Centauri Alliance
Click on the names on the map above in order to view the map for that world. Most of these are inactive yet as I've not really gotten this page going.
The table below shows which ports access which others.
Goes to
Andrini Cluster Gamma Base Omicron 7 Kevner's World
Chronum Lunabase Omicron 7 Kevner's World
Epsilon Indi Lunabase Omicron 7 Tau Eridani
Gamma Base Andrini Cluster Kasdran Keppa Var
Kasdran Gamma Base Port Minkar Kevner's World
Keppa Var Tau Eridani Port Minkar Gamma Base
Kevner's World Chronum Andrini Cluster Kasdran
Lunabase Chronum Epsilon Indi Veladron II
Omicron VII Epsilon Indo Chronum Andrini Cluster
Port Minkar Veladron II Kasdran Keppa Var
Tau Eridani Epsilon Indi Keppa Var Veladron II
Veladron II Tau Eridani Port Minkar Lunabase