'Tis the duty to help rid Akalabeth of the foul beasts which infest it, while trying to stay alive!!



Hit Points Amount of Damage you can absorb before death.

Strength Related to damage you inflict against monsters.

Dexterity Related to the probability of hitting a monster.

Stamina Related to defense against monsters.

Wisdom This attribute is used in special (quest!) routines.

Gold Money!! Cash!! Assets!!


Towns and Buying Items

To buy an item one need only type the first letter of the item wanted. The cost of the respective items is displayed while in the town. The game is started in a town somewhere on the 20 x 20 map.


Map Key


Towns - The adventure shops -trade, buying equipment.


Castle - From this point one may embark on quests by which the game is won.


Mountains - Non-passable obstacles.


Trees - Landmarks.


Dungeons - Where the evil things lurk.




Key Outdoors Dungeon

Up Arrow Move North Move Forward

Left Arrow Move West Turn Left

Right Arrow Move East Turn Right

Down Arrow Move South Turn Around

S Statistics Statistics

A n.a. Attack

P Pause (on/off) Pause (on/off)

X Go into town Climb Ladder

X Go into Castle Go into Hole

Spacebar Pass Pass


Fighters vs. Mages

The disadvantage of being a fighter is the lack of the ability to control the Magic Amulet, whereas magi can't use rapiers or bows. Thou dost know the basics of the game; experiment with the commands. There is much that is left unsaid for thee to discover in the future...


Go now into the world and seek adventure where thou might!!!


P.S. Search out the castle of Lord British - use X to go in!


Akalabeth Rev 2 v.0910


Welcome to Akalabeth! This is a PC conversion of the original Akalabeth by Richard Garriott from California Pacific on the Apple IIe. This conversion is to be included with the release of Ultima IX: Ascension. It will be placed in the vault of Ultima towards the end of the game. Here players will have the opportunity to play all previous Ultimas including Akalabeth. To this date, no one has made a conversion of Akalabeth and had it published. This conversion here will give you an idea what it is all about and take you back to the past.



Akalabeth should run on just about any system that supports the VGA resolution 320x200x256. It does however run in 32 bit protected mode, so CWSDPMI (provided) must be present, or you must run in while in Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, or higher.


Starting Akalabeth:

To run Akalabeth, run AK.EXE from the dos prompt or use Demoview to run it for you.



The storyline is much disputed. It seems to have something to do with Mondain. It mentions this in the instruction manual of the original game. However, Richard Garriott himself was unable to explain to me how Mondain was linked to the game. The goal of the game is only to slay monsters. Your first task is to find the castle and talk to Lord British. He will then give you a quest to slay some vile monster. Once you have descended the dungeons and slayed the monster, you return to Lord British and he has you kill an even harder monster. Once you have killed the hardest monster the game is won. There are ten levels of difficulty though, so you have to win it on level 10 to

see the true ending.


Playing Akalabeth:

All the rules and keys are explained in Akalabeth's Online Documentation. Simply select View Intoduction at the main menu.


Undocumented Commands:

There are a few commands not listed in the Online Documentation.


Key Function

Q Save Game



CTRL-R Restore Saved Game



The original Akalabeth was written by Richard Garriott. This PC conversion was written by Corey Roth with special assistance from Nathan Tucker.


Apple IIe belongs to the Apple Corporation. Origin, Ultima,

Akalabeth, Lord British, Ascension belong to Origin Systems Inc.