Horizons Tavern
    The largest Ultima community on the web save the RGCUD itself!

Ultima Emulation Archive
    Wonderful site for getting all the clasic non-PC Ultimas.

Hildago Trading Company, Britannia Branch
    Buy and sell various Ultimas. (Note: This site has been discontinued.)

Ymochel the Drow
   Ymochel's great site with Ultima-themed tunes.

BadMojo Central
   Homepage of BadMojo, another dedicated poster at Horizons.

Ultima 7 in Windows
   At last, an almost-perfect way to run Ultima VII: The Black Gate or The Serpent Isle under Windows 9x!

The Other Codex
   Definitely THE place to go for help with any Ultima game. Run by Paulon Dragon, possibily the most knowledgeble member of the entire UDIC.

Ultima V: Lazarus
   One of the most ambitious Ultima remake projects around, U5 Lazarus is a remake of the classic '89 game using the not yet released Dungeon Siege engine.

UDUO: Ultima Dragons
   A player-run Ultima Online "shard", set on the
real Britannia a decade after Ultima VII. With a huge cast of unique NPCs from classic games, new towns and monsters not seen in the official UO, multiple playable races, and GM-run quests almost daily, UDUO is an Ultima fan's dream come true!

Fans for Ultima
   The official website of the U9 Dialogue Patch project, founded by Grandor Dragon, Evil_Freak Dragon (that's me!!! :P), and Maigo Dragon. Also contains links to many other Ultima sites on the web.

Ultima Gate
   The Ultima webpage of Lucky Day Dragon, containing Ultima portraits for Baldur's Gate and other Infinity Engine games, as well as links to other Ultima add-ons for different games.

Ganesh's Website
   Lots of links to files and docs pretaining to Ultimas VII and VIII, as well as the Ultima Underworlds and Planescape: Torment.

   A program designed to run Ultima VII on modern computers. Not to be confused with U7RUN listed above, Exult makes several improvements to U7, including Serpent Isle's hotkeys and paperdoll inventory graphics.

Ultima IX: Redemption
   Yet another in the long and glorious line of U9 remakes, this one (like U5: Lazarus above) based around the Dungeon Siege engine.

Ultima IV: Elijah
   Too many bloody Ultima remakes (all with Dungeon Siege, to boot) abounding these days? Check this out. ;)

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