Centauri Alliance Maps
The original map is Lunabase. You can go below and check the box to enable rollovers, but I wanted to avoid spoilers if possible. Currently all maps are OK except Moon level 2. I'm not sure what's up with it, but the problem seems to be related to the fact that it doesn't have the standard walls around the edges.

The default map is LUNABASE.
Gamma Base
Keppa Var
Epsilon Indi
Kevner's World
Port Minkar
Andrini Cluster
Omicron VII
Veladron II
Tau Eridani
Trader Drake's(1)
Trader Drake's(2)

Andrini Cluster(1)
Andrini Cluster(2)
Chronum Reactor
Knaves' Guild(1)
Knaves' Guild(2)
Manstrak Carrier
Human Ship
Arcturan Ship

Veladron's Moon
Ancient City Under Moon(1)
Under Moon(2)
Under Moon(3)
Under Moon(4)
Pirates' Ship(1)
Pirates' Ship(2)
Pirates' Ship(3)
Pirates' Ship(4)
Starbase VI(1)
Starbase VI(2)
Starbase VI(3)
Daynab Fortress(1)
Daynab Fortress(2)
Daynab Fortress(3)
Daynab Fortress(4)

Ancient Shrine(1)
Ancient Shrine(2)
Ancient Shrine(3)
Ancient Shrine(4)
Fractyr Fortress(1)
Fractyr Fortress(2)

Check this box to enable spoiler rollover graphics
Version 1.0 created 6/30/2000. Please do not duplicate without my permission. Maps in GIF format(and the C program used to create them quickly) copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz, but the original ideas are copyright by Broderbund.
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