Traveler's Advisory

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Yellow colored areas are respawn territory

* If thou are planning to go on a scheduled hunt, please take note of the gating time and ready yourself to take leave at the time given. Have your pack ready with all necessities such as night site and healing scrolls or potions, donít forget thy recall scrolls along with thy holy rune to take thee back home when the tide of battle leans against thy questing party.

* Leaders of parties should take extra effort in keeping thy questing party together by watching the rear of the group for those that may fall behind. A second leader may be of use in the middle of the party to help keep a lookout on the rear of the group should it pose to be too large for one to do so effectively.

* Keep in mind that running after wandering monsters is what usually separates the group. Mayhap macros are in order to forewarn your companions when you will be leaving the path in pursuit of evil, or even the privacy of yonder oak for relief.

* When danger does rear its foul head, the leaders should be quick to assess itís potential, while swords should take up a defensive stance in front of the mages and archers.

* The darkest times will be the encounters of evil Dread Lords and the like. Tis this time when thy must watch the leaders of the group closest, for a direct attack could leave the entire party in dire need of a healer. By the same token, Leaders should have the instinct to break off any attack and regroup the party.

* The communication between party members during such a conflict shall be spoken little, instead it shall be learned by instinct and watching thy companions. Practice drills are in the works concerning every aspect.

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