Our History

The rain subsided as the blue cloaked rider came to a stop at a crossroads.
The ride from Yew had been without incident as the clouds parted and the sun hung high in the sky.
From the east he heard the steps of a horse as he peered through the trees.

The ride from Britain had been a rather pleasant one as she came up on the crossroads of Yew, Trinsic and Skara Brae.
She knew she had to come to the crossroads today at noon, a reunion of some kind.
The dream that tossed her golden hair last eve told her something about what to expect at the crossroads.
A voice echoed from the trees. “Rel Sanct.”
A feeling of euphoria came over Sasha as she slowed her mount.
“Come out!” She demanded with a smile.
The mage stepped out of the trees with his horse close behind.
“Hello Bliss.” Sasha greeted the horse.
“Indeed.” The mage replied for the horse.
“Janalon, it’s been too long, what deters your promised visits?” Sasha sung.
Janalon held his hand up, then pointed down the southern road.
There, high on his horse, Buffy, was Zedd of Trinsic.
Zedd slowed his horse as he approached Janalon and the woman.
“Janalon the Wanderer, damn thee blood brother, what company blesses your side?” Zedd said nodding at Sasha.
“Ahhh, but you know her, Zedd, look closer still.” Janalon motioned.
Zed looked closer at the woman with Janalon and seemed to recognize her, even though he had never seen her before in his life.
Sasha too, felt like she knew the rider on the horse.
“Zedd, this is Sasha, Sasha meet Zedd.” Janalon gesterd.
“Janalon?.” Sasha said nodding at Zedd. “What is in the air?”
“Why, Honor and Compassion is in the air, my dear.” Janalon smiled.
Zedd eyes narrowed. “The dream I had last eve.”
“Yes,” Sasha whispered.
“The Guild of our ancestors?” Zedd thought out loud.
“Indeed.” Janalon replied.
“Do we dare don the colors of our ancient ancestors?” Zedd asked.
Janalon reached in his back pack and threw Sasha and Zedd a cape of red.
“We would not dare not to.” Janalon said as he donned a red cape of his own.
Sasha and Zedd tied their capes, as the dream they had last eve became more vivid.
The land of Britannia needed Honor and Compassion, the time was high.
“Janalon, how long have you known Sasha’s ancestors were part of the same guild as ours.” Zedd wondered.
“Many years, but now Zedd our ancestors beckon us to take on The Creed, there are others here that roam the land that have the same blood in their veins.” Janalon spoke and waved his hands in the air.
A shimmering round globe appeared and inside the globe an image came clear.
A knight on a horse as black as Midnight rode the plains of East Britannia with his red cape bellowing in the wind.
“My friend, MdnitRdr, he’s on his way to Britain.” Janalon waved his hands.
The image changed to a swordsman on foot as he made his way through a dense forest.
“Who’s that?” Sasha asked.
“I do not know, but look at the colors he wears.” Janalon replied.
Zedd looked closer and gasped. “I know him, I met him three tides ago, young fighter by the name of Acolon.”
“Can you find him, Zedd?” Janalon asked.
“If he is to be found, I shall find.” Zedd nodded.
The image changed to a lady swordswoman, who led a swordsman through a forest.
Looking closer they noticed the swordsman stop and work Alchemy.
“Sasha and I will find those two, but there are many others”. Janalon insisted.
“I’ll take leave towards Trinsic, to see if I can pick up the trail of Acolon.” Zedd stated.
“Sasha and I will go and lay welcome as MdnitRdr rides into Britain.” Janalon replied.
Zedd galloped away with his cape flowing in the wind. “Pay me visit in Trinsic in two weeks.”
“Indeed.” Sasha said for Janalon.

And so begins the story of Glory Row.

Sir MdnitRdr has arrived in Britain, welcome him.

Our noble Zedd has taken to a new town, Zedd is now in Trinsic. For those whom may want to give him company, he is taking visitors. He is most happy for he has found his horse Buffy.

Zedd found himself caught in a gate that was thrown around the bank in Britain. This gate teleported him to a Dungeon on Ice Island. Here he was set upon by an evil Guild that almost took his life. If not for the Guild who call themselves The Legionairs, he would have perished. The Legionairs helped him escape this Island and brought him back to the city of Britain.

Janalon and MdnitRdr went east to tangle with orcs and the like, where they met one whom called himself Soundman. Blessed be Soundman, he was good enough to give us lead and MdnitRdr some good armor.

The Lady K and Janalon payed a visit to Lord British's Castle and actually got to use the Lords Loom. Payoff was most excellent, it filled Janalon's bag of reagents and our Lady K's pocket with gold.

MdnitRdr's sword arm is beginning to shed light on the Guild's fighting force. Feel safe if you are lucky enough to have him and Draegon as your company. Team these two up with Zedd, and roam Britannina with little worry.

Amberlee exchanged fireballs and magic with a Dragon on the Skara Brae Isle. After combing the debris out of her hair, she makes her way back to the island town. Here between her hunts, she bakes bread and feeds the less fortunate. Bless her.

Sir Draegon and a nameless companion brought down two Dragons in the Dungeon Despise.

Janalon, MdnitRdr teamed up with the Noble Zedd. All three made their way back to Britan and went on a hunt. After making their way to the eastern shore, they followed it north up into the plains. Along the way, they fought cougars, hinds and bears alike. A Player Killer, by the name of Lord Bog, broke the party up after felling Janalon and chasing the other two into the woods. Zedd and MdnitRdr met Janalon back in town at the healers.

Janalon & MdnitRdr join the Noble Zedd in the town of Trinsic. We wait for word on the whereabouts Sasha.

Hamanu is now known as Orion, Also we must plan a welcome for Mary Jane, whom is due in Britain soon.

Sasha enters intense mace fighting training, as Janalon gains the 6th circle.

The Lady K led our noble Zedd and Janalon to the Northeast into the dreaded swamps, where the hunt was rather rewarding. Using Janalon's magery and The Lady K's wit, the party practiced their resist magic skills which cost Zedd his life. This turn of events found Janalon alone with Zedd's ghost with a new found companion by the name of Oman Roswell. After The Lady K's departure, Oman led them futher west to the City of Bridges, Vesper. Here Zedd found life and Janalon found relief and hope. Many thanks from Glory Row and it's members to the one called Oman Roswell.

Bliss be this day, Bliss we shout, for our Lord in Command the Noble Zedd has gained the title of expert swordsman. Janalon our Guildmaster, bared witness to his holy blade as it cut through polar bear and the like. Our Sir Bochim attacked from the shadows as the evil gators lay dying. And forget not MdnitRdr for his arm swells in strength. Our fighter Vade Won approches from the North, with the noble company of no other than Mathurin. A lady shouts from the south, she claims the name of Noelle. She lies her soul down to Glory Row and seeks the position as Lady in Command. And what of Sasha, for she was witness to Janalon as he entered the 7th circle. Amberlee and Sir Draegon, what sites have they took in. Sir Draegon the robber of evil, and Lady Amberlee the giver of Hope. Where be we plead, where be our brave Orion, how does he fair? Arms we call, bring thy arms and wit alike, for Glory Row is now aflame in the blood of thy foes, the wicked.

The door opened with a force as the snow and cold air rushed in to dance with the embers in the fireplace. The Lady K shook the snow from her cape and stepped forth and vowed heart and soul to Glory Row. She made clear her claim, a claim that only few could voice. She walked boldly up to our Noble Zedd and met his eye. "Tis I", she spoke without blinking. "Tis I that will take to your side as Lady in Command for Glory Row. With out comment he spun to face the table. "What say you?", he asked the three men that were sipping at ale. "Aye!", MdnitRdr spoke and raised his tankard. "As I", Bochim followed. All eyes turned towards Sir Draegon whom was rubbing his thumb down his drawn blade. "Honored.", he said quietly and met The Lady K's gaze. "The Council has spoken!," Zedd exclaimed. We name The Lady K as Lady in Command for Glory Row. Heads then turned towards the shadows of the room. Back in those shadows sat two at a table, the woman listening with intent, the man writing in a book. "She's been nothing but kind to me.", Sasha smiled. "Indeed." The mage exclaimed without looking.

Sasha and Janalon with the company of Buckwheat the mage, follow our Lady K into the swamps for a night of magic and swordsmanship. This night was made most enjoyable by the company of some of our friends from Mortal Coil.
Sir Colbey escorts Amber Lee into the forest, northwest of Britain. What became of them and what sites did they see, we inquire.

Our Lady Sasha makes battle with a cougar as Janalon steps between a panther and one named Kwugg. The three make battle with two more cougars before a nameless one enters the field chased by a Lizard Man. Only after finishing off the cougar and panther could we give aid.

Sir Draegon gains the title of expert swordsman after clashing blades with three murders, he was able to vanquish one foe before the others took flight in fear.
Mayhap next time he travels with friends to share some of this blade washing.

Again Sir Draegon cools his hot blade in the life Blood of a Dread Lord as we watch him gain the title Adept Swordsman.
Now The Lady K and Sir Draegon enjoy this elite title.
Zedd needs only a couple of more foes at his feet to join them.

MdnitRdr along with the company of Sasha and Janalon exchange blows with polar bears and alligators. Dear Sasha swings with a force that is only shadowed by her smile, while MdnitRdr lets his blade feast again and again.
Acolon and Janalon meet with Sasha later this eve, to train two new potential members. After a little gold was raised the ladies retired while Acolon and Janalon ventured towards Vesper.
Fate had it that an Air Elemental would cause Janalon to seek a healer while Acolon was jumped by three orcs at once.
After they rejoined each other's company a nameless lady helped them vanquish a Gazer.
Our Commander Zedd travels to Trinsic on his way to Destard. We can only wait for word.

Our Lady in Command, The Lady K, ventures away for a short time. On some personal mission, she goes with our bid for a swift return. In her absence we feel a staleness in the air, a sort of missing magic that we are unable to compensate for. A red cape hangs out of place on a otherwise vacant wall. It's only company is a viking sword, polished and sharpened to a bone cutting edge. Glory Row awaits, as the world slows on it's axis, slows until our Lady K dons her epuipment again. Bless.

Mathurin, the fighter mage and Vade Won arrive in Britain, we give welcome.

Glory Row members find much reward in the swamps watching our Noble Zedd in battle with 3 orcs at once. This hunt proved most exciting as foe after foe tried to take the members down with tooth, fang and claw. Zedd only fell before a Wisp which brought the wrath of lightning down upon him.
Janalon recalls on a rune dropped by a stranger. The stranger only wanted him to recall then mark another to bring back. On his return the cloaked man promised 500 coins. The man warned ahead of time, that the rune led to the 3rd level of the dungeon Shame. A price our mage could not turn down.

Some have voiced concern about the shadow that crosses Janalon's face from time to time. Our mage seems distraught, weakened by something internal. Spirit broken by some dark secret, some fancy.
Fading, one says.
Rumor blows across the land, like the mist from the sea. Janalon rode his horse Bliss out to the Gazebo early this morn. From here he recalled, to where we know not. If any one knows what runes he possesses, please step forth and let our circle know.
Some fear he has taken flight from all he holds dear.

Some of us have enjoyed the company of Christina an excellent companion and friend. Christina has hunted and fought by our side in the chill of the night and in the heat of the day. Shared her gold and her time to our cause. Blessed be the morning she asked to join our circle. And Blessed be this day, for all were in agreement. Janalon speaks for the absent Lady K, whom we are sure will be pleased with the fine addition of Christina.

Our fighter Acolon proves time and time again his dedicated interest in our circle.

We search Britain for our fighter/mage Mathurin. We can only hope he has not fallen. MdnitRdr takes charge of the search with weapon drawn and gleaming.

We can only speculate that Janalon has gone off to Moonglow in search of the magic required. Though the search is much closer than traveling the lands, he need only look into his heart and soul and there, contained within the knowledge possessed, is the key.

The strings that bind us together to form Glory Row will never become tight and constricting, they will bend and stretch so as to let us all follow our chosen paths, as a family we engulf and embrace each other to share in the pleasures and pains of our members. Janalon do hurry home your guild can not let you stray too far or long.

The company we keep is grand indeed, and our members are chosen with care. Our Lady Christina has gained the noble title, lets us be proud to stand by her.

Janalon returns from the peaceful island of MoonGlow this eve, with a spring in his step we declare. What ever worry he had, seemed to be left back on the Isle. Perhaps when the time is right, we may inquire.

MdnitRdr dons a heater shield and lends escort to Mathurin. Creatures from our nightmares kept their bay while those that did not, simply fell.

She noticed a dim light through the crack of the door, she approached it with care and gently pushed it open. To her surprise the room was filled with the sweet smell of fresh dew, while the soft glow of a candle burned on a table in the corner.
"What are you writing?" she asked as she walked into the room. The mage looked up and smiled as she stopped short. From this distance he could easily make out the edged lady warrior that stood before him.
"Just a scroll, a short scroll of history.", he replied with a smile.
"Tell me more," her voiced echoed from her helm.
"It's about a hunt led by our Sir MdnitRdr, his swordsmanship swells with experience, it's also about you gaining the title of noble.", he answered.
Silence followed then, silence except for the crackling fire. Many grains fell through the time glass, without either speaking.
Mayhap there is something else you would like to discuss?", he finally asked.
"Yes, tell me about your trip to MoonGlow", her voice came quickly.
She sat then, across the table, he could hear her labored breath behind her helm.
"Hold a minute", his hand went up.
"Yes?", she said with wonder.
"Let me ask something of you.", he stated simply.
"Remove your helm, I've never seen your face.", he asked softly.
Her gloved hands went up and removed her helm. At first he was startled by her gentle look. He had seen her many times awash in the blood of battle. It was hard to imagine such a gentle face behind such a wicked blade.
It was then the door burst open and the clamour of mailed boots rushed into the room.
At the top of his voice Sir Draegon yelled for all to hear. "The Lady K returns!".
"Indeed!", the mage managed. All eyes turned towards the swordswoman that followed in his wake. She walked over to the wall and removed her cape from whence it hung, with a flash she donned it and in the same motion she drew her blade.
"My mission was successful, I found her north of the orc fort.", her voiced boomed.
All eyes turned towards the door as a shadow appeared in the doorway and stumbled into the light of the room.
"Mary Jane!", Sasha exclaimed as she walked into the room.
"Come, come rest by the fire.", Sasha motioned.
It was then that Sasha noticed the bandages along Mary's shoulder and neck.
"What manner of devil did this to you?", Sasha inquired.
"Orcs!", The Lady K answered with a slam of her fist on the table. "To battle I say!", she finished.

During a small hunt this eve, Mathurin and MdnitRdr were attacked by a dread lord and another evil soul. MdnitRdr, try as he may, could not stand toe to toe against the both of them, MdnitRdr chose retreat as the only alternative. Indeed, our Sir MdnitRdr was able to manage a successful retreat, Mathurin was not so fortunate. Mathurin was on a quest to obtain goods to sell so that he could purchase armor. He was an easy target without armor.
Before the light left his eyes and the heat left his body, Mathurin called out a name... "Lord Thorim!!" Mathurin has yet to be heard of since. MdnitRdr calls arms from our circle to go back and search for our Mathurin and guide him to the healers hand.

Our Lady K has asked the guild to offer the position of Lady in Command to someone with more time to concentrate on the needs of Glory Row
She wishes to step down from position and take up only membership status
We bless her for her honesty and we are thankful that she is a part of Glory Row.

Chistina joins Janalon and MdnitRdr to laugh and talk of their latest hunt, the joyful hunt was only broken apart by an ogre that caught MdnitRdr alone and unsupported. The party did enjoy a rewarding hunt up to this point. The three now stalk certain murderers that have attacked our Circle.

We ask our our members to be wary, as of late finds us in battle with evil murderers.

MdnitRdr returned to the murder scene that claimed our Mathurin. Again he was ambushed and fought with heart. Only when the evil ones doubled their numbers did MdnitRdr retreat back to Britain

The Noble Zedd vs The Dasterdly Joanna
Having just defeated a evil Shade with viking sword and mighty fireball, Zedd casts Greater Heal. Zedd sighed as the healing spell knitted his broken ribs and torn skin. It was just about time to cast Recall and head back home. Zedd sorely missed his friends in the most noble guild Glory Row. Zedd opened his packs to eat a refreshing meal before heading home. While he was digging thru his packs Zedd was unaware that somebody was watching him intently from the woods. Waiting until Zedd was fully absorbed in his task, the evil one acted! While Zedd did hear the incantation, he was unable to react fast enough. The fireball blasted into Zedd's back with such force that Zedd was knocked on his backside! Fortunately Zedd was fully healed and rested. Wasting no time, Zedd leaped up and ran toward the attacker. A paralyze spell was resisted by the Noble Zedd's skills and than he was upon her! Zed hacked once, than again, spewing his foes blood upon the ground! The Dasterdly Joanna was sorely wounded and Zedd hacked yet again, with more of his attackers blood flowing upon the ground. Dastardly Joanna unleashed a bolt of lightning which did sorely wound Zedd. But Zedd held his ground, smiled grimly, and hacked once more. The last sword strike was to much for the Dastardly Joanna as she must have reconsidered her actions, which is to say she ran like hell! Zedd himself was sorely wounded, having only 10/55 life left. Zedd hastly put away his weapons and recalled to home. Zedd calls upon his noble guild Glory Row to join him in placing the Dastardly Joanna high on our hit list.
Noble Zedd has attained Expert Swordsman and can now cast 4th level spells with great skill. If Zedd has been missed its because he has just returned from great adventures in which he managed to increase his skill and perish not even once. Zedd ventured all the way to the NE coast killing ors, shades, bears and such. Zedd was attacked by the Dastardly Joanna and fought her to a standstill. She ran like the coward her title proclaims her to be. Zedd did not pursue as he was sorely wounded also, but Zedd was fully prepared to fight this rogue to the death. Zedd will not back down when attacked by evil creatures.
On a more somber note, Zedd is unable to claim his noble horse Buffy from the stableman because the stablehand left and never has returned. Zedd's feet are blistered and broken. He can be found of late at the North Side Inn with his feet propped up on a stool and sipping ale.

The orc raid was carried out with valor as many orcs dropped to their knees as Glory Row members tore through the fort. Thanks to all the members that joined in.

Janalon and Christina let their wrath loose on a dread lady. The Dread Lady Lotos fell before Christina's blade as vengence was taken with honor

The early morning hours found Janalon and Christina in the town of Skara Brae. Here they consumed spirits and battled at chess as the morning grew older. Dawn finds them confused on just how the game of chess is played.

Her fingers flashed and made woo with the circle of string. In the firelight her nails glowed as she seemed to pull and tug at the nylon that she held taunt in both hands.
"And there we have it!", she said with a smile.
"What may it be?", the mage leaned forward.
"Why it's a witch's broom.", she held it closer so he could see.
"Yes, I see, what else can you make?", he said with interest.
"Cup and Saucer, and this is my favorite", her fingers went to work. "Jacob's ladder!", she proclaimed.
"Who's Jacob?", the mage raised his brows.
"I dunno, but a ladder it is.", she said unsure.
"Christina.", Sasha spoke up. "You're very good with that, I remember when I was a young child, my aunt showed me how to do such things with string.
"Indeed.", the mage decided.
"You care to try, Janalon?", Christina dropped the string on the table.
The mage gave a half smile and without picking up the string, his fingers wove through the air with a hint of blue fire around his nails.
The string jumped and hovered over the table, it wound and dove around itself and drew taunt.
"And there we have it, Janalon's ladder!", the mage said with satisfaction.
"You cheated!", Sasha proclaimed.
"Yes, you did!" Christina agreed, and snatched her string from the air.
"Indeed", the mage shrugged.

A mailed fist pounded on the round table down the hall and words of anger broke the night.
"What is the meaning of such!", MdnitRdr demanded of Zedd.
"Tis a decision made with interest of the entire circle", Zedd's voice boomed like thunder.
"By whom!", the other's voice rose to a fury.
More words were exchanged in short whispers, then the sound of footsteps approached.
Zedd, MdnitRdr and Vade Won entered the room with Pestla and Acolon close behind.
"Janalon, why did you take down the name of the murdering guild from our bulletin!?" MdnitRdr demanded.
"MdnitRdr, please lower your tone.", Sasha stood.
"Twas both of our decision", she continued.
"By what right?", he asked in a lower tone. "What right I ask, what of our fallen comrade Mathurin? He still lies in agony in the bed from the hands of those tricksters.", He motioned toward the corner where Mathurin lay resting.
"Ohhhh!", Mathurin added for emphasis.
"Bah, the scoundrel went on a drinking spree last night! He's not hurt, he's hung over from ale, I fancy!", Zedd's voiced boomed.
"Ohhhh!", Mathurin added again.
"The presentation of this guild to the world is a task that Janalon and I do not take lightly, we wish not to broadcast to the world that we are at odds with certain group of murderers.", Sasha spoke as she walked towards the fire.
"We did it for the safety and welfare of our members.", she continued as she turned the log with the poker.
"I see, that makes sense.", MdnitRdr met the mage's eye and nodded.
The mage smiled at his friend.
"Well!", Zedd slapped Vade and MdnitRdr on the back. "Did I ever tell you about the time I broke an orc's neck with my bare hands!?"
The mage watched the group leave as Pestla poured Mathurin a fresh cup of ale.
"You're very sensitive on this issue, are you not?", Christina ask the mage.
"There's a fine line to be noticed.", the mage declared.
"One must be careful of dealing out death, for if not, then they become the wicked themselves.", Janalon replied.
Silence covered the room, silence except for the labored breath of Mathurin.
Christina thought then about the climax of the fight between her and the Dread Lady.
Her hands went to her face as she remembered the glee she felt as she saw the life leave the other's eyes by her hand. She remembered how powerful she felt. How she laughed as the grass was soaked in the evil ones blood. She remembered then, remembered how she turned to Janalon for his approval and comment of the slow death she wrought to the Dread Lady. She remembered that he was facing the other way, his back to her and the deed.
"Janalon?", Christina asked with a voice broken.
"Do you fancy me wicked?", she asked quietly.
"By no means!", his hand patted hers. "Just let it not consume thee, or change thy heart and soul.", he said softly.
Sasha had taken her seat and picked up the string.
"Let it not change the face of our circle.", she said as she made play with the string.
The two watched the Guild Mistress as her fingers wound around the string. When she finished she held up her work in the firelight.
A heart, with the letters G and R within.

A note of pride must be announced - Our Guild Mistress, Sasha has now climbed to the ranks of Expert Swordswoman. On this day MdnitRdr and Sasha ventured out North of Town to see where all of the dastardly deeds have been committed upon our members, wence came two bears (a grizzly and a brown)mighty swords drawn the two slaid the Grizzly though at a great cost to health and stamina. Then the worst came about, the brown chased each down and suffice to say Sasha and MdnitRdr went down in a furious flurry of fur and red capes. There came a kindly soul whom in the intensity of the mayhem we can not recall his name (should this person read this as they said they would please contact us as there is some wine and cheers to be shared) anyhow, helped us out of our predicament. It was a battle that Sasha will not soon forget, as will MdnitRdr.

MdnitRdr fell victim to PKing on Christmas Day. During an outing to the South of Britannia.
He was having great success, killing two scorpions, an orc, and a grizzly. While resting after the tangle with the orc, two Lords appeared in the area. Since one of the Lords was noble, He was not overly concerned with them. Then, the Dread Lord began to attack and hurled a paralyzing spell and stamina disappeared very quickly. Unable to run, MdnitRdr could only watch as the Dread Lord Asan O Drakes continued his fireball assault. Within a few minutes, MdnitRdr was dead. As the Dread Lord was approaching, good fortune also approached in the form of Lord Doo Summ an ally of our circle. This Noble gentleman warrior collected MdnitRdr's belongings and met him at the Healer in Britain. With him, a mage by the name of Merlin returned his belongings to him in Britain.
MdnitRdr, only losing his horse, feels fortunate.

Acolon also has reported numerous attacks from Pkers. Glory Row will have to take what action it can muster.

MdnitRdr and Acolon have gained the rank of Adept Swordsman. Janalon accompanies both on a succesfull trip to the Orc Fort.

From the concealment of the trees and forage, Vade, Mathurin, Sir Draegon and Colbey watched with anticipation. The noon day sun was high in the sky, but failed horribly to penetrate the canopy of trees. At last they saw Amberlee as she broke the trees on the far side of the canyon and made her way towards the passage. When she was within a hundred yards of the passage, they came. From all sides of her, the five came down on her.
"That's them." Mathurin whispered. "That's the devils."
Colbey motioned at him, to stay low.
Vade cocked his crossbow and took aim.
"Steady, not till the time is right.", Sir Draegon patted Vade's shoulder. Amberlee was covered by the murderers at this time, and the four fighters were about to resort to an all out attack.
Then it happened.
The air beside Mathurin folded in on itself, turning blue in color. It flashed bright then subsided.
In it's place stood Amberlee, right where she had marked.
Down at the passage the group of evil murderers cursed and looked from side to side, backing into the passage.
The plan had worked!
Vade let loose his bolt and it sunk with a thud into the one in red robes. "Got the mage!", Vade said with clenched teeth.
Dirt flew as the three fighters got to their feet and bolted towards the passage.
"Gone!", Sir Draegon exclaimed as they came to a halt in front of the opening.
"Lets give chase!", Mathurin yelled and headed up the pass.
"An Ex Por.", a voiced whispered.
The air shimmered around Mathurin and he stopped in stride.
"What the?", Mathurin could only move his lips.
The three remaining warriors looked behind them as MdnitRdr slowed his mount to a walk, then at rest. Amber Lee shimmered into presence beside him.
"Sorry about the paralyze spell, Mathurin", Amber Lee smiled.
"There will be no heroes this day.", MdnitRdr dismounted.
Colbey busted into laughter and Vade quickly followed.
"We have the information we need to sway the board to come investigate this pass at the very least!", MdnitRdr motioned at Mathurin then at his horse.
Colbey and Vade lifted Mathurin and draped him over the mount.
"This was entirely uncalled for!", Mathurin yelled, still unable to move.
"It'll wear off in a bit.", Amber Lee assured.
"They all have taken refuge on the other side of the pass!", Acolon dropped to the ground from the cliff he had climbed to take watch.
"With others?" MdnitRdr asked the seasoned fighter.
"Yes three others.", Acolon said with satisfaction.
The company turned then, turned back towards the direction they had came, with the horse and it's burden in tow. Sir Draegon took up the rear, watching the trees for ambush. The walk home would be long.

"By the god's, leave me be!", Zedd exclaimed.
"Zedd, I tell you, these killers have brought this on themselves!", MdnitRdr replied coldly.
Sasha got up from the table walked over and stared out the window.
"Zedd gather a party and lets ride, we will show you this place where they hide", Colbey said from the shadows.
"Yes, that's the deed to do", the Adept Swordsman Acolon added.
"Sasha fetch me some ale, a cool cup of ale.", Zedd pleaded.
Sasha continued staring out the window.
"Bah!, ladies fetch no ale for the seasoned warrior, and we have two council members running around the countryside picking fights, I know not what to do!!", Zedd stated.
The air beside the table shimmered then flashed white, in it's place stood Janalon with a frosty mug of ale.
He handed it to his blood brother and nodded.
"Ah, brother at soul and heart", Zedd exclaimed and took the mug to his lips.
When Zedd was done he ran his fingers through his hair and stared into the mug.
"Where's The Lady K!", Zedd's voice pleaded with the clouds.
"She's not here.", Sasha turned to face the others.
Sasha walked over and held Amberlee by the hands.
"Amberlee, tell me what happened.", Sasha ask the young girl quietly.
"Well, my lady, if I may....", MdnitRdr started.
Sasha held up her hand and hushed him. "Amber?", Sasha whispered.
"Tis so, my lady, tis so, I approached the pass alone and unarmed, and they set about me with the intent of harm", Amberlee said quietly.
"Christina will not be back from Yew until tomorrow eve, we should wait on her", Sasha looked at the others.
No one spoke, everyone's thoughts were on the pass.
"We cant wait.", Janalon spoke. "We need to make sure that pass is clear, Christina may use it on her return trip"., the mage finished.
"Ok, lets pay this hole in the mountain a Glory Row visit.", Zedd decided.

Janalon and MdnitRdr meet up with Sasha and Vade Won in Britain.
Sasha, unable to go with the three to the dungeon Shame, loans her horse Windy, to Vade Won, wishing him luck.
The venture to Shame brought orcs and evil zombies on the small party.
Vade Won enjoyed numerous kills before the party was overwhelmed and broken up.
When the ash had cleared and the sounds of the dying evil creatures hushed, Windy lay dead.
A erie silence blew through Shame that eve, the only sound was the shovel as it bit at the rock and dirt. When finshed, Vade took wood and carved a shiny cross that read... Windy.

Glory Row members followed Zedd, our Lord in Command, to the mountain pass that lead to the dungeon Despise.
MdnitRdr road abreast Zedd, as Oliver took up the rear with the company of the mage, Janalon.
Our company passed many a body as it lay bleeding, wounds fresh from the blades of the murderers.
They stopped then, just inside the passage where it opened into a clearing. Oliver scanned the trees as movement caught his eyes. Shadows fleeing in the darkness.
Zedd's hand went up and the company came to a stop.
"We have cleared the pass and still see nothing but shadows.", Zedd whispered.
"Shall we bathe our blades in Despise?", MdnitRdr inquired.
Without a word the company approached the entrance and made ready their weapons as Janalon unwound his pouch of reagents. Once inside Zedd delayed not a moment before setting in on a giant scorpion.
Ghouls and giant spiders fell before MdnitRdr as Oliver carved up giant rats.
Blood flowed freely from wounds, wrought by the claws of skeletons, on Zedd's forearms and chest.
Janalon whispered words and willed the wounds shut.
"Die fiend!", was the battle cry as the skeleton crumbled.
After the battle Janalon spoke from the shadows.
"I need to recall, and gather more reagents.", the mage advised.
"We shall wait at the opening.", Zedd decided.
The air around the mage flickered and flashed bright. When it dimmed the mage was gone. It was then that an evil lord set upon the remaining members.
Zedd, MdnitRdr and Oliver defended themselves but made their way back towards the opening of the cave to wait on the mage.
Once outside the members waited until the mage returned.
"Janalon, four to six muderers guard the entrance.", Zedd told the mage when he returned.
"Should we go back in?", Oliver asked with anticipation.
Our Lord in Command, Zedd shook his head.
"Only two of us, to see if the way is clear.", Zedd replied.
MdnitRdr went to his side and drew his sword.
"Oliver, stay back with me.", Janalon put his hand on Oliver's shoulder.
Zedd and MdnitRdr made way towards the entrance. Zedd's blade swung with honor as he entered the dungeon. The murderers had thrown up a firewall and it tore at Zedd's face.
Seeing their folly MdnitRdr pulled Zedd back towards the exit. Zedd broke free and charged the murderers, blade swinging high. The volley of fireballs was too much for our Lord in Command to withstand.
MDnitRdr turned and made his way back out, meeting Oliver and Janalon at the entrance.
"Back, back!", MdntRdr pushed the mage.
MdnitRdr, blackened with ash tore at the mage's robes, pushing Oliver back out into the sunlight.
"Lost, Zedd fell before fire!", MdnitRdr fell to his knees, choking on the black smoke and sulfur.
"He's making his way back to the healers, in spirit form.", MdnitRdr finished.
The three turned back towards the pass with saddened souls. The way home would be a long walk without their Lord in Command.

Glory Row members journey to the dungeon Shame.
It was here that that MdnitRdr, Christina, Oliver, Acolon and Janalon made harvoc with ratmen and spiders.
A Water Elemental was among the evil that fell.
Trouble begin when four murderers gated before them on the third level, throwing firewalls and dividing the company. Members fell very quickly to the evil ambush. With no options, Christina made her way back towards the second level, wounded and with her companions lost in the caves. Janalon, on the other side of the fire wall, recalled to the entrance to search for the healer that lived south.
Fallen members were guided south where they were touched and brought back to the living. From here they gated back to Britain to regroup.

Janalon and Christina returned to the dungeon to sharpen her skills even more.
Christina enjoyed her first hours as Lady in Command, dropping ratmen and scorpions and honing her skills. The two took down two liche's as the morning crept in.

The wet smell of the crumbling walls met the party of two as they made their entrance into Despise. The darkness was overwhelming as they rounded the bend and the light was blocked from the entrance.
"In Lor", she spoke softly. The darkness receded as the Guild Mistress drew her blade. "Bless you Amber.", Sasha said with a smile. The sound of scurrying feet set both on guard as the ratman came on our fours.
When it set upon Sasha it reared to it's hind legs, clawing.
Sasha gritted her teeth and swung low and wide, cutting the creatures legs out from under it. The ratman retreated into the shadows, whimpering.
Amber Lee had words of healing on her lips as she felt the cold touch of death. From behind the young girl came the zombie groping for another touch as she felt her life essence leave her soul.
Sasha tried to make her way to the young girl's aid in vain as two scorpions blocked her path. Huge pinchers set about her neck as she jabbed then thrusted her blade deep into ones heart.
Lightening came from Amber's fingers, ripping the rotted flesh from the zombie as it turned to dust.
"Amber. I'm in need of your hand!", Sasha called from the rocks. A skeleton dropped from the shadows causing Amber Lee to fling more lightening.
"Amber!", the Guild Mistress called again.
Amber turned and willed words of health towards Sasha. Panic gripped the young girl's heart as she felt the spell slip from her control. "My mana is depleted!", Amber Lee called out while the darkness closed around them.

Beside the healers bed Amber waited while the old man wove health around the Guild Mistress. Sasha's eyes sparkled and her breath became more full. "We did'nt fare so well, did we Sasha?", Amber asked softly.
I think we did rather well.", Sasha replied, buckling her sword around her waist.
"Three ratmen, two zombies and three scorpions at once, MdnitRdr and Oliver would be quite impressed!", Sasha continued.
"And without our brave fighters hogging all the kills.", Amber Lee laughed.
"Yes and no words of wisdom from a certain mage, aye?" Sasha stated with arched brows.
"Indeed.", Amber Lee did her best impression.

Glory Row members Oliver and MdnitRdr lead the way deep into Shame as Christina and Sasha rode behind them.
Vade Won took up the rear with the mage Janalon.
The Lady in Command fought along side our Guild Mistress bringing down ghouls and zombies while ratmen scurried away in fear from the blade of MdnitRdr.
Oliver proves his skill as his sword brings forth blood from giant spiders.
The bolts flew through the air and sunk with perfection into scorpions as Vade Won polished his archery.
Fire from Janalon's fingers came only on occasion as the fighters ruled the day.

Later that eve Christina and Janalon return to make war on liches.
The teamwork they displayed was not matched by the dungeon dwellers.
Two liches fell within two minutes as lightning rained from the sky.
Only after they were separated did Christina have to guide Janalon to the healers.

Glory Row salutes Acolon as he returns from his trip.
Acolon was sorely missed and it brings us great pleasure to have his sword skill back at our side.

The smell of dye and fresh cloth filled the room as the spinning of the wheel gave forth a steady hum.
Vade Won's fingers made play with cloth and needle while Janalon worked with the loom. Vade thought about the trip that he, Janalon and Christina had taken to Hythloth.
His brow furrowed as he thought how the party had once again been brought down by murderers.
He remembered the look on Christina's face at the healer.
A most dark look, laced with anger and malice.
He remembered how Janalon had been reluctant to meet her gaze.
Vade continued his work.
The rhythm of the falling rain seemed to play in synch with the sighs of the nearby sea as it blew it's salty breath across Trinsic.
Janalon lugged the finished bolts over and laid them on the table in front of Vade.
Vade gestured with his eyes into the next room to a figure sitting at the loom.
Janalon walked through the doorway and approached the figure from behind.
"Christina?", the mage laid his hand on her shoulder.
"Vade and I work to replace our loss, would you join us?", he finished.
She turned then, turned to face him fully.
The mage fell back as he met her dark and troubled gaze.
A scar ran from her brow, cutting sharply around her cheek, coming to a jagged halt on her neck.
Janalon's fingers made a gester and his lips started the incantation.
Christina's hand went up and grabbed his wrist and stopped him.
"Before you heal, look at it Janalon, look so thee will never forget!", her voice rose to a frenzy.
"This is what we get when we turn our cheeks, Janalon!", she said as heads turned in the tailor shop.
"Let me fight, let me raise my blade to the throats of these cowards!
Or is it my blood you had rather see spilled, or that of Sasha, MdnitRdr and Zedd. The entire circle is bleeding while we turn our humble cheeks!", she said with anger.
The mage held her gaze but made no comment.
"The world is not a perfect place, tis filled with evil, and your wishes and whims will not change it!", she finished then released her grip.
Janalon whispered the words of magic and traced the wound on her face, the wound faded then vanished as her face became smooth and whole again.
"Leave me Janalon, leave my side, I wish to be alone", she said with a whisper.
Vade met Janalon at the door and filled his arms with quality dresses and robes.
"Sell these my friend, sell these and replace your ash and silk.", Vade said quietly.
Janalon nodded and walked up to barter with the merchant.

"So this is where we stand.", Zedd spoke in front of the board members.
"These evil murderers toy with Our Creed and attack us at their fancy.", he continued.
The Lord in Command turned to face the map on the wall.
"What of the western pass?", he asked with his back turned.
"Blocked and guarded!", MdnitRdr spoke up.
"Sir Draegon, tell us your thoughts on this matter, tis no secret in the circle that you put forth great effort to put yourself in the path of these killers.", Zed faced the warrior.
"Take it to them.", Sir Draegon said slowly.
"Yes take it to them!", Mathurin said from the row of seats that the members sat to bare witness to the Council.
"Our members call for our support.", Zedd met each board member's eyes.
Zedd faced the members that sat opposite the round table of the board.
"Speak freely!", he motioned. "Speak at will, Glory Row members, let the board hear your voice.
"I'm sick of being attack and robbed!", Acolon spoke freely.
The young mage Amber Lee stood, "They attacked me unarmed!"
Acolon had drew his blade and clashed it with the blade of Oliver.
"Let's us take the fight to them!", Colbey got to his feet.
"I want to accompany you on your next venture!", Mathurin met Sir Draegon's eyes.
"Sit.", Zedd motioned to the members.
"What say you?", he turned to face the round table.
MdnitRdr and Bochim rose at once and drew their blades and held them high. Sasha and Christina followed and clanged their blades together.
Sir Draegon rose and readied his bardiche.
The sound of Zedd's blade clearing it's sheath cut through the night like lightning.
"To arms!", was the battle cry that shook Britain that night.
"Glory to Glory Row!" Deezy and the Lady K yelled through the night.
All eyes turned then, turned to the only one seated in the room.
Zedd met Janalon's eyes and perhaps saw something more than the others did.
For in the dark shadows of his eyes was a hint of light.
Zedd and Janalon had an understanding that allowed them to know each other's thoughts without words.
Surprised was the rest as Zedd bolted across the room towards Janalon.
Zedd's sword arm came up followed by a delightful smile.
His blade flashed white in the air as it descended upon the mage.
MdnitRdr gave a battle cry as Janalon reached within his robes and cut the air with silver as he brought out a scimitar and met Zedd's blade.
"To arms!", Zedd and Janalon said in perfect unison.

Mathurin and Vade Won sharpen their skills on a hunt in the forest.
Later this eve finds Janalon and Christina sailing the seas as they gather runes for the Circle.

As Vade Won walked out in the streets of Skara Brae.
As Vade walked out in Skara Brae one day.
He spied an old archer, wrapped all in white linen.
Wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay.

"I can see by your outfit, that you are an archer."
These words he did say as Vade slowly walked by.
"Come sit down beside me and hear my sad story.
There's a bolt in my heart, and I know I must die."

When the story was over, Vade voiced his question.
A fancy that only an archer would know.
About the ways of the forest and the turning of seasons.
And how to find tracks in rock, dirt and snow.

From the folds of his linen, the archer pulled leather.
A book that was cracked and it's pages all tore.
Vade took the journal and spoke out it's title.
A lifetime of tracking and all of it's lore.

"Please fetch me some water, a cool cup of water.
To cool my parched lips", then the old archer said.
But before Vade returned, his spirit had left him.
He had gone to his maker, the archer was dead.

Vade Won becomes true with the cross bow as Mathurin turns towards magic.
Colbey turns heads with sword play as Janalon masters the 8th circle with resurrection.

The wind picked up and blew it's soft breath over Britain. She was mesmerized at the shadows on the walls as the candles threw them at random.
She watched one candle as the wax slowly made it's way down it's side.
She wathced the fire as it burned away the wax and turned it into a wispy smoke.
The wax was not gone, just changed.
Nothing ceases to be, it just changes.
Changes are good and for the best, she thought as she looked around the room.
Like Glory Row.
The Guild Mistress smiled as she thought about how things had grown.
The room was busy with activity and laughter.
Zedd sat in one corner with the fighter Mathurin.
"So I gave it a twist, and pop, the orc's neck broke like a twig!", Zedd finished and took a sip of ale.
The Guild Mistress searched the room until her eyes fell in the corner.
"Kal Por Ylem.", Janalon spoke and handed the rune to Thundarr.
"Ok, let me see, it's Kal Ort Por.", Thundarr spoke as the air shimmered.
"Indeed, keep at it Thundarr.", Janalon assured.
"Mayhap you arrange my bag, Janalon, like you did Deezy's", Thundarr handed the pouch of reagents to the mage.
"Indeed.", the mage declared as he sifted though the pouch.
Sasha's eyes fell on MdnitRdr and Acolon as they sat and boasted of sword play with Oliver.
She thought about how mighty their force had grown.
These fighters teamed up with Colbey and Draegon would be a force to flee from.
The member's dedication to the Circle deserved something more than words of thanks.
She thought long and hard as the night grew old.

Glory Row members met in force over the past weekend. Acolon leads a party deep into shame clearing the 1st level of all it's evil.
Colbey and Oliver took down giant spiders in perfect unison as their skills sharpened. Glory Row's fighters become adept in their art, let us be proud that they are with us.

Thundarr and Deezy team up in Skara Brae as our mage Janalon looks on. Thundarr's skill rose quickly as Deezy flung fire and ash at bears and the like.
Over the past weekend these two new members have gained respect in our circle.
Thundarr a brave warrior, hesitates not a second to jump in the melee.
Where our party goes, Deezy follows with words of health and speed.
It makes us proud to aquire members of this calibar.

Mathurin accompanies a party lead by MdnitRdr to scout out the entrance of shame. As the party set foot through the gate that Janalon threw, they were attacked by a evil mage lurking in the shadows.
Janalon, depleted of his mana from the gate, was the first to fall.
MdnitRdr charged the fiend and beat him to submission.
The only choice the coward had was to recall back to the place from whence he came.

The warriors scanned the inside of the fort as their hearts slowed to a comfortable pace.
MdnitRdr approached one of the rooms off from the main entrance way. He had pushed the door open and started inside when he heard Oliver cry his warning from behind.
MdnitRdr turned in time to see yellow robes, three in all, as the ground shook from thunder as lightning poured from the sky.
Oliver went down and tasted dirt mixed with burnt pearl as the three murderers laughed and taunted.
Oliver got to his feet faster than the evil ones expected and fought side by side with MdnitRdr as the sky brought more lightning.
Feeling his life drained, Oliver met MdnitRdr's eyes.
MdnitRdr nodded and parried stepping back from the melee.
He watch Oliver as he fought back the three for another moment as MdnitRdr ran for the nearest closed door.
He looked back in time to see Oliver as he recalled back to the inn for help.
With Oliver's escape the three gave chase to MdnitRdr.
MdnitRdr jumped over a broken table and rolled into a corner among hides and pelts.
The three stood at the doorway unsure if MdnitRdr had entered.
MdnitRdr willed his breath to silence and pulled one of the pelts up to cover his face.
The three evil ones walked around the room in vain.
Finally they made way back torwards the doorway.
The woman turned and faced back into the room, looking from side to side.
MdnitRdr opened his eyes enough to look fully on the face of the evil one.
A most attactive woman if not for the hatred in her eyes.
"What are you doing!?", one asked the woman.
Her eyes went to the corner and an evil grin formed on her face. She threw her arms up and yelled, "In Flam Grav!"
The firewall screamed up beside MdnitRdr taken his breath and burning his lungs.
Again the firewalls appeared, criss crossing the room and licking the cedar raftings.
"Stay here, guard, we will return!", the other two said to the hateful woman.
Once the other two had left the woman's side, MdnitRdr opened his eyes and peered through the flame at her standing in the doorway. Her eyes were filled with malice and her face had gone ashen.
MdnitRdr remembered the look, the look of exhaustion and weariness.
MdnitRdr had wittness the same look on Janalon's face when he had threw too much magic and his mana was depleted.
MdnitRdr jumped and ran towards the doorway.
The woman fell back from him and MdnitRdr punched her with the promnell of his viking sword.
He ran then, ran towards the nearby forest, hopeing she would follow.
He sprinted until his lungs ached for breath. He turned then, turned to face her.
He met her gaze as her hand went up and magic flashed around MdnitRdr's body.
He felt the magic drain him as she again cast her death spell. He charged her then, knocking her to her kness and slashing out with his blade.
He saw panic in her eyes as the blade welted across her torso and spilled blood onto the forest floor.
More magic made MdnitRdr kick out at her and knock her to the ground.
Her look became astonished and fearful as she stepped back, still flinging her spells.
She had fell to her knees as MdnitRdr came down on her.
From somewhere in her dark soul she called more magic.
MdnitRdr knew that the next one to score would win.
He remembered the horror in her eyes as it slowly turned to satisfaction.
Then darkness fell around our warrior.

The smell of death came from the stale air as the party descended into the cold depths of Deceit.
Sir Wallace proved his valor in close quatered combat while Acolon and Olilver fought side by side with MdnitRdr, taking down giant scorpions and the like.
Janalon enjoyed the presence of Black Lotus, whom loaned his magery skills to the melee.
From the stairs going down to the second level came a murderer, catching the party off guard.
Evil fire walls were thrown to divide the party and fell two our our brave warriors.
Janalon and Black Lotus exchanged magery with the fiend as he took back to the stairs in flight.
After the party regrouped, they gave chase down the stairs in vain, for the coward was no where to be found.
The hunt continued until another murderer tried to ambush the group.
The sword skill of our warriors flashed with honor as the evil mage panicked and backed away.
Magic flew from Black Lotus's hands as the evil mage fell to his knees.
The evil soul musterd a mind blast spell towards Janalon, pitting his intellect against the Glory Row adept mage.
Janalon's eyes flashed white as the evil mage fell back clutching his temples and cowering in the corner.
Showing no mercy, Black Lotus called fire from the sky as the warriors moved in on the beaten murderer.
From within his hateful soul the evil one recalled to the dark abode from whence he came.
Cheers went up on the second level of the Dungeon Deciet as Glory Row members enjoyed the freedom of the hunt, without the worry of cowardly souls to spoil the day.

Futher clashes with muderers fell members this past weekend, but honor is on Glory Row's side.
An ambush was thrown on Glory Row in a most dastardly way, while they were travelling across Ice Island.
Another ambush from the bowels of Deceit proved not to be quite as disastrous as some others. With the summoning of a water elemental from our mages and the wit of Oliver, a murderer did indeed fall.

The Dread Lord listened closely as the footfalls echoed from the corridor.
He stepped back into the shadows, pressing his body into the rock as the one called Black Lotus approached.
As Lotus stopped about five foot from where the Dread Lord was hiding, a chill cut the air and brought a sense of dread into the air.
The Dread Lord smiled as he saw the liche target Black Lotus with lightning, and decided to sit and watch the fire fight from the shadows.
Lotus, dressed in dark clothing and a red cape, had proved to be a most excellent mage.
Already the Dread Lord had watched the mage take down four liches.
The sounds of the city called Wind were distant as the air lit with the fire wall that the mage threw at the undead wizard.
The liche cackled a hollow laughter and threw fire knocking the mage down to his knees.
The Dread Lord had to shield his eyes as yet another fire wall rose around the liche tearing at it's rotted flesh.
The caves echoed with a unholy sound as the liche collasped into ashes.
With the liche dispersed the mage turned towards the shadows with fire glowing around his finger tips.
"Come out, I say!", the mage addressed the shadows.
The Dread Lord stepped away from the rocks drawing his blade.
"I pray tell I have entertained thee.", Black Lotus bowed.
Black Lotus could taste the evil in the air around the Dread Lord.
"I'm Black Lotus from the Glory Row Guild.", he bowed again with a hint of mischief in his eyes.
"Glory Row!?", the Dread Lord laughed as five others appeared from the rocks.
"Honor and Compassion?", another laughed as the six approached with the intent of harm.
From behind Black Lotus appeared another red caped figure with sword drawn.
"My friend, Acolon here, would be glad to chat with thee for a bit.", Black Lotus smiled.
The Dread Lords stopped their advance and squared off blocking the exit.
"As we would.", Mathurin and MdnitRdr said together as they slipped down from a ledge to stand beside Acolon.
The Dread Lords stepped back as the entire room was filled with dampness as the Water Elemental lumbered from the shadows.
The sound of swords clearing their sheaths made the Dread Lords turn to see that two lady warriors had flanked them.
"Mayhap you better leave?", the Guild Mistress asked.
"Yes leave.", Christina said and pointed past the water elemental.
"Indeed.", someone spoke from the shadows.

"I must rest.", was the reply that cut through Shame that eve.
Black Lotus cut his eyes around at Janalon and agreed, "rest you must."
Sasha with her golden smile put her blade away and leaned against the rocks.
"How long?", she asked in the darkness.
"A moment.", Janalon replied as the stale air swept the cave.
Thundarr pulled his mount to a halt and peered into the darkness.
"Something awaits.", Thundarr pointed into the gloom.
Mathurin and Gourry took out their sharpening stones and worked the rough metal off their blades while Deezy adjusted her pack straps.
Sir Dyer willed his mine to relax around his newfound companions.
"Fire Elemental!", Deezy readied her blade and stepped up beside Thundarr.
"Moment longer.", Janalon wished outloud.
"It sees us, make ready!", Gourry and Sir Dyer jumped to attention at Thundarr's warning.
"Mathurin, help hold it at bay, at least until my mana gains.", Janalon asked quietly.
"Let's take it.", was Sasha's reply as the fighters advanced.
The Fire Elemental willed hot ash at Mathurin, catching him off guard and knocking him to his knees, while Thundarr and Sasha advanced and raked it with their swords.
Mathurin regained his balance and made play at it's torso while Gourry and Sir Dyer took the heat of the thrown fireballs.
The mages, Black Lotus and Janalon, threw lightning as the cave was filled with smoke.

From behind the rock the Thing watched it's brethren, the brother of fire loose it's strength.
It cared not.
It heaved a sigh of boredom at the sight of the red capes bellowing in the stale breeze.
It stared with eyes of wind as the Fire Elemental winked out in death.
The pretty lady warrior, it hated, wanted dead, an awful death it wished.
Still it lay hidden, letting it's hatred boil and give it strength.
It sensed a weakness in one of the mages and fear in one of the fighters.
Fear it craved, loved to bask in the fear of it's victims, loved to watch their eyes light in horror before it blew it's breath of death.
It's body heaved a breath of warning as it noticed the warrior on horseback stop in the center of the room and take notice of it.
The warrior slowly took out his sword and gestured towards the ones behind it.
The others looked up and spotted it, fear stuck out in the eyes of the ladies.
It looked towards the shadows where the mages gathered, one in blue robes the other black as the night.
It turned it's head of air back towards the advancing warrior on horseback.
The warrior on horseback tightened his legs under the belly of the horse, causing the horse to side step, so his sword arm could gather momentum.
Another lady warrior appeared at it's side, dressed in red boots that seemed to glow like fire.
The warrior on horseback let his sword arm swing high as muscles rippled down his torso.
Other warriors with red capes appeared by it's side, swords swinging low and violent.
And the lady warrior it hated, it spotted her as she made her advance with the others.
It felt it's hate build within it, building to a frenzy as it felt metal from the warriors and fire and ash from the mages.
Then it unleashed it's hate, flinging the lady warrior against the ground broken and unmoving.
The mage in the blue robes faulted and yelled something it could not understand.
Uncaring, it watched one of the warriors bend to pull the body of the lady warrior back into the shadows.
It flung poison towards the mage in black, but one of the fighters on foot stepped in it's path and went down choking.
Now the lady in the red boots and cape flying behind her, came in striking low.
It willed it's poison breath towards her face as the warrior on horseback stepped in it's path, taking the onslaught, slipping from his mount to lay still on the cold earth.
Lightning it flung, taking down another warrior so it could turn it's mind back on the woman.
Trying to drag the warrior that was on horseback into the shadows, it caught her up in it's arms of wind.
It heaved her away with a mighty sigh against the far wall to lay still by a pool of water.
A water brethren was flung on it by one of the mages, but was little use against the force of wind.
The other mage fell and lay quiet.
The cave was quite now except for the trickle of water that leaked down from the rocks.
With it's anger subsiding it became calm like a gentle breeze, loosing form to watch from the ceiling of the cave.
Watching for the next victim to march foolishly in.

The fighter bowed and planted his sword in the ground.
"Hail Janalon and well met, I shall take word with thee."
Janalon held his hand up and said, "Nay, Lord Orion, thy need not bow to me, mayhap I bow to one such as you.", the mage bowed.
"Janalon, mayhap you scribe our title next to our name, so our children know our true mark upon this world?", The Lord Orion spoke as he rose.
"Indeed!", the mage gasped. "How could I be so naive?", Janalon declared.
"Christina, MdnitRdr and Acolon, to name a few, may the spring from our loins remember us when we are dust.", Janalon's eyes turned white with fire.
"Tis only my thoughts and whims.", Lord Orion turned and walked back towards the gate to the dungeon Shame.
"Bless you for guiding my intellect where it failed.", Janalon called after.
The gate had closed behind Lord Orion, but his image burned in Janalon's soul.

The sun warmed her back and made the coldness shy away as the trees opened and let a hint of sunshine through their thick canopy.
A slight tune was on her lips as Vader matched stride with her as they came to a clearing in the forest.
Vader started to engage in conversation but was interrupted by the stirring of a nearby bush.
The wolf fell quickly to Vader’s sword play as Arwen unleashed lightning from the clear sky.
The hunt had proved most rewarding, building Vader’s sword skill to a fine tune.
Arwen had half emptied her bag of reagents and mastered the bolts that had always amazed her when thrown from an adept hand.
Her thoughts turned, to not so long ago on the quite road between Britain and Vesper, where she had laid hidden in the bush as an Elemental labored by.
She knew to take heed when any Elemental approached, but this one caught her attention more so than any she had seen.
Its interest did not lie in its body of water, nor it’s size, no, its interest was the company it chose to keep.
A mage in blue flowing robes walked beside it and actually seemed to be speaking to it.
The mage came to a stop not far from her hiding place, and beckoned her to step forth.
From that day since it seemed that things had moved very quickly, she now found her self in a most unique circle of friends who called themselves Glory Row.
Her thoughts were shattered by a high pitch squeal and Vader’s sword biting bone.
The sun was blocked by some behemoth that she could not make out. She saw the flash of claws as they reached out for her and receded with silver speed.
Her thoughts spun as the world seemed to spin faster, she felt something warm on the front of her white dress and pulled her hand away wet.
She channeled fire through her body bringing it to a point in her mind, then she willed the fire outwards through her fingertips.
The spell failed as her concentration was broken by a sense of nausea that racked her body.
The soft, wet forest floor kissed her cheek as she tried to make out what manner of creature had fell her.
She lay prone and tried to watch Vader as he continued to do battle with the beast.
The scene faded and her thoughts returned to the quite road and the meeting of the mage, she laughed at the thought, ‘indeed.” She would have worried more for Vader, but she was so comfortable now.
Comfortable to the point where she was sure she could sleep.

The white peddles seemed to glisten in the morning rain as the sea blew it’s sighs over the coast of Jhelom .
With its delicate touch, the rain massaged the flower as a lover and a friend.
The mist tried in vain to blow life into it’s dying stem as the wind tried to hush the death cries that shook the morning.
The flower, white and pure, became stained and wilted as its stem snapped in protest as the weight of the splashing blood cascaded over it.
The wind hushed, while the rain subsided as death filled the air.

The party of three followed the trail as it wound its way down into a lush valley.
The grass in the valley was a blue green, almost like the nearby sea that reached and tugged at the coast.
“A pleasant place, indeed,” the mage spoke above the falling rain.
“Yes, one as pure and fresh like spring”, Sasha spoke and matched stride with Janalon.
“Yes, and the most pleasant air about the day will be the pound cakes, cooked fresh and hot from the griddle”, Zedd replied with pride.
“Does she still keep the garden of white daises”, Janalon asked as they reached the bottom of the valley, making their way up to where Zedd was born and raised.
“You bet your mandrake she does,” Zedd stated, as they neared the top.
Zedd thought then, just how long it had been since he had visited his parents.
He had been due last full moon, but was unable to make it on time. Guild issues had risen and kept him at bay yet another month. This visit was to be his last, he would convince his parents to pick up their roots and move to the city of Britain, where both could live within the safety of Lord British’s guards.
As they topped the hillside the small cottage came into view.
Nested in the center of an apple tree grove, its shingled roof seemed well kept and it’s siding as fresh as the air in the valley.
Janalon pointed at the white flower garden on both sides of the cedar porch. “There, see how pretty?”
Zedd stopped so suddenly that Sasha and Janalon both bumped into him.
His hand went up in warning as the two behind composed themselves.
Zedd stood, for what seemed like hours, unmoving in the misty morning rain.
Janalon sensed something dark in the air and followed Zedd’s stare to the window overlooking the garden of white daisies.
The form of an elderly woman was draped over the window sill, spilling her life’s blood onto the garden of white below.

The room at the Wayfarer’s Inn was quite as the fire fondled the logs in the fireplace.
Arwen felt small and disheartened, the news of the massacre had upset her and made her feel useless in the face of the sadness that was wrought on Glory Row with the return of Zedd, Janalon and Sasha.
She watched Janalon in the corner, writing as he always did as the rain picked up outside.
Spawn and Vader came up behind her and she beckoned them to sit and join her in her solitude.
Sasha came out of the other room with a worried look on her face. “Janalon, Zedd wants to see you.”
Janalon put his quell away and made his way towards the other room with an air of dread about him.
Zedd looked up and smiled as his friend walked in the room and seated himself at the table with the board.
Sasha took her seat beside him with anticipation.
No one spoke for a moment but all eyes were averted away from the Lord in Command.
No one dared to look upon his face, for fear of the anger that lurked there.
The silence was broken as Zedd spoke with a voice much more soft than any could believe.
“I will be leaving for Jhelom as morrow wakes”, Zedd sighed. “Glory Row will appoint someone to fill my space.”
“Zedd,” Janalon started.
Zedd held his hand up. “Nay Janalon, we have been through this once before, this is not a Glory Row issue, it’s a personal vendetta that a murdering guild has with me.”
“Then let us call arms to set this vendetta at ease,” MdnitRdr insisted.
“You will appoint a new Lord in Command, you cannot allow our work here to go unfinished chasing after murdering cowards such as these,” Zedd rose from the table to take leave to his chambers.
As Zedd walked towards the door he stopped and faced the group once again.
“Oliver, Acolon, MidnitRdr, your services are in dire need in this hour, good luck to the three of you,” Zedd met their eyes before turning and making his way up the stairs.

“We need to keep him on as Counselor, his advice and creed knowledge is greatly needed,” Sasha spoke as Zedd closed the door behind him.
Everyone nodded, but spoke naught.
“He will trade positions with one of you three,” Janalon motioned towards, Acolon, MdnitRdr and Oliver. “I have Zedd’s recommendation,” Janalon finished.
“Then we cast our vote,” Christina rose as the others followed.

Three hours had past since midnight had fell, the inn was quite except for the hiss of the dying embers. Arwen approached Sasha as she read by the candle glow.
“Sasha, I wish to know more on our ancestors,” Arwen spoke in the shadows.
Sasha rose and walked to the bookcase as Arwen followed.
Both ladies saw the flash of light that lit the night sky outside.
Both ladies approached the window and bared witness.

“In lor,” a voice spoke directly in front of Zedd as he left the inn.
“Janalon,” Zedd spoke in surprise as the night was lit by magic.
“Blood brother, I knew you would take leave before the time you spoke of,” Janalon said as Zedd adjusted his backpack.
“Aye, I knew you would try to stop me, mage,” Zedd smiled.
“I’m not about to try and stop you, I know your heart, Zedd,” the mage replied.
“If you need my advice and council, you know where to find me friend,” Zedd said as Janalon fell in stride with him.
“Yes, and that we shall need. Your knowledge and dedication goes unchecked and unchallenged.
We will need your advice and wit in upcoming decisions,” the mage said as they approached the stables.
“As I said, you know where to find me,” Zedd replied as he saddled his horse, Buffy. “I won’t be long Janalon, but this is something I need to take care of myself.”
Janalon met his friend’s eyes and the understanding that they always seemed to have, passed between them.
Janalon nodded as Zedd disappeared in the darkness.

The mage labored over his quell as the fighter approached and stood before him.
"Acolon, you are up late this eve, what ails you friend?" The mage asked without looking up.
Acolon shuffled his feet then leaned forward.
"Janalon, I can not hope to take the place of Zedd." Acolon said softly.
Janalon continued to write in his journal.
"Janalon, I am not the one to don the honor." Acolon said louder.
Chistina and Sasha had walked into the room along with MdnitRdr.
Janalon rose then and beneath his cloak he pulled a bright blade.
"Acolon, this is the blade that was used to fell my parents in Yew, not so many years ago. It is a wicked blade, I do fancy, but I think that its dark nature is only from the hand that uses it." Janalon turned the blade over in the moonlight.
A hush entered the room as the others looked on.
"The members have spoken my friend Acolon, tis you we ask to lead us in battle, don't forsake us in our dire need.
Take, take this blade and raise it with hope only to lower it with honor of Glory Row. Take it now for our time is in dire need and we seek your arm." Janalon finished.
Acolon took the blade and fingered its edge.
The others bowed as Janalon's eyes pleaded.

And so is the history, when Glory Row, named Acolon as Lord in Command. The Lady Christina stands beside him now as Lady in Command.
Hail Glory Row.

“What do you think,” she asked looking up from her sitting position, shielding her eyes from the bright sun.
“Indeed,” he replied. “Where did you learn to do that?”
“My Sir Dyer taught me this summers ago,” she said with pride.
The mage ran his hands down the smooth legs, admiring how the wood was hand crafted. Shavings of oak lay about in heaps as she continued to sand and polish its surface. Forbes came out of the Wayfarers Inn waving his arms wildly about. “Janalon, this is not a woodshop!”
Sasha appeared in the doorway, out shouting the innkeeper. “Forbes, we will be out of your hair in a day or two, so calm yourself.”
“Ah, my dear lady I shall miss Glory Row a great deal,” the innkeeper’s attitude changed.
“Our gold more than our smiles I’m sure,” Victoria stated without looking up from her task.
Forbes meekly walked back into the inn and closed the door, mumbling something under his breath.
“Victoria, is that a table for our Guild Home,” Sasha asked, already knowing.
“Tis so,” Victoria stated with pride.
“Janalon, I’m off to the stables to meet Spawn, mayhap Victoria can show you what Sir Dyer and her have stored inside the Inn.” Sasha smiled and took leave.
Janalon helped Victoria pick up the table and move it inside the inn despite Forbes protesting along the way.
At the end of the hall, Victoria stopped and unlatched the door. “Come see Jan.”
Janalon approached the doorway and was overwhelmed by the scent of fresh wood and finish.
“My word, indeed,” Janalon stated, taking in the sites of the fresh works of art.
Chest abound with the Glory Row emblem engraved, chairs and night stands touched with the finest care.
“Furniture for our home, do you like,” she beamed.
“Who did all this,” the mage wondered out loud.
“Sir Dyer mostly, but I’m catching up,” she insisted.
Janalon continued to look at the handy work.
It occurred to him then, that the fact that Sir Dyer and Victoria were laboring with their hands to create such beauty, proved that the circle was beginning to understand just what Glory Row was about.
Not about war or sword play or how adept you were with magic, no it was much simpler than that.
Victoria saw the satisfaction in the mage’s eyes and felt proud.
“Where is Sir Dyer, I’d like to congratulate him,” Janalon spoke as they moved the table into the room.
Out harvesting…,” she was cut off.
“Janalon,” a voice called from behind them.
Janalon and Victoria turned to see Vade Won stumble into the inn, covered with blood.
“Deceit”, the archer collapsed.
Janalon waved health towards the archer while Victoria buckled her breast plate and secured her plate arms.
“Make haste or all will be lost,” Vade Won stood at full health.
Janalon spoke words that caused the air to fold, forming a blue gate that hovered in the air. As Victoria stepped through her nostrils became full of death and woe, the darkness closed about her as she drew her sword. The archer and the mage stood beside her.
“There,” Vade shouted.
Oliver was penned by giant serpent while Colbey hacked away at a rat that stood as tall as a bear.
A rat man fell back clawing at an arrow that Gourry had sunk in its throat.
Vade let lose a volley of arrows into the darkness, while cries of pain floated out from the shadows. Janalon willed life and blessings as Oliver gained traction and left the serpent dead.
Victoria felt something slam into her back and was knocked prone with the taste of blood in her mouth. She flipped over on her back as the scorpion straddled her, its tail flipping its stinger while it’s claws dug into her armor. Her sword was knocked away as the claws breached her tunic and raked her flesh.
She heard Vade Won yell, “Drake!”
She kicked up to no avail as she felt her armor being pulled away by the scorpions giant claws.
It’s maw opened around her throat and closed as nausea swept over her.
The cave lit with hell fire as the scorpion reared backwards as fire exploded around it, blistering Victoria’s cheeks and freeing her sword arm.
She rolled, fluently picking up her blade and coming to her feet, catlike.
Face to face with the mage. “Indeed,” he nodded behind her.
She spun on her heels, kicking out and catching a rat man in the cheek, shattering it’s jaw as her sword arm came in low taking it’s feet out from under it.
In the same motion she let her blade bite deep into a giant rat, soaking her hands in blood.
She whirled around for approval, but Janalon was gone, recalled out to the entrance to rest after the flamestrike, she fancied.
“Drake”, she heard someone call again.
She rounded the corner and stopped in her tracks as she came face to toe with the giant drake.
Arrows were being flung from two directions as Vade and Gourry fired in sync.
Oliver and Colbey hammered away at it’s thick scales as it crunched on some unfortunate soul, swallowing the stranger almost whole.
Victoria joined her companions as the drake reared and clawed at Oliver, spitting fire and flesh at Colbey. The three fighters stood and made war with their blades while the archers sunk shaft after shaft into its thick hide.
Deceit shook with a thunderous boom as the drake fell and the hateful life left it’s eyes.
The Glory Row party cheered and raised their weapons to the cave ceiling as Janalon appeared from the shadows.
“My word,” the mage exclaimed.
“You missed it Janalon,” they spoke in unison.
The mage was in no position to argue.
“Gate me to the nearest bath house,” Oliver said, feinting a sword move towards Colbey.
“The nearest bar,” the archers shoulderd their bows.
All eyes fell on Victoria as she voiced her fancy. “We just got here guys,” she stated simply.

Sasha sat and read softly by the sunlight that spilled through the window as the door was opened time and time again.
One after the other, Glory Row members carried crates of goods inside and stacked them along the wall.
Sir Dyer dressed a table with a most wonderful wooden clock, hand crafted and touched with pride.
An inkwell and quill were placed on the table along with a soft candle that he knew the mage would require at night as he wove their history across the pages.
“Wonderfully done,” she spoke from behind him.
Sir Dyer turned and met the eyes of a young woman as she shouldered a backpack full of tools.
The girl stood firm and hard in a stance that suggested strength and quick reflexes.
Her arms, tanned from the forge fire, was delicate despite her profession.
“You take pride in your work, I see,” she spoke again.
“I do,” he replied rising. “You must be Lauranna,” he stated more than asked.
She nodded then and looked around the room with wonder.
“Pretty is it not,” he asked, looking around the room with her. “We worked very hard to build our Guild Home, everyone has taken great pride in it’s construction.
“Yes, it’s wonderful, I suppose I have to do some catching up,” she smiled.
“I’m sorry,” his brows arched.
“Earn my keep,” she said simply.
‘You will find that quite easily done here, Lauranna,” he said with a wave of his hand.
They both turned as the door flung opened.
Vader and Mathurin walked in laying odds as they closed the door behind them.
“Can be fixed, I say, mayhap we take it into town and barter a price,” Vader suggested.
“Nay, time to retire this blade I fancy, twas a most dependable sort. One too many orc helms it cracked.”
Mathurin drew his blade and rubbed his thumb down the cracked edge.
“May I hold the blade,” Lauranna stepped forth.
“Yes, but be warned, she’ll fall apart in your hands.” Mathurin handed her the sword.
She walked then to the forge as the others gathered to watch.
She smelted a pale full of ore until it glowed red hot with desire.
She placed the blade on the anvil and took long bronze tongs and heaped a pile of smelted ore on the damage sword.
She brought a steel wool brush out and evenly distributed the red hot substance and started breathing life back into the blade.
Her muscles rippled and sweat beaded on her forehead as she struck the surface with a hammer of precision.
She turned then and thrust the blade into the forge as the fire fondled it with lust. The water hissed with protest as she submerged the blade in a trough of water. She then returned the blade to the anvil and used the steel wool brush to buff the shine back into it.
Hours passed as Mathurin, Vader , and Sir Dyer watched the blade come to life under her hands.
She heated it once more before turning to face Mathurin.
“Re-fortified”, she handed her finished work to him.
“A professional's touch,” Sir Dyer claimed.
“You take pride in your work, I see, “ he spoke again.
“I do,” she replied rising.
“Such skill,” Mathurin admired the work. “What is your charge for such a task.”
“Only that you bring it to me sooner next time”, Lauranna smiled.
“Praise be”, Mathurin went to kiss the finished surface.
“I would give it a minute….,” she tried to warn.

Sasha rubbed the salve on a cloth and applied it gently to the surface.
“Now what happened again,” she asked for the third time.
“Fireball to the face,” he said beneath the cloth.
Yes, twas a most vicious battle,” Vader agreed.
“Yes, those drakes are mean, they’ll go after the lips every time, aye,” Sasha said with coy.

The soft glow of the setting sun pushed its feeble path through the branches of the willows until it painted the tavern a golden hue.
Outside, blending in with the shadows, stood Black Lotus in deep conversation with the Guildmistress.
Sasha motioned Black Lotus inside as soft music came from within. Candles glowed inside the Salty Dog like fire flies in the distance, flickering to the humble music.
Seated at the tables, drinking ale and cider, were women and men in red capes. The woman’s fingers played along the fine angel hair strings of the harp, spilling its soft music into the air.
Dressed in a pure white dress, her Glory Row Cape stood out with pride.
She then stopped playing and sipped at a cool cup of water, while the rest of the members begin to chatter once again.
“Company,” a voice spoke from behind him.
“Indeed,” the mage looked up from his work.
She sat then and looked about her.
She watched him then as he dipped the quill and danced it across the pages, filling the blank page with words of Honor and Compassion.
“May I see,” Lauranna’s brows arched.
He turned the book around and she started reading until finally she busted out laughing.
“It’s about myself,” she said with glee, “And about Mathurin, when I repaired his sword.”
“You’re welcome to read upon the pages as much as you like, I keep the finished work on the table in the Smithy for those who feel interest in the days we have passed,” he finished.
Sasha walked up with two new faces who wore gray capes, flanked by Vade Won and MdnitRdr.
“Janalon this is Gilgamesh and Ddraig, the ones that MdnitRdr and Jerec spoke of.”
“Ahh, well met indeed, sit and be at ease, mayhap we seek the same path,” Janalon stood.
Gilgamesh took a bow while Ddraig shook hands with the mage.
“Speaking of Jerec, where’s is the soul,” Janalon asked with concern.
“Last time I saw him he was at the forge,” Lauranna stated.
“Oh he’ll miss the show,” Sasha said with sadness.
Janalon turned towards Gilgamesh and locked eyes with the aspiring mage.
“You and I will have to do some conjuring together,” Janalon offered.
“My pleasure,” Gilgamesh returned a smile.
The music started again as the woman once again began playing the harp.
The others took their seats at the next table as Lauranna leaned over so Janalon could hear.
“Who is she?"
“Why that’s our Guildmistess,” Janalon stated with shock.
Not her, silly,” Lauranna pointed to the red caped woman behind the harp. “Her.”
“Ahhh, that’s the lovely Arwen”, Janalon said with pride. “She’s very versed in our creed.
Along with Sasha and Sir Draegon, they have deciphered much of what is hidden in the pages of the Ode to Glory Row, the ancient creed our ancestors followed. Tonight she will sing, sing a song that she and Sasha pulled from the depths of the tome. A very ancient song, listen. …” Janalon pointed.
Arwen brushed her fingers along the harp with such softness that the tavern grew quite as all listened.
The music flowed through the air like a misty spring rain.
Her voiced cut the air like heaven.
Lauranna looked towards Janalon.
“She sings of love tarnished with greed, of compassion lost from honor, many get to the Glory Row she sings of, many get there and they die alone.”
“What magic do they miss along the way,” she asked with wonder.
“The magic of friendship,” he stated simply.
Arwen stopped playing as Sir Draegon picked up the beat with a flute, spinning a dance tune that soon grabbed the crowd up in a frenzy.
Even Gilgamesh and Ddraig had joined the crowd in dance.
“My word!”, Janalon exclaimed.
“Shall we,” Lauranna stood.
Janalon’s eyes flashed white and took a distant look.
Lauranna had already sensed the trouble and drew her weapon, motioning for the others to do the same.
Soon the music had stopped and the metallic sound of sleeves and plate buckling filled the air.
MdnitRdr stood before Janalon in full plate, mailed fist clenching.
Oliver’s visor came down with a clang as Black Lotus loosened his pouch.
Janalon spoke the words and the air rushed away in protest as a blue gate formed in the air.
A figure formed in the gate and stepped forth.
Acolon, covered with ash and ruined spider silk stood before them.
“Murderers’ at the forge,” Acolon motioned towards the gate. “Jerec can’t hold them at bay much longer.”
One by one, red capes flocked to the gate.
One by one they disappeared with the sound of battle on the other side.

She recognized the color as soon as he came into view.
She tugged at her companion and they both made way through the crowded streets of Moonglow to the clearing in the center of the famed city.
“Sir, are you with Glory Row?” she asked shielding her eyes from the sun.
“Aye.” The man turned to face her.
“Excellent, I am looking for the mage Janalon, he left me with this book written by the hand of the Glory Row Priestess and a healthy portion of baked bread.” The woman smiled.
“Compassion day.” The man stated, looking about the grassy area with concern.
“I was hoping I could have a word with him, you see, my friend and I seek similar paths such as the one that Glory Row treads.” She spoke softly.
The man turned to face her fully then and she noticed that he had readied his crossbow.
“Dear lady, I will be sure to tell him to seek you out as soon as I see him.” He said bowing.
“Is something the matter?” she asked with concern.
The air folded in on itself as a blue gate hovered over the grass.
“I’m sorry my lady, I must take leave, it is an emergency.” The man pleaded.
“Oh, forgive me, bless you for your time, just tell him that Raven Stone seeks an audience with him.” The woman bowed.
The man leaned down and picked a morning glory and handed it to the lady, then he vanished through the gate.
“Janalon will find us this eve, I am quite sure of it.” The woman said to her friend.
Her friend nodded and they both made way towards the tavern.

All eyes were on the gate when the figure stepped forth.
“Ahh Borric, we were wondering if you may miss the gate.” Borric took in his surroundings then faced the speaker.
“Yes, I was talking to Raven Stone, she seeks an audience with you.” Borric said as he cast night sight on himself.
“I will speak with her within the hour, first there is plenty work afoot.” The mage waved his hands towards the corridor that spilled into the darkness.
Borric looked up to see Gourry and Nadia walk into the cavern room followed by Madame Elyssa and Austin.
“Janalon, is not Raven the one that inquired about the Compassion Book?” Arwen said peeping from behind her hiding place.
Arwen’s head disappeared back behind the rock.
“What are we waiting on, do we hunt?” Borric said with a smile.
“Waiting on Arwen’s mana.” Sherver spoke, coming out of hiding.
Arwen peeped over the rock again and stated simply. “And Janalon’s!”
“While we wait give us news on the desert.” Gourry sat on a nearby rock.
“Vade Won and MdnitRdr are putting forth great effort on our Compound.” Borric said with pride.
“As soon as we can fix the locks on our Smithy, the Compound will be our haven.” Nadia said as she tightened her boots.
“Yes, I must get up there later on this eve, makes me proud to see such work.” Janalon said as he mounted his horse.
The mage then looked over at the rock as the Priestess came out from behind it.
“I think Arwen and I are ready.” Janalon nodded towards Gourry.
“Indeed”. The Priestess did her best impression.
Nadia lifted her halbred and fell in step with Gourry as Austin and Elyssa followed.
Borric and Shrever walked with the mages as they started around the dark corridor.
The corridor turned left then started down a deep incline.
Once the party reached the bottom, Gourry stopped and pointed.
No one said a word, they only stared at the magnificent Elemental.
“What is it?” Shrever asked.
“Blood.” Someone said.
Arwen summoned blades as Janalon threw an energy bolt through the darkness.
The Blood Elemental was soon joined by an Air Elemental as Gourry directed the attacks.
Elyssa felt harm fly through the air from the Blood Elemental catching Austin off guard.
She willed health on Austin as Nadia pointed at a lumbering Earth elemental, nodding at Shrever, they left Borric and Gourry at battle with the wounded Air Elemental and took on the new threat.
Nadia felt her teeth rattle as the Earth Elemental slapped her to the ground.
Shrever rushed in low and helped her to her feet before the thing stomped the life out of her.
Then both stood side by side cutting great chunks of earth out of its side.
Arwen and Janalon, with the Blood Elemental vanquished, stood back and watch the party work.
Madame Elyssa kept Gourry at full health as he battled toe to toe with the Air Elemental.
Borric stood back pumping arrows into tornado like form until finally it dispersed.
Austin stepped back and willed health at nadia as the Earth Elemental fell with a crash to the dungeon floor.
With confidence in their step, the entire party ventured south across the forgotten bridge of harm while MdnitRdr and Vade Won put down foundation in the desert as Zedd took lookout nearby.
While Acolon, Lord in Command, trains Sasha with blade.
As Christina ventures home.
While Sir Draegon and Calipso make ready to vow.
As Raven Stone and a man by the name of Crow Eldergaard waited with patience in a tavern in Moonglow.

“I say, play your cards and close your mouth!” Blacklotus insisted.
“I’m telling you, if Sasha finds out what has transpired, she’ll have your hide.” Acolon threw down a spade.
“Bah, you should’ve folded, I win again.” Blacklotus took the gold pieces off the table.
No one spoke then, a quietness fell over the healer’s hut as the sound of the quill became audible.
“Janalon, what are you scribbling about?” Blacklotus went over to see.
“Only today’s happenings.” Janalon stated without looking up.
“Splendid, that’s a capital B in Blacklotus.” Blacklotus smiled.
“As you wish, but the capitalization of one’s name does not add as much character as the essence within one’s heart.” The mage continued writing.
“What he say?” Acolon wondered out loud.
Blacklotus never answered, instead he was looking into his own heart as his mind’s eye flew backwards over the happenings earlier in the day.

The city of Moonglow was indeed a city of splendor, from its clear ocean waters to its pleasant air of magic.
Blacklotus stood with Janalon and Acolon, taking in deep breaths of the fresh morning air.
“I say, this plate shines like black gold in the morning Sun.” the Paladin spoke.
“Indeed.” Janalon agreed.
“Mayhap we make way towards the forest, perhaps there we shall find evil in the grave yard.” Acolon suggested.
“Yes, make way.” Blacklotus started off.
A sense of wrongness fell from the trees as a shadow passed before them.
When the shadow was gone a Sorcerer stood in its place.
“Three would be heroes?” The Sorcerer said with disgust.
“Hail, we are only off to lay waste to evil.” Acolon bowed.
“Rats and small vermin, I’d say must be the prey of the likes of you.” The man spat.
“We only have to venture a step to confront such as that.” Blacklotus said with a smirk.
“I’d kill you with one spell, you pitiful excuse for a mage!” The man spat again.
“Pray you pick the right one.” Blacklotus stepped forth.
With the challenge spoken BlackLotus and the Sorcerer made for the city gates.
“Janalon, is this not out of line for us?” Acolon said as they followed the two towards the city gate.
“We can only hope that good will come from such a seemingly dreadful contest.” Janalon spoke softly.
“It seems we have been lured into a confrontation.” Acolon sighed.
“Indeed it seems, perhaps a lesson will be learned, then it will not be in vain."
Acolon stopped and faced the mage. “I suggest we visit the shrines before the Sun sets.”
Janalon stopped and looked the fighter in the eyes and nodded.
A death cry erupted from down the path as Janalon and Acolon noticed they had fallen way behind Blacklotus and the Sorcerer.
Quickly they made haste and rounded the curve in the path as it came to the city gate.
Both stopped in their tracks as they came upon Blacklotus calmly eating an apple over the prone body of the Sorcerer.
“Blacklotus, what did you do?” Acolon insisted.
“Don’t look at me, look at him.” Blacklotus pointed toward the trees.
Janalon and Acolon just caught a glimpse as the summoned Energy Vortex winked out and went back to the plane from which Blacklotus had called it.
“I guess he picked the wrong spell.” Acolon sighed.
“Yea, wonder how that felt?” Blacklotus took another bite looking at the prone body.
“That’s not the issue, the issue is how do WE feel.” Janalon spoke softly.
No one spoke as each searched their own heart and found the thorn that was lodged there.
All knew there was only one way to remove such.

The healer startled Blacklotus back into the present as he came out of the back room.
“He is awake.” The healer spoke to the three.
All three went through the curtain into the backroom with anticipation.
The Sorcerer was setting up in the bed sipping thin soup as they walked in.
“Come to chastise and ridicule me I am sure.” The man looked up.
“Nay, we came to return your belongings.” Blacklotus offered.
“And offer gold to get back on your feet.” Janalon included.
“I shall need such, the healers here are not cheap.” The man spat.
“That has been taken care of also.” Acolon stated.
The man looked up then and a change seemed to come over his face. “That’s the most noble thing I have ever heard of.”
He got to his feet and all noticed the kindness in his eyes now.
“I greatly appreciate it all, but nothing quite as much as the change you have made.” He was near tears.
“Change?” All asked.
“In my heart.”

She plowed through the forest stopping for nothing.
Briars tore at her face and raked across her legs, still she ran until her lungs burned with fire.
She used her small wooden shield to help protect her face as she ran through the thick vegetation.
She dared not look behind her for fear of what she fled, she could still feel it’s hot breath on her neck.
Her lungs gasped for air as she broke the forest and came rushing into a clearing with a small pool of water in the center.
A white horse looked up from the brink as she tore across the clearing at full stride.
She stopped dead in her tracks as a man stepped out of the shadows in her path.
“Stay back I say.” She warned and waved her small sword and raised her wooden shield.
“I can fight, and I will, stay back I say, don’t touch me.” She swallowed hard.
The man turned and went and sat on a rock by the water and picked up a large tome and started writing.
The woman looked nervously behind her and saw nothing, so she lowered her guard.
“There’s a beast back there!” She managed.
“Bliss is no beast, she’s nothing of the sort.” He said without looking up.
“No, I mean behind me, come look I say!”
The man stood and peered behind her.
“Yes, I see, a most dreadful creature.” The man agreed.
The woman faced the forest as the small rabbit hopped into the clearing.
“That’s not what I am talking about, this was lots bigger!” She dropped her sword and shield and waved her hands in the air.
“Indeed, a bigger rabbit.” The man said as he sat back down.
“Was no rabbit, it was a beast with the intent to put me in harms way!” She said unsure.
A moment passed between them without him offering a reply as he labored over his quill.
“What are you writing?” She asked as she approached the rock he sat upon.
Without answering he turned the tome so she could see, then quickly turned it back and continued writing.
“Why that passage is about me, I beg your pardon sir, but I have gave you no permission to write such.” She said with coy.
He stopped for a moment and looked at her as she made her protest.
“You don’t just go around writing passages about ladies without asking their permission to do so, it’s rude!" She insisted.
He offered no reply, he only gazed at her with raised brows.
“Well don’t stop!” She motioned at the tome.
He wrote a second longer then closed the book as he stood.
Putting the tome and the quill away he motioned for her to pick up her sword.
He bid her to follow and for some odd reason she felt as if she should.

The day passed and the afternoon found them deep inside the Moonglow forest as the sunlight danced with the trees.
She had traded in her small wooden shield and sword and now waved a halberd in the air.
With the large halberd she sensed her warrior skills grow has she sparred Elemental creatures raised from the planes by the man’s magic.
Hours passed as she donned better armor while her swings with the halberd lay waste to orcs on some far away isle.
Her confidence in her abilities had risen ten fold as the man stood silently behind her watching her battle creatures she never dreamed of.
She adored the halberd and felt like a warrior princess with it in her grasp.
As night began to fall they sat and had bread as she learned he was Guildmaster of a guild called Glory Row.
She learned of its meaning and knew right away that this guild of Honor and Compassion was one that she most desired to be a part of.
The kindness and helpful nature of the man himself was clue enough for that.
She asked how she could join.
Instead of an answer she got silence and was about to ask again when she saw the far away look in his eyes.
He stood abruptly and waved his hands in the air as the air folded and another one of the blue gates formed like the one that had brought them here.
Without asking, she knew to step through and he quickly followed.

The sounds and the smells of Moonglow greeted her as they both stepped through.
“Thanks for a wonderful…” She stopped short.
She could see that something was wrong for the man now donned battle armor and a wizard’s hat replaced the red bandanna. “What are you about?” She asked peering.
“Going to lend aid, I bid you goodnight.” He said as he pulled a blue robe over his armor.
“Wait, wait, I wish to go, can you wait a moment?” She begged as she turned to flee.
“Don’t leave, I’ll be right back.” She called back as she disappeared around the vegetable shop.
He smiled, for he had every intention of leaving without her. He finished buckling his armor and waited a moment for his mana to adjust, then he threw another gate and quickly stepped through.

“Bastille, Bastille, make haste!”
Bastille looked up from his table of mead and ale.
“Where did you get those clothes.” Bastille stood as she ran up to him.
“Come, come quickly, follow!” She yelled as she pulled him towards the door.
“What is it that ails you?” He noticed the sharp halberd buckled on her back.
“Ready yourself, I have came in contact with a most compassionate guild, the Guildmaster awaits this very minute for us to take leave with him.” She stated.
They rushed out the door and as they rounded the corner of the tavern they ran headfirst into a merchant carrying a basket of squash.
Spinning with agility she out danced the collision and side stepped to the right as Bastille crashed into the merchant sending squash into the air.
In frenzy she knelt and helped pick up the ruined vegetables under the onslaught of the merchant’s swears and oaths.
Once almost done she pulled Bastille to his feet and set in on a run once again.
Once around the bank she came to the lawn where she had left the mage.
He was gone, but in his place was a hovering blue gate, which was beginning to fade.
“Hurry!” She pulled Bastille towards the gate despite his protests.
“I am not going through no such thing!” Bastille insisted as he was quickly pulled in.

Bastille felt the climate change as they stepped out of the gate in to a room as dark as pitch.
The moist smells of raw earth blew across their brows as they tried in vain to gain their senses.
Suddenly the cavern lit up with magic light as Bastille squinted his eyes to adjust to the bright glow.
The woman with him stepped back in awe as a small army of seasoned warriors surrounded them.
With matching red capes they stood and eyed the newcomers with curiosity.
Two particular ones wore capes of gray.
An archer stepped forth and a woman dressed in a white dress and red bandanna stepped through the circle.
She stopped at arms link away from the two as the archer closed the circle again.
“Bastille and Starr, well met, I am Sasha.” The woman spoke from behind a smile.
Sasha’s voice was like a song, it flowed through the air like a harp as she continued.
“This is a Glory Row hunt which you may take part in, it comes to my attention that you both seek a place amongst us. Be fore warned that this circle is closed and can only be opened by your show of dedication and loyalty.” Sasha said as she handed both of them a gray cape and motioned for them to put it on.
“This is Astra and Tomb, whom also seek the path you tread, patience is a virtue you will find very useful.” Sasha paused for only a moment.
Starr and Bastille felt a rumble in the ground as Sasha continued.
“Guildmaster Janalon has spoke well of you and should be back shortly, in the mean time I’ll introduce the members of our hunting party to you.” Sasha said as the rumble grew louder.
Starr and Bastille ignored the growing rumble as they bowed before Borric, Crow, Tomb, Astra, Gourry, Oliver and one named Vader.
The rumble was loud enough to threaten their footing as the party fanned out to the right as the circle opened up revealing a corridor leading down into an abyss.
From within this corridor, Bliss came bearing the mage Janalon with one named Nadia close behind him.
In their wake were creatures from the very depths of hell itself. The archer named Borric flanked backwards while Astra willed fire as the onslaught engulfed the party.
Janalon turned and let loose molten rock to leave one of the creatures clawing it’s ruined face.
Bastille looked at Starr as she stepped forth into the melee, halberd swinging in a low wide arc.
Bastille followed her lead and fell in step with Tomb.
Gourry and Nadia made halberd play seem like a dance as they attacked in perfect sync.
Sasha and Crow broke for an opening in the line of monsters to lay havoc at the flanks as the mages hammered away at the front.
Vader had climbed to an overhanging rock and washed the onslaught with a volley of cross bow bolts.
Hours seemed to have passed as the fight wore on, one of the huge rock like creatures toppled forward as Sasha and Crow appeared behind it wiping their blades.
Bastille caught site as Tomb went down in the corner buried by a huge serpent.
The Serpent straightened its body out in pain as it was covered with a volley of arrows from Vader and Borric.
Tomb got to his feet and made way to lend aid to Sasha whom now stood and made battle with a creature of fire.
Bastille made sword play with some hideous looking creature that seemed to be as thin as the air itself.
Starr felt her grip loosen on the halberd as a huge fist broke through her parry and slammed into her left jaw.
Spinning she fell backwards arms flailing in vain to break her fall.
Bastille caught sight as she fell, but was on the other side of the melee and could not lend aid.
She hit the ground rolling, like she was taught, and came back up to her feet despite the pain and wetness she felt on her head.
Her nausea was swept away by Janalon willing health towards her as the last of the creatures fell.
The archers gathered their fallen bolts and arrows while the mages waited on their mana to build back up.
Once the party was at full health and strength they marched down into the deep abyss led by Nadia and Gourry.
Strange sounds and smells erupted as sulfur fire winked in the distance.
Bastille and Starr felt secure and very much part of the team, so they worried little about such things.
With this group called Glory Row they found a feeling they had been seeking for quite sometime.
The feeling of belonging.

Sweat poured off her face and matted her hair as chunks of rock flew across her brow.
Heaving the pick over her shoulders she slammed it with force into the mountain breaking off huge chunks of stone as the midday sun beat down.
She stopped and examined one of the chunks and smiled as she saw the ore within.
Flinging her hair over her shoulders she tightened her bustier and loaded the chunks onto the two small wooden wagons as sweat glistened down her torso.
“I like ya little wagon.” Someone spoke from behind.
“Yes, I bet you do.” Nadia turned and faced the speaker smiling.
Mathurin smiled and took the handle of the wagon and pulled it towards the forge.
Nadia quickly topped off the other wagon with the rest of the ore and turned back towards the mountain.
Another voice called from behind her as her pick struck the rock and sweat rolled off her brow.
“That’s got to be the best wagon I have ever seen.”
“Thanks Gourry.” Nadia said without turning.
Gourry took the handle of the wagon and pulled it towards the distant smithy.
Her leggings became soaked as she hammered away at the rock, small splinters striking her tanned face as the heat poured from the sky.
She felt a presence behind her. “I hope you brought the wagon back.” She said without turning.
“Oh we need no wagon.” A strange voice said behind her.
Nadia turned to face the stranger who had drawn a blade and was already stepping forth.
Fear tore at her heart as she threw the pick up to parry the death blow.
The blade broke through the parry as Nadia slung her head to the left barley getting out of the path of the blade as it bit into the rock.
The murderer reeled back in pain as Nadia thrust the blunt end of her pick into his stomach.
She flipped out a dagger from her boot and made ready.
Her head exploded in pain as she felt herself pulled from behind and slammed into the rocks behind her.
With the taste of blood in her mouth she opened her eyes to see that she now faced three murderers.
Through her blurred vision she watched one as he approached and pulled her head back.
She felt the cold steel of the knife as it slowly began to slide across her throat.
“Hi kids!” a cheerful voice spoke.
Nadia gasped for breath as the murderer let go of his grip.
She strained to see through her blurred vision as she rubbed her throat.
The murderers spun on their heels and faced the new comer with anticipation.
Laughter burst from their lips at the site of their adversary leaning on his halberd as the wind blew a sash across his breastplate.
“A mere boy.” One spat. “I guess you’re here to save the girl.” Another smirked.
“Woman!” Nadia growled as she grabbed one by the hair and wasted his throat with her dagger.
“Oh, we striking the pose.” Draegon said with a smile.
“You bet your sash.” Nadia rolled between the other two and came up standing next to Draegon.
“Let’s dance.” Draegon squared off backing the two up against the mountain.
Nadia backed up towards a rock and brought out her halberd then went to join Draegon whom was already toe to toe with both of them.
Swinging low, Draegon undercut ones legs tripping him to lie face down in the sand.
The murderer was back on his feet in a flash and raked his rapier across Draegon’s breastplate.
Draegon looked down in dismay at the scratch on his plate. “I’ll do you for that!”
Nadia pounded the other one into submission as she heard the death cry from the one that was fighting Draegon.
“What a wonderful dance, I must thank thee Nadia.” Draegon bowed.
“I’m afraid our dance is not quite over.” Nadia pointed to the north.
Draegon counted seven in all as the murderers came running towards them.
Nadia and Draegon made ready despite the dim situation.
A blue gate appeared directly in front of them and Zedd of High Council stepped out.
“Hail, I have a keg of ale, lets make way to the smithy for drink and cheer!" Zedd declared.
Nadia pointed behind Zedd.
“Oh, this will be pleasant.” Zedd took in the number they faced.
The murderers crashed into the Glory Row party as fire flung from Zedd’s fingers.
Nadia parried while Draegon took one down from a horse.
Zedd was dealing his blows to three as his brow furrowed and broke sweat.
Nadia felt her senses grow numb as a boot plowed into her stomach.
She fell to one knee but managed to thrust her halberd up into ones face, felling him like a tree.
Zedd’s fingers sparked more fire and sent one reeling with burns to his face and torso.
The onslaught was taking its toll as Zedd felt them losing ground.
He motioned for Draegon to flank as Nadia got back on her feet.
Zedd then threw a paralyze spell that stopped one dead in his tracks.
Zedd approached and head butted the frozen killer, dropping him to lay lifeless on the ground.
A fire field erupted as MdnitRdr reined in on a black stallion.
Zedd readied his halberd and stepped in the middle of the melee as Draegon and MdnitRdr moved to the rear to block out all escapes.
Seeing their doom the murderers broke for the fire field taking the heat but at least escaping with their lives.
Draegon and Zedd took off in pursuit as MdnitRdr threw one last ball of fire into the backside of the slowest one.
As Draegon and Zedd rounded the corner of one of the houses, Zedd reminded Draegon of the keg of Ale.
“Yes, let them go.” Draegon suggested.
”Let’s all pile in Draegon’s house for a drink.” Zedd called back to the others.
“Sounds great!” MdnitRdr dismounted.
“Wait, MdnitRdr, did you see Mathurin and Gourry near the smithy, they are supposed to be helping me haul ore.
“No, although there were two wagons full of ore there.
“Hey, I saw them two in the Skara Brae Tavern right before I gated up here.” Zedd offered.
Nadia looked at Draegon and said between clenched teeth. “Draegon, can I borrow your halberd, it’s sharper than mine.”
Draegon traded halberds with her then Nadia recalled out.
“What’s that all about?” Draegon wondered.
“I’m afraid to even think about it, let’s go break open that keg.” Zedd insisted.
“Yea, let’s.” Draegon and MdnitRdr spoke together.

It fell, and as it did, it made a weak gesture to fly, but, only in vain.
Twirling, it managed to dodge the branches during its decent, until finally it broke the surface of the pool.
She watched as the leaf hit the water and smiled as it sent small rifts through her reflection.
Her image became distorted until the rifts played out, then it slowly returned to as it was before.
Except for the added reflection of the mage behind her.
“Janalon?” Jasmine said without turning. “Fancy seeing you here.”
Jasmine stood, still facing the water. “I thought maybe you had forgotten about this spot.”
“I don’t forget things, dear Jasmine,” he paused. “I hear you have concerns about the upcoming quest.”
She turned then and looked back at the mage. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for father to pursue the title Champion.”
“Sasha has picked your father Borric with the honor of the Board and it is his wish,” Janalon replied.
“I don’t care, Lord Gourry should be the one,” she waved her arms.
“Nadia will need Lord Gourry in trials to come, besides, it’s not his wish,” Janalon stated.
“Well, father does not have the time for such and it is against my wish,” she insisted.
“Why so?”
“Because!” She turned and faced the pool.
“Because why?” The mage insisted.
“Because, I don’t want him to become like you,” she said wiping her eyes.
Neither spoke for what seemed like eternity.
Jasmine faced the mage and noticed the gray flecks in his beard for the first time.
“I’m sorry,” she offered.
Janalon turned and sat on a nearby rock and listened.
“You are always busy, never time to stop by and say hello,” she paced the shoreline.
“Guild matters to attend, can’t even go sailing, we’ll go next week Jas, I promise.” she stopped and walked towards the mage.
“Next week came and went Janalon, tenfold over,” the princess stopped for a moment then continued.
“I don’t want that to happen to father and if he is dubbed champion, it will,” she finished. “Jasmine,” Janalon tried to speak.
“He comes by, every sunup and helps me groom the horses and feed them too.
On Sundays we sail, and sometimes Saturday too,” she sighed.
“Everything is changing, too fast for my fancy, but not me, no not I,” she insisted.
“Oh, do tell me more,” Janalon rose.
“Well, I am still the same Jasmine, Glory Row Princess mind you, just as I was when I met you in Trinsic for the first time,” Jasmine declared.
“Are you now?” Janalon walked over to her.
“I am,” Jasmine said with pride.
Janalon pointed behind her into the water.
Jasmine looked down and saw her reflection in the still water.
She flung her hair over her left shoulder and stood up straight and brought her halberd out for emphasis.
Janalon waved his hand gently in the air and a small whirlpool began to spin around her reflection.
Jasmine laughed as it passed around her reflection but made no rift to disturb it.
Finally it stopped right beside her reflection and changed into an image itself.
The image was that of a small child working the looms in the tailor shop of Trinsic.
She donned a jester’s hat as a man with jet-black hair tied back with a red bandanna walked up and conversed with her.
Jasmine’s eyes then went back to her reflection, a lady warrior, wielding a halberd with ease.
“Change will come about, dear Jasmine, it’s up to us to deal with that change,” Janalon said behind her.
“I’m sorry about what I said earlier,” Jasmine did not want to face the mage.
“Look,” Janalon knelt and touched the water, whereas an image of Borric formed.
Jasmine looked on as the image of her father beamed with pride.
“How wonderful,” Jasmine knelt down and peered closer.
“See how he wears the Champion Sash with such pride?” Janalon asked.
“Yes, it’s beautiful,” the princess said in a whisper.
“There’s nothing about the image you would like changed?” the mage asked already knowing.
“Oh nothing at all,” she rose, understanding now.
She reached out to take the mage’s hand and felt the breath leave her lungs as she was slammed into the nearby tree.
Janalon reeled back and mustered magic and let it fly at the Liche Lord across the water.
The hideous thing laughed with mockery as it flung ash at the mage with ease.
Jasmine got to her feet and crossed the small pool, running around to meet the onslaught.
Three orc mages flanked her as Janalon, reached in his robe and brought out a green crystal.
The crystal flashed a pale yellow as Janalon whispered into it.
Jasmine swung her halberd low and wide cutting the Liche Lord into two rotting pieces.
Janalon’s eyes flashed white as his hands circled and opened a gate as two more orc mages came up to join.
The Lord in Command stepped forth as Gourry and Sara flanked him.
Borric was next and went about climbing a large oak and made himself comfortable as he sent bolts into the melee.
Lord Acolon took one orc mage into a bear hug, then flung it to lay lifeless on the ground.
Jasmine lay waste to another as Sara willed health to smooth her wounds.
Gourry, planted a solid boot into one’s chin, breaking its neck.
Clawing at it’s ruined throat an orc mage tried in vain to wretch the bolt that Borric had planted into it.
The last one turned to flee.
Lord Acolon motioned at Gourry and Sara as they fell in chase.
“Ahh,” Borric exclaimed as he dropped from the trees.
“Father, just look at you!” Jasmine accused.
“What?” Borric was taken aback.
“Your clothes, filthy, I declare,” she tried dusting him off.
“Indeed,” the mage offered.
“You gonna have to start making yourself more presentable ya know?” Jasmine insisted.
“Oh am I, and for what matter?” Borric glanced at Janalon.
“Well Guildmistress Sasha will not have a Glory Row Champion running around climbing trees as such,” Jasmine lectured.
“Well I really,” Borric tried to speak.
“And don’t try to talk over the Glory Row Princess!” Jasmine pointed out.
"Sorry," Borric said smiling.
"And never ever, wear your helm in town." she chastised.
"Why?" Borric asked already knowing.
"Its a rule, my rule," Jasmine looked back at Janalon and winked.
“Indeed,” Janalon let them gain distance and have their moment.

Back at the Glory Row Compound the members gathered around as Lord Acolon spoke to Borric.
Lord Acolon charged Borric with a party to venture to the land of Ambrosia, to find this orc fort and learn of the curse that Minax had put on the soul of Colbey.

Vade Won and MdnitRdr were marking boundaries around the compound as Bastille approached from the west.
Bastille was flanked by two men in capes of gray, Sancho and S'lamnour.
Walking behind the two was a woman, also cloaked in gray.
“Hail,” Vade Won stood and squinted against the sun.
The party bowed and exchanged cheer as the sun dove toward the west.
Bastille led the gray capes eastward until the smithy loomed in the distance.
Inside they were greeted by the gentle smell of incense as the woman closed the door behind them.
“Lord Acolon,” Bastille bowed as the seasoned fighter turned from a table.
“Hail Bastille, Sancho, and S'lamnour, how goes the hunts?” Acolon bowed.
“Splendid, we have a fine set of initiates I say,” Bastille made himself comfortable on a stool.
The woman walked around the table and stood before the Lord in Command, she then curtsied and remained down with head bowed.
She felt his hands lift her chin.
“There’s no need for a prolonged display,” Acolon motioned for her to stand, bowing as she did.
“I came to read the book and see the weapon,” Raven stood and faced him.
Acolon motioned towards the table where a Long Sword was on display.
Beside it was a tome, written by the hand of Janalon.
As Raven read, Acolon watched her expression change from curiosity to one of awe.
“Where is Janalon?” Sancho asked as S'lamnour approached the table to read the book and view the weapon on display.
“He went south, said he would be back in two days,” Acolon replied.
“South, whatever for?” Bastille wondered.
“I know not, but he took his ship with the company of Sasha,” Acolon took a seat and poured some ale.
“What a wonderful passage,” Raven motioned at the book beside the sword.
“Indeed,” Acolon did his best impression.

Far south the sun still shines upon all. She followed him onto the shore and started to ask again where they were going.
She decided against it realizing that she had asked many times the last couple of days to no avail.
Ahead of them loomed a white temple, its steeple disappearing into the clouds.
Up the marble steps the mage walked as Sasha pulled her shawl tighter to fight off the wind.
The door was at least twenty feet tall and was made of solid brass.
“How do we get in?” Sasha asked.
Janalon stood before the door and took out a small flat stone from within his robes, he then inserted it into an indention in the surface of the door.
The door swung open without a sound and the wind hushed as it closed softly once they were inside.

“Janalon the Wanderer, you are forbidden,” voices rose from a table of monks dressed in pure white robes.
Behind them was a door of ivory with a handle made of gold.
“I carry this stone, so forbidden I am not,” Janalon held the stone for them to see.
“What do you seek?” One monk with a long white beard stood and walked up to the mage.
“I wish to see,” Janalon said simply.
“I know what you seek, it is forbidden,” the old man stood before him with defiance.
“Janalon, why are we here?” Sasha asked in a whisper.
“I wish to see and see I will, it’s been three months,” Janalon brushed past the man and walked towards the ivory door.
The men stood up and pleaded for the mage to advance no further.
Janalon flipped the handle on the ivory door and walked through it, ignoring them.
Sasha ran to keep up as the elder monk quickly followed them and closed the door.
“Janalon the Wanderer, do not disturb the forces here,” the monk pleaded.
Janalon had stopped and stared with sadness at the slab in the middle of the room.
Sasha followed the mage's eyes until they spied his concern.
There on a slab was a woman lying prone, dressed in white linen.
Sasha gasped and ran towards the woman, for she knew her all too well.
“This stops now!” Janalon turned towards the monk and demanded.
“She’s comatose Janalon, it cant be stopped, please leave, please leave the room,” the monk was crying now.
“Janalon, why have they done this to her?” Sasha asked looking up through tears.
The monk ran down the stairs towards Sasha helping her to her feet.
“It’s ok Sasha, it’s ok, this part of her training is very delicate and the forces must not be disturbed. She seeks cleansing of her soul to aid her in her work, surly you must respect her desire to enhance her skills,” the monk patted her hand.
“She said she was just going away for a couple of days,” Sasha shook her head.
“The process is very dangerous, if she regains conscious she will have healing powers that are pure as nature itself,” the monk assured her.
“What do you mean if?” Sasha asked with horror.
The monk looked at Janalon then back at Sasha. “She’s fasting and her soul roams the world in search of compassion, in the process it is being cleansed as it searches for its way back to the body.
If it does not find its way back in time, then she will be lost to us.”
Sasha shook her head in protest.
“It’s our way of training our masters of the art, this was her wish,” the monk stated.
“How much longer?” Janalon sank to his knees on the marble steps and began crying.
Sasha went over to him and bade comfort.
“There’s no way to tell Janalon, but she must not be disturbed.
She gave you the key stone so you could visit and ask of her welfare, not to barge in and disturb the forces at work here.
She also asked that you not bring anyone with you, for our temple is most sacred and secret,” the monk spoke softly.
“I keep nothing from Sasha,” Janalon nodded at the Guildmistress.
The monk walked over to Janalon and handed him a scroll. “You must fix this.”
Sasha looked about confused, then rose. “I am not sure what needs fixing, but fix it you must Janalon.”
“May I have a moment here alone?” Janalon pleaded.
Sasha and the monk went through the door and closed it behind them.
Janalon walked over to the woman on the slab as memories flooded his mind and his eyes turned misty.
“Come home dear Arwen, please make haste home,” The mage turned and walked out the door.

Sasha and Janalon had sailed away from the isle until the temple vanished in the clouds.
The monk had told Janalon he could return every quarter year and that he could bring the lovely Sasha only if he promised to work the magic of the scroll every time.
Janalon looked over at Sasha as she stood at the railing.
He walked over to her and brushed his hand against her cheek, fingering the scroll in the pocket of his robes.
With her eyes closed Sasha almost lost her balance, but regained it as her eyes flashed open.
“Janalon, what are we about, how much longer till we get to this place!” Sasha stood with hands on hips.
“Well I’ve decided to turn back,” Janalon said softly.
“What? You brought me out on this trip because you said we were going somewhere special,” Sasha was in shock.
Janalon spoke not a word as he walked to the front of the ship and stared out across the sea.
Sasha bewildered only stared after.

Returning to the isle was never required, for within two weeks time Arwen did indeed return to her friends of Glory Row.
How her soul came home so quickly may have been due to Janalon's spoken words or perhaps it was only the presense of Sasha.
Mayhap it was just time to come home.

The seasoned fighter waited patiently for the soft sound of the quill to hush as the sun sprinkled its glow through the open window of the Glory Row Smithy.
Finally the mage closed his journal and leaned back in the wicker chair.
“You understand what I am asking?” Acolon said carefully. “And why I ask?”
“Yes, I understand,” Janalon met his eyes.
“Great, I was….,” Acolon started.
“And you must understand why your request is denied,” Janalon cut him off.
Sasha shook her head from across the room then walked out into the patio area.
“Sasha knows and understands,” Acolon tried.
“No time for such talk, I must make ready,” Janalon stood.
“Yes, we don’t want to be late,” Sasha walked back into the room.
“We can talk about it when we return,” she continued.
“It’s a closed issue,” Janalon walked past the two.

The sound of servants seemed to come out of the walls themselves as the Palace boomed with life.
The white draperies blew in the light wind as Rose adjusted the straps and pulled the laces tight.
“You look as pretty as a daisy in the wind my Lady,” Rose said with pride.
“Do you really think so?” Wildfyre beamed with pride.
“I really do, as pretty as a fresh drop of dew,” Rose declared.
“Prettier,” someone said from the doorway.
“Janalon! Is it time?” Rose turned to face him as he came through the door.
“It is close, now how are we?” he faced Wildfyre.
“Nervous,” the bride answered.
Janalon eyed the young girl with such pride his eyes flashed with the magic within.
So much like a daughter was she, so rich and full of life that it pained him to see her blossom into womanhood.
He would miss the young Wildfyre.
Janalon laughed when he thought of the idea, for Wildfyre was not going anywhere, she was just getting married.
Change comes, people grow older and lives follow their wake.
You can’t hold something back for your own whims and wishes.
Sometimes you must let go and accept whatever change it may bring.
If Janalon had his wish, Wildfyre would stay just as she was.
How selfish that wish would be.
His thoughts turned to the fighter Acolon, how odd he thought that he would be thinking of the Lord in Command at this time.
Acolon wanted to step down as Lord in Command, something that Janalon would not allow.
The conflict was tearing at both of them, more so at Acolon himself.

“How selfish I have been.”
“What? Janalon what are you about,” Wildfyre asked with concern.
“I was wishing you could stay the young Wildfyre forever, dear,” the mage offered.
Wildfyre said not a word, but her smile out shown the sun itself.
“That would be a selfish wish indeed,” he admitted.
“I will always be Wildfyre, Janalon, always,” she promised.
“And Acolon will always be Acolon,” Janalon thought out loud.
“What?” Rose and Wildfyre asked in unison.
“Never mind, I think you and I have a walk to take,” Janalon offered his arm to Wildfyre.
“Indeed,” Rose did her best impression.

He watched as she descended the stairs and walked down the aisle towards him.
He listened as the Priestess Arwen spoke of wedlock.
His mind flooded with memories as Sasha spoke of love and life.
His Honor Guard Sash glowed in the candlelight as both their vows were spoken.
And so Sancho Carranza gained a wife.

“A toast to happiness for both of you,” Gregor raised his glass as Aife tried to make herself at ease around the Glory Row members.
“Rose you did a wonderful job on the bouquets,” Raven said over the din.
“Thank you my lady,” Rose curtsied.
“Janalon, your attire is most elegant this eve, I must say the scarf becomes you,” Arwen said with a smile.
“Why thank you dear, do you really like it?”
Janalon spun around as he felt himself tapped on the shoulder.
“Follow me,” Gourry motioned.
Gourry and Janalon snaked their way around the crowd and finally came out towards the rear of the room.
Gourry stopped and allowed Janalon to walk around him.
Janalon stopped as he came upon two sitting at a table.
No words were spoken for the better part of a minute.
Finally the two that were sitting rose and stood before Janalon.
“A most pleasant surprise,” Janalon broke the tension.
He clasped hands with Bastille then turned to face Starr.
“Starr, there was one good thing about your absence,” he paused.
It made my heart grow fonder,” he finished.
“Janalon, it is so good to see you,” Starr laughed.
“I pray tell you are both making yourselves at home,” Gourry stated.
“Yes, that’s what homes are for, aye?” Janalon assured.
S’lamnour walked up and started pumping Janalon’s hand.
“Congratualtions Guildmaster,” S’lamnour said with a smile.
“Why thanks, bless you, uh, for what?” Janalon asked unsure.
Janalon followed S’lamnour’s gaze up the steps of the altar until they rested on Sasha.
“Heavens,” Janalon whispered as he spied the bride’s bouquet in her hands.
“Was it not like six months ago that you proposed to her?” Gourry raised his brows.
“My word, has it been that long?” Janalon wondered.

She rounded the bend in the mountain and came up on the small pool of water shaded by an over hanging rock.
She knelt and cupped her hands with water, tasting its coolness.
Her metallic armor fit like a second skin, hugging and protecting her torso as she gathered a bucket of the earth’s nectar to take back to the Glory Row Smithy.
Shouldering the bucket she turned as a shadow stepped out from the rocks drawing a halberd.
She drenched herself with the cold water as she fumble for the sword at her hip.
“Now what did you do that for, don’t waste the water," Sir Draegon said as he put away his halberd.
“Draegon, you….,” Sassy stopped and clenched her teeth.
“Oh that’s a dead give away, you were going to call me a most horrid name, were you not,” Sir Draegon said as he bit into an apple.
“Draegon, where have you been?” Sassy asked with a smile.
“You miss me?” the young Champion smiled.
“Why yes, I had no one around to taunt me,” Sassy laughed.
They both sit by the water and Draegon brought out some ale and two more apples.
Sassy sipped and ate slowly, one thing she loved was a good ripe apple and this one was luscious.
“Another?” Draegon asked.
“Oh please one more,” Sassy said as she finished the first one. "More ale too."
“Uh oh,” he said as he rummaged though his backpack.
“Uh oh, what?” Sassy asked puzzled.
Draegon turned his pack upside down spilling what looked like twenty apple cores onto the ground.
“Heavens, you sure like apples, but why do you carry the cores around?” Sassy asked with disbelief.
“You give your horse your spoils?” Sassy asked with wonder.
“What’s wrong with that?” Draegon asked in defense.
“Oh forget it, dang the luck you got me wanting an apple,” Sassy accused.
“There’s a rather big core there if you….” Draegon started to say.
“What are you insinuating?” Sassy had her dagger up to his throat.
“Sassy, I’m not really ready for a relationship right now,” Draegon said as he felt the cold blade on his throat.
“I’m gonna do it Draegon,” The lady fighter swore.
“Listen….” Draegon tried to speak.
“No, you listen, you mischievous little joker,” She bit back laughter.
“What?” she stopped.
Draegon got to his feet and pulled his halberd out and motioned at Sassy.
Sassy, pulled forth her sword and crouched behind him as they peeked around the edge of the mountain.
“Draegon what?” she asked again.
“Arms!” the young fighter sprinted towards the Glory Row Compound.
Sassy came to her feet trying to shield her eyes from the hateful sun as Draegon clashed into an earth elemental.
She bit away at chunks of dirt as another towering mass of mud slapped at her with its massive fist.
Lightning poured from the clear sky as magic was reeled from fingers of dread lords hidden in the mountains.
Sassy finally dropped her foe to the ground in a cloud of dust as she was jerked backwards with a wire wrapped around her throat.
Choking, she tried to ease her fingers between her skin and the wire to let airflow into her lungs.
She saw Gourry on the left side of the Smithy as a blood elemental crashed through the walls flinging Rose to lie still in the sand.
Gourry was joined by Sancho and S’lamnour as they took battle with a evil controlled metallic behemoth that blew fire and ash onto the roof of the Smithy.
Sassy, bit her lip until blood poured from the wound as she failed time and time again to break her adversary’s hold.
Gourry went in low at the creature while S’lamnour spearheaded a flank attack with Sancho as Sassy finally gained leverage and flipped over to come face to face with her attacker.
The murdering assassin toppled like a tree from Sassy’s brutal head butt.
Spinning, she crushed the windpipe of a second assassin as Sir Draegon joined her side with his bloody halberd.
Gregor came backing away from behind Sasha’s house as his magic flayed away at a lumbering Ettin.
The Ettin’s flesh was torn from its body from the heat of Gregor’s ash, but still it labored on.
More magic poured from Gregor’s fingers as the Ettin’s flesh dropped in huge smoldering piles to expose its internal organs, still it labored on with its massive heart beating, pumping thick black blood to threaten Gregor’s footing.
Draegon and Sassy stood horrified unable to move as they saw Gregor’s foe.
Draegon spun around and pointed at one of the mages on the hill that seemed to be controlling the horrible creature.
Sassy too saw the mage as her dagger flashed in the sun, leaving the mage to claw at it’s ruined throat.
The Ettin stopped and fell over with a sticky wet sound.
Gregor joined Gourry to slap at the behemoth that had already begun to take its toll on Sancho.
The Compound was over run now by assassins from every direction.
Gourry fell with a metallic slap to the face that lay him lifeless on the ground.
The huge behemoth backed up kicking up with a force that crushed Gregor’s rib cage, puncturing his heart.
Sassy and Draegon, joined the fight against the giant beast as other Glory Row members came stumbling from the Smithy with bolts in their backs falling to the ground to move no more.
Sancho lie crumpled as S’lamnour tried to drag him out of harms way only to be trampled by the huge monster.
Thundarr jumped from the roof and landed with a thud beside Draegon as the two champions went to war against the strange monster.
Tears welled up in Sassy’s eyes as the two champions fell dead in the sand.
Running, she made way towards the smithy door to have fire flung at her from behind.
Many bodies, with red capes, she hurdled trying to make the Smithy door.
Starr, Bastille and others, dear Raven and Wildfyre all lay misshapen as she swung open the door.
With her head cradled in Sassy’s arms, dear Sasha let her last breath out with a sad sigh.
Hair and faced burned, Sassy, made her way towards the corner where the Mage in blue robes lay dead, the As of Late tomes burning around him.
Crying uncontrollably with great burned welts across her face, Sassy raised her voice higher than the flames that licked around her legs with lust.
She was answered with a crossbow bolt to the heart as blood gushed from her mouth.

Acolon woke with violence as his name was called again.
His heart almost failed him as he gathered his sword and swung the door open at battle ready.
“Lord Acolon,” Raven fell back startled.
Acolon shoved by her looking about in a worried frenzy.
His heart slowed just a trifle as he saw the houses and the Glory Row Smithy in tact.
“My Lord, please, the air about you is worry,” Raven rushed to him.
Acolon fell to his knees as Raven caught him before he fell over and gave him a sip of cider from a bottle.
“My Lord, you are ill?” Raven asked with sorrow.
“I’m ok,” Acolon managed.
“Master Janalon awaits you in his study,” Raven sung softly.

The cold wind that blew across the desert seemed to rush the smithy door as Acolon closed it behind him.
His plate arms fell in perfect sync with the sound of his boots as they echoed across the smithy floor.
He walked to the corner and made himself comfortable in front of the desk, sighing at the sound of the quill.
He shifted his plate boots, just to make enough noise to make the mage’s brow furrow and get his attention.
It never failed to work.
“Indeed,” Janalon looked up and settled back into the wicker chair.
Acolon offered no answer; instead he stared gently at Janalon.
“What is wrong, friend,” Janalon rose and put his hand on Acolon’s shoulder.
In doing so, the mage felt the fighter’s anxiety and was saddened.
Acolon looked then at his friend and noticed the gray flecks in Janalon’s beard for the first time.
He then relayed the dream to Janalon as Sasha listened from the nearby table.
Once finished, silence followed and blew off into the eve.
“Acolon,” Janalon started. “If I have placed such a heavy burden on you as this, then I have truly sinned.”
Acolon looked up and listened as Janalon continued.
“My intention was never to make your position one that would haunt you as you were at rest.
I understand, your reasons for wanting to step down as Lord in Command, I also realize my selfishness in not allowing you to do so, making your burden even heavier.”
Janalon went and looked out the window and spoke into the falling night.
“Change is one of my biggest weaknesses, friend,” the mage went on. “I will need your advice and help on the one that will take your place,” Janalon said as he turned around. Acolon looked up concerned as the wind had caught Janalon’s hair, blowing it to the left exposing the gray that seemed to hide there.
“You know you can count on me and I will still be here to advise always,” Acolon managed.
“Of course you will, did you think I fancied that you may not remain?” Janalon walked away from the window.
“Well, I have been afraid that it would change the face of our friendship,” Acolon shifted.
Sasha gasped from the table as Janalon’s face took on one of astonishment.
“My goodness Acolon, you claim my love to be trivial for you,” Janalon said softly.
“It was only my fear of change too, Janalon,” the fighter rose to face him.
“How silly both of you have been,” Sasha offered without looking up.
Janalon stood and walked to the center of the room, he then turned towards Acolon and Sasha and beckoned them.
They both walked up and stood beside him and waited.
“The face of friendship does indeed change, come,” Janalon waved his hands in the air.
The air shook with protest as it folded in on itself and a white gate appeared.
“Keep your mind about you,” Janalon said as he walked through.
Acolon and Sasha followed his wake, with fear.

The sweet smell of cotton rushed up to greet the senses as the white essence spun upon the loom.
The door opened and in walked Chistina and Sasha with youth about their eyes.
They took the cotton and spun it whole, until it took shape.
Sasha brought the dress up to her bosom and did a make shift curtsey.
“Excellent!” Chistina clapped. “That will bring twenty gold coins, I fancy.”
“I may keep it, aye?” Sasha flung her flawless hair back.
“It does become you dear,” Chistina smiled.
In the corner Oliver worked with a dye until it shaded red, he then called Sasha over for her approval.
“Nay, little on the light side Oli,” Sasha decided.
“Well, you just said it was on the dark side a second ago,” Oliver accused.
“Oh did I?” Sasha asked.
“I don’t remember it,” Christina took her side.
“You’re just being difficult,” both pointed at Oliver.
“Indeed,” someone said from behind Oliver.
The tailor shop boomed with business while the young alchemist Oliver worked with the dye until the correct shade was found.
And what happiness they found when the capes were dyed and set out to dry.
Even the three shadows were proud.
The three shadows that saw all but were not seen.
The door slung opened and the wind crashed in.
In its wake was Zedd, Lord in Command.
His leather armor was soaked with sweat as he adjusted the strap on his sword.
Behind him was a young man, with the look of ambition about him.
“Zedd, we finally have the correct shade of red, for our member’s capes now,” Chistina said proudly.
“We?” Oliver laughed.
“Indeed,” a blue cloaked man stepped out from behind Oliver.
“Splendid, mine is torn, so I will take the first from the new batch,” Zedd decided.
“Zedd?” Sasha pointed.
“Oh, I do beg your pardon, this is, the fighter I spoke of,” Zedd pointed to the young man behind him.
The fighter spoke but with a heavy accent.
“What the hell did he say?” Oliver asked for everyone.
Everyone laughed, even the three unseen shadows.
“I don’t know!” Zedd’s voice boomed over the others.
The fighter was bent over in laughter himself as Zedd patted him on the back.
“He said, well met, my name is Acolon, how can I be of service to Glory Row,” the blue cloaked man said as the laughter subsided.
The fighter looked up and smiled as Sasha attached the cape to his shoulders.
Acolon looked at the man in blue and nodded.
“Well met, my name is Janalon, this is Sasha, Oliver and Chistina, we offer our hands in friendship,” the man bowed.
Everyone saw the beginning of a special friendship between the people in the room.
But no one saw the white gate open, save for the three shadows as they left.

The shadows traveled far that eve; they visited many places in time that washed them with memories.
The night grew older and so did the faces of friendship.

The shadows watched from the walls as an old man walked into the room and made his way to the corner to sit at a table.
A seasoned fighter rushed to his aid, but the old man brushed him away.
“I can still walk on my own and I fancy I can sit,” the old man accused.
“Yes, sorry Lord,” Spawn backed away
Fallstaff, dressed in full battle plate walked into the room and bowed at the old man’s feet.
The old man looked up into the seasoned fighter’s eyes and was proud of the wisdom and experience he saw there.
“Refreashments?” Randa walked into the room and set a loaf of banana bread and ale in front of the old man.
The old man looked at Randa amazed how she had blossomed into such a fine woman.
The sound of the room filled with clamor as others came in to greet the old man.
Some moved quicker than the old man fancied they should as the candles pushed away the night.
Even as busy as the room had became, no one noticed the shadows on the wall.
No one noticed much at all, save the old man.
He noticed a sound gone and forsaken.
No more did the quill move in the corner, no more did the wicker chair rock.
So he gathered himself up and walked forward to peer closer as the others rushed to help him on his way.
He brushed all away save NinaLee, one he was so very fond of.
She was such a beautiful young lady, he fancied Fallstaff thought so too.
So he let the young girl help him to the desk, still polished and new.
He reached out with frail old fingers to turn the pages when the hand of the old woman put his reach at bay.
“Lord Acolon, What are you about?”
“I wish to read,” he said with a cracking voice.
Arwen took her hand away and sat back down beginning her weaving anew.
“You know how he gets when someone reads his unfinished work,” Arwen spoke as she worked her thread.
“Yes, I know,” the old man nodded as he hobbled away.
“Priestess Arwen, it’s ok for people to read the book,” NinaLee insisted.
“No, your father and your mother will be most upset,” Arwen said.
“They are gone Arwen,” the girl knelt and rubbed her hand.
“Yes, they are, I do hope they get back soon,” Arwen agreed.
“Oh dearest Arwen, such loyalty in you and Acolon, even in death,” NinaLee stood.

Janalon walked out of the white gate followed by Acolon and Sasha.
The mage turned to face them as the moon battled with the sun outside.
“The face of friendship does indeed change, but not its heart,” Janalon bowed.
“Janalon that was most unsettling,” Sasha sighed.
“On the contrary my love, it only proves that we will not fail in our quest in Glory Row.
That no matter how young we are or how old we become our hearts never will change.”
Acolon walked with Sasha and Janalon then, to the outside, where Sancho, S’lamnour,Vader and Gourry were sparring while Sassy and Nadia looked on as the sun came up.
And there, Acolon sat all the day, watching their every move.

His hand went up and halted his companion, as the wind seemed to blow a warning from the dark hole in the mountain.
S’lamnour listened closely and pointed towards the abyss with his left hand, while his right hand drew forth a blade.
“I’m not going in there,” she said from behind him.
S’lamnour motioned again as a howl drifted out of the dark cave.
“I’ve got the rest of my life to get killed, I don’t see why you are trying to rush me,” she answered nonchalantly.
“I thought you wanted to have some fun, Artemis?” S’lamnour put away his blade.
“Fun here? What is this place?”
“It’s Shame,” Slamnour said in exasperation.
“It darn sure is, you should be, toting me off down here on a Sunday, expecting me to go mud slinging with you,” She said with hands on hips.
“No wonder they call you Sly,” she added.
“There’s gold to be had and practice at arms,” S’lamnour beckoned.
“Gold, where am I gonna put any gold? This skimpy armor you have me in has no pockets!”
“I’ll carry the gold,” he offered.
“Oh, I bet you will, tote me off down in that dark hole, get me killed and make out with all the gold!” she said with raised brows.
Slamnour threw his hands up to the sky. “Ok, let’s hunt the country side.
“I’m going back to the Compound, the heck with this, sides I need a little oil,” she turned to go.
“Yes, this dang armor is rubbing the top of my shoulders raw, it’s too loose I fancy,” she stopped and looked back.
‘That’s what I’m talking about, you see if we go into the dungeon, you get to practice your art at the sword,” he explained.
“With a real foe,” he added.
“What’s that got to do with my armor?” Artemus asked.
“Well, the more you engage, the more you work your shoulders, upper chest and legs,” he stated.
Artemis offered no reply, instead she stood there in silence.
“You build your body up and fill out your….and, oh my,” S’lamnour faltered.
Artemis advanced on him with lightning speed with wrath flowing.
“There is absolutely nothing wrong with my shoulders, chest or legs,” she said getting in his face.
“Hey, no, of course not, I…” he brought his hands up in defense.
“I don’t need work out lessons!” She said shaking her finger in his face.
S’lamnour started to reply but shut his mouth with an audible pop.
“Good, now we have an understanding, now get me back to the Compound before it gets any worse,” she backed away at arms length.
A wet sticky sound broke the silence as Artemis went down with her hair matted with a green substance.
S’lamnour reached for her as she was jerked away by a thick web wrapped around her ankles.
A deafening sound from behind caused him to spin around drawing his blade.
The blade cleared with a metallic scream and flashed silver in the sun.
It then fell harmlessly to the ground as his helm split from the force of the blow.

The two young boys sat in the sand cutting the hide off the two wolves with the Glory Row Smithy looming in the distance.
“I think I cut too deep on this one,” Fallstaff said wiping the blood from his dagger.
“No, it’s ok Fallstaff, go around the side then up, it’s salvageable,” Spawn nodded.
Fallstaff did as he was instructed and cut the lower half of the hide off successfully.
“Do you remember what mother looked like?” Spawn asked.
“Sometimes I can, it was long ago when it all happened, we were just learning to walk,” Fallstaff replied without looking up.
“It’s a good thing that Janalon and Sasha found us, brought us here, is it not?” Spawn asked as he cut away at the hide.
“Yes, I really feel like we belong, sometimes,” Fallstaff nodded.
“How come none of them ever take us hunting?” Spawn asked rather loudly.
“Worried,” came the reply.
“It’s rather silly, we are both eleven summers old,” Spawn stood.
Yea! And who was it that sewed the armor for Colbey to wear in battle!” Fallstaff stood with him.
“Me!” Spawn declared.
“And we have both been trained by Lord Acolon, its not fair at all,” Fallstaff demanded.
“Grown ups are silly, glad I’m not one,” Spawn decided.
“Me too,” Fallstaff agreed.
Both returned to their task as the sun sunk towards the west.
“Fallstaff, do you ever feel like you were once someone else, in another time I mean,” Spawn asked.
“You mean like you in our ancient tomes, the Ghost Child?”
“Yes, like that,” Spawn looked up at him.
“Yes I do Spawn, we sure don’t amount to much here though, not yet it seems.”
The air protested as a blue gate formed and a hideous monster lumbered out from within.
“A zombie, let’s kill it!” Spawn stood and drew his sword.
The creature raised its arms in defense as its matted hair clung to its green face.
“You want to kill something, kill this fiend,” the creature said pointing to the gate as S’lamnour appeared.
“Artemis, let me help you,” S’lamnour rushed to the creature.
“I do believe you have helped enough today,” the figure walked towards the bathhouse.
“S’lamnour, what happened to your helm?” Fallstaff asked.
“I think it has seen better days,” S’lamnour offered.
All three turned as another figure came among them.
“What happened to Artemis?” Sassy asked as she stopped in front of S’lamnour.
“Spider puke,” he said meekly.
“Goodness me,” Sassy said as she unlatched her sword.
“Shall we catch the gate back to Shame,” S’lamnour asked.
“S’lamnour, you seek the Lord in Command position right?” Sassy asked.
“I’m not sure,” he answered.
“Well, I seek the Lady and I fancy our path should lead to Ice Island,” Sassy advised.
“The ancient home of our ancestors?” S’lamnour asked.
“Yes, perhaps they can tell us our true path, lets go,” Sassy motioned.
“Sounds like good hunting to me,” S’lamnour agreed.
“We are right behind you!” Spawn and Fallstaff stood up in unison.
“No you boys stay here, this is much too dangerous,” Sassy knelt kissed both on the cheek.
Spawn and Fallstaff stood steaming while Sassy and S’lamnour walked off towards the smithy to gather supplies as the gate to Shame began growing dim.
Fallstaff broke into a run heading for the already closing gate.
“Come on Spawn, let’s go on our own adventure!” he cried as he disappeared.
“Yea let’s,” Spawn said as he dove in before it closed.

S’lamnour and Sassy arrived at the ruins without incident as the sun fell on Ice Isle.
The ancient stones of the Glory Row guild house of long ago, loomed like shades around the valley.
Like great fingers of ice they reached towards the gray sky in vain.
As night fell, S’lamnour made camp in what appeared to be the center of the valley.
Sassy unbuckled her sword and begin slicing off large portions of venison, as the campfire licked at the night air.
After they had their fill, both Glory Row warriors began scanning the area for any sign of movement.
Unlike the Champions of Glory Row, they could not summon the spirits of the ancient ancestors.
The ancestors of Glory Row were said to still dwell in the very ice around the cracked and aged stones.
Sasha had used Sir Draegon’s blood to awaken them during the search of the ancient Ode to Glory Row, the creed by which Glory Row lived and died.
The Ode to Glory Row was an ancient tome that the Champions used to gather advice from the ancestors.
It’s pages lay blank to all save the purest.
The only members that could read the book’s passages were the Champions themselves and sometimes Spawn.
Sassy and S’lamnour could not call upon the ancestors, the only hope they had was that perhaps the ancestors would seek them out this night or the next.
Both hoped they could get some sort of gesture towards the right path to Lord and Lady in Command.

The cold of the night wore on and bit through leather and cloth as midnight approached.
The sun rose the next day and gave way to evening as a storm brewed off the nearby coast.
S’lamnour voiced his concern as he brought firewood and rekindled the blaze.
“It looks like it’s coming this way Sassy, we better reinforce our shelter."
Both made haste and tied rope around the joints of the makeshift structure.
Both saw the coming of night and the coming of the ice storm as they shielded their skin in vain from the frozen air.
The shelter broke like small twigs and was blown off into the night.
Sassy and S’lamnout crawled to the nearest upright stone and tied themselves to it with a thin rope.
No torch could be set a fire, no lantern set a glow, they were both at the mercy of the elements in a battle they had no chance of winning.
S’lamnour looked and saw Sassy’s blue ashen face in the dying twilight.
She looked back at him and nodded her ok.
The storm hammered on as night swallowed the valley.
With all light gone Sassy had no way of telling if S’lamnour was still alive, she gathered the strength to call his name but only a dying whimper came forth from her lungs.

The lantern dangled in the air like a puppet on a string as the slowing snow fell around it.
Like a shadow from the grave it made it’s way around the stones in search of the life it felt.
Both S’lamnour and Sassy watched the lantern as it approached them, it seemed to sway to their dying heartbeat as their blood begin to slow it’s flow from the cold.
As the lantern came closer they noticed the storm gone and the cold pushed away.
The two warriors gasped in awe as the upright stones around the valley began to sway and stumble to animation in the lantern light.
All save the stone they were tied to seem to come to life and step towards them.
When the lantern carrier came before them they saw that it was not a lantern at all.
Instead it was the glow around the death cowl of the ancient Ghost Child.

The storm clouds had parted and left a full moon to shine like a weak sun upon the scene.
Relieved that they could move their frozen limbs again, Sassy and S’lamnour untied the rope that bound them and stood to face the crowd of shades.
The Ghost Child backed away from the two warriors and joined the ranks of the long dead Glory Row members.
After much silence Sassy stepped forth and bade. “We seek the correct path that will lead us to the Lord and Lady in Command positions,”
The wind seemed to moan and wail in a quite protest as the shades swayed in the night air.
“You journey far for something that is so close,” the echoing voice of a woman rose.
“It is true, we have come from the desert above Britain to seek you, our ancestors, in hopes of gaining wisdom that will help us on our quest,” S’lamnour offered.
A feeling of dread seem to come out of the air itself as a gasp rose from the crowd of spirits.
“I am afraid my company has no advice for you, but I may, for I am not of them,” the soothing voice rose again.
“What makes you different?” Sassy asked the wind.
“All the death cowls you see before you are from souls long ago, but I have yet to wear mine,” the voice echoed off the nearby mountains.
“Can you step forth and advise us?” S’lamnour asked.
“I am already forth, you need only turn,” the voice insured.
Sassy and S’lamnour turned to look behind them at the stone they had cut themselves from to find in it’s place a beautiful woman.
Unlike the shades she wore no death cowl and was dressed in a long flowing gown and red cape.
Her hair was tied back with a red bandanna.
She looked whole and tangible but her voice was like the wind.
She smiled.
Sassy and S’lamnour bowed in unison as the woman stepped closer.
“Whom do we have the pleasure in meeting?” S’lamnour and Sassy inquired together.
A dreadful cry went up behind them as the shades of the Glory Row ancestors took to the air.
Sassy and S’lamnour felt the shades flying through their bodies ripping at their very souls.
Over and over again they flew in then out of their souls tearing something away.
Sassy and S’lamnour became weak and nauseated as the hundreds of spirits halted their task then disappeared with a sonic boom inside the body of the woman before them.
“When you were younger you called me precious child,” the woman nodded at Sassy.
Sassy looked beside her at S’lamnour and let out a weak shirk.
The old man beside her looked over at her as his eyes widened.
Both Sassy and S’lamnour looked down at their aged hands and swollen knuckles.
“In the days of Janalon the Wanderer and Sasha, I was daughter,” the woman sung.
S’lamnour tried to speak but could not gather the strength.
The woman walked up to him and spoke in a whisper. “And when you could talk without much effort, you called me Ninalee.”
Sassy and S’lamnour dropped to their knees and wept as reality dawned on them.
They were in the presence of a member of Glory Row yet to be born.
With great effort they both opened their eyes and looked the woman in the face.
They were startled by the resemblance of Sasha and the gentle look of Janalon.
“And you will listen to me and be frightened,” she met their gaze with authority.
The woman then threw open her gown as her white skin wooed with the moonlight.
Her female battle armor glistened in the night air with a lustful golden hue.
The stars themselves seemed to turn green with envy.
From the two sheaths strapped to each of her flawless thighs, she cleared their leather with a fluent drawing of two magnificent blades.
S’lamnour tore his eyes away from her marble like skin as she held each blade high in the air.
Sassy shielded her eyes and found herself envious of Ninalee’s graceful movements.
Toned muscles rippled down her abdomen as the blades made their descent at Sassy and S’lamnour.
Both threw their hands up in defense as they waited for the death blow.

Sassy, near tears now, dared to open her eyes as S’lamnour did the same.
Both sighed in relief as they saw the swords flipped backwards in offering with the tips clasped tight in Ninalee’s hands. Sassy reached out and let her aged hands grip the sword as S’lamnour followed suit.
Both let out a frightful yell as Ninalee flashed like the sun and the shades of the ancestors erupted from her bosom, channeling down the swords, splashing into the souls of Sassy and S’lamnour.
Sassy’s face contorted with her screams as S’lamnour begged his God for forgiveness.
Dread filled their hearts with sadness in its wake as the shades continued to flow like a raging river down the swords, saturating their hearts.
All the mistakes of their ancestors flowed through their veins, the emotions of both the ancient Lord and Lady when they returned to find their Guild House burned and their loved ones slaughtered.
The shame and despair was so great it shattered S’lamnour’s emotions like a small babe.
As quickly as it started it came to a halt leaving S’lamnour and Sassy heaving for breath.
Sassy looked over at S’lamnour to find that he was young again.
She looked down at her hands and found them to be lush and youthful.
Both of them looked up and noticed the swords gone, vanished into the night.
Sassy started to ask, but Ninalee spoke first. “My father and mother bless you with the titles you seek. Your fellow members rejoice that you two will stand as Lord and Lady.”
“It was written long before you came here,” she finished. Sassy and S’lamnour rose and stepped closer as Ninalee’s voice grew quieter.
“Take the anguish you have learned this eve back to Glory Row. Pray it will put them back upon the correct path,” Nina started shaking.
Alarmed, Sassy and S’lamnour stepped towards her.
“Pray not let the same befall that befell our ancestors that day. Don’t let the same mistakes fall you and the ones that come after.
Reinforce the dying Creed, do so before my coming or all is lost,” Nina said through tears.
“Our Creed is strong,” Sassy said unsure.
Ignoring her, Ninalee went on. “See to it that Thundarr disposes of his Sultan, for he still battles it even today. Do so or lose him like you did Colbey.”
Finally Sassy and S’lamnour knew how right she was.
The Glory Row Creed needed to be reinforced, they had to make sure that every member helped one another along that path and kept faith.
Glory Row had that sort of faith, like no other guild, but it needed to be rekindled and kept as flawless as possible.
Ninalee fell to her knees crying heavily.
Both S’lamnour and Sassy rushed and knelt beside her, holding her tight.
Sassy ran her fingers through Ninalee’s hair and shushed her with a kiss on the forehead, like she would do so many times in the future.
S’lamnour patted her hand and wiped her tears away.
“Don’t die, don’t leave me like this, I am not strong enough to walk in your shadow!” Ninalee yelled at the dying moon. Sassy and S’lamnour held her tighter and rocked her gently to sleep.

She felt the numbness in her arms and the cold on her brow as she opened her eyes to the glaring sun.
Slamnour met Sassy’s gaze with a look of all knowing.
He slipped out his dagger and cut the rope that bound them to the stone.
Both warriors rose and stretched the numbness out of their backs.
They reached for the reassuring feel of the metal that was bound to their hips only to find the sheaths empty.
Both cut their eyes around towards the stone and was awed by the sight of two magnificent swords beside it with the letters LiC etched upon the golden hilts.

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