This one was much tougher than the others. I performed a string-search for character names and could find nothing. So what I eventually had to do was to conduct several experiments.
Experiment # Control Variable 1 Variable 2
1 (0) (1) (2)
2 (0) (1) (1) but each letter of character's name shifted 1 up
3 (1) (1) with byte x in character's profile changed(0<x<64) (None)
(0)=blank disk
(1)=blank disk plus a character
(2)=blank disk plus 2 characters

Results: In experiment 1, there was a change in the first 64 bytes of the block starting at hexadecimal 0x?00. In experiment 2, there was a change in the first 64 bytes of blocks starting at hexadecimal 0x?00 and 0x??00. This gave me a baseline as to where character data was.

In experiment 2, I simply wanted to establish where the character's name was stored. It was at the start of the 64 bytes, but it seemed to be encoded. In addition, shifting letters 1 up did not always shift bytes 1 up.

In experiment 3(there are many variations on it), I tinkered with other bytes to find where the agility, IQ, life, PSI, credits, tech abilities, etc. were stored. The results will soon be posted. 1