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A runic version of Welcome to Ultimate Red Dragon's Home Page
If you aren't good with runes, the words above say
"Welcome to Ultimate Red Dragons home page"
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What's New? Kinda self explanitory
Awards Awards given to this site
Credits A list of all who have helped me.
Miscellaneous Music etc.
What's New?
Build 11/1/98 Whats new added. Now I can try to keep people updated! I have recently added a fourm/chat
room for each game I cover. Please visit at least one. I just now noticed! This site has had
over 1,000 hits! Thanks everyone! Please continue to wait for my Filesand Links pages. I am
having a little trouble formatting them correctly.
Build 11/6/98 I just added apoll system! Check it out!
Write 11/11/98 Files is up! Check it out!
Write 11/11/98
Links is up! Check it out!
Write 11/13/98I've fixed some small problems with the files page.
Build 12/11/98 The old poll page is being replaced. It didn't work so please look at the new one here. Thank you all.
There should be a pop up when you loaded the page.
Write 12/29/98 Hmm... only nine people on the poll? Come on people!!!
Hope everyone had a "Merry Christmas"and a "Happy New Year".
Build 4/2/99 I appologise for the long time without updates. I have been gathering data and making plans.
The Files page and links will be going up and down often today.
Build 2/15/2000 Ok, it's been a while, as many, or few may know the main page has been
accidentally deleted and remains down untill I manage to
find the time to repair it. Hopefully this week. I am now searching for help in finishing the Ultima 7
walkthrough. Any assistance is appresciated. Please send me anything I'm
missing. As well as anything to help me continue the guide. Ultimate Red Dragon
PLEASE tell me of any bugs you find on the site.
IMPORTANT NEWS! 5/25/2000 Woah, Markee Dragon, of Markee Dragon's Ultima online and Ultima Online 2 News, Views, and Resources
has used part of my image archive in the screenshots section of his web page! As many
of you know, this is a big milestone, as I also have a return link from that page.
        Thank you Markee Dragon.
           From Ultimate Red Dragon
Build 6/3/2000 I've uploaded a slightly interesting UO Screenshot to my Unique Sitings page.
Today I announce that I have begun construction of another web page. The homepage of my UO guild.
Visit it at The Demons Bane Home Page.
Build 1/24/2001 Well, we have a problem with the main page, it was corrupted
while I was updating it only a few minutes ago. I have been
forced to revert to a copy from about half a year ago.
My Applolgies.

On a side note, there is a new guestbook up.
IMPORTANT NEWS! 2/12/2001 Wow, I'm pleased to announce that this site has just
rescieved the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.
Awards given to me
Apply for yours!
The Ultima Fantasy Award Food and Leisure hot site

Written and created by Ultimate Red Dragon
Micro-Dragon for helping me through some of the hard times.
And to Umbrae

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