Borric's Quest for the Sash in a World of Ice.

The wind seemed to push the magnificent ship like a leaf through the deep blue ocean.
The fresh smell of salt air brushed against Arwen’s face as she shielded her eyes from the sun.
Starr and her brother played a small game in the corner of the ship while Janalon and Sasha conversed with the Silver Archer.
“Tis a fine work of art Vade Won,” Sasha insisted as the waves crested.
“Indeed, how long did the toil take on your hands?” Janalon asked.
The Silver Archer let loose a wiry smile. “Long Janalon.”
The mage let his eyes fall upon the hand-crafted rails of the giant dragon ship as Arwen rose and faced the open sea.
The masts were of the Yew Tree and the deck polished with the fine oils of Britain.
The tiller was of pure oak and massive in size, it turned the great ship with ease at the drop of a command.
“This is certainly a most pleasant way to spend one’s afternoon,” Janalon spoke above the breeze.
“As I hope you will spend most of yours,” Vade Won said as he handed a brass key to the mage.
“Vade Won what are you about?” Janalon asked as the archer shoulderd his bow.
“I’m about to bestow upon you this mighty ship built under the sweat of my brow,” he answered.
“But, Vade, Vade Won, tis a most wonderful ship , perhaps your gesture is too generous,” Janalon stated.
“I only wish you to have means to relax, I know how fond you are of the sea,” Vade Won pointed out.
“Your work in the desert along with our MdnitRdr, must prove a great toil, to have you bestow this ship under my name warms my soul,” Janalon bowed.
“We only wish to bring the circle closer, Janalon,” Vade Won bowed back.
“As you have done so,” Sasha sung.
“Bless you Vade Won, pray tell that you and MdnitRdr join me for tea in the Stone House, when you find rest,” Janalon offered.
“We shall,” The archer said as his body vanished under the recall spell.
Janalon looked once more at the masts of the ship as the wind bellowed the sails.
“Which way sir?” The tiller asked under his ruffled beard.
“Follow the Priestess’ gaze, tis time we paid our respects,” Janalon pointed at Arwen.
“Yes, tis time,” Sasha sung as Sir Arthur and Starr looked up in wonderment.
Arwen continued to look up the Eastern Shore of the island of Moonglow, chastising herself for letting the mage read her thoughts.
She dare not turn, in fear of the others seeing her tears as they softly spilled into the sea.
Her eyes caught sight of the field and the memories flooded her being as she no longer could hold the sobs back.
Sasha rushed and bid her comfort as they came upon the place where Colbey had fallen not so long ago.
Janalon dropped anchor as all made their way on shore and walked around the field as the sea blew its breath on their faces.
The Priestess knelt on a certain spot and gave prayers to the seasons and the wind along with the sun and the rain.
No one noticed the black raven as it stared down from its perch. The black Raven that followed them throughout the quest for the sword and the book of necromancy.
The black Raven with green eyes that bared witness as the Mistress of Mondain fell.
The black Raven with and intellect far more than it seemed.
The only creature that listened closely enough to the curse that Minax uttered when she died.

Bastille walked along side the Pilgrim as they made their way south through the forest of Moonglow.
The sun was all but hidden from their perspective under the canopy of thick branches.
They had spotted the ship off the shore and now moved to intercept it as it came upon the shore.
Arwen had just finished her ritual as Bastille and Crow came out of the thick forest into the open clearing.
“Hail, Glory Row!” Bastille tried to call out in vain.
Crow sensed something was wrong, for not only did no sound come from Bastille’s call, but also the entire world seemed to move at snails pace.
Try as they might, Crow and Bastille could not advance any faster than an agonizing slow motion walk.
From the corner of his eye Bastille saw movement from the treetops.
A black Raven with emerald eyes had launched itself into flight.
Crow tried to call out in warning as the bird manifested itself into half human form with fire crackling at its wing tips.
Down it swooped at a speed, godlike, upon the party in the clearing.
Arwen had caught sight of Bastille and Crow and saw the warning in their eyes and the peculiar way in which they walked.
She looked up just in time to see the monstrosity in flight heading right for Janalon.
Arwen screamed out a soundless cry of warning as a gigantic fireball formed in the birdlike thing’s wings.
It touched the ground softly and now stood not much shorter than a man as it made ready to fling the large ball of fire.
Sasha had drew her sword as Arthur and Starr moved to intercept the creature only to find their movement slowed to almost a crawl Using every ounce of her strength, Arwen mustered all of her mana, just to be heard.
“Janalon!” Arwen’s voiced sliced through the air as Sasha’s followed.
The mage looked up just as the fireball was about to be flung. His eyes flashed white as the air rushed in causing a sonic boom as the mind blast spell left his lips.
The earth shook with violence as a bright light flashed.
Arwen hit the ground and tasted dirt as her mind blacked out for an instance.
Sasha shook the tangles from her hair and looked around her. “Indeed!” The familiar voice spoke.
Bastille and Crow got to their feet and approached the scene as Starr and Arthur rose.
Janalon stood before the prone body of a young woman dressed in a delicate yellow.
“Oh dear, what have we,” Arwen knelt down and felt for a pulse. “Well, at least he’s blasting someone besides me,” Sir Arthur offered.
“Oh , so sorry,” Arthur added as the others gave him dark looks. “A young lass caught in a spell of some sort,” Crow declared. “Your mind blast broke that spell,” Crow nodded at Janalon.
Janalon’s hand went to his chin.
“Indeed,” Starr spoke for him.
“A spell that caused her to become something she was not, a shape shifter,” Janalon spoke.
“But the time stop spell, tis ancient magic, I wonder who taught it to her,” the mage finished.
“Lets get the poor child up to the guild house,” Sasha motioned. “She’s in dire need of rest.”

Zedd was on his patrol in the compound as the sun seemed to blow the sands across the dunes.
Lord Acolon was helping Nadia carry ore to the forge as Gilgamesh and Jasmine watered their experiment.
“Do you think its going to work, Gil, do you?” Jasmine’s eyes lit with anticipation.
Gilgamesh pointed to the small mandrake root sprouts that had begun to dot the small garden with life.
“It’s not perfected, but yes, I think with careful maintenance, one can grow this reagent themselves instead of depending on mother nature,” The Court Wizard declared.
Gourry and Astra where laying odds on the experiment when Zedd’s voice rose above the compound.
“Hail Glory Row!”
All turned to see the party of Janalon and Sasha coming into sight with Starr in tow.
Arwen walked a breath’s link behind them along with Sir Arthur.
Crow and Bastille followed, bearing a makeshift bed of cloth.
On the bed of cloth, lay a girl with a face that was pale with dark circles under her eyes.
The Glory Row members followed as Sasha directed them with their burden into Arwen’s home to make the stranger comfortable.
Sassy came in with cloth, wet with water and draped one over the girl’s forehead.
Acolon and Oliver took up positions at the doorway as Janalon pulled up a stool at the girl’s side.
Arwen murmured words of health and after many hours the girl opened her eyes.
Zedd and Acolon drew their swords as the girl let out a blood-curdling scream that sent the members scrambling.
Sasha and Sassy held the girl down as she continued her scream until her voice gave way and she lay whimpering in the bed.
Crow filled a glass of water and handed it to the girl who then drank deeply.
Sasha motioned for all to fall back and give the girl room to breathe.
“What is your name child?” Janalon asked from the shadows.
“Elaine, and I have a story to tell,” she said weakly.
All listened with intent as she drew her next breath, ”Colbey’s soul does not rest.”
She then passed out as all eyes turned towards Zedd, whom was already walking out into the sun.

The night came and found Zedd sitting by the grave of Colbey as the moon danced with the stars.
A small breath of eastern air blew in and ruffled through his beard.
“What have you found out, Blood Brother?” Zedd asked without turning.
Janalon stopped beside Zedd and took a deep breath of the night air.
“Elaine is from Moonglow, was born and raised as a tracker and hunter with a hint of magery.
She has spent most of her life never even leaving the island until last spring.
Last spring she had been tracking hinds in the forest when a woman approached her.
Elaine sensed an unforgiving evil about the woman, who’s hair was black as the night,” Janalon paused.
“Minax?” Zedd asked already knowing.
“Foul witch, I thought we had heard the last of her!” Zedd clenched his fist.
Sassy and Sasha stepped out of the shadows and took a seat on the ground around the grave.
Soon Jasmine and Gilgamesh came into view with Jaynes in their wake.
Gourry started a fire as Spawn and Fallstaff lent aid.
Janalon nodded as Sarah walked into the clearing.
“Zedd, Elaine was struck with a horrible magic that turned her into a minion of Minax’s.
Turned her into a raven’s form that spied on our entire quest, that’s how Minax’s always seemed to be a step ahead of us, that’s why the sword failed,” Sarah said softly.
“Minax held her captive in that form and she was bound to do Minax’s bidding,” Janalon added.
Zedd stood and walked to the edge of the fire and stood without comment.
After a while he turned, “And the mind blast spell from Janalon broke that spell?”
“The time stop spell is an old Minax spell, tis ancient, so she must speak the truth,” Arwen said as she walked up.
“What does she mean by Colbey’s soul not being at rest?” Zedd asked from the shadows.
“She claims that Minax uttered a curse upon her death, one that tore Colbey’s soul asunder,” Sassy said.
“That’s true, that’s why he could not be resurrected,” Sasha offered.
“But it’s more than that, when we saw Colbey’s ghost rise from this grave in front of us, it waltzed off to take it’s place among the dead that rest, our worry is it is trapped between here and there,” Janalon spoke softly.
“He seemed at peace,” Zedd argued.
“Perhaps at the time he was, but what about now, we have to investigate this,” Sasha pointed out.
“The curse was ancient Ambrosial tongue from the ancient hidden lands of Ambrosia,” Janalon offered.
Borric had walked up and stood listening.
Janalon continued, “It was, I know not what they all mean, Ocloni is ancient Ambrosial Orcish tongue.”
Borric’s brow furrowed as his mind raced.
“Minax ruled Britainia from and underground Orcish fort in the lands of Ambrosia, long lost, eons ago,” Janalon added.
“Janalon, what does the word Delucia mean,” Borric asked.
“An ancient city of Ambrosia,” the mage said.
Oclo ni Ambrosia, sumopia doe dragonaus, engaudai un sol.
“I’ve been there, Gourry and I, remember the earth quakes that followed Minax’s death?” Borric asked.
“There are numerous entrances now into a land that seems to be back from the lost and Delucia is the name of one of the cities,” the Duke of Bow spoke loudly.
“It’s the place we have been trying to get you to go to for weeks, Janalon!” Gourry spoke.
“Indeed, I suppose now your going to tell me you know of an underground Orc Fort whereas we may find us a friendly Orc to translate this curse for us, aye?” Janalon asked carefully.
“Uh, well, yea.” Gourry and Borric spoke together.

It fell, and as it did, it made a weak gesture to fly, but, only in vain.
Twirling, it managed to dodge the branches during its decent, until finally it broke the surface of the pool.
She watched as the leaf hit the water and smiled as it sent small rifts through her reflection.
Her image became distorted until the rifts played out, then it slowly returned to as it was before.
Except for the added reflection of the mage behind her.
“Janalon?” Jasmine said without turning. “Fancy seeing you here.”
Jasmine stood, still facing the water. “I thought maybe you had forgotten about this spot.”
“I don’t forget things, dear Jasmine,” he paused. “I hear you have concerns about the upcoming quest.”
She turned then and looked back at the mage. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for father to pursue the title Champion.”
“Sasha has picked your father Borric with the honor of the Board and it is his wish,” Janalon replied.
“I don’t care, Lord Gourry should be the one,” she waved her arms.
“Nadia will need Lord Gourry in trials to come, besides, it’s not his wish,” Janalon stated.
“Well, father does not have the time for such and it is against my wish,” she insisted.
“Why so?”
“Because!” She turned and faced the pool.
“Because why?” The mage insisted.
“Because, I don’t want him to become like you,” she said wiping her eyes.
Neither spoke for what seemed like eternity.
Jasmine faced the mage and noticed the gray flecks in his beard for the first time.
“I’m sorry,” she offered.
Janalon turned and sat on a nearby rock and listened.
“You are always busy, never time to stop by and say hello,” she paced the shoreline.
“Guild matters to attend, can’t even go sailing, we’ll go next week Jas, I promise.” she stopped and walked towards the mage.
“Next week came and went Janalon, tenfold over,” the princess stopped for a moment then continued.
“I don’t want that to happen to father and if he is dubbed champion, it will,” she finished. “Jasmine,” Janalon tried to speak.
“He comes by, every sunup and helps me groom the horses and feed them too.
On Sundays we sail, and sometimes Saturday too,” she sighed.
“Everything is changing, too fast for my fancy, but not me, no not I,” she insisted.
“Oh, do tell me more,” Janalon rose.
“Well, I am still the same Jasmine, Glory Row Princess mind you, just as I was when I met you in Trinsic for the first time,” Jasmine declared.
“Are you now?” Janalon walked over to her.
“I am,” Jasmine said with pride.
Janalon pointed behind her into the water.
Jasmine looked down and saw her reflection in the still water.
She flung her hair over her left shoulder and stood up straight and brought her halberd out for emphasis.
Janalon waved his hand gently in the air and a small whirlpool began to spin around her reflection.
Jasmine laugh as it passed around her reflection but made no rift to disturb it.
Finally it stopped right beside her reflection and changed into an image itself.
The image was that of a small child working the looms in the tailor shop of Trinsic.
She donned a jester’s hat as a man with jet-black hair tied back with a red bandanna walked up and conversed with her.
Jasmine’s eyes then went back to her reflection, a lady warrior, wielding a halberd with ease.
“Change will come about, dear Jasmine, it’s up to us to deal with that change,” Janalon said behind her.
“I’m sorry about what I said earlier,” Jasmine did not want to face the mage.
“Look,” Janalon knelt and touched the water, whereas an image of Borric formed.
Jasmine looked on as the image of her father beamed with pride.
“How wonderful,” Jasmine knelt down and peered closer.
“See how he wears the Champion Sash with such pride?” Janalon asked.
“Yes, it’s beautiful,” the princess said in a whisper.
“There’s nothing about the image you would like changed?” the mage asked already knowing.
“Oh nothing at all,” she rose, understanding now.
She reached out to take the mage’s hand and felt the breath leave her lungs as she was slammed into the nearby tree.
Janalon reeled back and mustered magic and let it fly at the Liche Lord across the water.
The hideous thing laughed with mockery as it flung ash at the mage with ease.
Jasmine got to her feet and crossed the small pool, running around to meet the onslaught.
Three orc mages flanked her as Janalon, reached in his robe and brought out a green crystal.
The crystal flashed a pale yellow as Janalon whispered into it.
Jasmine swung her halberd low and wide cutting the Liche Lord into two rotting pieces.
Janalon’s eyes flashed white as his hands circled and opened a gate as two more orc mages came up to join.
The Lord in Command stepped forth as Gourry and Sara flanked him.
Borric was next and went about climbing a large oak and made himself comfortable as he sent bolts into the melee.
Lord Acolon took one orc mage into a bear hug, then flung it to lay lifeless on the ground.
Jasmine lay waste to another as Sara willed health to smooth her wounds.
Gourry, planted a solid boot into one’s chin, breaking its neck.
Clawing at it’s ruined throat an orc mage tried in vain to wretch the bolt that Borric had planted into it.
The last one turned to flee.
Lord Acolon motioned at Gourry and Sara as they fell in chase.
“Ahh,” Borric exclaimed as he dropped from the trees.
“Father, just look at you!” Jasmine accused.
“What?” Borric was taken aback.
“Your clothes, filthy, I declare,” she tried dusting him off.
“Indeed,” the mage offered.
“You gonna have to start making yourself more presentable ya know?” Jasmine insisted.
“Oh am I, and for what matter?” Borric glanced at Janalon.
“Well Guildmistress Sasha will not have a Glory Row Champion running around climbing trees as such,” Jasmine lectured.
“Well I really,” Borric tried to speak.
“And don’t try to talk over the Glory Row Princess!” Jasmine pointed out.
"Sorry," Borric said smiling.
"And never ever, wear your helm in town." she chastised.
"Why?" Borric asked already knowing.
"Its a rule, my rule," Jasmine looked back at Janalon and winked.
“Indeed,” Janalon let them gain distance and have their moment.

Back at the Glory Row Compound the members gathered around as Lord Acolon spoke to Borric.
Lord Acolon charged Borric with a party to venture to the land of Ambrosia, to find this orc fort and learn of the curse that Minax had put on the soul of Colbey.

Zelgadis, even in spirit form, could sense intruders from miles around.
He sat and watched his brethren around him, as they too became alert and massed for attack.
The party of red capes came charging in with swords drawn high to meet the clash of orcs.
Zelgadis manifested and threw curses at the intruding party while waving his arms in a frantic gesture.
The orcs around him began to fall back in fear as an archer sent a volley of arrows into its ranks, with red cape billowing.
Zelgadis, not really caring which side stood in the end, ran up to one that wore a blue sash.

“Sprit away unless you are in need of aid, I have watched you and listened while you made mockery of this battle,” Thundarr stopped and confronted the ghost of Zelgadis.
The air chilled when the spirit spoke and caused Thundarr to falter. “I am in need,” the spirit begged.
Thundarr waited for the spirit to continue as Bastille and Crow gathered around.
“A young female orc would do me wonders,” the spirit laughed and danced across the ground as a small army of orcs came rushing through the gates.
Borric waved the party to flank him, while the mages threw fire from the sky.
Finally the orcs fell back and flew back towards the gate.
“Bravo bravo!” the ghost of Zelgadis clapped and danced.
Borric and Gourry gathered the party up while ignoring the ghost.
Zelgadis became angry with the party, for he was never to be ignored.
He threw curses at them and waved about like a mad man.
“Janalon, can you ress him so I can kill him?” Gourrry asked.
“By the gods of Ambrosia, do not consider me trivial!” The ghost boomed with madness.
The words caught Borric’s ear as Thndarr and Janalon nodded.
“Ambrosia,” Bastille and Jasmine gasped in return.

The night found them at the Salty Dog Tavern as the barkeeps poured picture after picture of ale for Zelgadis.
Zelgadis, now ressed and fully clothed, turned out not quite as rude as first thought.
What was important was he spoke the ancient tongue of Ambrosia.
And after many hours he did indeed translate the curse that Minax uttered the day she went back to the dead.
The curse that had trapped Colbey’s soul and kept it at unrest.
Oclo ni Ambrosia, sumopia doe dragonaus, engaudai un sol.

“Open up Ambrosai, Summon ice dragon and guard his soul,” Acolon spoke the curse out loud to the members gathered in the Smithy.
All eyes turned towards Borric as Thundarr and Sir Draegon stood.
“Come Borric,” Sir Draegon bekoned.
“Yes, we have an Ice Dungeon to explore,” Thundarr started packing his backpack.

The wind raked with fingers of ice at the face of Borric as the company entered the Ice Dungeon.
Thundarr and Sir Draegon took up positions flanking Borric as the rest poured into the cavern.
Without warning they were set upon by the ice dwellers which included things only from nightmares.
Arwen and Vader stood side by side as S’lamnour and Sancho took up a defensive position around them.
Gourry and Nadia plowed headfirst into a melee of flying ice tentacles from a frosty spider as Thundarr threw ash into the air.
Jasmine, with halberd high in the air, set upon an elemental of ice that seemed to manifest out of the ground itself.
Borric, seeing Jasmine’s dilemma, motioned for Sir Draegon to lend aid to the Princess.
Leading his horse toward the melee, Draegon’s halberd joined Jasmine’s as they tore splinters of ice off the creature.
The Black Paladin joined the onslaught that Nadia and Gourry were in as Raven failed to dodge one of the blows from a towering mountain of ice.
The mighty fist connected with her left jaw spinning her like a top to lay crumpled in the snow.
S’lamnour and Sancho both spun away from their attackers and circled around the Ice Elemental in hopes to drag Raven out of harms way.
Their effort was for naught for Raven had already regained her feet and stood cutting away at the torso of the back pedaling monster.
Sancho nodded at S’lamnor.
Raven continued to hack away with all her might despite the ringing in her ears the blow to her cheek had left.
To her surprise the monster toppled over backwards and hit the dungeon floor, shattering.
Raven looked down as Sancho and S’lamnour rose from the positions they had taken to trip the monster.
Both bowed and disappeared back into the melee.
As each ice creature fell, another seemed to take its place in this endless fight for progress.
Thundarr had noticed that the party was at battle in what seemed to be a huge valley in the dungeon.
He could see more spiders and snakes of ice, scaling down the sides towards the battling members.
He looked back at the party, surrounded in a whirlwind of ice in the underground valley.
He looked up and saw hundreds of spiders dropping from the ceiling, but that’s not all he saw.
A huge crack had formed in the ceiling with rocks of ice starting to shake lose.
As he watched, the crack got wider with every sword hit and every spell cast.
Arwen willed health at Vader as he took down another large ice spider as Raven took up posture with Draegon and Jasmine.
As Sancho fell an ice serpent he noticed Thundarr up the incline, yelling and waving his arms.
Shaking his head, Sancho gestured that he could not hear him.
Jasmine poked Draegon in the side with her halberd and pointed at Thundarr.
“Borric!” Draegon yelled and gestured towards Thundarr.
Borric looked up and saw Thundarr, sliding down the incline pointing towards the ceiling.
Thundarr’s boots dug in and stopped his descent, he then pointed franticly at the ceiling again and mouthed a silent warning.
A huge block of ice fell for emphasis.
Borric, realizing their folly, motioned for everyone to advance to the top of the incline.
Thundarr grabbed Raven’s hand as she fought for balance as Gourry and Nadia came safely up.
The earth shook violently as huge rocks of ice fell from the ceiling along with iron ore.
Jasmine and Draegon jumped off their horses and pulled at the reins trying to get the animals under control.
Thundarr and Raven teamed and pulled Borric with his steed in tow to safety.
Borric took out a long rope and threw the end down to S’lamnour who then passed it on to Jasmine.
Draegon motioned for her to go and took her horse's reins from her and started making his own way up the East Side.
Borric strained to see in vain as Draegon and Sancho came up safely behind him with Jasmine’s horse.
Black Lotus and S’lamnour teamed up to help Jasmine with her footing as the caverns continued to rain huge ice rocks down around them.
Sancho threw a rope of his own down to Vader and Arwen whom were just starting to make the ascent.
As Jasmine, Black Lotus and S’lamnour gained the top of the incline, the ceiling crumpled and threw forth tons of rock and ice onto the floor.
Great swords of ice severed the rope that Sancho was using to pull up Vader and Arwen.
Like a thread it snapped spilling them.
Sancho and the others watched helplessly as Vader and Arwen tumbled down the incline, disappearing underneath the falling mountain of ice.
Silence was the sound as the avalanche hushed.
The shocked party looked at Borric, waiting for an answer.
“What do we do?” Black Lotus asked with arms folded.
“We wait, I am sure they recalled,” Borric said simply.
“Borric, Janalon warned not to let the party be distracted and to make sure we stayed on the path of the quest!” Black Lotus’s voice echoed.
“I think this is part of the path,” Borric replied.
“Good answer,” the Black Paladin smiled and bowed.
The party turned to make camp as the earth shook again.
“Oh great!” Sir Draegon cried as he scrambled out of the way.
“Not again!” someone else yelled.
Borric turned towards the Ice Mountain that had fallen and buried The Priestess and Vader, horrified at what he saw.
The huge mountain displayed teeth as it unfolded an enormous pair of wings.
“The Ice Dragon!” someone yelled in dismay.
Behind it he could see Arwen and Vader backing up against the wall.
The Dragon turned and blew its icy breath on Vader freezing him in a block of ice.
The Dragon then turned to Borric and spoke.
“Come, Borric of Glory Row, come and meet thy death,” The dragon hissed fog.
Borric charged in as Draegon and Thundarr joined.
Black Lotus stood back and waited for the chance to throw blades as Arwen warmed the ice around Vader, spilling him to the ground.
Thundarr threw bolts of energy while Draegon relied on metal to fight the beast.
Jasmine and the other members helped heal the ones in battle as Arwen and Vader joined them on top of the incline.
Borric beat away at the Dragon and noticed its intent on dealing with him.
It totally ignored Sir Draegon and Thundarr, putting all its attention on Borric.
The Dragon blew fire and ice that racked pain throughout Borric’s body.
It then swiped at him with a huge claw, burying one of its foot long talons in his chest.
Borric swung at the claw with his sword, severing the talon in his chest.
The Dragon turned towards Sir Draegon , leaving Borric pinned to the cave wall, dying.
Borric’s blood flowed freely as his failure engulfed him with torment.
He watched the blood flow like a river, he squinted towards the battle and could barley make out the how the party fared against the creature.
He closed his eyes then, not wanting to face the others, hoping death would come before he was spotted in this condition.
He lost conscious from the blood, but his mind flew like the wind.

Borric awoke in a circular room, with doors all around its circumference.
Something chased him, something dark and evil.
He ran towards one of the doors and flung it open.
Thundarr and Sir Draegon faced him then slammed the door in his face.
He tried another, and another, still running, trying to open each door one at a time, each door bearing something horrible and dark.
“You’re gonna die here and no one will care,” Sasha’s voice echoed in one.
“You made the wrong decision,” Black Lotus accused slamming another.
“Left me to die,” Arwen’s eyes accused.
“You have betrayed Colbey!” Zedd accused, ripping Borric’s cape from him.
Borric was relived to find Janalon behind one door, that relief quickly turned to heartbreak.
Janalon simply stared, then motion at the door as it slammed.
Lord Acolon and Lady Sara would not even open their door, but Borric knew they were behind it.
Borric ran with all his might around the circular room pleading and making accusations at the same time, daring not to look at the dark thing that pursued him.
He spied one door he had not tried and ran for it as fast as he could.
He jerked it opened and there was his daughter Jasmine, completely grown, his own age he fancied.
“Who are you?” Jasmine asked then slammed the door.
Borric fell back in horror and broke into a run once more.
He ran from the dark thing that chased him, scared to even give it a glance.
He wondered why all his friends had abandoned him, each and every one of them.
He lungs ached and he fell prone on the floor.
“What are you running from?” the voices rang from behind the doors.
Borric flipped over on his back and faced his pursuer, ready to die whatever death it dealt.
Borric was astonished to see his own face looming above him with peaceful eyes.
“Yes, what is it you are afraid of,” It spoke to him softly.
Borric noticed his mirror self wore the Sash.
“Disappointing your friends?” It asked.
“Yes I…,” Borric tried to speak.
“Failing Colbey?” It interrupted.
‘Shaming the Circle you call home?” It went on.
“Please I…” Borric started getting to his feet.
“Losing Jasmine? Dying alone? Friendless in the end?” It started yelling.
“Yes!” Borric yelled.
“Then you’re simply afraid to live,” It spoke softly.
“I’m not afraid to live!” Borric stepped up to his self.
“Then live! Live and feel the pain in living!” It kicked Borric in the chest so hard he fell up against the wall.
The sting in his chest was over whelming as he waited for it to kick him again.
“Borric!” Someone yelled.
Borric tried to speak but the pain in his chest was too great.
He felt himself choking on what he was sure was blood.
“Borric!” That voice yelled again.
The pain in his chest was so intense he was sure he would black out.
Instead Borric opened his eyes and saw Arwen forcing a potion to his mouth.
Sputtering and coughing he tried to stand.
“Careful, we can’t remove the talon all the way, you will bleed to death,” Arwen warned.
Borric looked over and saw the fallen Ice Dragon.
“Have we learned anything about the fate of Colbey?” Borric pleaded.
“All we found was a book on the Dragon, here, but its empty,” Black Lotus laid the book before him.
“The Dragon was trying to swallow it in its death throes,” Arwen nodded.
Gourry and Nadia were preparing a makeshift sling to carry Borric in.
“A Dragon would not care to swallow an empty book,” Borric pointed out.
Borric looked up at Sir Draegon and Thundarr, both were kneeling with heads bowed before the book.
He remembered about the pain that they had gone through to capture the Glory Row Sash.
Thought about the chances they had taken, how their fears were laid open in the end.
Borric reached down and opened the book and tried to read it only to find it blank.
“Stop Borric, you’re gonna separate the bandages I put around the talon, we must get you back to a healer who can remove it,” Arwen warned.
Borric ignored her and reached down to turn the page, in doing so a single drop of blood fell on the page.
The book shimmered with a dim blue glow then the glow subsided leaving text too dim to read.
The members gathered around standing, all except for the two champions, Sir Draegon and Thundarr were still kneeling, heads bowed.
Borric let more drops fall on the pages as the others watched.
The book glowed a dim blue then faded.
To his dismay the text had not become any clearer.
He looked up at Draegon and Thundarr, both were still kneeling, but now staring straight at him.
They nodded.
Borric stood, Arwen tried to keep him in a sitting position to no avail.
He stood over the book and yanked the talon out, ripping the bandages out of place and opening up the gaping wound.
The blood flowed in deep purple, spilling onto the book as Jasmine screamed from the background.
Vader and Gourry went for Borric, but his glare kept then at bay.
The Book exploded in a bright blue flash of light.

With the Ice Dungeon party back safely at the Smithy and Borric in recovery, the members had gathered and read the book.
After much thought, it seemed fairly simple.
The book was an enchantment to seal the earth.
It also included some coordinates that were assumed to be the spot where Colbey’s soul had been imprisoned.
It had taken much thought to come to the conclusion that the spell earthquake cast at the spot could free his soul.
Black Lotus had an answer for one proposed question.
How did Minax cast such the spell to seal his soul in the prison, if she was already dead?
His answer was simple.
She did not.
The Dragon was a familiar of her's and it knew what she wanted when she summoned it.
The first thing it did was intercept his soul and herd it to the prison.
An Ice Dragon is a most fluent spell caster.

Acolon walked over to Janalon and pulled up a stool.
Janalon continued writing for ten minutes more as the Lord in Command waited.
Finally the mage put away his tome and looked up.
“Sasha has said that Borric will be ready to start the ocean voyage in one week,” Acolon stated.
Janalon offered not a word, only a nod.
“I am sure we will find these coordinates,” Acolon stood.
As he walked away, Acolon could hear faintly in the background.

The sea let a cool breeze blow across the south tip of Moonglow as the Glory Row Members gathered around the two Dragon Ships.
Borric split the party into two groups whereas these groups boarded their assigned vessels.
Together, they would sail the seas in search of the prison that was mentioned in the book found on the Dragon.
Sasha’s hair caught the breeze as she boarded the Dragon ship.
The sun had climbed high in the sky before the two ships set sail at Borric’s command.
The voyage took them to the north part of the globe, through waters that were navigated only by a skilled hand.
On the fourth day at sea, after Borric motioned for the ships to make abreast and slow for the night, the Lord in Command approached Janalon.
“Janalon have you seen the small boat behind our party?” Acolon asked.
“Indeed, why do you ask? Janalon looked up from his quill.
”Why its been following us since we left Moonglow, we should alert the other ship,” the seasoned fighter answered.
“I don’t think that will be required,” Janalon started writing again.
Acolon looked behind him, but the small mystery boat was gone.

The tact was sending the two Dragon ships skittering across the ocean as the sun begin to rise.
The noonday sun found them in the northern reaches of the Britannian Sea as the salt air blew across their masts.
The coast of the mainland could be seen in the distance.
Borric sounded the horn and drifted to a stop while the other ship pulled along side.
“Hail!” Sasha called from the tiller.
Borric pointed to a nearby isle not even big enough to pitch a tent upon.
“We are near, I am sure of it,” Borric stated.
“We’re practically in the middle of no where, I can barley see the shore,” Sasha remarked.
Acolon stepped up to the rail and motioned for Borric to use the sextant.
“Yes, must be the place, we are just east of what the coordinates from the book read,” Borric stated.
The two great Dragon Ships had pulled in as close as they could and anchored around the small isle.
All the Glory Row members watched as Borric went and stood in the middle of the small island.
All eyes were on him, including the ones that belonged to a cloaked figure as it sat in a small boat off the coast of the mainland, eyeing the scene though a spyglass.
When Borric cast the earthquake spell the members felt the sea surge upward.
Borric simply fell backwards, barely escaping the gaping hole that had formed in the middle of the island.
A hole, not three feet in diameter, ran as deep as the earth itself.

The wind had picked up as far as it could tell.
It blew the sulfurous smell of ash across its senses.
There had never been wind here before.
Fear gripped its being as it fancied the demon was coming back once again to torment it.
Yes, it saw the fire coming from its nostrils now.
It waited for the agony of being burned again, just like he had been so many times before.
It came so often that a pattern seemed to have developed and it knew just when to expect the demon.
But this was much sooner than had been anticipated.
It still burned inside, it had not been long since its last torment.
So was the devil going to come more often now?
It looked around for some indication and fell back in horror as it saw form.
Walls of granite rock surrounded it with no passage to or fro.
So how then did the demon get in to blow its dark fire?
Light, it seemed.
Calling it, to come.
Calling its name?
It had no name.
Its senses became acute and the memories rushed over its undead soul.
Something was lifting it upward, it tried to look up but the light above was too bright.
It felt itself floating upward towards a world long forgotten.

Borric stepped back with a sense of dread as the apparition of Colbey rose from the hole in the earth.
The acid smell of burnt ash assaulted his senses as he gazed through Colbey’s transparent eyes.
The expression it wore was one of exhaustion as it simply hovered inches above the ground.
When the spirit of Colbey spoke a dread filled the air.
Borric fell back in horror as the spirit’s face contorted and a howling wail filled the air.
“The anguish of being damned will not be known to any of you,” the sprit twirled in place facing every member.
“Trapped am I, in a prison brought down by the hand of Minax herself!” It said as the waves crested.
Most members stood tearful as the loss of Colbey’s life washed over old wounds, thought to be healed.
Borric stood straight and walked up to the wailing ghost.
“I am Borric of Glory Row, the curse that bound you has been lifted and the Dragon slain.”
“Borric of Glory Row?” Colbey asked, as he seemed to settle onto the ground.
“Yes, much blood was spilled but we did indeed make it possible for you to rest, we have brought you out of your prison,” Borric motioned around the small isle.
Colbey said nothing, he only rose and looked about the crowd frantically.
“He’s not here Colbey, Zedd could not come, the board forbade it, its rest you need not a reunion,” Borric said softly.
“I would have like to have seen him,” Colbey hung his head in his death cowl.
The Glory Row Members gathered as they felt the dread lift from the air.
“Colbey, do not fight your freedom into the afterlife,” Janalon called from beside Sasha.
Not a sound greeted them, save for the lapping of the ocean waves.
“Who seeks the Sash?” Colbey raised his head and gazed through soulless eyes at the members.
“Only I,” Borric said simply.
“Ah Borric, of Glory Row, I must ask of you quickly, for I feel my essence drifting to its eternal plane,” Colbey beckoned.
Borric stepped up as close as he dared, close enough to feel the chill around the shade.
“The Champions are off their assigned path, you must unite them again Borric,” the shade of Colbey spoke as the sea calmed.
“This I will do,” Borric promised.
The shade then turned towards the group and addressed them one by one.
When it was done it looked towards the sky as the clouds parted around the sunset.
At first it was not noticed but as time went by a peaceful smile came upon the face of Colbey.
One of absolute contentment as he slowly drifted towards the setting sun.
At rest, at last.

Late night found both ships anchored off the coast of the mainland.
Vader worked with the firewood as Sasha sung an ancient song.
Borric worked on unfolding the sails for the night while Gourry and Acolon poured their thoughts over the happenings of the day.
Janalon stood as Thundarr approached him.
“Janalon, Colbey said some things to me, some things I don’t think all the others could hear,” Thundarr sat opposite on a log.
“Oh you heard?” Thundarr raised his brows.
“No, but I think Colbey had things to say to everyone and he said them in a private manner,” Janalon pointed out.
Thundarr shifted his feet and fingered his Glory Row Champion Sash.
Borric walked up and stopped at arm’s length in front of the two.
Even in the dark, his Champion Sash seemed to shine with magical blue hue.
Thundarr got up and clasped his hand in Borric’s, then both of them disappeared.
Lord Acolon walked up and sat opposite of Janalon and waited.
After a moment Janalon put way his tome and dusted his hands off. “You seem content.”
“I am,” Acolon smiled.
“I pray tell you will enlighten me,” Janalon folded his hands.
“Yes, I found the small boat sailing off not far from here at all,” Acolon smiled knowingly at Janalon.
“What boat?” Janalon leaned forward.
“Yes, and I caught a glimpse of its sailor through my spyglass,” Acolon said proudly.
Janalon only nodded.
“Wait, what did you say?” Acolon’s eyes widened.
Janalon stood and started walking off into the dark forest.
Acolon, sprung to his feet and gave chase catching up with him and blocking his way.
“Indeed,” Janalon sighed.
“You know very well what boat I am talking about Janalon, the boat I pointed out to you time and time again. The one you always told me to ignore,” Acolon waited for an answer.
“You mean the one that was not there?” Janalon’s eyes darkened.
“Yes, hey no, what do you mean by the one that was not there, who said it was not there?”
“I just did, and so will you,” Janalon said softly.
“Why would I say that, I saw the damn boat!” Acolon was screaming now.
“Think about the implications of your sight and I am sure you will reconsider,” Janalon vanished.
Acolon thought about those last words, thought about the boat and the sailor and about what could be so wrong about knowing about the two.
Should not the questing party know of such things so they could address the board on their return?
Acolon stopped dead in his tracks.
“Acolon, what are you about, have you seen Janalon?” someone called from ahead.
Acolon realized he had almost walked into the camp without knowing it.
“Just out and about and I think Janalon may have called away,” Acolon offered.
“He did what!? Oh now he promised to sit with us by the bon fire this eve,” Sasha sung.
“Well, I am sure it was something very important,” Gourry stated as he lit the brush.
"Acolon, did you ever find that small boat you said you were looking for?" someone asked.
"I really don't think it was a boat after all, a log perhaps," Acolon said as he joined the circle around the fire.

Weary from his toil he let himself lean back and view the stars in the sky.
The night was quite and peaceful as he hummed softly to himself.
The air was ripped apart with a sudden bang as it imploded in on itself.
The boat rocked as he tried to gain leverage to stand to fend off the intruder that had appeared out of no where.
“Blood Brother, I’ll have your head I will!”
“I won’t be able to help you row without it Zedd,” Janalon warned.
“This is true, damn thee Janalon, how did you know I was about?”
“Our bond is much too close for me to not know,” Janalon said as he started to row.
“Hopefully a wind will pick us up soon,” Zedd offered.
“Anyone else know I was here?”
“Oh, do you suppose he will say anything, I mean the board did forbid me to come, it could cause a lot of trouble” Zedd asked as he joined in rowing.
“No, he won’t.”
“How do you know?”
“Our bond is much too close for me to not know,” Janalon said as the wind started to blow.

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