The Death of a Champion

The ancient earth seemed reluctant to let the shade free from its soil. But try as it may, the earth mother could not hold it back.
The shade not only longed for life and freedom, but also a certain force that had just been unleashed.
It could smell the dread that lurked in the air, and this dreadful sense is what awoke it from its hateful slumber.
As it rose from the bowels and hovered over its ancient grave, the grass turned brown under it’s mass. Pedals fell from flowers and small rodents ran for cover in the nearby forage. The shade then floated eastward over the land as the trees seemed to part before it.
Over the sea it floated leaving a dread upon the water.
It followed its lust towards the source of evil that attracted it.
As it drew close it remembered it’s life so long ago, when it once ruled the world with wicked intent.
It knew its quarry was close to by, so it willed itself down onto the island below. Through the trees it dove as the branches rotted from its touch. It honed in on the sense and found the cave opening in no time at all. Inside the cave it flew, following the smell of the evil power, winding its way down into the depths of the abyss.
The shade came to a stop and hovered in the center of a circular room.
Down below was fresh turned earth and here it seemed to slowly sink until it was almost touching it. It reached out with transparent extremities and began clawing at the earth. The shade began turning opaque until it’s form was more tangible.
With white slim arms, it reached out and pulled back the earth with delicate pale hands.
Its fingers clutched the ingots buried within as its body slowly drifted down and lay prone over the hole it had dug.
Now clearly of humanoid form, the apparition massaged the ingots and brought them to its throat.
A bright light flashed around its neck as it sucked in a rattling intake of breath.
A breath of life.

Sara looked around the room with a light gaze letting her eyes fall upon the fixtures that decorated the inside of the Guild House.
Sassy stood in one corner watering some flowers as Gilgamesh complained about the shortage of Mandrake Root in the land.
Zedd and Acolon arm wrestled as Arwen played a peaceful hymn on her lute.
A chiseled faced man stood against the wall rubbing his chin and sensing the oddness in the room.
The Silver Archer reached out and patted Gourry on the shoulder pointing to his concern.
Gourry followed Vade Won’s gaze as Thundarr followed their line of sight.
The room was busy with sounds and the chattering of fellow members.
Zedd accused Acolon of cheating as Gilgamesh pondered starting a garden of Mandrake Root.
But it wasn’t the sounds that bothered the Archer, but the lack of one particular one.
The familar sound of the mage laboring over his quill was absent.
Janalon, who had been sitting writing at the table, was no longer at his desk. The alarm was not in his absence but in the fact that his diary laid opened, unattended.
Vade Won made his way across the room towards the book, he knew Janalon never left his diary unattended. The mage would write the latest happenings in the diary and once he finished, he would transfer the legends to the tomes that set on the shelf above the fireplace.
But Janalon never left his diary opened on the desk.
The diary bekoned Vade Won and Gourry followed in his wake. Once around the corner of the desk a hand reached out and grabbed Vade Won by the shoulder.
“Silver Archer, what do you seek,” Arwen asked from behind holding her lute.
“Something is wrong here, I can sense it ,” Vade Won said beneath clenched teeth.
“You know how Jan gets when we read his unfinished work,” she said quietly.
Vade Won let his eyes fall quickly across the pages, what he saw was quite enough.
“Just call me anxious,” he said with a smile turning to take leave from the desk.
Sasha had walked into the room with a tray of banana bread and caught sight of the scene at the desk.
She saw Vade Won turn from the desk and bump rather rudely into Gourry.
A dark look passed between them and Gourry quickly fell in step with the archer.
She watched now as Vade brushed shoulders with Thundarr and the same dark gaze passed between them.
As Thundarr fell in step, she then noticed Vade pass by Acolon and Zedd, exchanging the same dark looks.
Both Zedd and Acolon got up and followed the group out into the night.
Shrugging her shoulders, she then called out to the rest to come and enjoy the fresh baked bread, hot from the oven.
Puzzled over the confused looks she got from the crowd she looked down to find the tray empty.

Outside the party of men gathered around as Vade Won voiced his concern.
“The book read that the ingots were being disturbed,” Vade said above the din.
“Ingots?” Sasha and Sara voiced together as they came out to investigate with Colbey following.
“The ingots that we melted the Sword of Mondain down into,” Thundarr stated.
“The same, we must make haste to lend aid, where is Draegon and the others,” someone asked.
“Moonglow, no time to muster them, we must bid leave now, “Acolon motioned.
A single rune was plopped on the ground as the night rung out in Kal Ort Pors.
“I hope someone is bringing some food,” Oliver called out as his body turned transparent from the recall spell.
“I got a loaf of banana bread,” Mathurin called out as he too vanished.
“You fiend,” Sasha’s echoing voice accused.

The cave was damp with spring rains that had somehow leaked their way through the rock itself.
All sounds of the outside forest where hushed as the cave swallowed them and darkness fell about.
“In Lor,” someone spoke.
MdnitRdr quickly navigated the maze of tunnels as the mage bound after him.
“How much futher,” the seasoned warrior called back.
With no answer, MdnitRdr concentrated on saving his head from crashing into the low hanging rocks.
The narrow pass opened up into a circular room with a ceiling that disappeared overhead into the darkness.
The mage quickly went to the center where fresh earth had been turned.
Mdnitrdr leaned up against the wall not really understanding the despair about Janalon.
The mage knelt and dug for a moment barehanded, before standing with a look of dismay about his brow.
“Not there,” MdnitRdr stated for him.
Still no answer.
“Can you not speak,” MdnitRdr thought out loud.
“Oh that’s a start,” the warrior slide down the wall to a sitting position.
Mdnitrdr watched the mage turn his back and began thinking about the conversation they had had before leaving the smithy.
As Janalon had told, someone had indeed robbed the shallow hole of the ingots.
The ingots that Janalon and Thundarr had melted the Sword of Mondain into after the death of the evil Sultan.
Janalon as try as he may, could not melt the matter down any further.
Neither the hottest forges nor the hottest mage fire could destroy the ingots.
So Janalon had come to this remote cave on the island just off from Skare Brae and buried them in a six-foot hole within the cave.
“Who could have known they were there,” MdnitRdr heard the mage wonder out loud.
“What good are they to anyone who do not know what they are,” MdnitRdr asked the mage.
Without turning around the mage answered. “Nothing, no power on this earth could rekindle the magic.
“Mages, sages and pitiful wages,” MdnitRdr mumbled under his breath.
“I’m going outside, see if I can detect anything,” the mage said ignoring him.
“I’ll start a fire and cook some venison, this ceiling looks ventilated,” MdnitRdr said rummaging through his backpack.
As Janalon disappeared through the tunnel the fighter took out kindling and started preparing a fire.
He then labored over the fire, fanning it with his hands until it sparked and came to life.
“You like fire,” someone spoke from the shadows.
With a blue spark the small fire erupted into a pillar of flame engulfing the entire room in a fire flash.
MdnitRdr felt his lungs give as the heat melted his plate mail like butter.
He struggled within the room trying to find the exit from the chamber in vain.
His eyes were filled with thousands of daggers it seemed, as the fire licked at him with powerfull lust.
There against the wall he could make out something blocking the exit.
A flash of long black hair and emerald eyes and skin as white as the snow.
He brushed past it and felt stained as he stumbled from the room in search off air, light and life.

Janalon whirled around in time to see a blackened monstrosity with arms flailing come racing out of the cave. He readied a spell of defense before realizing that the creature was helpless. It fell at his feet to lie still and smoking.
Janalon knelt to try and make sense out of the matter then fell back in horror.
The figure on the ground was charred with black soot, but the golden plate arms were still intact.
“MD!” Janalon said in astonishment.
MdnitRdr seemed then to animate and attempt to sit up as Janalon willed health.
His eyes became clearer and his breathing became smooth, but still MdnitRdr slumped to the ground.
Janalon knelt closer and willed more health until his mana was depleted.
He then fell back in exhaustion and waited.
“Look, cave,” MdnitRdr tried to speak.
Ignoring the fighter Janalon once more willed health and life into MdnitRdr’s soul until he struggled to a sitting position.
MdnitRdr gasped for life, as the clouds seemed to over take the sun casting a black shadow over the island.
Janalon sensed a presence and looked up at mouth of the cave, spying the figure blocking the doorway.
MdnitRdr prayed.

The sea blew a breeze of salt onto the company as all materialized on the beach in unison.
To the south they could see the large island of Skara Brae.
The wind had picked up a bit as the party faced the forest.
“Which way Thundarr,” Acolon asked, as Christina pulled her visor down.
“I know not, Janalon only gave me this rune in case of emergency, I know not where the caves lies.”
“Vade, Vade Won, lead us on track,” Christina beckoned.
Vade Won came to the front of the group and examined the landscape.
After a moment he sprung into a fast walk with Gourry matching his stride.
As the party wound it’s way through the forage they all felt a wrongness about the land.
Sasha and Arwen had retrieved the banana bread from Mathurin and sliced it up amongst the party.
Gourry’s hand went up as voices drifted from the forest ahead.
Zedd came up and fanned out to the left with Oliver as Sara and Fallstaff spread to the right.
The rest of the group fell in behind The Lord in Command.
Acolon motioned for Vade Won and Gourry to fall back to the rear and cover the flanks.
Lord Vader joined Christina and asked for instructions.
As the party slowly parted the forage they came out into an open clearing with a gaping cave mouth to the south.
In this clearing was the mage Janalon and MdnitRdr of High Council.
Janalon seemed to be speaking to the cave mouth while MdnitRdr was trying to get to his feet.
The party stopped at the edge of the clearing not knowing exactly what was about.
They then saw a figure step out from the cave entrance as Janalon and MdnitRdr took steps away from it.
All eyes were on the figure in front of the cave, for it was a sight to behold.
A woman with jet black hair and skin as white as the winter snow stood nude in converse with the mage.
The woman was of unchallenged beauty with eyes as green as the emerald sea.
“My goodness,” someone spoke from behind Acolon.
“I got just the thing,” Mathurin left the group and walked hastily towards Janalon, MdnitRdr and the woman.
As he came up on the scene Mathurin rummaged through his backpack and bowed to the lady.
Mathurin looked over at the mage, puzzled by his dismayed look. “Hi Jana!”
“Mat, get back,” Janalon insisted.
“I bring garments for the lady,” Mathurin held up a dress as the others came up on the scene.
“Why thank you,” the nude woman spoke with coolness.
Sasha joined Janalon as the woman donned the dress and adjusted a necklace over the collar.
Sasha took another look at the necklace for the silver stones that were set within looked so alien but yet familiar.
Thundarr broke through the ranks and stood beside Janalon. “The ingots?”
Janlon pointed at the necklace the woman wore.
“Who is she,” Gilgamesh asked.
The woman’s gaze tore around to face Gilgamesh with unsurpassed speed.
It seemed her head never moved, it just was all of a sudden facing Gilgamesh.
The party noticed that her gorgeous hair never waved in the air, she was like a sculpture.
“Why she’s just a noble lady that is in dire need of our hand,” Mathurin insisted.
“Why thank you once again dear Mathurin,” the woman spoke for the second time without taking her emerald eyes off of Gilgamesh.
The woman walked over to Gilgamesh and stood directly before him.
Gilgamesh felt a sense of wrong in the air.
“You will know me again,” the woman held her hands to the sky.
Clouds rushed together in a sonic boom and formed a large funnel in the sky as all eyes turned towards the heavens.
The woman then sucked at the air like a goddess as the winds funneled down to a point.
Harder she inhaled until the clouds tore asunder and plummeted towards the earth.
Great winds howled in protest as the woman took the entire storm into her unholy lungs.
With a mighty breath she exhaled the funnel through her red lips at the trees.
The trees fell to the ground with mighty cracks, as a clear path was tore to the ocean.
The forceful winds hit the ocean and reared it back into a wall of water that hid the sun.
With a crash, the wall of water fell upon the island with such a force the heavens shook with anger.
The waters flooded the island sweeping the Glory Row members off their feet.
Acolon caught in a rushing river impaled his sword in the ground as an anchor.
As the water subsided the party noticed the woman standing untouched in the center of the clearing.
The woman then raised her hand and pointed at Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh turned scarlet as the air was sucked from his lungs.
“To arms!” The Lord and Lady in Command spoke in perfect sync as a wind picked Christina up and flung her towards the heavens.
Black Lotus teamed with Arwen and called upon energy bolts as Janalon screamed in warning.
The bolts left the Warlock’s fingers followed by those from the Priestess.
The woman nonchalantly caught the bolts in her hands and inhaled their magic flinging it back two fold at the two mages.
Both Arwen and Black Lotus fell to the ground unmoving as Zedd and Thundarr moved in swinging high with their swords.
Both had heard Janalon’s warnings to use no magic.
The woman motioned towards Zedd and stopped him in his tracks so suddenly that Thundarr ran into the back of him.
Zedd turned then and faced Thundarr drawing his sword and raking down the champion’s torso.
Thundarr looked into the face of Zedd, which was now with out flesh.
Thundarr brought his shield up in defense as Zedd’s skeletal arms parried and made play with his sword.
The woman laughed wickedly as Sara and Sasha helped Gilgamesh up as Christina came crashing from the heavens to lie still in the mud.
Janalon willed protection at MdnitRdr as he charged with his Order Shield and Viking sword.
As MdnitRdr raked his sword across the woman’s chest, Janalon fell to the ground with blood gushing from his own.
MdnitRdr confused was slapped away by the woman with such a force that he lay broken against a tree.
Acolon, with Sasha and Sara by his side, charged with Gourry and the Silver Archer.
Vade Won fired a volley of arrows at the woman and watched in awe as she caught them one, two, and three in her hands.
Then both him and Gourry watched in horror as she flung them with awesome power felling Acolon, Sasha and Sara, one, two, and three.
Vade Won stopped in mid stride as someone called out in alarm and turned to see Oliver and Gourry entangled in a massive oak ripping the life from them.
Helplessly Vade Won ran back to lend aid, leaping over the still bodies of Gilgamesh, and Colbey locked in a death grasp.
As he came upon the tree, a limb swooped him up and crushed his windpipe, flinging all three to lie face down in the shallow sea.
Mathurin,Fallstaff and Vader tried in vain to help Thundarr parry the skeletal Zedd as a firewall engulfed all five of them.
Satisfied the woman raised her arms to the heavens and yelled with a thunderous boom.
“Behold the ruler of all evil and destined to be the reoccurring nightmare of this land,” the woman said above the din of the thunder.
Janalon opened his eyes and saw the body of Sasha lying in the mud a few feet away.
Sasha opened her eyes and met Janalon’s gaze and mouthed the question.
“Who is she?”
Before their bodies grew still and their senses failed they both heard in the distance.
“Minax, Mistress of Mondain!”

The morning sun splashed across the waves with a peaceful stroke as the chill of the air was pardoned.
The sands of the beach warmed a trifle as the sun’s rays brushed lightly over the island.
For some time she had been trying to move, not knowing really why she could not.
If only she could see, she was sure that would help, she reached out with her hands trying to feel her surroundings.
Horror ripped through her soul as she felt her head being cradled, she flailed her arms madly, intent on beating the attacker away.
“There, there, just drink.”
Arwen opened her eyes and saw Oliver kneeling beside her, forcing a flask of healing potion to her lips.
Choking, she reached up to push it away and was horrified by the burns on her hands.
“Drink,” Oliver ordered again.
The potion spilled down her cheeks to lay wasted on the ground, Arwen looked up and tried to voice her apologies, but Oliver was already forcing another flask to her lips.
Slowly she drank until she felt her strength building.
Across from her was the Guildmistress with pain across her brow as Fallstaff helped her change a bandage.
Vader was helping Blacklotus to his feet as Mathurin worked on numerous suits of armor with his hammer.
All around her, Arwen saw Glory Row members helping one another in some way.
Zedd was accusing Acolon of throwing too much water in his face while Gilgamesh and Sara were helping with bandages and healing potions.
One by one she saw them all stand and figured it was about time she did so herself.
Oliver had left her side to attend the Silver Archer and Gourry, when Colbey walked up and offered his hand.
“Why thank you, Colbey,” Arwen voiced as she stood up.
“Where is Janalon,” she asked.
“Last time I saw him was yesterday at noon, he and MdnitRdr had brought bandages and healers from the island of Skare Brae by raft. He had also sent word to Moonglow for Draegon to sail here and pick us up and take us all to Moonglow,” Colbey finished.
Yesterday!” She gasped.
“Yes, you have been comatose for six days,” Colbey offered.
She sighed with disbelief.
“Why to Moonglow,” she wondered out loud.
“Answers,” Black Lotus said from the shadows.
“What’s wrong with the magic,” the priestess wondered.
“Janalon says it is not working properly and has advised against all use,” Colbey stated.
She nodded then, needing him to repeat what he had just said, but too frightened to ask.
Dusk approached and found Sara and Fallstaff in a game of chess while Gilgamesh helped the Silver Archer scout for kindling.
Later that night the mage returned with MdnitRdr and Thundarr by his side.
They had arrived by a small raft from the nearby island of Skare Brae with more potions and rations.
Arwen played chess with the young Fallstaff until sleep overcame her.

The next day brought a brighter sun and a more hopeful day as Arwen was jarred from sleep by the noise.
A commotion had erupted and members were facing the shore.
A great Dragon Ship had neared the shore, Arwen could barely make out the figures of Draegon, Spawn and Jurakku tossing over the anchors.
Acolon had came up from the forest and ordered everyone to the beach while Christina and Zedd saw the fires around the area doused.
The members filed out onto the beach area as BlueGravity and Carnage were paddling a small boat to the shore.
“Hail Glory Row,” they yelled above the waves.
BlueGravity and Carnage stood with capes bellowing in the wind as the small boat ran upon the sand.
The boat was loaded and unloaded four times before all members were on the Dragon Ship.

Once the members were all aboard Janalon took to a small cabin and the ship raised anchor.
Like a small flower it drifted westward towards the island of Moonglow.

The moon danced along the waves, as the ship seemed to lazily give chase.
After two days and a night at sea, it finally rested alongside the docks of Moonglow.
The Dragon Ship stayed moored to the docks for three days while Janalon, Arwen and Black Lotus were scribing notes and reading the histories of Britannia at the Lycaeum.
The rest of the party had found pleasure in the hind population while they waited for the mages.
On the eve of the third day Janalon returned with Arwen and Lotus and bid Acolon to pull anchor and sail for Britain.
So once again the sea fondled the ship on its delicate westward path.

Here, on the second night at sea, after the departure from Moonglow , Sasha let the cool breeze blow the life into her hair.
Intent on star counting, she was startled when the two Glory Row Champions suddenly appeared at the bow beside her.
“Guildmistress, may not you reckon with more suitable attire?” Draegon asked handing her a shawl.
Taking the shawl, Sasha faced the westward wind once more and gave silence.
Thundarr gave Draegon a look of dismay and both let their thoughts fall into the wind with her.
The three held a special bond that could not be well explained, but as their thoughts mingled and wove to become one, each became aware of what may be required of them in days to come.
Thundarr and Draegon felt a long journey ahead of them, one that would require their skills to be used as one. Both saw a sea journey such as this one, where three others accompanied them.
A journey that would take them on a voyage to look for something as dark as the midnight skies.
Sasha saw a reflection of herself that showed a woman strong of soul, but needing to be stronger still. She only wished that Sassy were here to comfort her.
All three were pulled back into conscious as a voice spoke across the wind.
“Janalon asks to see the three of you,” Spawn whispered from the darkness.

The small room smelled of incense and seemed to gently rock with the motions of the sea.
Black Lotus sat in one corner at a table buried by scrolls and manuscripts.
On the opposite side of the room was the priestess, Arwen, taking notes in a journal from a tome that seemed too large for her to lift.
In the center of the room was the mage Janalon in deep converse with the Lord in Command.
A salty gust of wind blew into the room as Sasha opened the door and walked in, flanked by the two Glory Row Champions.
No one spoke for the better part of a minute as everyone tried to find a place to sit or lean.
Everyone listened as Janalon spoke of a past evil and foretold of a dark future.
He would stop now and then to sip at a fruit juice while Arwen and Black Lotus added important issues along the way.
Acolon listened attentively and formed a bleak picture in his mind.
The ingots of the Sword of Mondain, without a host to control their dormant powers, seemed to have a life of their own, a most bizarre way of calling out for the evil help they needed.
The Evil Mondain formed the Sword long ago before the first coming of Darkness.
It was a sword that was formed of his very essence of evil.
It is even said that Mondain killed his own father with the blade to gain the secrets of the gem of immortality.
If not for the coming of the Avatar, his rule of the land would still stand today.
As Mondain lay dying, his unholy lover and apprentice watched from the shadows as the Avatar took leave.
Using the teachings of Mondain she gained powers that belittled his own.
Great leaps and bounds, her skills in necromancy jumped to a height that mocked the powers of the gods.
Her unholy name was Minax.
Her demise came only with the return of the Avatar with powers wrought from different worlds.
On her death, the Castle of Minax imploded with fury, burying the Mistress of Mondain and her powers within the cold and heavy stone.
Minax’s powers had grown to such magnitude that even in death she was able to give birth to a most unholy child, Exodus.
The dark infant part man, part demon and part machine was laid back to rest soon after its birth, by the same powers that had felled both Minax and Mondain.
From her grave she cursed the death of her son with such fury that the world shook with dismay.
Powerless now, she was doomed to roam the world in spirit form to witness the birth of a world free of her powers.
Even in death Minax could sense a forgotten power calling out to her, a way back into the living.
By the time she found out it was the Sword of Mondain calling out to her, it was too late.
For the thief Sultan had gained it’s possession.
But patient was the beautiful wicked Minax, for Sultan would fall soon enough, he was a mere mortal empowered with a magic he could never control.
Once he did make his fall, the Sword of Mondain would be without a host, and Minax could wait forever if that’s is what I took.
And once her spirit was in possession of these powers, she would walk among man and bask in their fear.

“And this is the woman that laid waste to us on the island?”
Janalon nodded at Sasha.
“But, we destroyed the sword,” Thundarr insisted.
“Yes, the sword, but not the essence in the sword,” Arwen spoke.
Acolon, stood and walked to the center of the room. “These ingots woke the dead Mistress of Mondain and now she wears his powers around her neck?”
“How will we fight her?” Sasha asked.
Janalon stood and lay forth more of their findings in the tomes.
“There’s an island, so it reads deep in these tomes, where the evil Mondain was buried.
It is here, that we must send an expedition, to find this isle. The island is cursed with his sin and the very rock still holds the essence of his power. Our Champions, Sir Draegon and Thundarr must mine for ore with their pure hands of Honor and Compassion.
From this unholy ore we will forge our own weapon.
Also on this island lies the indestructible bone helm of Mondain, it must be recovered.
The isle’s whereabouts is unknown, Acolon, I suggest you form a party, one that includes the Silver Archer and tracker Vade Won, the Champions and Colbey.
In the mean time Sara, Blacklotus, BlueGravity, Jurakku and myself will venture to Wind in search of the ancient Liche that holds the secrets of Necromancy, “ Janalon took a sip of cider then faced Sasha.
“Dearest Sasha, I beg thee to assemble Gourry, Sassy, Arwen and whomever else you wish, to venture with you deep into the hedge maze to find lost writings of how the Sword of Mondain was formed. The renegade mage there is said to keep ancient manuscripts on the arts of Mondain,” Janalon finished.
When these tasks are complete, we meet at the Smithy,” Janalon sighed.

The ship rested along the Britain docks two days later.
The members disembarked and made way for the provisioners.
As Sasha and Arwen purchased extra pouches for their journey, the Lord in Command stood outside speaking to the members about their assigned tasks.
No one noticed the mage Janalon as he sat under a tree laboring over his quill.
No one noticed any of that at all.
But something did.
Cocking its head from side to side it looked down from its perch with interest.
A raven with feathers as black as the moonless night.
A raven, that was not what it seemed, looked down upon the mage with emerald eyes.

The party had been sailing the seas now for many weeks going from isle to isle.
The ship left another isle, its passengers distraught and weary, wondering if they would ever find the unholy isle that Mondain was buried upon.
Vade Won bade the tiller to raise anchor and set sail towards the open sea.
Sir Draegon and Thundarr stood at the bow, next to MdnitRdr.
Vadie, the guild smith, made himself comfortable as Colbey sharpened his sword.
The day grew old and the sun grew weary as the cool salt air blew against the Silver Archer’s face.
The open sea was calm with only the occasional wave.
“Vade, Vade Won, what way do you seek,” MdnitRdr asked from the stern.
Vade Won met the eyes of the warrior then pointed seaward.
MdnitRdr followed his gaze until it rested on an island far in the distance.
The white essence of Ice Isle.
‘Why there, how do…,” MdnitRdr was cut off as the ship struck something heavy.
“Land ho,” The Champions, said in unison.
“Land, way out here in the middle of the ocean?” MdnitRdr walked forward.
“Reef.” Vade won spoke above the others.
“Not a reef,” Colbey exclaimed as the tentacle came over the starboard side.
Arms were called and the sea serpent was quickly dispatched, as the Island of Ice loomed closer.
As they pulled along side the isle, everyone made ready as plate and chain were buckled.
The two champions packed picks to unearth the ore if this proved to be the isle they sought.
Vade Won stepped off the ship and spread his map down on the snow as the others gathered around.
“Draegon, is this not the isle that out ancestor’s called home?”
Draegon knelt beside Vade Won and pointed to place on the south tip of the map.
“We go there,” MdnitRdr confirmed.
Draegon shook his head and started to protest as MdnitRdr put his hand on the young champion’s shoulder.
“We need to find answers.” Mdnitrdr assured. “You can make them come.”

The journey through the snow was tedious as the party made its way southward.
The Shrine of Honesty loomed in the distance as Draegon veered off the path and headed up a steep mountain.
Vadie and Colbey took up the rear as the Silver Archer felt the cold chill bite through his plate arms.
MdnitRdr matched stride with Thundarr as Draegon led them over a cliff that spilled down into a valley.
A hush came over the group as they walked among ancient stones, cracked with age.
A small camp was started in the center as everyone waited the night to blanket the snow.

As darkness fell and made way for the moon, Draegon and Thundarr walked to the center of the ruins.
Both knelt as the others walked up and stood behind them.
From within his backpack, Draegon pulled the Book.
He opened to the first page as the others look on in awe.
MdnitRdr saw blank pages as did the Guild Smith and Vade Won.
Thundarr found, to his surprise, that he also could see the words.
Both Draegon and Thundarr began to chant slowly as they read out loud the ancient creed of Glory Row.
Their breaths blowing fog into the night air as an eerie dread filled the night air.
Colbey stepped forth and began to join in with Draegon and Thundarr as MdnitRdr took special note that Colbey for some reason could read the book also.
Vade Won stepped back in fear as the clouds rushed together and filled the air with a sonic boom.
Lightning spilled from the skies, lighting the white valley as the book was read on.
Shades filled the area with death cowls pulled over their faces as one particular one stepped forth.
Vadie fell back in horror as it brushed against him.
The shade that had stepped forth stopped directly in front of MdnitRdr.
It then threw back its cowl and showed MdnitRdr his mirror image in death.
“We seek the ancient tomb of Mondain.” MdnitRdr managed to say.
The shade stared at MdnitRdr with such intensity that he had to turn his face.
Draegon recognized the ghost child as it came up and stopped before him and Thundarr.
It’s voice floated from underneath its cowl as the wind died away.
“To the north lies a cave and in it’s depths you will find the unholy pit in which the one called Mondain was thrown to rot.” The small shade stood unmoving.
Depression then filled the valley with such force the mighty warriors fell to their knees in sorrow.

The sound of granite cracking brought Colbey back to his senses.
He had been thinking of the night before again and he knew that he must clear his mind, for they now stood deep within the dungeon Deciet.
He watched Thundarr and Draegon digging in a pit as they unearthed rock and granite.
He heard a noise behind them as three Bone Knights wandered into the room.
He joined the Guild Smith as they made sword play with the undead skeletons.
MdnitRdr and Vade Won stood at the edge of the pit overseeing the labor of The Champions.
The room was then filled with the undead as they seemed to come out of the walls of the pit itself.
Ghouls brushed against Thundarr and Draegon as they fell back in horror.
MdnitRdr jumped into the pit and helped the champions against the onslaught.
Draegon felled a zombie with his pick as Thundarr unleashed lightning.
From the corner of his eye Vade Won spied something shiny and dreadful in the overturned earth of the pit.
The archer fired a volley of arrows into the melee and made his way to scoop up the ancient helm.
Noticing that Vade Won had the bone helm, the Guild Smith and Colbey jumped into the pit to help fight off the undead as the two champions gathered up ore from the pit.
The air filled with the smell of death as MdnitRdr motioned for the others to retreat back up the stairway towards the surface.
As the party fell back out side the entrance they failed to notice the black raven with emerald eyes in the nearby tree.
Even if they had of noticed they would not have cared, for they had in their possession the Bone Helm of Mondain and iron ore from his unholy grave.
The only thing they cared for now was the sweet site of Moonglow.

The search for the book of Necromancy took the party deep inside the caverns of Wind.
Black Lotus and BlueGravity sensed wrongness about the caves that day.
The liches that fell before them had no book or tome that spoke of the ancient art.
But, each of them had the air of predetermined movment.
Almost as if their very existence was more than it seemed.
The suspicions were confirmed when one particular liche died.
Upon its death BlueGravity dared to venture close as it tossed in its death throes.
In the fire that burned in its eyes, BlueGriavity made a startling discovery.
The form of a liche lord burned in the dying liches eyes, laughing mockingly.
“A more power liche is behind what we seek,” BlueGravity spoke in the shadows.
“Indeed.” Janalon agreed.
Black Lotus slung his halberd into its sheath and motioned for the others to draw near.
“It’s Deceit we seek and the infamous Liche Lord."
“Yes,” Sarah spoke up. “The third level of Deceit is said to house the dreaded creature."
“That’s where the party found the bone helm of Mondain,” Janalon offered.
“That must be it, but can we kill it?” Black Lotus asked with a sly smile.
“Well, we can die trying,” Sarah searched her backpack for a rune to deciet.

Those words echoed in BlueGravity’s mind as the Liche Lord of Deceit pinned him against the dungeon wall and raked his face with the long talons from its fingers.
The Liche Lord, at least a foot taller than a regular liche, had astonishing strength despite it’s frail look. Sarah threw harm spells that seemed to anger more than hurt it.
Acolon and Black Lotus tried sword and Halberd, finally the Liche Lord released its grip on BlueGravity and turned its attention on the Lord in Command while Janalon hammered it with energy.
Blue Gravity fell to a heap on the dungeon floor as Sarah quickly went to his side to help him to his feet.
Once BlueGravity oriented himself he followed Sarah’s lead and joined Janalon and hurled energy bolt upon the undead wizard.
Between fire and ash, Black Lotus and Acolon stood their ground as the cave shook with protest as the energy bolts stuck the Liche Lord one by one.
The evil being fell back clutching its decaying head as Acolon opened its rotting torso.
Before the Liche could call healing upon itself, Black Lotus swung wide with his halberd.
The Liche Lord looked like a massive Yew tree as it fell headless to the ground.
Bluegravity carefully opened the large pouch by the Liche Lord’s side and brought out decaying reagents and scrolls.
Digging further, his fingers brushed against something that caused his heart to be shadowed with fear.
“What is it?” Sarah asked from a kneeling position.
BlueGravity then brought out a massive tome, crack with age and weather.
“Indeed,” Janalon breathed with satisfaction.

The enormous beast turned its gaping maw towards the Guildmistress.
As the fire erupted from its mouth, Sasha threw her shield up before her.
The intense heat singed her golden hair and caused her to falter.
As the fire overwhelmed her she heard the voices of Arwen and Gourry in the backgroud.
She feared for her questing party and gave thought to what brought them here to face such a beast.

With the book of Necromancy recovered along with the bone helm of Mondain the pieces of the quest were fitting together.
The ore was mined from Mondain’s tomb but no one knew how to forge the Sword of Mondain, which would be used against the evil Minax.
Janalon had spoken of a mage that lived in the hedge maze that was known to keep books of the arts of Mondain.
Perhaps there one could learn of the forging of the sword.
Sasha’s party consisted of Lord Gourry and Nadia with the company of Vader and Fallstaff.
The Priestess Arwen was taking up the rear with a soft tune on her lute as one named Eric D’Vill matched her stride.
Sassy and Nadia walked along side the Guildmistress.
The hedge maze proved to be a challenge, taking the party the better part of the day to navigate.
As the sun beat down and most hope was lost, the maze finally opened up into a great clearing that was riddled with buildings.
Old and ancient and cracked from the sun, they stood like ancient statues.
Most of the buildings were without doors or windows, so the party concentrated on the nearby mountain side for hidden caves that would grant entrance.
Finally after several hours of searching the party did indeed find a hidden cavern that led into an under ground room.
In this room, the buildings above where joined by teleporters covered with spider webs.
Stepping into the teleporters took them back up to the surface, inside one of the ancient buildings.
Great shelves of books mounted the walls.
The party quickly fanned out into the room and started thumbing through the books.
The night came and fled as the party searched in vain for the book on creating the Sword of Mondain.
The morning came without hope until finally they came across an ancient manuscript which spoke of a dragon that had flown up from the south thieving some of the ancient tomes.
Nadia suggested that the party head to the lair of the dragon.
The dark hole called Destard.

“Sasha , pull back!” the voices broke through her thoughts.
Fallstaff ran up and grabbed Sasha and hauled her backwards as the fire licked around her ankles.
Nadia rushed in with Gourry and hammered at its scales as Arwen threw silver blade spirits around it.
The dragon reared on its massive hind legs as Vader’s crossbow bolts dug into its chest.
The Dragon wiped the bolts away with its forearms and beat its wings until the cave was full of high winds.
These winds were of such force that they caused Sassy to lose her balance and stumble into Nadia as Eric D’Vill’s arrows feel helplessly to the ground.
A great fire followed engulfing Fallstaff and the Sasha as the dragon continued to beat its wings until the wind gathered the fire and the entire cave was full of fiery tornadoes.
The cry of death filled the room but was hushed as the Priestess willed protection from the flames.
From within the din Sassy heard something faint, a sound out of place.
All of a sudden the fire vanished and the room grew quite except for the sound.
The dragon had stopped and was starring at Arwen as she stood upon a rock playing her lute feverishly.
The party looked on in awe as the dragon fell to its all fours and walked towards Arwen with hate in its eyes.
Gourry and Sasha exchanged looks as Vader fit a bolt into his crossbow.
Eric D’Vill fit an arrow as Nadia and Sassy readied their halberds.
Nadia motioned for Fallstaff to make ready.
The Dragon approached Arwen and took a deep breath as it’s nostrils flared with smoke but she continued to play on.
“Now!” Nadia yelled.
The party hammered into the back of the dragon as Arwen teleported from the rock to stand back with the archers.
The fighters rushed in with superb force as the dragon turned and reared up to face them.
The element of surprise was on their side as Nadia signaled for the rest to go for the breast plate of the dragon.
Sassy slung her halberd wide taking off a small section of the dragon’s scales that covered its chest like plate armor.
Nadia and Fallstaff teamed up as one and beat away chunks of scales from the draegon’s chest.
Gourry felt great talons tear at his side as he too chipped away at the scales.
Sasha and Nadia felt Arwen touch them with protection as their swords clanged at the dragons breast armor.
The Dragon’s fire came then and everyone scurried off for cover.
The room flashed with fire and the heat caused Eric D’Vill and Vader to turn their faces.
At last the fire winked out but the dragon was already taking another breath as Arwen healed the burns that had scorched the party.
“We can’t take another!” Sasha yelled from behind the rock.
“No mana!” Arwen cried warning.
“Archers, don’t miss!” Sasha pleaded.
Eric D’Vill and Vader turned their eyes back on the hissing dragon in confusion.
It was in an upright position getting ready to unleash a deadly fire that would certainly kill them all.
Its massive chest with its golden scales was flawless.
The Archers, seeing the missing patch of scales that the fighters had beat away, took aim and let their arrows fly.
The rest of the party watched the bolt and the arrow as it disappeared into the hole in the scales they had made.
The Dragon stopped its hiss and looked about in confusion.
The blood that followed the disappearance of the arrows was like a river.
The Dragon was dead before he hit the dungeon floor.

Arwen walked up on the slab that the dragon used as a bed.
Gold pieces and gems were heaped up in the back of the dragon’s nest.
And there just behind a diamond the size of a heater shield was a book.
The book of the Arts of Mondain.
And there within, was the art of the forging of the sword.

“Our task is near completion?” Acolon asked Janalon after Sasha’s party returned the book to the Smithy.
“Indeed, gather around, Arwen shall read,” The mage beckoned.
The Priestess began to read and spoke of an ancient ritual, one performed in the dark of the night with special gems in place to mark the directions of the wind.
The very last of the instructions were written in ancient runes and had taken the Glory Row Mage’s all the night to translate.
It cried warning to those that would wield such a blade and bade then to wear leather armor sewn from the steps of the shrine of Honor.
Arwen finished as Acolon stood and voiced his questions.
“Janalon, would you please put this in perspective for me, I am not quite sure that I understand much of this.”
Janalon motioned towards Arwen again.
“The Mistress of Mondain can only be defeated by such a blade, the quests that Janalon posed were to gather the said materials to build such. The Ore, to forge the sword, was mined from his very tomb by our Champions, Thundarr and Sir Draegon. As Janalon foretold, the forging of the blade was not as simple as hammer and anvil, the ritual with the gems set carefully in the night, to funnel the winds from the globe will bring forth the magic from the land to give power to our weapon.” The Priestess finished.
“And who will wield this blade against this dark woman?” Gourry asked from the shadows.
“Colbey will forge and take the blade in battle with her,” Sasha spoke.
“I’m not the one you seek,” Colbey stepped up from the back.
MdnitRdr put his hand on the young fighter’s shoulder. “Colbey you can read the ancient creed of Glory Row, I saw you on Ice Island, while Thundarr and Draegon read the passages.
“I thought anyone could read the book that Draegon retrieved from Ice Island.” Zedd ask with wonder.
Janalon spoke then and told of how the magic words had faded into the tome, their power would always be there, but only to be evoked by the pure at heart.
“Then Colbey it is!” Zedd exclaimed.
Thundarr and Draegon made a toast to their new peer.
Shouts rose then and Colbey was congratulated.
“How will we get her to come to us, so I can wield this blade against her?” Colbey asked.
BlueGravity stood and told the secrets of the Necromancy Book, of a certain incantation that would be spoken upon the Helm of Mondain to enhance the essence of the helm. This would signal Minax, making her think that her dead master is back from the grave.
Janalon faced Colbey and told him that he would then use the blade on her. He went on to say that no magic could be used, for Minax would only use it to her advantage and even though Glory Row would be there with him, no one would be able to aid him in any way. Only Colbey can stand against Minax.
“So that’s it, we are ready!” Christina and Oliver spoke in unison.
“No, the sacred leather armor sewn upon the steps of the honor shrine,” Janalon reminded.
“We’ll need our best tailor, who will go and form this leather?” Gourry asked.
“I know those woods, let me go,” young Spawn spoke from the back of the room.
“Nay, I think not Spawn, we need an experienced hand,” Sasha said without looking.
The wind blew then as the Glory Row members looked to see who had opened the door.
There was neither door nor window open, but the wind blew still.
Dread filled the room as hearts sank in despair as the room darkened.
Acolon fell back a step as the shade materialized.
Thundarr and Draegon stepped forth to the Ghost Child.
It bowed to them, it’s death cowl bellowing in the wind.
They stepped back as it walked up to the Guildmistress.
When it spoke, there was a hush around the globe and all lent heed.
“If you had more faith in your children, you never would have fell.” These word it spoke again as it walked away, vanishing into the body of the young fighter, Spawn.

No one spoke when the wind hushed, most hearts were too heavy. Sasha spoke not a word, and vowed not to until Spawn returned from the honor shrine with the armor that Colbey would don.

Spawn had led a small party towards the Honor Shine that consisted of Vader and Gilgamesh.
The Jungle posed little threat compared to the dark and vile murderers that seemed to cross their path time and time again.
Much ground passed beneath their feet and the packs of hides from Moonglow weighed the party down.
Upon arrival on the holy steps of the shrine, Spawn did indeed wield needle and thread.
Vader and Gilgamesh watched from the distance as he worked the leather.
As each stitch was sewn and drawn tight, they flashed silver light and a deep hum came from within the stones of the shrine.
Many hours passed before the leather armor was complete and the sun had already risen.
Spawn led the party back towards the city of Trinsic as the sun climbed higher.
The forest grew dark as the trees grew closer.
Spawn heard something cut the air and turned in time to see Vader’s shoulder pierced by a bolt.
From the trees he watched as murderers dropped from the branches, blocking the path in front of them.
Gilgamesh threw a wall of fire to block the onslaught as Vader summoned a gate to town.
Gilgamesh went down with a bolt stuck in his back as Spawn threw his sword like a spear, cutting the attacker down.
Vader motioned towards the gate as Spawn dragged the Court Wizard through it.

The smell of Moonglow met them on the other side as a wandering healer removed the bolt from Gilgamesh’s back.
The party sighed with relief as they made way through the city towards the Stone House, proud that their task was done.

The Silver Archer and the Arcmage watched in the distance as the air was cut by the bolt
Both nodded approvals as Janalon again fit a bolt and sliced the air, impaling the oak.
The Lord in Command came upon the scene and broke a smile despite the mourning in the air.
Behind him stood Arwen and Sasha, flanked by Christina, faces streaked with tears.
“Janalon, your needed…” Acolon begin to speak.
“He’s not going to talk to you,” Oliver spoke from under a tree. “I’ve tried to talk to him all morning."
Jasmine walked up and grabbed Janalon’s hand, pushing the crossbow to point towards the ground.
“Janalon, you hand is in dire need.” The Princess pleaded.
Turning, the mage faced the Lord in Command and Sasha.
“This is a day for companionship, Janalon, not the shooting of a cross bow.” Sasha seemed to sing.
“Has your anger subsided?” Arwen asked concerned. “If so, we must grieve now.”
Nodding with sadness, Janalon let go of the bow and walked towards the circle the members had formed.
He joined hands with Zedd and Acolon as the circle closed around the grave.
Acolon, spoke of Honor while Christina sung of Compassion.
Arwen played her lute as all grieved for the slain Glory Row member.
Arwen then begin to sing as her thoughts turned to the happenings of the last few days.
All these things had brought them here so quickly.
All things passed.

Sasha and Sassy had conducted the ritual while Colbey forged the sword.
The gems were placed in their proper places as Colbey labored over the unholy ore.
Try has he may, Colbey could only forge a small broadsword from the ore, only dust remained in the ingots place.
As Colbey stood he handed the blade to the Guild Smith to inspect.
The Guild Smith voiced praise over the fine blade.
Sasha motioned everyone into the main hall for a meeting on how they should proceed.
No one saw Sara as she walked up to the anvil and gathered the ingot dust in her hands, disappearing with it into the shadows.

The spot for summoning Minax was decided upon, the entire Guild gated to the isle of Mooglow and gathered in a clearing near the Stone house.
It was here that the members formed a circle around Colbey as he donned the holy leather armor that Spawn had sewn on the steps of the Honor Shrine.
Janalon then set the bone helm of Mondain on the ground in front of Colbey.
All the Glory Row mages spoke the ancient tongue of necromancy to enhance the helm’s essence.
Many minutes went by without incident as Colbey shifted his weight and stood ready.
All eyes flashed towards the heavens as the clouds rushed together with thunder.
A dread was in the wind as fog rolled up from the ground. From this fog, she came.
Minax waltzed into the clearing with a lustful look in her eyes.
The lust turned to revenge as she realized she had been tricked. For Mondain, her lover and master, was not here, only his ancient bone helm with necromancy in the air.
“Your price will be death!” She said as she flung fire at the figure in front of the bone helm.
The fire lit up the surroundings as she spied all the Glory Row Members surrounding her.
Colbey somehow dodged the fire and advanced on the Minax as she turned around to face him.
With a powerful force he slung the magic blade in a wide arch as she clutched the necklace of ingots.
Lightning gushed from her eyes engulfing Colbey as the blade stuck her chest.
A gasp went through the Glory Row Members as the blade shattered like glass.
“The blade shattered, get back Colbey!” Sara screamed from the distance.
A hush filled the forest as Colbey whipped out a dagger raking it across her face, spilling red blood on the Moonglow forest. The wound on Minax’s face vanished before his eyes.
Minax wiped the blood from her cheek and tasted it, then she threw it on Colbey. “Yaur, jlim grav, santu por!” She chanted.
The air about Colbey turned blue then flashed red as he fell to the ground unmoving.
“Gone is his soul, he cannot be resurrected.” Minax leveled her gaze at the mages.
The wind picked up then and the trees blew in protest as the members shielded their eyes.
Fire flung from Minax’s hands and engulfed a nearby peasant house.
Sasha looked on in horror as a woman and two children came running out the front door in flames.
“The book was a fake, the sword book was a fake! I wrote the book and took the real one!” Minax laughed hysterically.
“Sasha, the ritual you performed on the book rendered it useless!” She continued.
“You were such a fool to think that I would let you have the real book! Remember how you thought you felled me in Britain?” Minax accused.
You fools walked right into my trap!” Her laughter grew unbearable.
“I have no time for you petty fools, look! Look, I demand at my real work!” Minax screamed and threw down a globe.
In the globe was a live image of the city of Yew as people wandered about in sickness.
Children fell to the ground in death as the forest burned from Minax’s Devil slaves.
“This is what I have been busy doing, while you have been forging a bogus sword!” She picked the globe back up and tucked it under her cloak.
“There is no ritual!"
“The ingots themselves would have been death to me if used by the right hand, but there are no more ingots, gone are they all. All that is left are the ones around my neck and they were crafted with an evil hand, so they will do you no good."
“Gone is all the Ore! So none can be remade!” she screamed above the din of the storm.
The wind subsided and the clearing grew quite.
“Consider Colbey to be lucky, if not for the leather armor that he wore, his soul would have been mine!” Minax smiled at Sasha and blew a kiss.
An invisible force pushed Sasha to the ground.
“I’d kill you all, but I like an audience and you people of Glory Row make a good one. So bare witness while I turn the world you love into a dark abyss, all in payment for the death of my beloved Mondain.” Minax turned to walk away.
“Stop!” Someone called from the circle.
Minax turned back towards the Glory Row members and spied the speaker.
“Sara?” Minax smiled.
Minax walked to the center of the circle and beckoned Sara.
“Come here child.” Minax cooed.
Sara broke away from the circle and approached the Mistress of Mondain.
“Sara, no, get back in the circle.” Acolon insisted.
Sara continued to walk to the center where Minax stood, despite the cries from her friends.
“Sara, return to your position, you are jeopardizing everyone here!” Acolon demanded.
Acolon broke the circle and headed to intercept Sara as Minax waved her fingers in his direction.
A force pushed him back into the other members and held him at bay.
Janalon noticed that they could retreat, but could advance no further because of an invisible shield that surrounded Minax and Sara.
Acolon noticed great tears streaming down Sara’s face as she stopped in front of the evil Minax.
“I am part of Glory Row!” Sara brought her staff out at ready.
“A red cape makes you part of nothing, Sara!” Minax chastised.
Sasha and all the members that were held back by the invisible field listened and prayed for Sara.
Minax had drawn a staff of her own as her hair blew in the wind. Sara, twirled her staff, flipping it over her shoulder, bringing it out in a low arch.
Sure that her swing would connect, Sara leaned into it with all her strength but felt it hit nothing.
The flash of the black staff was barely visible and Minax never seemed even to move, but the blow to Sara’s cheek was real enough.
Sara stumbled then fell to her knees as her surroundings became blurred.
Acolon looked on with dismay as Minax disarmed Sara and kicked her with such force that Sara lay motionless in the grass.
A sense of dread went through the Glory Row members as they helplessly watched Sara try to rise only to have Minax pin her to the ground with her boot.
Minax slowly raked a fingernail down her own cheek, fingering the blood with her fingertips.
She then started to let it drip around Sara.
“I am part of Glory Row!” Sara said again with blood rolling freely from her mouth. “We are of Honor and Compassion!” She coughed.
“I will animate your soul and give it the flesh of the dead to haunt the mountains south of Cove.” Minax said with coldness.
I heard you're very good in cove, so they tell me.”
Sara shook her head in defiance.
Minax hesitated, then continued. “You cant hide from your past, you are what you are, Sara of Cove!
Sara turned her head in shame and fear as she felt the blood from Minax dripping over her cheeks.
Minax began to chant the evil spell that would end her life and begin an undead one.
Sara looked around at life once more and sadness gripped her heart when her eyes fell on Colbey lying in the dust.
She closed her eyes and felt her soul being torn away by Minax’s magic, but thought of nothing but Colbey lying dead in the dust.
Sara’s eyes flashed opened with hope.
“And you are what you are, Minax, Mistress of Mondain!” Sara said digging in the pocket of her tunic.
From within her tunic she brought her hand out clenched with white dust smoking up from around it.
Sara flung her fist towards Minax opening it and covering Minax with dust.
“You are dead! Dead! You have been dead for ages!” Sara accused.
Minax fell back in horror. “Dust! Dust from the grave of Mondain!”
Sara scrambled to her feet and fell back towards the circle as the invisible field gave way spilling all the members onto the ground.
“Dust from the ingots.” Janalon spoke out loud. “Bless you Sara.”
“What’s happening?” Gourry asked as Borric got to his feet. All eyes turned back towards Minax.
The Mistress of Mondain was prone on the ground.
Not a sound escaped from her lungs, no hint of air nor life.
Now, before their very eyes, Minax turned to dust, blowing softly into the sea.

Arwen’s thoughts came back to the present and the truth hit her full force.
There in the wooden box with silver hinges was the body of Colbey.
All the power that the circle possessed could not give him life again.
“Janalon, how can we be sure that his soul is in tact, saved by the armor.” Zedd asked.
Janalon waved towards Spawn. Spawn joined hands with Thundarr and Sir Draegon and they walked up to the casket.
They knelt before it and Thundarr and Draegon begin reading the pages of the Glory Row Creed.
When they were done the air stirred around the body of Colbey and his shade sat up and climbed from the box.
With its death cowl pulled tight over its face the shade of Colbey spoke.
“I’m proud to have walked with you.” It nodded towards the group.
“I am finished here, now I go where I belong, on Glory Row.” the shade vanished.
Sasha walked up to the casket then and placed the Glory Row Sash beside the body of Colbey.
The Lord in Command then closed the lid.
Each member gathered a hand full of soil and tossed it on the casket once it was lowered into the ground.
Thirty minutes later it was covered.

With the permanent death of Colbey behind them, Glory Row set it’s sites on undoing the evil that Minax had brought into the world.
Scars were left in the wake of the Minax confrontation and wounds of old lay open as Acolon voiced his concern one eve to Janalon.
Janalon took his advice and climbed the hill overlooking the city of Moonglow.
He approached her from the left side as Acolon and Sasha stopped a few feet behind him.
Sara looked up and despite her troubled manner, she managed to smile as Janalon donned an Elk helm and sat beside her.
Sasha and Acolon stepped up closer as the wind blew the smell of the nearby sea around them.
“That looks very familiar Janalon.” Sara stated simply.
“Oh it’s much more that that, I’d say.” The mage replied.
“I sat on this very hill, some time back and spied a lady wearing a helm of this very same manner.” Janalon pointed toward the city of Moonglow.
It came then; not even dragon fire could have held the laughter back.
“It’s been too long since your smile, Sara.” Acolon voiced. “Indeed.” Janalon stood.
“I guess I have some explaining to do.” Sara sighed.
“Sara, you have nothing of the sort to do.” Sasha reached down for her hand.
“You don’t understand, Sasha, I….” Sara started to say.
Sasha hushed her with a wave of her finger. “No dear, I say it’s you that does not understand, your family here at glory row is concerned about you. We care little for explanations, but only for the heart that beats in thy breast at this time.” Sasha finished.
Acolon nodded and prodded Janalon to speak.
“Bury your fears and your doubts, Sara, bury them here on this hill and come home.” Janalon spoke softly.
“Whatever they may be?” Sara looked up hopefully.
“Whatever they may be.” They all assured her.
“Now come, let’s make way home, Arwen’s going to sing tonight.” Janalon said as he turned to go.
“Wonderful, can I wear the elk helm, Janalon?” Sara asked with a grin.
“As you wish, I would not have it any other way.” Janalon handed it to her.
As Sara got to her feet she heard the tree branches shaking over her head followed by thumps on the ground as Glory Row members slipped from the trees.
Emerging from the forest was Borric and Jasmine followed by Vader and the Silver Archer.
Mdnitrdr and Draegon came up the hill with Oliver and Zedd in tow.
Nadia and Gilgamesh spread a blanket of food by the tree as Sassy poured fresh milk and grape juice.
Within five minutes Glory Row members covered the hilltop as the city of Moonglow stirred below.
Bluegravity and Thundarr gathered wood as Fallstaff worked with tinder.
Christina hushed the crowd with a wave of her hand as Arwen started her song.

Down in the city of Moonglow a mother stopped her walk and looked up at the hill as the song spilled through the air.
Her small daughter tugged at her arm and asked. “Mother, who is that?”
“That’s Glory Row.” The mother replied.
“What do they do?” the small child begged.
“It’s not what they do, it’s what they do not do.” The Mother said with a smile.
“What don’t they do, Mother?”
“They don’t take anything for granted.” The Mother said as she continued her walk with the little girl in tow.

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