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Mordea: a power mad Tempest who will kill you if you so much as say a word against her or do something she does not like you doing. You cannot kill her (although someone else might be able to).

Devon: A seemingly peaceful fisherman who rescued you and has very deep secrets. All shall be revealed soon enough.

Aramia: A sweet young servant girl who helps you along in you quest to leave Pagan.

Seneschal: A moronic fool who handles Mordea's problems and really ticks me off.

Bentic the Scholar: Bentic resides in the wealthiest part of town in the library. He spends his time reading and also helps you in you along in your quest.

Vividos: He is the apprentice necromancer to Lothian. He is well versed in the arts of necromancy and in time, passes an inkling of his power onto you.

Mythran: The master of thurmaturgy, he resides on a plataue, rearly coming into Tenbrae. His vast knowledge, can help you through your quest, although you will need to bring about 300 obsidian coins.

Stellos: He is the wisest, eldest and first member of the Order of Enlightenment. He live on Argentrock Isle and he has become immortal due to Stratos' wish. He is the only person to ever have succesfully ressurected a human, but as a cost, he is eternaly blind.

Malchir, the Master Sorcerer: Malchir lives in his small quarters in the Obsidian Fortress. He has a low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity, and will kill you if you show either of these qualities around him. For mere mistakes he will only throw a fireball at you.

Korick the Smithy: He lives in the poorer side of town. He sells armour and weapons for a good price. He will also constuct some of the air foci for you.

Bane: She is one of the alcoytes of the Mages of Cabal. She suspects Vardion of plotting against Malchir.

Vardion: He is the first alcoyte of the Mages of Cabal. He suspects Bane of plotting against Malchir.

Khumash-Gor: He was one of the very best of the zealan warriors. I can't remember why, but he was locked up.

Guard: These guys are really nasty to the peasents. You might come across one of them interrogating a peasent.

Peasent: These guys rome around the streets and sometimes in the library reading. If you wish to kill them without that guy who blows you up getting in the road, drop an oil flask in their faces light it and run like hell.


Lithos the Mountain King, Titan of Earth: I hate this guy. He's the stupidest Titan as far as I'm concerned. He knocks you on the ground fo a laugh. The Heart of Earth is in the Conventicle of the Dead.

Hydros, Titan of Water:She's a tricky one. She fools you in to letting her go, but you have to let her go so you can complete the game. Devon has the Tear of Seas

Pyros, Titan of Fire: The most destructive element of all, Pyros' followers can be very dangerous. Don't get on their bad side, unless you have another sorceror on your side. Malchir, the most important of his followers, protects the Tounge of Flame.

Stratos, the Titan of Air: She's pretty weird. She protects the Breath of Air near where she resides. You'll need the reveal spell for that.


Troll: These nasties are really hard to kill without magic. You'll find one caged up in the western part of town.

Torax: These guys are also hard to kill, but not as violent and they are not usually hostile. When you do kill them, they have some meat on them.

Changeling: These are weird little critters, who can change shape and are always hostile. They are fairly simple to kill.

Daemon: These are one of the hardest creatures to kill. They are normally found in lava filled, fiery areas. They are the hell spawns of Pyros.

Kith: These guys are pretty easy to kill and are almost always hostile.

Ghost: Ghosts are usually hostile, but are pretty easy to kill, if you can stay out of the way of their exploding skulls.

Ghoul: The easiest of the mosters to kill in my opinion, are always hostile. They are found almost everywhere.

Skeletons. These guys can not be permanently killed, without a magical weapon. They will act dead for a while if you use a normal weapon, but they will get back up eventually.

Golem: There are only two of these creatures (naturaly occuring) in the game and they are virtually imposible to kill. You can make more if you want.

Dead Necromancers: These uglys are found in the caves past the Catacombs. They give you spells you need to learn so they can evaluate your necromanctic abilities.

Seeker: These guys are pretty easy to kill, but their eye explodes when they die, and if you are in the road you get damaged.