Terfin is a gargoyal island to the south of New Maginca. When you get there (I assume that you traveled by boat) go north past the crossroads until you get to a little fork in the road. The fork should go north and west. Go west. You should see a little house. Somewhere around here you should be able to find the gargoyal noble named Draxinusom. Talk to him. Ask himabout his job and then the Fellowship. Ask him about Terfin and he should say something about giving up things. Ask him about what he gave up and then about the Etheral ring. He will say that he sold it so ask him about that. He says that he sold it to the Sultin of Spektran ask him about this "Sultin." Ask him why it is safe and then say bye (there is more that he can tell you but it isn't very helpful.) Go back to the first crossroads you passed and this time go east. Stop at The three way split and go north. Head into the Fellowship building. Ask the branch leader where Eliz. and Abe. are now. It looks like we are going to the Meditation Retreat.

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