This walkthrough was written by the absolute legend Cybermouse. I have personelly used this walkthrough and it is the best around though there is a few typo's in it. Cybermouse can be reached by email at  jlworth@hotmail.com or can be found on the net at http://www.geocities.com/~johnnst or  http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/8017. Enjoy his walkthrough...

Baldur's Gate WalkThru v1.2

Note: This walkthru is for good aligned characters with the purpose of finishing the game in an early manner. Some of the subquests are included and how to finish them and more will be added depending on request. Wait for a more comprehensive version 1.3 coming sometime soon after Bioware releases the final patch update.

Also, I do not do tech support but sometimes will answer some anyway. Best place is to e-mail Bioware for questions.The only problems I had was with my SBLIVE where there drivers where in conflict with the game somehow. But still, the game did sound better with the EAX enable and the crashes were quite infrequent.

You can also download some screenshots in a file called bg_screen.zip when you find references to (refer to xxx.bmp). Added tons of subquests before Chapter 4. Some areas are might confuse you with the north-west south thing, so I've named the area according to what it's called. Just hit "L" and it will give you the name of the location in terms of numbers (eg Area AR XXXX).

New: More Subquests and new downloaded area maps available on my site.

Also check out this site for the next AD&D CRPG: http://www.planescape-torment.com

My machine stats:
- PII 300 MHz
- 128 MB PC66 SDRAM

Most comfortable Baldur's Gate config:
- Cache: 240MB (default 140)
  * I find loading places less frequent since I can now hold more areas in my BG cache allocation. However,        to big  a cache size tends to make clearing of game data take much longer.
- Speed: 40 (default 30), multiplayer 30
  * The maximum speed is not recommended since it will make responsiveness to the monsters and NPCs in battle slightly harder unless you pause every nanosecond.
- Keys used on keyboard: I use the quick save key often and space bar. The hotkeys for the other stuff are pretty useless unless you intend to play the game totally real-time (good luck with harder NPCs and monsters). Also, if do a lot of Thieving, set Pick Locks to "Z" and the Stealth and Find Traps to suitable keys where you want to stealth and find traps at the same time (see strategy 15).
- AI script: The best has got to be custom, since they only attack with the weapon they have instead of doing all  the other scripts which are pretty dumb. You should be playing the game, not the computer.
- Some tech stuff: If you have a UDMA hard drive, go to Device Manager and check and see if your hard drive has it's DMA enabled. I've noticed that if you enable it for your Hard Drive it really helps and I've had less crashes and better loading time. Also, if applicable, you can see