Software Engineers Since 1986

Increase Operational Efficiency
Use RTPatch® products to update fixed and mobile users of your software
and data with just the byte-level changes

Suitable for updating mission-critical applications and data

  • Reduce update file size 90-99%.
  • For use by software developers and engineers.
  • Robust and feature-rich, incorporating over 16 years of experience in meeting the needs of enterprise and government; representing over 30 man-years of development.
  • Tech support by experienced software engineers no intermediaries.
  • Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, UNIX
  • Native 32-bit and Native 64-bit
  • Handhelds to mainframes
Pocket Soft Solutions: RTPatch, dfc-gorilla, Telematics and Data Deduplication


Cisco Systems, Inc.
The leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the internet has selected RTPatch to provide updates on Windows and Linux/Unix.

Online/PC Game Updates
For over 15 years, game developers and publishers have relied on RTPatch to distribute safe, reliable and small patch updates for massively distributed Online and PC Games. Over 10 million RTPatch patch files are applied every month by leading game developers. For example, Electronic Arts' evolutionary game, Spore™ uses RTPatch for PC Game Updates.
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Adobe's software products, which have redefined business, entertainment and personal communications, are now updated with RTPatch.

Pioneer Adopts RTPatch
to provide wireless software updates for new, upscale portable AVIC-T10 car navigation system, for the Japanese market.
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Cushman and Wakefield, the world's largest, privately-owned commercial real estate services company, with offices in over 50 countries, has adopted RTPatch to save money on bandwidth and boost productivity by keeping worldwide offices current (Systems Integrator: Ness Technologies).

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