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ultima4.zip --(517k) This is a free, full-version of Ultima 4, the game in which the Virtues first appear. It is acclaimed as a ground breaking game in industry history. Even though it was made in the late 80's, don't let looks deceive you, and you will love this game. Before downloading you MUST read this legal notice. (Warning-- zip contains W95 long file names)

A patch to enhance the colors and sound of the above U4 (256 colors and MIDI support) can be found at Auric's Ultima Moongates

rnrhelp.txt --(2k) A short 3 paragraph directional guide through the 'Round and Round' puzzle of Despise in The Black Gate.

dosfiles.zip --(30k) The append, join, and subst files needed to run some older versions of Ultimas 1-6 in newer versions of DOS and Win95.

u7cheat.txt --(10k) A guide to cheating and editing U7 Black Gate by Troy Forrest.

udics.gif --(2k) A pathetic UDIC logo/banner designed by me.

nulogo.gif --(2k) A neat looking "nouveau" UDIC logo designed by me.

Ultima Links

ship off shore of a lighthouse art work from Paths of Destiny-=={U D I C} ==- The largest organized (?) group of Ultima fans on the Web, or anywhere probably. A WWW archive, rec. newsgroup, MOO, the Ring of Dragons, a member roster, links to member pages, and yet still more.


Origin Systems, Inc. They create worlds; specifically, they create Ultimas. See this site to purchase Ultima products and learn more about Ultima.


Televar Dragon's "Bard's Library", part of Mysterious Sosaria, has every MIDI you could possibly want from the Ultima games and other nice Ultima stuff.


Underworld Dragon's Notable Ultima can tell you everything you might need to know about Ultima products and all the little things you didn't know about the games.


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(Artwork from "Paths of Destiny")

This is a MIDI from Ultima VII, Part I

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