Ultima IX Script


            Britannia will basically be the same as it was in U7 or any other classic Ultima except for the following changes:

            The long road from Britain to Yew will be gone, replaced by more trees and forest. The route from Yew to Britain is now through the Serpent's Spine, as most people went in U4/U5.

            Stonegate is no longer a ruin in a swamp, it is a big tower surrounded by mountains.

            Britain and Paws are preferrably slightly farther apart than they were in U7. Having the two towns right next door to each other is somewhat ridiculous.

            The Island of Bordermarch is midway between Skara Brae and Jhelom. It is mostly two large mountains, with all the buildings within caves underneath these mountains.


            The Avatar arrives on Britannia (in his full Ethereal Regalia, of course) and sees a giant statue of the Guardian's head. The Guardian's laughter echos around him. A dragon swoops near him and is about to incinerate him, but the Avatar is teleported away in a mystical blue flash.

            Cutscene, almost complete blackness. The shadowed face of Blackthorn can be seen. In front of it is a swirling red mirror. The Guardian's image appears in it.

            Blackthorn: The Avatar has arrived in Britannia, milord.

            Guardian: Have you dispatched him as ordered?

            Blackthorn: I fear the champion of the virtues has escaped, lord.

            Guardian: No matter. The Avatar has powerful allies. Leave this to my other servants.

            Blackthorn: (pauses) Is this truly right, lord? Are we striving for a just cause?

            Guardian: For Britannia, Blackthorn. Remember that. We fight for Britannia.

            Guardian's face fades. Blackthorn turns away, muttering to himself.

            Blackthorn: Why….

            Suddenly, the screen shifts to reveal a tall, sinister figure garbed from head to foot in pitch black armour. His helmet is adorned with miniature bat wings. He speaks with a deep and cold voice.

            Bal Lem: I sense thoughts of betrayal within you, Blackthorn. Remember whom you serve. Remember the oath you swore.

            Cut back to Blackthorn's face. He looks down.

            Blackthorn: I remember…

            Fade to black. The words "Ultima IX" appear in large golden text. Below them appears "Ascension". Beginning of actual game.


            The Avatar is awakened by Hawkwind, who asks him the virtue questions/copy protection. He explains to the Avatar that 50 years have passed upon Britannia. All the great mages of olden days (including Mariah) have died because of the Tetrahedon Generator from U7. Plague and starvation have swept across Britannia. The monks in Britain have exported Serpent Venom to fend off the plague, while the mages of Moonglow ship their surplus food (created by magic) to end the famine. Tensions arose between Amoranth of Britain and Verona of Moonglow, the two most powerful figures in Britannia, as both began to feel that they were in supreme control of Britannia (Lord British, old and senile, is a monarch only in name now). War was declared between the two city-states, and they began building up armies and searching for the support of other towns. Hawkwind is certain this is a plot by the Guardian to once again gain control of Britannia. He departs, explaining that he is weak from teleporting you here, and that he can sense evil forces lurking around Stonegate, and advises the Avatar to be careful.

            The Avatar gets his new equipment (the Ethereal Regalia mysteriously disappeared when he was teleported) and goes through the whole Stonegate intro/tutorial. Not certain yet if he has to make his way across Britannia to Britain, or if he'll just teleport there. On the way he is taunted by the Guardian, who shows Lord British how the Avatar summoned forth Pyros upon Pagan.


            Big, big town. Lots of extra stuff to do and wander around. For the most part, there is a strong air of patriotism. There seems to be no question of whether or not Britain will triumph over Moonglow. Confidence reigns supreme. However, there is talk that a great battle will soon be fought at Britanny Bay, though Britain's navy is considered unmatched.

            Lord British, still up in the castle, will ask you about the dream the Guardian showed him. Although you try to reassure him, he will still appear slightly suspicious. He seems to knhow almost nothing of Britannia. He condemns Verona as a traitor and praises Amoranth. He tells you to discuss the problems within Britannia with Amoranth, since he is losing his concentration on such matters.

            Amoranth, head of the Cathedral of Virtues, will be kind to you, but his attitude towards the virtues is foolish and hypocritical. He seems to believe that the Avatar is the complete embodiment of the virtues, therefore being virtuous simply means serving the Avatar. Even so, if you try to dissuade him from attacking Moonglow. He will, in the politest of manners, insist that as Verona lacks compassion, he is merely teaching her and her regime to show more compassion towards the people of Britannia. After a while, you'll probably realize you can't get anything out of him and depart.

            Iolo and Gwenno will await you in Britain, explaining that their hut was burned down during the imbalance storms and that now they live here. You can also find out how they returned to Britannia from Serpent Isle (sorry, I haven't thought of this myself yet). Iolo will join you, though Gwenno decides to remain behind to continue to calm the tensions in Britain.

            At the castle, you'll find a lot of other familiar faces, though Nystul will be dead by now. Geoffrey, Sherry, and even Chuckles will still be there, with the same personalities as ever.

            Once you've talked to LB and Amoranth and gotten Iolo on your party, you'll be free to wander aronud the mainland of Britannia. Here's a brief rundown on the places you can go:

            Serpent's Spine: Up here you'll find a camp of soldiers led by Tarnor Dredanal who serve neither Britain or Moonglow, yet are waiting so that they may aid the survivors once the war is over.

            Yew: Lots of turmoil here as the mostly pro-Moonglow population contends with a pro-Britain government enforced by guards. The monks in Empath Abbey are also strongly pro-Britain, Amoranth having once been part of their order. Tseramed lives in a hut outside the city, neutral to the war. However, he will decline to join you.

            Paws: Poor, sickly town midway between Britain and Trinsic. Many people complain of the tension between Britain and Trinsic.

            Trinsic: Led by Lord Beshwald, the paladins of Trinsic make up the bulk of Britain's armies. However, Beshwald is contemptuous of Amoranth and wants more power within Britain, knowing his armies are indispensible. Sentri is also here as a paladin, but declines your invitation to join.

            Skara Brae: The bridge has decayed and fallen apart. You can't get here yet.

            Cove: A nice, fair town almost untouched by war. Nastassia, who's barely aged in all these years somehow, will greet you. Cove is basically pro-Britain, though they don't care much one way or the other about the war.

            Vesper: Far from Britain's judristriction, Vesper is on the side of Moonglow. However, Vesper does little to produce troops or ships. Instead, it mines Blackrock, which it sends to Minoc. No one in Vesper knows what it is used for in Minoc, but it becomes clear that Minoc is one of the most powerful cities on Moonglow's side and that the bulk of Moonglow's forces come from there.

            Minoc: A wall surrounds the southern end of this city. At this point in the game, you cannot yet pass through it into Minoc.

            Back to Britain: Once you've gone to at least one of these places (except Serpent's Spine, Skara Brae, or Minoc), on your return to Britain you will see a vision of Arcadion, who taunts you and explains that the Guardian will not conquer Britannia, he will. You'll now meet Raven at the docks, who knows you're the Avatar and needs to bring you to her employer. She'll tell you to meet her at the docks of Trinsic, where her ship is waiting. (Note: If you've already been to Trinsic but not to Vesper, she'll tell you to meet her at Vesper instead. However, if you've been to both locations, she'll still say Trinsic.) Now head back to Trinsic/Vesper, and sail off with Raven, who joins your party.

Buccaneer's Den (Asylum):

            Now known as Asylum, Buc's Den is still the hole of pirates and cuthroats we all know and love. Reigning over it all is Samhayne, the guildmaster, who sent Raven to find you. He wants you to stop the war at all costs, knowing that eventually it will destroy Asylum and all he's worked for. He will tell Raven to travel with you and he'll give you a ship, the Golden Ankh from U7: Forge of Virtue. Iolo, however, does not trust him.

            Iolo: Your fleets could be a great boon to Lord British's kingdom, Samhayne. Why do you not fight alongside us?

            Samhayne: And risk my life and kingdom for your decrepit, senile ruler? I think not.

            Avatar: What of the virtues, Samhayne?

            Samhayne: There are no virtues here. Look what's becoming of your beloved Britannia with its foolish virtues. I am surprised I showed the generousity to help you at all, Avatar. You and Lord British do not rule here or have any authority. I am the sole authority of Buccaneer's Den, and it shall stay that way so that we do not break apart as thy Britannia does. Begone, Avatar, I desire no more of thee!

            Samhayne directs you to Moonglow. As you sail away from Asylum, you'll see another sequence where the Guardian shows Lord British images of you traveling amongst the pirates of Buc's Den. You can now sail anywhere you want, except for Jhelom (the guards won't let you dock) or Terfin (a mystic force will block your way). However, there's nothing to do YET on any of the other islands except Moonglow and New Magincia.

New Magincia:

            As far as I know, New Magincia has absolutely no major function in the plot, nor are you ever obligated to travel there. It's just another place to stock up on supplies and healing. Katrina will be waiting there to join you, though you don't need to have her on your party. However, New Magincia will probably be where most of the easter eggs are. The mayor is named Jazar and the owner of the tavern "Horizons" is named Corinth. In "Horizons" you'll meet quite a few familiar faces, probably scanned by CIM. :)


            This town is a lot like Britain, except the shops lean more towards magic and apothecaries instead of weapons and armour. The only person you need to talk to is Verona, whom you'll probably find in the Lycaeum. Try as you do to get her to stop the war, she will insist that Amoranth pays for his crimes. Verona does not feel herself a traitor to Britannia, since she still acknowledges that Lord British is the ruler of all the land. Furthermore, she will show you a vision of what will happen to Britannia if the war is pervented and she dies. This cutscene is the classic one that was used even in the final U9 (though it made no sense there) where waves of destruction pour out from a tower, sweep across the land, and are watched by townspeople on a ruined city just as these people are incenerated by the energy. Though you are still welcome in Moonglow, Verona will no longer talk to you. It's time to head back to Britain.

Britain Once More:

            The attitude in Britain has changed radically since your last visit. A massive naval battle was fought at Britanny Bay, and Moonglow's forces were victorious. The city is now filled with nervousness and tension; few seem to know what will happen next. Lord British or Amoranth (I haven't decided yet) will direct you to head to Yew, where turmoil is building.

            In Trinsic, tension will also be growing, as Beshwald is becoming more and more annoyed with Amoranth's bungling. In Vesper, you'll find the ships that attacked Britanny Bay. The crew will admit that they are from Minoc and they will tell you a bit more about that town.


            The Moonglow supporters are becoming more and more detirmined here in the city of Justice. However, you'll now meet Jaana here (she wasn't here before), who says she was sent by LB to calm the populace. While you're talking to her, she'll ask how you returned to Britannia. Using her magic, she'll try to locate where you first appeared and saw the statue of the Guardian. She believes that you appeared on the Isle of the Avatar, and will send you there immediately.

Isle of the Avatar:

            This place now resembles Skara Brae from U7. All the trees have rotted away and the grass is an ugly brown. You'll find the entrance to Hythloth open, as if waiting for you (note that Hythloth would be sealed if you went here before talking to Jaana). After going through the first big dungeon of the game, you'll meet *gasp* the Slasher of the Veils from UW1. He will explain that he now serves the Guardian and that he is certain Britannia will fall to him.

            Slasher of the Veils: And even if I die by thine blade, thou shalt never triumph over the Bal Lem, Avatar.

            Avatar: The Bal Lem?

            Slasher of the Veils: The Shadowknight! He is the most powerful of all the Guardian's servants!

            After a bit more chatter, the SotV will attack you. You won't be able to kill him, though. After a while, he'll taunt you some more.

            Slasher of the Veils: Foolish Avatar! Even at this moment, Britannia's fate is sealed! The lands break apart! Farewell, Avatar, enjoy the last days of thine mortal life!

            Leaving Hythloth, you'll find that the volcano on the Isle of the Avatar is reforming and errupting, destroying the entire Shrine of the Codex. Escaping back to your ship, you sail off.

The Situation in Britannia:

            While you were in Hythloth, Beshwald issued Amoranth an ultimatum: He turn control of Britain over to Beshwald immediately, or the arimes of Trinsic will conquer Britain by force. Beshwald is already ammassing his armies, certain that Amoranth will refuse. The situation in Paws is even worse, as the peasents know they will suffer the most from a conflict between Trinsic and Britain. Amoranth's power is slipping all across Britannia, and even in Cove there is an air of waiting. In Vesper more armies are moblizing to take their share, while Minoc still remains mysteriously out of reach. Moonglow's attitude hasn't changed much, though Verona and other high members of her court seem more certain than ever that the war will be a long and bloody one. But the most important place to head immediately is Yew.

Yew Again:

            Despite Jaana's promises at your last visit here, things have gone to complete hell. Empath Abbey has been burned down and the Moonglow supporters have taken control of the city. It becomes clear that this is what prompted Beshwald's declaration, and Yew has become the focal point of the war.

            As soon as you enter Yew, you'll be captured. Shortly thereafter, you'll be brought to trial, where Jaana is the judge, having aparently betrayed Britain and Amoranth. You will be tried for your crimes against Pagan, and both Devon and Stellos will be called forth as witnesses. Unlike the Pyros scene the Guardian showed LB, this is not a trick or a twist or any sort of fake or scam. Everything you are accused of doing is real. You are guilty. Your companions are imprisoned while you are thrown into Dungeon Wrong, devoid of weapons or equipment.

Dungeon Wrong/Covetous:

            When you're first thrown in here, Blackthorn will appear before you. He will admit that he serves the Guardian but that he feels justified in doing so, knowing that no more turmoil will be caused to Britannia once it is under the Guardian. He further states that you yourself have shown upon Pagan just as much evil as the Guardian has shown previously, therefore he has no reason to particularily trust you over the Guardian.

            Avatar: I must stop the Guardian, or not only Britannia, but all the worlds across the void will suffer! I cannot let the Red Titan spread his tyranny unbounded, or all the virtues we have strived for will be lost!

            Blackthorn: One of your companions does not think that way, Avatar.

            Avatar: Jaana has been tricked! She knows not that her actions serve the Guardian!

            Blackthorn: I do not refer to Jaana, Avatar. You will know, soon. Soon enough…

            With these words, Blackthorn teleports away. After stumbling around Wrong some more, Arcadion will taunt the Avatar. But he will also tell him that there is another exit to Wrong: he must make his way to the bottom of the dungeon and leave through Covetous.

            As you pass between Wrong and Covetous, the Guardian will show Lord British images of you being found guilty and sentenced to Wrong by the Court of Yew.

            As you make your way through the dungeon, you'll also meet Tseramed, who was thrown in here shortly before you. He'll join your party and his help will be essential to completing the dungeon (a la Stefano in Dungeon Freedom). Finally, you'll make it out of Covetous and come out just behind the walls of Minoc.


            The atmosphere of this city should be similar to that of Buccaneer's Den in U7 or Argyre in Martain Dreams: This is a penultimate place, one where evil certainly lurks, that will be one of the important locations in the game.

            The plague is quite bad here in Minoc. Ruling the city and acting as guards, police, secret service, etc. are a group known as the "Saviours", who wear black robes, wide-brimmed black hats, and 13th century (or was it 14th?) plague-doctor masks with the elongated cone-like faces and ruby-tinted eyeholes. Whenever anyone is stricken with the plague, they decree what is to be done. You won't be able to talk to any of the Saviours except for one, whom is maskless. This is Aargen, who resembles Garrett from Thief.

            You'll gradually find out about where the Blackrock mined in Covetous and Vesper goes: it is transported to a cave in the north. Eventually, you'll be able to infiltrate this cave. Within it, you'll find a Blackrock Cylinder Generator. You'll also be confronted by two figures. The first is Julia, who now willingly serves the Guardian. She explains that you must sacrifice yourself for the good of Britannia, since the Guardian's true goal in all this is to face you. The other figure you meet is the Bal Lem. His weapon is the Sword of Chaos, which contains the rebuilt Gem of Mondain within its hilt. The Bal Lem explains that through this gem, the Guardian will not need a Black Gate to enter Britannia. It will not be long before this new generator is complete and the Bal Lem will be able to preform the proper ritual to bring forth the Guardian. He will drive you from the cave.

            Outside, you will find a ship waiting at the docks for you. On board are several heavily armored warriors. They represent Lord Corwin of Jhelom and are ordered to bring you to him at once.


            You'll be taken to meet Corwin immediately when you arrive on Jhelom. Corwin explains that he is the father of Amoranth and Verona's two Generals, and has thus been able to keep the war from escalating.

            Corwin: But I am failing, Avatar. It is no longer a war of principles or even of power. It is a war of hatred and darkness. The armies from each side pour forth to fight without any cause but fighting and killing itself.

            After agreeing to help Corwin, he will bring you back your equipment and companions (Iolo, Raven, and possibly Katrina, if you got her on New Magincia). He will also tell you that your ship is waiting at the docks.

            At this point, the plot branches off on two major courses, depending if you go to Cove or Paws first. There is no "right" choice. Either way, you'll miss out on something.

            As you sail away from Jhelom, the Guardian will show Lord British how the armies of Jhelom declare their alligence to you. Uh oh…


            As you reach Cove, you will find the city under attack by armies from Vesper and Minoc, led by several of the Saviours. You'll drive the forces back, but by then most of the peasents in Cove will be dead. Nastassia lies dying and speaks her last words to you, then croaks. The Slasher of the Veils appears and taunts you, saying that Britannia will tear itself apart with these wars. You try to attack him but he teleports away. At this point, you should probably return to Britain.


            The situation in Paws is similar to that of Cove. The city is under attack from Trinsic. Beshwald is advancing his armies to capture Britain and declare himself ruler of that city. Most of Paws will lie dead by the time you arrive. Heading back to Trinsic, you will see Sentri talking to Beshwald, asking him to stop these attacks. Beshwald calls Sentri a traitor and his guards attack your ex-companion. Sentri fights back but is mortally wounded. You rush forward to defend him but Beshwald flees. With his dying breaths, Sentri reveals that Bordermarch still exists. Once again, you should return to Britain.


            Things are going to complete hell here, as Amoranth tries to deal with the threats from both Vesper and Trinsic. Lord British has declared you a criminal after all the visions the Guardian showed him. If you went through the Cove path, you'll also be attacked by a Saviour, who reveals that you've also been condemned an outlaw by Minoc. Raven will suggest you return to Buccaneer's Den.


            When you arrive here, you'll find that Samhayne is dying of a poison and that you should see him at once. He insists that he will only speak to you and Raven alone. He regrets havnig helped you, seeing what has become of him. He is certain he was poisoned by an assassin from Minoc (clearly another Saviour), and he tells you that his spies have learned of a conspiracy within that city to assassinate Lord Corwin of Jhelom, thus causing the war to escalate. He will also admit to Raven that he is really her father. Finally, he'll drop dead. Tis time to head to Jhelom!


            You will arrive too late. Corwin has already been murdered. The city is in an uproar. If you played through Cove, Corwin's assistant (no name yet) will tell you to go to Skara Brae to solve this murder. If you went through Paws, however, he won't tell you anything and you'll have to go to Bordermarch next.


            If you went here before, you'd only find an empty, lifeless island filled with mountains. Now, however, a boulder will be moved, allowing you to pass through the mountains to the keep of Bordermarch.

            Ruling here is Lord Christopher, who is really your old companion, Spark. He welcomes you with grief, having heard the news of Britannia. He will tell you that Cove has been invaded and your love Nastassia has been killed (if you went through the plotline to end up here you wouldn't know that yet). He will then tell you to head to Skara Brae.

            After you get your quest to go to Skara Brae (from either Jhelom or Bordermarch), sailing away from one of these islands will start a cutscene. The Avatar grieves over Nastassia's death, wishing that there was something he could have done to pervent it. Raven will try to comfort him, now knowing that she has lost a loved one (Samhayne) too. I don't believe I need to fill in what happens next, but the cutscene will end before things get a bit too, er, explicit. :)

Skara Brae:

            You'll find Shamino wandering around Skara Brae, having abandoned life in Britain to seek enlightenment. He will, of course, join you and help you to form a séance to talk to Corwin's ghost. Instead, however, you will be confronted by the spirit of Dupre, now the Chaos Serpent. Dupre will tell you to seek out the Magebane sword and bring it here. If you went through Cove, he'll tell you to go to Trinsic. If you went through Paws, he'll tell you to return to Bordermarch.

            In Trinsic you'll see the same scene with Sentri, who will tell you to go to Bordermarch. Either way, you end up at Bordermarch, be it for the first or second time, and Christopher will tell you to go to Serpent's Hold, where Sir Richter's armoury once held a second Magebane.

Serpent's Hold:

            As you make your way towards the keep, you will be confronted by Julia, who is waiting for you. She will attack you with the "Hammer of Sacrifice", a special weapon. You will be forced to kill her. As she lies dying, she will ask you if it was truly wrong of her to wish to aid Britannia and the Multiverse through a sacrifice. There's not much in the keep itself, though you will find the Magebane sword. As you leave, you might encounter Gorn while exploring the isle. He will apoligize for the way he reacted to you at your last meeting and offer to join you party. You don't HAVE to get him on your party, however. As you leave the isle, you will see another cutscene:

            Blackthorn sits on a throne in a dark room.

            Blackthorn: And now Julia has fallen.

            The Bal Lem steps out of the shadows in front of him.

            Bal Lem: We are still winning, Blackthorn. Soon our goals shall be met. Julia's death was but a sacrifice.

            Blackthorn: Sacrifice… That seems what all of us do. You, I, her, the Avatar, Britannia, and for what do we sacrifice ourselves? The Guardian?

            The screen shifts to show a close-up of the Bal Lem's face. His hollow eyes stare forth with a piercing blankness.

            Bal Lem: For the Multiverse, Blackthorn. You know that as well as I.

            Blackthorn: Of course, yet your master shall benefit as well, eh?

            Bal Lem: The Guardian is thine master as much as he is my own. Remember that, Blackthorn.

Skara Brae:

            Returning to the isle, you and Shamino will once more preform a séance. In a brilliant flash of lightning, Dupre will appear before you, garbed in a full suit of magic armour and wielding a Magebane sword in each hand (one from Serpent Isle, the other from Serpent's Hold). He will promptly join your party, then reveal that greater turmoil has errupted in Britannia since you last spoke with him. He fears that his information may be too late, but he'll direct you towards Britain immediately.


            The entire city lies in rubble. Tarnor Dredanal and his men are here, having left their camps in Serpent's Spine. They will reveal that the armies from Trinsic and Vesper fought here. Trinsic won the battle and anihilated Vesper's armies, but destroyed the entire city in the process. Beshwald, having killed Amoranth, is now personally leading his forces north towards Yew, where you should go next.


            A HUGE battle is raging here, as Verona has gathered up all her forces from Moonglow to fight Beshwald. Dupre will summon forth Corwin's ghost, who reveals that he was murdered by an assassin from Minoc and that the Saviours are the ones who instigated the entire war. Aargen, Corwin's murderer, will appear and attack you, but can be easily dispatched. Verona will grieve at the destruction her armies have caused, and vows not to continue fighting. Beshwald, however, refuses to back down. He leads his armies away from Yew back to Trinsic, but only to regroup for another assault.

            Most of the people of Yew are now dead. Jaana lies fatally wounded. She asks forgiveness for the trial at Yew, having realized that all the Multiverse will fall to the Guardian if you do not stop him, and sacrificing Pagan was necessary. After she dies, Arcadion appears, taunting you for your failure to stop the destruction at Yew and Britain, and revealing that HE is influencing Beshwald to continue this struggle. When he's gone, Dupre will suggest you return to Britain.


            Geoffrey will be waiting for you at the ruins of the castle. He says that Lord British and his court (and some of the other survivors of Britain) are taking refuge on Skara Brae, though he will confirm that Amoranth is dead. Geoffrey will also join your party IF you have room (if you've gotten everyone who would join you by now, you'll have 8 party members and can't get any more).

Skara Brae:

            Lord British, having heard how you stopped the battle at Yew, will apoligize for not trusting you. Hawkwind will also be here, knowing that soon the final battle will commence. He tells you that first Beshwald and his forces need to be stopped, however. He will send you to Destard to get the aid of the Outcasts, who've lived there since UW1.


            Smeagel, the King of the Outcasts, will agree to aid you if you kill a dragon at the bottom of the dungeon (anyone got a better idea for a quest he should send you on?). When this is done, he agrees to lead his forces out to attack Trinsic while you and your companions sneak in to confront Beshwald.


            By the time you get here, there will be a big battle as the Outcasts and the paladins are fighting. Make your way to the central palace and you'll meet Beshwald, who'll attack you. After you defeat him, this following conversation occurs:

            Avatar: Beshwald! Surrender while thou canst! I do not blame thee, for you were but used by forces above you! Throw down your weapons, and help Lord British's realm!

            Beshwald: No, Avatar, that is not my way. I have nothing left but my Honor, and I shalt not lose that as well.

            Before you can stop him, Beshwald kills himself. Arcadion taunts you some more. Returning to Skara Brae, Hawkwind will ask you to go to Moonglow and get the support of Verona, who's help he needs to detect where the Guardian's headquarters on Britannia is. At Moonglow, however, Verona will be gone. The Slasher of the Veils reveals that he is holding her hostage at the bottom of the Great Stygian Abyss.

Isle of the Avatar:

            The isle is in even worse shape then when you were last here. Lava pours out from the volcano. The sky is filled with red and black clouds. Standing before the volcano, you must shout the Word of Passage (Veramocor, of course). As you do this, the ground will shake and the entrance to the Stygian Abyss will appear at the very center of the volcano.

            Once you've gotten all the way through the dungeon, you'll face the Slasher of the Veils. He can only be killed with Caliburn, the Sword of Justice, which you should've found eariler in the dungeon. After slaying him, Hawkwind will teleport in and preform a ritual with Verona to find the Guardian's palace. When they're finished, Hawkwind will tell you that Guardian's final servants are completing the ritual to bring Big Red to Britannia on Terfin. However, Hawkwind will also tell you that you will not be able to safely land on Terfin without the aid of the Gargoyles. He will tell you that the Gargoyles reside on Ambrosia, which can be reached through Dungeon Deceit.


            As in U3, Ambrosia has four shrines: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom. At the Shrine of Strength reside the Cyclops race, led by Iskander Ironheart from U7. Near the Shrine of Wisdom are the Emps, led by Trellek, also from U7. And at the Shrine of Dexterity are the Gargoyles, led by Naxatilor from U6. The Shrine of Intelligence is deserted, the Gargoyles explain that they await the arrival of the humans to make their home there.

            Naxatilor will reveal to you that when you banished the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to the void, it's physical being was destroyed. However, its knowledge seeped into your mind, and has been influencing you ever since. He also knows that this has something to do with why the Guardian wants to kill you, but does not know more than this.

            You also learn that the Gargoyles are planning to use their magic to propel Ambrosia into the void away from Britannia, knowing that Britannia is to be destroyed and this is the only way to save their people. Naxatilor will give you the Amulet of Singularity, which will allow you passage onto Terfin, only if you allow him to remove the knowledge of the Codex from your mind. However, without this knowledge you may not be able to defeat the Guardian. Naxatilor, however, remains firm.

            After talking to NPCs from all three shrines, you must find a way to gain an audience with Draxinusom, king of all three races. After going through this small mini-quest (it won't involve any dungeons or monsters, but it will require a lot of talking), you will have to debate this principle with Draxinusom. At last, Drax will agree that the loss of the knowledge of the Codex is an acceptable sacrifice if it offers hope for Britannia.

            Draxinusom: But to still believe that Britannia will be destroyed, False Prophet. To offer your race sanctuary on Ambrosia once more so that you may live in peace.

            Avatar: Thine offer is appreciated, Lord Draxinusom, but we humans are the ones who brought this conflict upon Britannia, and we shalt not abandon the land when she lies in danger.

            Draxinusom not only gives you the Amulet of Singularity, but also his Orb of the Moons, though he admits in no longer works. As you re-enter Deceit, a cut scene will show Naxatilor casting a mighty spell, finally tearing Ambrosia away from Britannia.


            Basically like it was in the final version of U9, except you don't have to go through a big dungeon. Making your way to the final chamber, you will confront the Bal Lem, who is completing the ritual to bring the Guardian to Britannia. Wielding the Sword of Chaos, he will duel with you one-on-one. However, he is still too strong for you to defeat.

            Dupre will realize that the Great Earth Serpent can no longer maintain the Balance by itself and that it is time he once again merges with the Serpents. As he evaporates in red glitters, Dupre throws you one of the Magebane swords, now powered by the forces of Balance, which is more powerful than either Chaos or Order alone (remember the name of the Bal Lem's sword). With this, you finally kill the Bal Lem, though the blade shatters with the final blow.

            As the Bal Lem dies, he says that you were too late, his ritual has been completed. The Guardian shall enter Britannia and destroy you. Then Arcadion will appear. The Daemon takes the Sword of Chaos as his own, but leaves you with the Black Sword, which he's been carrying ever since you wer transported to Pagan.

            In a long room behind the Bal Lem, you will confront Blackthorn, who sits atop a throne with an air of resignation. He agrees to accompany you back to Skara Brae.

Skara Brae:

            Bringing Blackthorn before Lord British will start the following conversation:

            Lord British: Why, Braccus? Why didst thou serve he whom defiles this land?

            Blackthorn: (kneeling) He promised me Britannia, sire…

            Iolo: Thou wouldst betray thy liege to rule this land once more, Blackthorn?

            Blackthorn: No, you do not understand… He promised me a chance to walk through the royal orchards… Or to ride down the King's Way… What could I find upon the barren, dying New Sosaria? But all I've returned to is a world that dies in the same manner…

            Lord British: Did you not know of the evils you caused here?

            Blackthorn: I knew… I knew… But it was a sacrifice… If the battle between the Avatar and the Guardian continues endlessly, all the Multiverse shall die because of them… Even a fate of serving the Guardian wouldst offer more hope than this… Nay! What doth I say? Twice I hath betrayed thee, my liege. I deserve not pity or pardon this time. Let my execution approach so that I may at least die under the banners of Britannia…

            Lord British: No, Braccus, I do not see fit to let thee die. Britannia needs thee as a leader, for I myself shalt not live past these next ages.

            At this point, Hawkwind will arrive and explain the Guardian's entire history. The four Guardians were Daemons created by the Time Lord to maintain a Balance that would keep the Multiverse. The Codex, created by the Gargoyles under the influence of the Time Lord, was the other half of the Balance, and the only artifact capable of destroying a Guardian. I'm too tired to write this all down now so just read my fanfic if you want the rest of the explanation. :) Anyways, Hawkwind will reveal that the Guardian is appearing at Stonegate, which was also the worldly home of the Shadowlords (who were really servants of the Guardians, as I should've explained above). However, he cannot teleport you to Stonegate to confront the Guardian yet, since a powerful force is blocking out his magic in that area. He suspects that this is the Blackrock generator you found in Minoc, and he will send you there to destroy it.

            Also, many people from Moonglow will be on Skara Brae. Verona will join you to destroy the Cylinder Generator.


            As you approach this city, you'll be attacked by LOTS of Saviours, who have slaughtered everyone else in Minoc. Once they're all dead, you'll finally be able to make your way to the generator. However, it can only be destroyed by two people simultaineously casting spells upon it, and this will result in the death of both casters. Verona insists that she be one, feeling responsible for all that has happened during the war. Shamino also sacrifices himself, saying that he "knew this would be my destiny".

            At Skara Brae, EVERYONE left on Britannia will be waiting, except for Tarnor Dredanal, who opted to remain in Britain. Having gathered the Eight Runes of Virtue from the museum in Britain, Hawkwind casts the Barrier of Life spell to protect all upon Skara Brae. He will then tell you and Lord British to go alone to Stonegate. After a tearful goodbye to Raven, you will be teleported there for the final battle…


            The Guardian is waiting on the top floor. He is still gaining power, and is not yet his full size (he's only a bit larger than a human right now). He will tell you that he wants to rule the Mutliverse together with you instead of destroying you, since if either he or you dies, the entire Multiverse will be destroyed. He further states that his sole purpose ever since you gained the Codex was to turn you over to his side, and that all this has been a test. However, you'll still refuse him (Lord British will whine if you bow down to him :)) and he will attack you.

            The battle goes badly, but then Arcadion appears. He reveals that both you and the Guardian are really his pawns. Ever since he first met you on Pagan, he's been working to further both you and the Guardian on certain paths so that you would finally confront each other (Arcadion also admits to being the one who raised the Isle of Fire when you first entered Britannia in U7). He says that the Multiverse will not need the Guardian and the Codex to exist, since Arcadion and the Avatar are slowly becoming higher life forms. He charges into the battle, wielding the Sword of Chaos, a weapon of Blackrock which he forged for the Shadowlords ages ago, while you fight with the Blacksword, also made of Blackrock which YOU forged on the Isle of Fire.

            The Guardian will be slain, but Arcadion is fatally wounded. He tells ou that he is not going to die, however, merely pass to a different plane of existance. You and Lord British, who's heavily wounded, proceed to the roof.


            Hawkwind will be waiting for you, knowing that the Guardian will be resurrected from the Bal Lem's ritual if you do not act quickly. You and Lord British must cast the Armageddon spell but the ritual Hawkwind is preforming will keep it from completely anihilating Britannia. Lord British, however, is too exhausted to complete the ritual. All of Britannia will be destroyed. But Hawkwind reveals that he expected this, and that is why he placed a Barrier of Life around Skara Brae. He then reveals that he is, in fact, the Time Lord. The Time Lord takes Draxinusom's Orb of the Moons from you, casting it through a Time Gate where it will land in 1979 upon Earth, to be found by the future Lord British. The Time Lord creates a second Time Gate and tells Lord British to step through it. He says that it will take LB back to ancient Sosaria, where he must take on the name Shamino Salle Decil.

            You and the Time Lord are the only ones left as the Armageddon is about to destroy Britannia. The Time Lord tells you not to fear, knowing you will combine with Arcadion into a life form more powerful than even him, and that this life form's existance will be enough to keep the Mutliverse intact, even with the Guardian dead. Final cutscene begins:

            At this point, music suddenly starts. Up until now, the destruction of Britannia, the Armageddon, was shown as a terrible, fearful thing. Now, the music is the exact opposite. It is slow but light, giving off a sense of comfort and reassurance. The Avatar and the Time Lord are slowly engulfed in pure whiteness.

            Tarnor Dredanal stands in the ruins of Britain, staring out as the white cloud slowly makes it's way over the entire globe. He face is illuminated and finally engulfed as the whiteness fills the screen.

            Disorder reins on Skara Brae. The Armageddon approaches from the sea. Blackthorn stands on the shore, his arms outstretched. Suddenly, from the Runes of Virtue a mystic barrier appears, surrounding Skara Brae. The Armageddon stops at this barrier and swirls around it. All of Britannia is covered in this whiteness except for Skara Brae.

            Tremors shake the ground. The waves crash violently upon the shore. Suddenly, the whiteness disappears, somehow having seeped INTO Britannia.

            Then flame and volcanoes errupt over the land. All but Skara Brae is enveloped in fire. With a piercing crash, Skara Brae begins to rise into the air, breaking away from the rest of Britannia. As this happens, Britannia explodes into flame.

            All is quiet in the void. Skara Brae floats peacefully. Slowly the screen pans in, and we see people milling about, still in wonder at what had happened.

            Raven stands at a cliftside, looking down below at the waves. Blackthorn walks up to her.

            Blackthorn: Twould do thee no good to die like this.

            Raven looks up at Blackthorn, but says nothing.

            Blackthorn: Yes, I came here with the purpose of ending my life as well. But I cannot. Lord British entrusted me with his last order, and I must serve this redeem myself for the evils I hath committed.

            Iolo approaches.

            Iolo: Braccus! Dreadful, isn't it?

            Blackthorn: Aye, old bard. I wish-- Wait! What's that?

            Two objects shine in the sand. Blackthorn picks them up. One is Mondain's Gem, from within the hilt of the Sword of Chaos. The other is the gem of Dracothraxus, from the hilt of the Blacksword. Blackthorn hands Raven the gem of Dracothraxus.

            Blackthorn: Here, may it help you to remember he who saved us all.

            Iolo: And you'll keep Mondain's foul artifact, Braccus? Did it not cause you enough grief already?

            Without replying, Blackthorn holds forth the Gem of Mondain. It shatters as a blue flame errupts from his hand. The shards of the gem crumble and shatter into nothingness.

            Blackthorn: Never, Iolo. I shalt see to it that the gem is never again used for good or evil.

            Raven: And now we have lost so much… What next? What fate lies beyond the seas?

            Iolo: (pulling out his lute) What awaits next? A song would be in order, I believe.

            Blackthorn and Raven both stare at him. Iolo begins to play Stones, singing the lyrics (Probably one of Ymochel's mp3s). The screen pans back through the void as Skara Brae disappears, but Stones continues. The credits roll, hopefully ending just as the 4th verse of Stones comes to an end.

            All sound and picture fades away. Complete blackness. A flash of light appears with each word, brighter at the louder words.

            Avatar: Arcadion…

            Arcadion: Yes, Avatar?

            Avatar: What are we to become now. So that we may keep Balance within the realms?

            Arcadion: From Truth and Falsehood stem Belief, from Love and Hatred stem Emotion, from Courage and Cowardice stem Reaction…

            Avatar: And from Infinity and Doom stems the Axiom of these three, the one thing that continues forever yet is always destroyed…

            Long pause.

            Avatar & Arcadion: Life.

            Another long pause. The sounds of wind blowing can be heard.

            Avatar & Arcadion: We are life.

            The sounds fade away. The screen is engulfed in darkness.

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