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Darh' kir Morwick - 01/21/00 02:08:43
My Email:darhkir@evil.co.uk
Opinion of this site: very well
Fav sport: not the sport type
Fav Ultima game: ultima 8: Pagan
Ultimas you have defeated: black gate, forge of virtue, serpent isle, pagan, i dont bother with the older games
Any hints you need: nope

red candles at aphelion, perivolcanae, and mesostel pa. black at mesostel ze: check obsidian at perivolcanae, ash at mesostel ze, pumice at mesostel pa, and daemon bone at the aphelion: check "Kal Flam Corp Zen" muahahahaha oops! 2 pixels off Mordea, its attacking me. (rearranges candles and reagents) "An Flam Corp Zen" -from Sorcerers Encampment, Darh' kir, the Sorcerer

TAZ - 12/27/98 23:12:23
My Email:tgilbert@intellysis
Opinion of this site: cool
Fav sport: mountain biking


10/17/98 11:20:02
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing. Thanks.

Scott again - 05/03/98 07:55:19
My URL:http://I_DONT_HAVE_A_URL :)
My Email:I'm not listin' my Email for the world to see, What if some weirdo like jonny gets a hold of it!
Opinion of this site: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Fav sport: Netball
Fav Ultima game: Duke Nu - Oh wait!
Ultimas you have defeated: Doom 2, Leisure Suit Larry 1,2,3,6, & 7 Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Inferno, Prince of Persia, Stonekeep, Command and Conquer, Command and Conquer Red Alert, Dark Reign, Jedi Knight

I going to smash little jonny howard! Kill jonny Kill jonny Kill jonny Kill jonny .......... Hey jonny......You Suck! jonny's joke ('the one with the Avatar in it') sucked! jonny has to wear nappies jonny has to sleep with the light on Death to jonny! jonny isn't toilet trained jonny reads at pre-school level jonny can't dress himself Stay Tuned for more jonny insults later. P.S jonny had a nervous break-down when his teddy went missing.

Little Johny Howard - 05/03/98 06:17:43
My URL:My Favourite is http://www.barecelebs.com (hubba hubba)
My Email:weirdo@politics.com
Opinion of this site: N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no.
Fav sport: soccer
Fav team: The ones with the uniform.
Fav Ultima game: The one with the Avatar in it.
Ultimas you have defeated: The one with the avatar in it.
Any hints you need: The one with the avatar in it.

It's true. I do wear nappies, I do sleep with the light on, I do read at pre-school level, I can't dress myself, I'm not toilet trained and I did have a nervous break down when teddy went missing (sob).

Scott (cousin) - 04/24/98 12:37:30
Opinion of this site: It is my firm belief that I'm using a computer at this time
Fav sport: Synchronized swimming
Fav team: Footy!
Fav Ultima game: Sumpreme and Hawaiin
Ultimas you have defeated: I fight to the finsih 'coz I eats me spinach, I'm Popeye the Saaaiillllor Man. Toot Toot!
Any hints you need: How do basic household light switches work?

Well It's 2:17am. I probably should get some sleep (Nah!)

Scott (cousin) - 04/24/98 12:31:05
My Email:You've got it


Scott (cousin) - 04/24/98 12:28:42
My Email:you've got it!
Opinion of this site: CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAAA - pretty good actually
Fav sport: Footy!
Fav team: Footy!
Fav Ultima game: Footy!
Ultimas you have defeated: Underworld 1
Any hints you need: huh?

I'm the FireStarter! Twisted Firestarter! ....erm....Yeah. Ben has a large cranium

Danny - 02/23/98 03:09:51
Opinion of this site: A GREAT SITE
Fav sport: tennis

This is a very good site.

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