Here are some projects I've thrown together, mostly to make my computing life easier or more fun.

Here's my first try at complex JavaScript, a checkers page.

Here's my scecond JavaScript application, the Code Wheel for the fun old EA game Bard's Tale III. Useful if you're playing on an Apple emulator. It's followed up with a Pool of Radiance code wheel, which is my fourth; this Lode Runner maker was my third.

Here's my project without any tangible results, a hypertext "gamebook creator." Wondering what gamebooks are? Click here.

I have also tried several JAVA apps. Due to GeoCities using popups with JavaScript/Java that interfere with my applications I moved the whole deal to Earthlink. There's even an RPG being made there so it could be quite interesting.

Here's a document to start you quickly learning HTML. Copy for personal use but please don't redistribute, blah, blah, legalese, yadi, yadi, despite it not being too profound, garble, blather...