Alternate Endings

Ultima V

            The Avatar and co. arrive at the bottom of Dungeon Doom. They enter the mirror.

            Lord British: Avatar?! What art thou doing here?!

            Avatar: My liege! We art here to rescue thee!

            Lord British: You fool! You blasted fool! Now you've ruined everything!

            Avatar: Milord?

            Lord British: Don't you understand? My kidnapping was faked! I simply wanted to get Blackthorn in charge of my kingdom!

            Avatar: But why??

            Lord British: He was a far more devoted follower of the Virtues than I! I was too relenting. Even thou, Avatar, only kept the Virtues within thyself. Blackthorn couldst motivate others to follow the Virtues!

            Avatar: But he was evil, my liege!

            Lord British: He sacrificed his own Virtues for the good of Britannia, so that others wouldst follow them!

            Avatar: But he was feared and despised by all!

            Lord British: Good! That is what I cannot do, nor could never bring myself to! Instead of encouraging people to follow the Virtues, like you or I have tried, Blackthorn has struck fear of the Virtues into the citizens of Britannia, motivating them to follow these Virtues forever!

            Avatar: But the Shadowlords….?

            Lord British: I was each Shadowlord! My entire kidnapping was faked, Avatar! I knew thou wouldst try to stop Blackthorn, so I tried to kill thee whenever we met. (sighs) No matter. Tis too late now, Avatar. I will have to return to Britannia and depose a monarch far superior to myself. Hand me the Sandalwood Box, Avatar, but remember forever what damage you have done.

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