The Emps and the Woods

a blue moongate annother blue moongate

Now that you have found the emps find Trellec and ask him everything untill he tells you that he needs permission to join you. Say bye. Find his wife and talk to her, ask her for permission and she will tell you to go ask the elder Solomon. Find Solomon amd ask for permission. Solomon will tell you to deliver a contract to Ben the woodsman who lives at 42 North 47 West. Go and deliver the contract to Ben and head back to Solomon. When you give Solomon the signed contract he\she (it is hard to tell) will give you permission to take Trellec with you to talk to the wisps. Find Saralec (Trellec's wife) and ask her again for permission. Alas she changed her mind, but she does have another idea. Ask her about her idea, and she will tell you to ask Trellec for a whistle. Find Trellec and ask him for the whistle once you have it go to 49 North 11 West.

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