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Ultima Manga Comics

rear cover of japanese ultima comic bookUltima is so popular that even back into the 80's it was spreading around the world. It was always popular in the US and Europe, but it turns out it was also quite popular in Japan.

I was browsing through a local comic shop one day when I saw the image you see to the left here. Even after picking it up, all I could tell was that it was based on Ultima III: Exodus. (Click image to veiw in large)

After a bit of asking around, and with the help of Underworld Dragon and others, we were able to ascertain quite a bit about these previously (mostly) undiscovered Ultima works. For more information you can go to Underworld's Notable Ultima.

Aside from all that, I was able to trade the manga for a copy of Space Rogue, which is an old Origin game I had been searching for quite a long time. Space Rogue is basically the forefather of what later became Privateer. Plus, I was able to trade it to another Ultima Dragon, and a person whom I knew, so it 'stayed in the family', so to speak. It's like when you give away your cat; you really want it to go to a good home. :-)

It's all tied together-- that's the freaky part. Originally the manga was supposed to go to a third party, but a series of fortunate events fell into place precisely in the right order. The third party was able to get other copies from another source, and I was able to trade the manga for another great Origin created product.

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