ACTIVE Members are denoted in Green.

All Guild Members shall display the proper colors.

All potential members shall be required to hunt by our side and wear an un-colored cape before accepted into the Circle we call Glory Row.

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Janalon..... Guildmaster

Sasha..... Guildmistress

Enter the Circle of the Elders

Maximus..... Lord in Command

Sassy..... Lady in Command

Jareth..... High Council

Kimblex..... High Council

Sancho Carranza, Honor Guard

Acolon, Elder

Alexis, (title pending)

Alonso Carranza, Guardian

Amoril, Hammer of Might

Angel, Mystic Spirit

Armand, Desert Keeper

Arwen, Priestess

Barbara, Keeper of Hope

Black Lotus, Black Paladin

BlueGravity, Sorcerer

Borric, Glory Row Champion

Brazex, Chief of Mines

Calviin, Knight of the Sword

Christina, Lady Mage

Colbey the Late, Glory Row Champion

Denise, Retired High Council Dominatrix, Blade Holder

Don Quijote, Guild Counselor

Eric D'Vill, Guild Healer

Eve, Lady of the Lute

Fallstaff, Nature's Minstrel

Garth Kimblex, BranchBuster

Geisel, Keeper of the Arrow

Gilgamesh, Elder

Gourry, Elder

Grace, Keeper of Peace

Instagtor, Wandering Wisp

Jasmine, Princess

Jaynes, Crimson Paladin

Jesse, Enchanter

Jurakku, Cleric

Keldor, Keeper of the Forge

Kevlar, Funkmaster

Kleo, Weaver of Hope

Lauranna, Mistress of the Rose

Lina, Mystery Sorceress

Lori Lyn, Emerald Sister

Lupan, Stone Mage

Lupan Jr, Axeman

Lytol, Jack of all Trades

Madame Elyssa, Soothsayer

MaryJane, Herbalist

Mathurin, Man at Arms

Mdnitrdr, Elder

Mica, Keeper of the Path

Nadia, Mistress at Arms

Oliver, Elder

Orlandu, Crimson Knight

Ralph, Defender of Flame

Randa, Maiden of the Wind

Raven, Keeper of Souls

Red Beard, Treasure Hunter

Rose, Keeper of the Heart

Sable, Queen of the Xbow

Sara, Lady at Arms

Sir Dylin, Keeper of the Blade

Sir Draegon, Glory Row Champion

Lord S'lamnour, Retired LIC Spawn, Ghost Child

Tannis, Seeker of Justice

Thundarr, Glory Row Champion

Traci Fishbone, Enchantress

Tyrin Kilcanon, Soldier of Light

Vader, Elder

Vade Won, Elder

Vadie, Guild Smith

Vulcan, Hammer of Might

WildFyre, Keeper of Embers

Zedd, Elder

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