Britain (again)

a friend of mine Welcome back to Britain. Go to the Fellowship headquarters and tell him that you delivered the package and then ask him if you can join and he will mention a mission. Ask him about the mission and he will explain that there is a chest of fellowship funds in a dungeon to the west of Paws that you need to get to. It will take a wile but you will know when you get there because the Guardian will warn you that it is a trap (which is is.) There are a lot of dragons and gold. You may want to use invisibility if you go in. It is not nescesary to but you can go in if you want. All that is needed is that you go to near enough for the Guardian to say his lines and then you can go back to Britain and talk to Baltin and explain what happened to the gold and then ask to join. Come back at 9:00 PM and talk to Baltin and he will start talking. Ignore all of your friends requests to leave and do something else. You can find the answers to most of the questions in the documentation that came with the game. Welcome Fellowship member. Now wait untill the cerimony ends and then ask Baltin where Eliz. and Abe. went. On to Vesper.

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