Ultima V Detail Maps
This page contains detail maps of all indoor places in Ultima V(except dungeons--but I may include the rooms later!) You can either click on the links below, or you can go to the bottom, enable rollover graphics, and just hover your mouse over any link, and it will pop up the relevant graphic. This hasn't been refined a lot, and there are a few areas where I can make obvious improvements(i.e. I can't remember all the location names)--feedback is very welcome. For the first draft I tried to make the file so that even people with small monitors could see the table of maps.
One of the first modifications I may make is to provide links to whole overworld and underworld maps--they **can** fit on GeoCities but would squeeze out other projects I've got planned.

In case you are wondering, the default map is IOLO'S HUT, where you start the game off.
Moonglow 1:2 Britain 1:2 Jhelom 1:2 Yew 1:2
Minoc 1:2 Trinsic 1:2 Skara Brae 1:2 New Magincia 1:2
Buccaneers' Den | Cove | Paws
West Brittany | North Brittany | East Brittany
Lord British's U:1:2:3:4
Blackthorn U:1:2:3:4
Empath Abbey 1:2:3
Lycaeum 1:2:3
Serpants Hold 1:2:3
Ararat 1:2
Bordermarch 1:2
Iolo's Hut
Fogsbane 1:2:3
Stormcrow 1:2:3
Greyhaven 1:2:3
Waveguide 1:2:3

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Version 1.0 created 6/30/2000. Please do not duplicate without my permission. Maps in GIF format(and the C program used to create them quickly) copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz, but the original ideas are copyright by Origin.

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