Fractured Shard Rules



I have played Ultima Online since it was first released by Origin. I played on several of the Pay Shards of OSI for almost 4 years, mainly Great Lakes Shard, I grew weary of the way things were handled and how I was treated. I found the TUS site, now Sphere, and began playing on the free shards and was also a GM for one of those shards. I started Forever Quest Shard in February of 2000 and started another server using RunUO for the Fractured Shard in October of 2003, I shut down my server for the last few months in October of 2005 since I moved to another state for a new job and because people wanted to wait for the latest versions of Ultima Online to being playing again. I will be setting up the latest server of RunUO in April of 2006 and be using the 2D version of Mondain's Legacy for those longing for true Role Playing and having clean fun without the hassles of Administrators, GMs, and rude obnoxious harassing Players. I advertise the shard for those who enjoy playing UO, the shard is similar to OSI shards and is far from perfect, but it is here for those who enjoy Ultima Online as much as my friends, family and I do. Our shard will include Races if the latest server version has been scripted for such, choosing a different Race does not condone conflicts of which is the better Race and I will not allow such actions. The Felucia facet of the world is for PvP, for those who wish to challenge their skills against another player, not for trying to see how many murder counts or "Kills" they can get.


I'm 42 years old, I have 2 full time careers, one for a paycheck and the other spending time with my family, my shard is one of my hobbies. I run it for my family and friends and you are welcome to join us, I am fair in dealing with matters and don’t show/give any one person special privileges. If you do wish to join, Please don’t test my patience on bending the rules or other actions you know are wrong, as the GMs and players that have found out in the past, that no longer play/help on my shard. I no longer have any GMs nor do I want anymore, I log on often and check the logs to make sure players abide by the rules. So if you are a “true” player that is tired of GM hassles and just want to play without being questioned every time you log on or be in jail, this shard maybe for you. Please don't Email me asking to be a GM or other shard helper. I know I may sound brash, but I created the shards for equality of fun for everyone.




Please read the rules completely before requesting an account. I expect that if these rules are posted, then you have read them and if you're caught breaking them then you understand that you will be fined and/or jailed, continuous actions will have your account banned from the shard.




Felucia facet is not as strict on these rules, PKing and PvP is allowed. You will not receive GM help on the Felucia side as it is pretty much open game as far as player vs. player. Except in the cases of Rez-Killing and any continual harassment, House Looting, abusive language in a sexual, racist or discriminative manner will have your account banned.




Your Stats will be at 50 when you create your characters, Stat and Skill gains are challenging and take a while to build, so if you are looking to be a GrandMaster within a few days, or expect to be given great amounts of gold or a house when you first log on, our shard may not be for you. The shard is for hard working responsible people of any age who enjoy playing the game as it was meant to be in the beginning with OSI.




RULES: As with almost all shards these rules are common sense rules. I pay to keep this up, I use my time without compensation, other than the enjoyment playing. You will not be allowed to make this a miserable place for other players and myself. I have the absolute right to kick you off where you stand if caught breaking these rules.




 1. Role Playing is encouraged but not necessary, this just makes the game fun and interactive for everyone.


 2. No Spamming. You may macro if you use a macro program such as EZmacro, no not "key" macro by holding down a "hot" key.


 3. NO PKing, PvP, Stealing, Snooping or Looting on the Trammel, Ilshenar and Malas facets.


 4. Only 1 Account =Total of 5 characters - Caught with more than one account for one person you will be banned.


 5. Page me only for "true" emergencies.


 6. If you have a complaint send an Email. I do this for free and for the enjoyment of the game, make it otherwise for us and be banned.


 7. I will not adjust stats, skills or give freebies.


 8. Find a bug, let me know. Don't exploit it. Get caught, get punished or banned.


 9. Keep possessions minimal, if it’s something you will use later, keep it. If other, then sell, give away, let decay or put in trash barrel. This will keep the shards running at optimum speed for everyone.


10. NO swearing/cursing as children also play on the shard and there is not any need in it to begin with. Be wise in your return comments to others.




Specifics of the Rules




1)PLAYER KILLING-PKing,  PvP, and Criminal Skills and Actions


PKing, Looting, Snooping, or Stealing are NOT allowed in the Trammel, Ilshenar and Malas facets. Killing Players and Blue NPC Humans will cause you to be flagged a murderer on first offence for 24 hours playing time, even if it is an accident, this will be investigated as to one or both parties being punished. PvP will not be allowed under any circumstances as you will be flagged a murderer and/or a criminal.


 PKing on Felucia only, no entrapment, if someone goes there to look around or are in a dungeon or such, they are open game, but no false pretences to leading or saying "let's go to a dungeon, town, etc..." and then kill them.


Guild Wars as well as any PvP challenges can either be fought in Trammel Pits or any where in Felucia, but no entrapment there either, Guild Wars are to be fought in equal standings, no 3 on 1, etc... in an Honorable fashion.


You will not purposely hunt down and kill a person just because you don't like them or have a grudge against them on Any facet. A player will NOT PK, cast aggressive spells or command aggressive pets in facet of Trammel, Ilshenar or Malas. This also applies to "testing" something... If your in doubt page me or email me, if your doubting something, it generally is wrong.




No harassing of Players and/or Blue NPC Vendors, you will be punished or banned.


Criminal Skills such as Stealing, Snooping, Lock picking, etc…. are set as criminal actions and also very hard to develop, along with being frowned upon as these skills are mainly to gain from another player in an unfair advantage and will be looked at as harassment, as well as dropping notoriety very quickly.


Anyone caught being in another Player’s “home” that was not invited, for intentions of stealing, harassing or taking advantage of a Player will be banned. This may not be true to life in this situation, but this is a game, so you must think in the other person's shoes, if it was your hours of work that are stolen or destroyed. A Person's/Player's home is their castle on my shard.






Players will NOT ask for Items/Favors from me. The only time Items will be given are through quests, adventures or in the purchase of “some” decorative items.


Constant harassment about items/stats, or Lying to gain an unfair advantage, the Player will be permanently banned.


I will not interfere in player squabbles, unless there is definite harassment such as racial slurs, sexist remarks, swearing or cursing, etc…. use your heads and work it out peacefully.


I will not sell, buy, dye, place, etc….. anything for players if it obtainable and/or able to be done by a Player.


I will not teleport anyone else unless stuck due to bug or error.


If you would like to talk to me, please email me and we can make a time to meet in game or tell me in the email. This is the preferred method. Pages will not be answered asking I WANT/NEED TO TALK TO YOU.


If I am talking to a player, Another player WILL NOT attempt to Steal, PK, Snoop or Annoy the player or myself.






The shard makes no claim to be bug free and is constantly beta testing. Bug exploitation: doing or causing an event that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, as in Stat/Skills Boost that are permanent, Insta Kills, Gold duping, and anything else I deem fit to call a bug.


Good rule is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. REPORT IT!




If you die because you crashed, locked up, etc.... This is something that is impossible to prove. There is 30 second client linger, this is to keep Players from taking advantage of an area that they know they may not survive by “losing connection” so an advantage may be taken.


I am not responsible for server, client lag and or crashes, and will not reimburse for these occurrences, this includes time warps. Time warps are very rare as the shard runs 24/7 and World Saves are every hour with one shutdown every morning between 7:30-8am to reboot and add new edits to the shard.




Please Email me if you if have an account and are not going to be playing for a while and wish to keep your account active. After 30 days I will delete inactive accounts and possessions to keep the shard running at optimum speed for the other players.




If you would like an account, email me a username and password you would like and you will receive an Email with the latest Login IP. I do not have a static IP to help keep hacking down, I run a cable connection at 3.0 Mbps so lag is none or at a minimal depending on the connection between us. I run the shard usually using the latest 2D version de-crypted UO client, if you need this client I can also Email it to you with the login IP. If you have any questions feel free to Email me.

Admin Chrystan