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Introduction to Ultima

Ultima is a series of role-playing computer games created by Richard Garriot in the early 80's that has survived until this day--a great feat actually, considering the state of role-playing games in the modern gaming marketplace. The Ultima series rivals such legendary game series as Final Fantasy, King's Quest, and the multiple AD&D games in popularity, but is far, far better--of that you can be sure. Part of what makes Ultima sostone ankh artwork from the U5 Book of Lore special are the Virtues (Honesty, Honor, Justice, Humility, Compassion, Valor, Sacrifice, and Spirituality) to which the player dedicates themself in playing as the Avatar, the paragon of the Virutes. Sound good? Want to try it out? Go to the Files section to download a full-version of Ultima IV.  (Artwork from the Ultima V Book of Lore)

The saga begins with Ultima I and is brought to a close with the release of Ultima IX "Ascension".  Ultima Online (UO) has also been released and you should be able to find it at any software retailer with a front door. UO is a multi-player internet game. Well, actually, is more like you will be creating a new life for yourself.

For more information on the latest games of the Ultima series check out the Origin website. For more information on Ultima Online check out Origin Worlds Online. And for more information on Ultima in general, see the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter.

The Ultima Dragons-Internet Chapter (UDIC) is a very large group of Ultima fans. We have surpassed the 10,000 mark and are steadily cruising onward with the release of UO. The UDIC has it's own newsgroup: rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons , a place on Weyrmount, and a website. First thing you should do is check out the website and join the club--there's only one requirement; you have to have played--not beaten-- at least one Ultima game. Even if you haven't played an Ultima yet (what are you: crazy!?), then the UDIC site is a good place to start finding out how. The UDIC site and the club's members are the single greatest source in the world for Ultima information. And don't be afraid to ask, because we love to share the fun with others.

I call myself Kaleb Dragon, because when you join the Ultima Dragons you choose a Dragon name for yourself and it is the name I am known by in the UDIC. It's great! You get to pick a really cool name and do all sorts of neato Dragon stuff.

Why? I was hatched that way silly!

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