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Now that you are in Britain (which is north of Paws which is north of Trinsic) go straight to the Blue Boar (a pub.) and talk to Shamino. Ask him his job and he will offer to join you. Have him join you. Now go to the castle and talk to Lord British. Ask him about the Orb of Moons and say no when he askes if you brought yours and he will give you his. Now ask him about his job and then about his homeland. Ask him about "aid" and from now on you will be able to come back to him and be healed. Now click on every word until you run out of things to say and then click bye. Go down and then right until you see a woman in blue sitting at a table (surrounded by red tapestries.) Talk to her and ask her about her job and the bill. When she askes you if you are going to cove tell her yes, and she will ask you if you will take it and once again say yes. You should be near a door to the garden. Go through the door and across the garden. You should find Lord British's study. Get the key from the nightstand in the study. Now go back to the throne room and go through the door in the north-east corner (around there.) Go through the door on the other side of Lord British's bedroom and use the swich upper right corner. Go in the secret passage and go down to the last lever. Use the lever and go through to the other passage and go right until you get to the last lever and then use it. Go up the stairs. Talk to them and ask him everything untill he askes you to talk to Lord British. Tell him yes and then bye. Go north from there untill you get to a locked metal door. Use the key from the study on the door and get everything from the room (make sure you get the spellbook you are going to need it.) Head over To the Fellowship main office and talk to Baltin. Ask everything untill the word join appears then ask him if you can join and say yes when he askes if you want to take the test(the test questions dont really matter:you can say whatever you want, but you still need to answer them.) When you are done he will ask you to deliver a package, say yes. Now you can do anything you want to do. There is one more person who will join you here somewhere in Britain. On to Cove

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