the game, as well as the invaluable, cerebral parasites. After the “typicalities” are done, ask him about yourself, about your mortality. He’ll tell you to ask the Pillar of Skulls in Baator about yourself. And since Baator is Planescape’s Hell, make sure you ask Fhjull for the way back too. Thank good old Fhjull for everything and leave his place. Watch the short cutscene (Not sure if it is now or later on, sorry yet again?). Now, if you want, you can clear out the rest of the map for some nice XP. Once you’re done, go to the portal near the skeleton’s legs, and enter.

20. Baator ( Kansas is about a million miles away and we are fucked. –The Macho Man’s Guide to Fairy Tales)

Ahhh…welcome to Hell. Know only one thing about this place. If it moves, it bites. If it bites, it’s bad. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is your enemy here. The exit to the Pillar of Skulls area is to the southeast but at this point I was strong enough as to fight my way there and slay every damn demon that dared cross my path! You get some jolly grat experience from it too. Still, it’s quite a fight which will leave your party exhausted.
        Make sure you mark the southwestern corner of the screen, since there are shards of obsidian there, and the portal necessary to take you back to Fhjull’s Home.
   Now it’s time you got some answers. Exit to the southeast, to the Pillar of Skulls. This is one of the nicest, creepiest locales in the game. Go forward and speak to the Pillar. The dialogue is very interesting (good ole Pharod makes a comeback and it looks like Morte has friends?) but due to the nature of the Pillar,  (it wants something in return for everything it tells you), ask it only the most essential question, the one about your mortality (I think you can also chat with the Pillar and learn the true name of the angel you freed. Trias the Betrayer. The damn bastard was lying to you the whole time!). The Fortress of Regrets will be mentioned as well as it’s key. As a return the Pillar will want Morte back. DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT TOSSING HIM BACK IN THERE! The Pillar will ask that you disclose Fhjull’s hideout. I chose not to give up the old fiend because he was actually quite a nice fellow (reminded me of me on a bad day?) I hear that you if you ARE a bastard however and if you DO turn him, there’s an extra cinematic sequence with his demise). Once you’re done with the Pillar. It won’t let you go that easily. It’ll demand Morte and when and if you refuse, it will sound the alarm.
     Leave the Pillar and watch the effects of it’s call. A new group of demons spawns in front you. I had a cloudkill spell handy and was able to deal with them but only barely. Once you’re done with this group, waste no time in getting the hell out of this place. (Run to the southwestern corner and use the piece of obsidian) All demons you killed before have respawned. (And then some?). And if you followed this walkthrough you’ll be in no shape to deal with them.
   Activate the portal and find your salvation from this hell back in…

21. The Outer Planes (Revisited)

   Once back, run into Fhjull’s home and go into hibernation?. Rest, heal and recover from the cursed Baatorian nightmare. Speak to Fhjull again, and ask him about the Fortress of Regrets and Trias (I’m not EXACTLY sure that you can ask Fhjull about the Fortress but you should be able to.) Speak to him about getting back to Curst and of your experience with the Pillar. In short, speak to him about any new topics that appear?.
    A new portal shall now open that will take you back to…

22.) Curst (Revisited)

What?! You haven’t been gone for a day and this place is in ruins??? What the hell is going on???? Look around the place and loot everything. If you get really nosey, you’ll have the extreme misery to chance upon that delightful fiend the good cleric at the cathedral assured you was scattered through the Multiverse (Remember that Morridor’s Box quest??). Apparently all the important parts landed here. As far as I’m concerned, that thing is impossible to beat. My party was pretty strong by that time and yet the bastard could slay the Nameless One with a couple of strokes.
      I recommend running towards the arc with the skulls. Speak with them to learn of Curst’s Fate and ask them to take you to Carceri (where Curst has crossed over). A portal will open up. Enter it.

23. Carceri (Chaos, Anarchy…NOW THAT’S FUN! –Excerpt from Top-Dollar’s Anarchy Speech taken from The Crow)

     Welcome to Carceri, Home Plane of Chaos Incarnate. It appears that due to an overflow of chaotic characters, Curst has crossed over. (Since it was a border town, it’s location dependant on the people’s alignment)
    This place resembles Curst but functions like a nightmare. Acquaintances new and old will pop up quite unexpectedly and the whole sequence will have a nightmarish feel to it. As the skulls told you, Trias the Betrayer destroyed Curst and you’re here to prevent him from destroying Carceri too.
    Your main objective is to prevent evil and unjust things from happening.
  Immediately upon entering Carceri run a bit to the northwest, where innocent civilians are being attacked by gehreleths. Save the people. There’s also a woman beset by thugs that requires saving. Speak to her again for your reward. Also, other things you can do to prevent chaos, are the following:

a) Find the looters gathered outside the warehouse, speak to their leader and convince them to help defend the city
b) Enter the warehouse and talk Ebb Creakness (when the hell did he become chief of the Anarchist faction?) into defending the city instead of bringing it to it’s knees
c) The Execution Block. The unjust execution of people is this block’s purpose. Speak to the Judge and convince him and his court of their madness
d)  Somewhere there are two people crushed under a cart, one good one evil. You can save either one of them, or both (thus choosing your alignment). I opted for saving them both.
e)  I think that about wraps up the loose quests in Carceri. If you wish, stick around and slay some demons for the XP, they are endless. Make sure you find the Hermit and speak to him about facing Trias. He’ll heal your party.
f)  Note that all of the above are clearly optional. If you are on an evil path you might actually want Carceri to sink further away into chaotic oblivion.

Once you’re all done with your quests to restore order to the city, enter the Town Hall where Trias awaits you. Work your way up slowly. Make sure you loot everything. There are some guards here but not nearly as many as there where in Curst’s prisons. All in all you shouldn’t have a particularly tough time getting to the roof where Trias the Betrayer stands, observing his handiwork.

  Speak to him about everything. No matter what, you can’t convince him to lay off the attack peacefully. Ask him about the Fortress of Regrets ( I think only he knows the key) and everything else, until it’s pretty clear that this going nowhere and that you’ll have to fight him, in which case, make sure YOU start the fight.
   Trias can be quite a powerful opponent, due to the awesome magic he commands. Spells are going to win this one too. Make sure you get your fighters close to damage Trias as much as possible and have Dak’kon and Grace cast their most powerful spells on him until he yields.
    Play your cards right, and this fight won’t trouble you much.
Once Trias yields to you, apart from giving you the key to the portal that will take you –at last!- to the Fortress of Regrets, you’ll have the option of talking him into going back to Mount Celestia and asking his father for forgiveness (All Stephen King fans- “Have you forgotten the face of your father?” Major Dark Tower references?. If you’ve managed to miss this epic, pick it up, SOON!)
    With all your good deeds done, and with the spell Trias gave you (if you’ve convinced him to return to Mount Celestia), head back and enter the newly opened portal to find yourself back in

24. Sigil (Full Circle)

       Seems like it ends close to where it begun. You now have to find the portal to the Fortress of Regrets which lies somewhere within the Mortuary Halls. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? You’ve travelled to the end of the universe, to hell and back, and the portal to your answers was just beside you all the time?.
    Now is your last chance to stock up on healing items, rest, memorize the most powerful spells, and if like me, you’ve managed to totally miss the 6th member of your party, you can go to the Modron Maze and recruit Nordom. By this time, the Nameless One should be around 13-14lvl Fighter (don’t know about the rest of the classes, probably higher as a thief), which is more than great. If however you believer that for any number of reasons you should be stronger, you can always return to UnderSigil and slay more monsters for the experience. That, however, is not required.
    Once you’re all ready, head all the way back to the slab where you first awakened in the game. Head a little north of the slab and you’ll happen upon the portal that leads to the Fortress of Regrets.
 Remember what we said about coming full circle before? You’ll be prompted to create the portal’s key, which you do. Now before entering the portal, you’ll have a most enlightening conversation with your party members (Morte at least). It looks like you’ve all been there before…many times. And from what Morte tells you, once in the Fortress, you are on your own. The rest of your party shall scatter. After clearing everything up with your party MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE BRONZE SPHERE (claimed from Pharod’s Dead Body), BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (Coaxmetal makes it for you if spoken to correctly) AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, THE NEGATIVE MATERIAL PLANE TOKEN (Candrian the Planewalker in the Smoldering Corpse bar gives it to you if spoken to correctly.)
  It might still be possible to complete the game without these items but a great part of the experience will be spoiled without them.
Also, make sure you go to Fell’s Tatoo Parlor. Buy the Tatoo of the Supreme Warrior (or mage,or thief, I suppose they became available depending on your class), the Tatoo of the Redeemer and the Tatoo of the Source. These are some of the best tatoos in the game, since they tremendously boost your stats.

Once you’re fully ready, equip the Nameless One with the Negative Material Plane Token (you can put it in your quick items list, it’ll work) and enter the portal.

25.) The Fortress of Regrets (Your Final Stand)

After the video, you find yourself all alone before the Fortress’s door. Don’t go in just yet. Instead, explore the rest of the map and make sure you find and talk to beuatiful Deionarra’s Ghost in the southeastern part of the map. Talk to her about her ring and everything else. She will give you valuable advice and hints.

 Now head west all the way and enter the Fortress. Watch the short cutscene in which The Transcedent One resurrects Ignus and sends him after you. ( I wonder what happens if Ignus was on your team, or if you killed a different team member at a point, please DMAL if you find out anything about it!?)

The Fortress’s Main Hall (Be true…)

 Ok, this place is crawling with Greater Shadows, which, if you have the Negative Material Plane token equipped can do very little harm to you. Slay them fearlessly (experience shows that they only damage you if they swarm you. One by one they are quite weak.) Make sure you get all shadows on the map independently and then proceed to the eastern corner of the map and find the broken clock on which you’ve carved a message for yourself. Read it and then seek out the three ancient war machines that have a lever marked with an X. Pull all three to watch Annah,Grace and Dak’kon fight and die their final deaths in your name.

Ahem?. Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes.
     After pulling each lever you’ll be transported to a different part of the same level. Once you’re done with all three, go to the northern part of the hall and pull the final lever, the unmarked one. You’ll be teleported away and also open a portal at the same time. Return to the northern part of the map yet again and enter the portal you’ve opened.

Watch the video of Ignus’s Attack. You’ll find yourself in a strange hall with many statues of yourself. Waste no time in attacking Ignus. At this point, if you effectively disrupt his spellcasting with some well aimed blows, he shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Once Ignus is dead for good, look around the place and make sure you find a stone you’ve left behind in a previous life containing a voice message for your companions of old. Listen carefully to the message and drop the stone. According to it, there are some supplies near the base of one of the statues. Personally, I’ve never found them, but if you do, please DMAL. Thanks?.

After you’re done with exploring, approach the central crystal (as close as you can get) and click the question mark cursor on it. Touch the crystal and be transported to

The Maze of Reflections (…be brave…)

Here, is the second best role playing sequence of the game. You once again awaken on a slab and are immediately confronted by three of your previous incarnations. The Practical One (Selfist Bastard), the Good One and the Paranoid One. The first to talk to you is the Practical One. The bastard wants to posses you and according to what he says, only one of you can walk out of this maze. Refuse his offer and ask him your questions instead. Ask him about EVRYTHING. You get a pretty good idea of what a nasty sonovabitch the Practical One was. Don’t merge with him just yet. (You’ll need a Wisdom of 20 to best and absorb HIM).
   Instead, speak to the Paranoid One. As soon as he starts his ramblings, speak to him in Uyo, the language you learned from Finam. Convince him that you are he (deep?) and offer to save him from his Torment. You’ll merge with him and your stats will be permanently raised. Now speak to the Good One about everything. Eventually new conversation options will appear and you’ll learn that he is actually the first one of you. You’ll finally learn the true nature of the Bronze Sphere. Give the Good One your impression of your life so far and merge with him. Now you know how to use the Bronze Sphere.
      SAVE YOUR GAME. Use the sphere. After a very interesting flashback, you’ll get 10 EXTRA LEVELS UP. (At this point my character became Level 25 warrior?) Make sure you fix your Wisdom to be at least 20 and raise all your other stats subsequently. (This shouldn’t be tough if you’ve followed this walkthrough your character will be truly glorious by now).
  Now speak to the Practical One and bluff him into merging. When the time comes, try absorbinhg HIM instead. If your Wisdom is high enough, you will be one. Deionarra’s Ghost appears. Congratulations you are one step away from Salvation (or is it Damnation? Sometimes, the difference is insiginificant).
    Speak to Deionarra and ask her to take you to your friends. BUT FIRST, speak to her about how you betrayed her and how you are sorry.
   I shall wait for you in Death’s Halls my Love.


  Once here, run sragiht ahead. See your dead and broken party lying at the center of the roof. I SWEAR TO GOD THE TRANSCEDENT ONE WILL BLEED FOR THIS ONE. EVEN IF HAS NO BLOOD. PERIOD.

   Head straight up and watch the video. Now speak to the Transcedent One. From here, you get to choose a finale. I’ll give you the best way to finish the game here and state all the rest that I know of below. Speak to him about everything and eventually a new option will become available, the fact that you two share a link. Ask him for your Name. In using the sphere you’ve learned it ( Even though it is never mentioned in the game. I wonder who the hell the Nameless One really was? Any Planescape die-hard fans out there please DMAL and enlighten me!?)
    Yet the Transecedent One does not know it. By using your name, you gain tremendous power and you can force him (your mortality) to be one with you again.
     After that is done, you will resurrect the rest of your party and have one last conversation with each and every one of them before going to Baator, your own Hell, to pay for your crimes against mankind….willingly. ( This is a great finale,very tragical and fitting to the mood of the game. Only bummer is that you don’t get to make up with Annah or Grace?)

(Other ways to beat the Transcedent One:
a) Instead of using your name, threaten him that you’ll use the Blade of the Immortal to commit suicide. You’ll merge
b)  Actually COMMIT suicide with the Blade of the Immortal
c)  Tell him that his shadows are running loose, so that you’ll get enough time to resurrect your party and once he comes back you fight him for one last time. Together.Heroes.All.)

Congratulations!  You’ve finished Torment, the greatest crpg ever created. If you enjoyed this walkthrough or if it even remotely helped you, I’d infinitely appreciate it if you DMAL and tell me about it?.
     I’d like to extend a royal Hail and even more rounds of drinks to all people who’ve written and helped/supported/contributed to the madness that writing those walkthroughs is. THANK YOU ALL PEOPLE YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE VERY F##@KING BEST (Yeah, I know I’ve said it before but it’s the truth?). I read and answer each and every letter. (Except when hotmail gets server errors and acts funny?)
                                     T H E  E N D

 And still the orchestra plays…

Stefanos Koutsoukos a.k.a Noble Savage Out


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