Interplanetary Spy guide to Robot World

Story Line: 8
Puzzles: 8
Pictures: 7
Endings: 8
Writing Style: 9

Story Line:Very nice. The book starts off with some neat pictures. In the Spanish edition page 114 goes to the end(121) and should go to 115. That's confusing but not something you can deduct for.

Puzzles:There may be a few too many with secret codes, but they are very entertaining. There's a very nice one where you have to find which of five numbers sum to twenty. There's also one place where you have four choices--two cycle, one leads to death, and the other advances you in the game. The maze puzzles have a lot of variety, and there's a very tough rotation puzzle. This makes Robot World a very nice challenge.

Pictures:I guess what you have to wear gets on my nerves a bit. But the swamps are well drawn, as are the robots--even the ones that look like you. The helicopter-headed robot is awesome. However, the pixelation can be a bit overdone, too.

Endings:Great endings. The "octopus pirate" is neat, as is the one where you're sent to the mines. The swamp endings are good. The endings from multiple pages are believable. Perhaps the best-written one is where you turn into an Interplanetary Pizza. And Melissa and Mildred Khen are well-done. The one with the long hair is sorta cute, to be honest.

Writing Style:It's a nice sort of man vs. machine book, which moves quickly(Dr. Cyberg's story has more action than morality lessons, for instance) without excessive extra philosophy. The breaks in the action are well-placed, and the teleportal puzzles are very well conceived. Because of all the branching that goes on, it seems this book fits together best of all the series.
By the way, there are some untranslated codes. They are below.
Page 27: ARBUZ, JOTON, and NYRAB are the three cities. You choose ARBUZ.
Page 30: EANDO is the code.
Page 87: ENTER and OPEN are the two choices.

Links to other books: Gresh and the Space Olympics await you in the non-death ending.
PagesSide choicesPuzzleDifficulty
1-2-3-4-5-6-7 10, 16 Compare pics with, without lines 3
12-14 18, 11 Maze with counting 2
9-15 13 Maze you need to fold over 3
24 13 Reading a graph 2
19 34 Rotation 1
25 8 Find a shape 1
20-21-22-23 26 Where do lines end up? 2
33-30 11 Shift top and bottom halves of code 3
27-28-29 32 Minimum lines to catch all points 3
41-50 38 Picture to pixels 1
35-36-37 48 Magnify/rotate and match 1
39-40-31 47, 52 Maze, then draw the path without the maze 2
54-49 42 Match inverted pictures 2
51-82 48, 53, 106 Rotation. Which doesn't match? 4
58 53, 119 Maze with counting 2
44-45-46-43 55-56-57:11/80-43,
59-60-61:106/63-43, 38
Picture/pixel match 4
64-66-85 32 Read code through maze 4
108-71 110 Where do lines end up? 1
65 11 Count dots wide lines take out 3
72-73 110 Chess-like counting 3
83 119 Fold to find shape 1
94-87 84 Recall a code 1
81-96 11 Find hidden robot 1
67-68-69-70 106 Find two similar pictures 1
74-75-76-77-78-79 48, 119 Maze with counting 2
86-91 32, 84 Maze, then draw the path without the maze 3
103-88 93, 112, 95, 97, 116 Which numbers add to 20? 4
104-107 53 How many boxes cover the dots? 3
89-90-98-99-100-101-102 111 Decode a graph 1
114-115-109-118-105-62 11 Don't strangle yourself. 1
113-120 53 Maze with counting 3
117-92-121 The End
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