Moonglow again

Now that you are here find Penumbra. Talk to her and ask about the ring. Now leave. Go to the isand to the north of Moonglow.

Deceit (The Dungeon)

Now that you are on the island go to the area at 1 North 117 East. Search the mountainside for a cave. Tell all, I repeat ALL of your friends to wait outside. Now make sure that you are wearing the ring and are carying a really Powerful weapon. Go inside. I can't go into much detail here, but I can give hints. A lot of the doors are controoled by swiches. In the hall with arrows you can run through stoping only to get a rest in between arrows. Ignore the phrase help me when it appears. When you find the generator you should go in allready in combat mode. There is a Big monster in there. Once you kill it you need to use the little box at the top. Now pick up the prism and go find Nicodemus in Yew.

Despise (yet annother dungeon)

You will find Nicodemus un a house with a magicly locked door (near chessboard.) Ask him to enchant the hourglass. Now you crossed a river on the way here. Go back to it. Stay on the East side of the river. Now follow the river south. You will eventually reach a cave with a flying carpet in front. Go in. Now I can't cive to many directions but go north to the next crossing. Mow go east. You will then start to go south. Keep following the path and eventually you will see a magically locked door. Keep going past it (there are some interesting things in there but they are not needed.) Soon enough after that you will find a room full on fire fields. Then some poisen and sleep. Here is the generator. Walk right through the red moongate and into the generator. This is a moongate puzzle. Follow these directions. Red; Blue; Blue; Red. Use the box and pick up the prism. Head back to the meditation retreat.

Meditation Retreat Again

Go into the cave in back and go to the point where the guardian says something. Contact the time lord. Ask him about everything other than "Name; Job; Bye;" Go back to moonglow. (To be continued)

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