Skara Brae

Welcome to Skara Brae . Now that you are on Skara Brae follow the path (between the two lines of stones is where the path is) until you get to a red brick house next ot a graveyard. On the fence there should be a little metal bar that has broken off, pick it up you will need it later. Go inside the brick house. There should be a gost in here (if not then look in the graveyard for her.) Talk to it. It tells you that it's name is Mordra. Ask her about her job and she will tell you that she was the healer on Skara Brae before the fire came. After she explains all that ask her about the fire. Mordra will be needed more later but for now go on. Continue following the path untill you get to a crossroads. Go to the right. Go into the building of the alchemist named Caine. Talk to him. Ask him his name and then ask him why. Now the word questions should be here, ask him about them. He explaines that he will answer that you must stop/kill him. Ask about the Liche and them leave. Go back along the road and when you reach the crossroads go south. When you reach a building with a sword sighn on it. Go inside. Talk to the Smithy Trent. Ask him everything. Pick up the music box on the table. Go north all the way past the crossroads into the Dark Tower and go inside (Careful the skeletons may attack.) put the music box near the Lady of the Tower and use it the lady should talk to you, if she askes you any questions say yes. Go ahead and leave the music box there, you shoulden't need it again. Go back to Trent and tell him about the ring. Then ask him about the soul cage, and then "free." You should anser yes. You should now ask him what next (remember that I told you to pick up the iron bar from the graveyard? He is going to take it.) Wait untill he finiches the iron cage and then pick it up. GO back to Mordra. Tell her that the cage was made. Now ask everything else untill the word ingredients appears. Ask about the ingredients. If you aren't allready in her house then go inside. Pick up the glowing potion, the curing potion the invisibility potion and the empty vial. Go back to Caine. Ask him about instructions. Put the glowing potion under the first tube going into the wierd globe. Put the curing potion under the seccond. Put the invisibility potion on the third. Put the empty vial on the end of the spirally tube near the back. Turn on the burner under the globe (the black thing.) Take the blue potion that formed. Set out for the Dark Tower again. Once you get to the area that has the two paths going in opposite directions inside the Tower. Go throuch the left one to the end. There should be a fake wall to thw right heading to the Well of Souls . Use the cage on the well. Now all that you can do is wait untill 12:00 midnight. Arround midnight the liche should lie down. Use the empowered cage on him, after it appears on him use the potion on him. He should transform (sort of.) Horance should be himself again. He should ask you a question, say yes. Talk to the lady of the castle and say yes. Take her to Trent. Talk to Trent with her in your party and she should leave to go with Trent (actually she looks like she is just staying where you left her.) Go back to Horance. Talk to him. Now talk to the mayor and ask him to "sacrifice" himself. Now ask everyone else (everyone). After you ask everyone else go back to the mayor and ask him again. He should go with you. Go back to the Well of Souls and then talk to the mayor. He should jump in. Talk to Horance again. Go back to Caine and ask him about the questions. Now we can leave.

To Skara Brae and back.

Now you can go back to the guy at the boat and talk to him. Ask to return. Now that you are back on the mainland go back to where you left your ship. Set sail for New Magincia . GO find Alagener and tell him that there are no answers to the questions of life and death (you still need to do it.) Answer yes to all his questions and get the key. Go to the bottom of the building directally to the south. Unlock the doors and use the lever. Go through the left door and into the little space at the end of the space. Let it teleport you. Use the key on the jail-cell like door and then use the lever in the upper left corner. Feel free to pick up anything that you see on the way. Use a lockpick to pick the lock on the next door untill it opens. Use both levers and go through the left passage. Use the key on the lock. Go through the teleporter in the upper room. Walk to the door. Use the right teleporter in this room. Now use the lever that is in the middle of the two teleporters. Now use the left teleporter. Go back to the room with one teleporter surounded by chairs. Avoid the teleporter and go through the fake wall on the top of the room. Go through the door that should now be open. Welcome to the main room. Put one crate next to the table (close enough to be able to walk onto the table from it.) Move the candles off the table. Make a staircase out of crates up to the door (I thing that you need 7 crates all together.) Walk up the staircase so that you are next to the door. Use the key on the door. Take the little red book on the shelf. Now go back to the wisps.

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