Our Creed

Honor and Compassion

Guildmaster and Guildmistress

Are charged with the presentation of Glory Row and to promote our guild to the world of Britannia in a positive way. Tis their task to color our guild with peace and nobility. Their skills will be those of a scholar, advisor and servant to our creed. Forbidden are they to defame Glory Row in a dark manner. Chained they be to the arts of training our new found companions. Fame they know to be peace within our circle we call Glory Row.

Circle of Elders

Our Elders of The Creed reside with this title. With hand and thought, they are charged with the upholding of Our Creed.
No other voice shall be heeded like the voice of The Elders.
Their voices will rise when the intergrity of Our Creed is in concern and no voice will be louder.
To hold such a seat in Our Circle, will require as follows.
Two year membership.
Having sat on the LIC or High Council throne.
Accepted by the Circle of Elders.

Lord and Lady in Command

Their blood flows with valor and is pumped by courage. Their task lies in the organization of quests and deeds of valor. Liable they will be held for the welfare of thy questing party. Peace they promote, and cheeks will they turn. Allies they seek in travels. Their charge will be evaulated every quarter of our year by the Guild Master and Mistress.
To hold such a seat in Our Circle, will require as follows.
To have sat on the throne of High Council.
Approved by the Guildmaster, Guildmistress and The Cirlce of Elders

High Council

Arms they raise to the cries of Glory Row. With the shake or nod of their heads, they choose our path. Listen they must to our voices, vote they must on issues of thought.
Confide they may in the Guild Master and Mistress.
The right choice is their charge and their office will be rotated every quarter of our year by the election of our members.

Glory Row Champions

Our Champions are our guides to ultimate bravery. Charged they are to work hand in hand with the Lord and Lady to organize our quests for Honor and Compassion.

All Glory Row Members

To uphold titles of neutral with hearts set on honor. Turn not to Dastardly deeds, and sink not further below. If lost on path of Notouriety, seek both thy Guildmaster's advice. Cover your comrade's flank and leave them not in battle.


* The Glory Row Cape *
All members shall don the Glory Row cape with the correct shade of red.
This cape is worn in pride by our members and shall not be mocked or considered trivial.

* The Glory Row Ceremonies *
All members that attend a Glory Row Ceremony shall dress in the proper attire which is a blue robe or dress and a blue bandanna.
Each member shall hold a torch and refrain from any spell casting our skill use.
No weapons, armor, shields or animals shall be allowed at our sacred ceremonies.
Come prepared to speak if called upon.

* No Glory Row Member shall be a member of another Player Guild. *
This includes other characters on their accounts.
Are you with us or are you not?

* Pk killing *
No member shall advertise openly about the desire to hunt and kill player killers.
Player killer, killers, are hated and despised as much as their adversaries.
Donít forget our Creed of Compassion.
This does not mean that we will not defend ourselves.

* The Making of War *
No member shall make war using the Glory Row name on any one person or any one Guild.
War is only declared after long and strenuous thought of the Board.
Declaration of war shall be avoided if at all possible.
The adding of names to our Adversaries list is not a declaration of war.

* Exploits *
No member shall participate in exploiting any aspect of Ultima Online.
This includes macro programs to enhance your skills or any illegal software that would violate Origin System Ďs policy.
Donít forget our Creed of Honor.

* Access to our Mirc Scrolls by visitors shall be approved by at least one Board Member *
The Chat program MIRC is being used to find our Guild Members. We know that many use ICQ, however all that have tried MIRC agree that it is so much easier to chat and stay in touch while we venture out into Britannia. MIRC can be found in the Links option on the main page for those who do not have the program. Our registered channel is located on Starlink servers.

The channel name is Glory-Row

The command to use once MIRC has established a connection is


/join #Glory-Row (enter).

* Notice *
Profainty on our Mirc Scrolls can get you kicked.

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