Hidden Treasure

locationshidden treasures that I have found
117 South 42 Westgo west through mountainside.
125 South 73 Westis a cave. There is a little area just south of the two treasure chests with a bag in the bag is the key to the chests. This area is usually guarded.
145 South 74 Westthere is a cave there that should have some interesting items. It is usually guarded.
167 South 74 Westis another cave. I have found this to usually be Heavelly guarded.
78 South 199 Eastthis is a pirate shipwereck I think. (can anyone explain the glowing eyes on the headpiece.)
90 South 37 Westit's annother cave.
15 North 37 EastStonegate castle (or what is left of it) has a lot of helpful items including a Magebane, and a Magicians wand in the little room in the south-west corner (you can only see the top of it. You can reach Stonegate by putting and walking on planks of wood (it is in the middle of a swamp.) You should start to the east fo the location I gave you.
84 North 14 Eastis a prison (or what is left of one.) The guards may attack you but the trip is worth it if you search the whole prison.
61 North 22 Eastanother run down prison. Be careful the wisps may attack you.
39 North 30 Eastyet another run down prison.
0 South 67 Eastcave.
43 North 119 Eastcave.
3 South 190another cave.
5 South 175 Eastthe last cave that I will mention.
41 North 159 Easta pirate hideout in the desert.
169 South 132 EastThe Hidden Gargoyal Mines on Terfin.
20 North 6 Eastpirate treasure.

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