Good Role Playing Beginners Walkthrough

Now first things first. You need to create a charecter. Many think that they should start with a mage. That is not always best. Although people complain about "Tank Mages" it is not easy to get there.You usualy end up broke fast. Start a person that you think can make mony fast. Warriors also seem to be a prefered starting type. Warriors although they can make money take time. I tried this once and found that I was luck to make 3 coins a day hunting. A warrior and/or mages skills can be built from other professions though so don't descide to just give up.Here is a list of good professions. Once you start there are things that you should not do:

Go up to a person dasterdly or below and insult them (at least not untill you are good at defending yourself 60+ in combat skill).

Do NOT trust people instantly. They may be trying to get you out of town with them so they can kill and loot you.

Other things that you should not do:

Now you need to get yourself equipped. Depending on what skills you choose you start with some of the nesecary tools to use your profession as well as 100 gold coins, a dagger, a book and clothes. Now experiment with ytour skills. The useful button activated ones I macro (example: I have hiding set up as alt+h.) Some PCs may give you something if you ask. Be ready to answer questions(ie:what skills?)

Now further on macros. Macros can be very complicated or very simple. Example: I have alt+I as a macro doing two things. Opening my backpack and useing the inscription skill. Annother useful macro is the allnames command. It shows the names of all the people that are on the screen.

A comment on names Red means bad grey nothing and blue good. I am blue for example. A better explanation is in combat mode if you moved your hand over me my body would turn blue. A evil charecter would turn red and a nothing would turn gery. Names when you single click on them act the same.

For more info goto The Ultima Online Web Page