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4/8/2000: "Valoria" is proceeding quite slowly, but I'll get it done eventually. In the mean time, I've added a script for BadMojo's projected remake of U9 to the library. I've also added a link to BadMojo's site. Live long and prosper 'til the next update, y'all! :)

We've passed the 1000 mark on the main page's counter! Anyways, I've spell checked the U9 parts and modified a few extremely minor bits here and there. Nothing much else new, but I am going to begin work on "Valoria", my next big project, which might end up being as long as U9 when it's done. :)

Today I've added the first two parts of "Legacy", an excellent fanfic by Candyman. Tis an honor to receive contributions from a writer of his quality. :)

"Mortego: The Tale of the Necromage" has been uploaded! As my third major Ultima fanfic, I am quite proud of it. Check back frequently as I'm going to be making a lot more updates in the coming days! :)

No real changes to speak of, as there are no new fanfics. However, I have updated the quiz answers and I'm expecting to be finished with the Mortego fanfic in not that long. When I am finished, I'm going to go back and proofread my entire U9 story, prehaps adding some bits here and there.

Still nothing new, but I want to assure you that this page is still up, that I have not lost interest and gone off to do something else. The Mortego story is about a third done (that's better than it sounds, I write faster as I go along). Til the next update, farewelll all! :)

Welcome back, it's been a while! Sadly, I've got no new stories, I simply wanted to show that I'm still alive, despite the lack of updates. I'm beginning work on a novella entitled "Mortego: The Tale of the Necromage", a quasi-sequal to "my" Ultima IX. It might be a while before it's out on the page, but I hope it'll be worth it. :)

Today is a monumental day in Ultima history. With the completion of Book Fifteen and my entire Ultima IX fanfic, I hope to provide all the legions of Dragons with a tale worthy of being the final Ultima. I'll probably take a rest after this, so don't expect many new updates.

Hehe... guess I lied when I said Book Fourteen would be the last part of the series. I've uploaded the book, but I've decided to shorten it and put the rest in a Book Fifteen, which, of course, I haven't writeen yet. Oh well. :) A lot happens in Book Fourteen, anyway, so you won't feel gypped.

Ah, it feels so good to update this page! Anyways, Book Thirteen is out. As you'll see from reading it, I'm definitely getting near the end of this whole "my" Ultima IX series.

Well, you asked for it and you got it! Book Twelve has been uploaded to the library! Also, I've noted that the number of hits on the site has vastly increased since I started posting on the Horizons board. Howver, I stilll haven't got any new stories submitted to me by other writers. Come on, people! Surely you can write something Ultima-based for the page!

Updates updates updates! My third humorous story, "Ultima: The Civil War," has been uploaded to the page. It's a parody of the infamous "Original Plot" for U9 everyone's been talking about recently. Again, I must apoligize for the slow updates. It's the damn Horizons board's fault, with it's 200 new messages an hour! Oh well! I'll get you Book Twelve soon enough!

Argh! Its been a while since my last update. Oh well. I've got my excuses listed along with the new story, Ultima IX: Book Eleven. As you'll notice from reading it, I'm definitely getting near the conclusion of this whole story. Also, I've got a few more links on the links page. May Virtue be with thee!

I must confess a sin. After swearing that I wouldn't play anymore of Origin's Ultima IX, I did. It wasn't my fault. It suddenly occured to me in the middle of the night what I was doing wrong in resurrecting Shamino. Well, now I've found out the Guardian's real origin and met Malchir, and I must say the horrendously bad continuity flaws have made me put down the game once more, this time out of pure disgust. But, in other news, Book Ten has been completed and uploaded to the page. It's the shortest book yet, but a lot happens. Read and enjoy!

Tis a busy day for updates! First of all, I've added a links section, as I'm running out of images to use on the main page. Secondly, I've added "The Decision," a fanfic *gasp* not by me. Reading it was a wonderful experience, which gave me the motivation to finish (drum roll) Ultima IX: Book Nine! From now on, I swear I'll get the books out faster. After reading "The Decision," I pulled the Ultima IX CD from my D: drive and shouted "I shall not be seduced by thee!" (yes, those were my exact words). I will not play any more of Origin's foul game until I finish my Ultima IX. (Note: If I so despise Origin's Ultima IX, you may wonder why I play it. Well, as any really fanatical Dragon like myself knows, all of us insane fans have an obligation to play and beat every Ultima. Also, I was hoping the plot might get better. Well, I'm on to Skara Brae, and things still aren't looking up for Origin's tripe.)

Well, it's been a whole four days since I updated this page! Today I've added "Loss," a tale of immortality and despair by me. Book Nine will be out eventually, I promise you.

Another day, another link. Not only that, but also some updates on the quiz. I've decided to keep this page going, if only as a passtime. I apoligize to everyone who's expecting Ultima IX: Book Nine, but I've been busy with other projects. Don't worry, it'll be out soon! While you're waiting, why not write some fanfiction of your own and send it to me so I can laugh hysterically or weep with jealousy. After all, I might not have as large an audience as the Dragon Press, but I do update this page every few days or so.

: Sorry friends, no new stories today. However, the great and all-knowing Erratic Dragon has finally updated the Dragon Press, the page upon which this is based. Some of you may have noticed that my story "And Never to be Reclaimed" appears there. Because of all this, I am considering shutting the page down (after all, I basically started it because the Dragon Press was no longer being updated). What are my esteemed reader's opinions? Send your suggestions here.

: Ah, the updates hath been coming quickly these past days. This may be the last one of the millenium, so you're not getting anymore if there's a nuclear apocalypse or whatever. But, today I have added Ultima IX: Book Eight, the shortest one yet, but with enough content. Have fun!

: Well, I've been saying how bad Origin's Ultima 9 is for quite some time here in the News section. Now I've written "Ultima 9: Version 0.0001 The Story Best Left Untold," a parody of Origin's fabled game and a semi-continuation of the "Chronicle of Britannia," though with slightly less crude jokes. Enjoy!

: Merry Christmas! (Or, in Japanese, "Meri Kurisumasu.") It's been a while since I last updated, thanks to the holidays. Book Seven is out, and I'm extremely happy with it. The plot deals much more with virtue than the other books, and the Avatar comes out much more three-dimensional than in Origin's Ultima 9. However, it's also pretty action packed, with the most happening since the first three books. Meanwhile, Origin's U9 continues to depress me. I can no longer even bring myself to call it the real U9. The plot holes (Gargoyle Queen) become more and more blatant, and the plot just gets worse and worse. If any Origin employes read this, please explain the reasons for all your mistakes to me, they are an insult to long-time Ultima fans. In other news, I've completed my draft of U9's plot. If I don't add anything, the story will end up being fifteen books total (don't worry; the last five books or so will be pretty short). I've also added to one of the answers on the quiz section (you guessed it; the swords question) and added an extra question.

: Haven't got the Reference Section up yet, but I added a quiz on Ultima knoweledge. I assure you each question is completely original and range from mildly challenging to downright impossible. In other news, I've played a ways into Ultima 9 and must add a few comments: 1. The Avatar's voice is even stupider than in the demo. 2. Character design has gone back to nearly U4 level. About 90 percent of the people don't even react diferently if you've already met them. 3. The things they say are pretty inane too. Everyone in Britain is either an asshole or whines about how evil the columns are and tells you something you'll need to know to win the game. 4. Blackthorn's evil now. This spits in the eye of all U5 and Serpent Isle fans. In Ultima 5, we were oft told Blackthorn was not evil simply because he did bad things. He was merely misguided and deserved forgiveness once you bested him (for this reason LB only banished him). In Serpent Isle, Blackthorn has given up his life of conquest and become a Xenkan monk. In the course fo the game, he helps you find essential Mandrake Roots and resurrects young Cantra after Batlin kills her. Now he is a one-dimensional evil-doer. It's truly a pity Richard Garriot doesn't remember he made U5 to show characters neither good nor evil.

: Today's a busy day. I changed the title from "Ultima FanFiction" to "Lair of the Evil_Freak: Ultima FanFiction" (catchy, eh?). Second up, I added background music to the main pages (sorry, not the stories yet). Thirdly (that's not a word, is it?), I uploaded Book Six. Not only is this a bit longer than four and five, but it also has a ton of plot twists. Finally, I'm thinking of adding a Reference section, filled with nonfiction essays on Ultima. Check back soon!

: Yep, another link. Fear not, intrepid readers, Book Six is coming!

: Sorry, no new stories today. However, I did add a couple of links to the main page. If anyone else out there wants a link, mail me. I'd be more than happy to give your page some free publicity.

: The day is at hand, the first news update of the month! Book Five is out and ready for you to read at the library. Happily, I have also completed the U9 Demo and must say: great graphics, great inventory, great sound effects, crappy music, horrendous voice-acting (excluding the Guardian, of course), and an idiotic story catering more to UO players than to hardcore Ultima Dragons (Blackthorn?? Give me a break! All REAL Ultima fans know he's reformed and lives in Serpent Isle!). With these words, the writing of Ultima IX upon this page shall continue!

9: Twas inevitable... I've written my first humorous fanfic. Even from my twisted mind, it get's a bit over-the-top at some parts! NO PRIZE ALERT: Who can identify the names of the eight "Not-Quite-Heroes?" E-mail me with your answers! In U9 news, Book Five will probably be pretty short, but it will reveal answer some important questions!

9: Today I add not one, but TWO new stories to the page (and just yesterday I added Book Four). Both are quite short, but should raise some interesting questions. As for Book Five, I haven't started it yet, but I'll say that a LOT is going to be revealed story-wise.

9: Well, I've finally got Book Four on the library. Its the shortest one yet, but has its share of content. I'd also advise you to play at least a bit of Ultima: The Dark Core before reading this as several references are made. Another note, many of you might be wondering how many books there's going to be. Right now, my answer is "about a dozen." I have the story planned up to Book Nine or so, but thats not the end (and believe me, I know how it ends). That's all for now. Enjoy!

9: Today the library shall now be graced by Shane's Tale, a masterpiece of literature by Programmer Dragon. Personally, I must say this replaces The Dark Realm as my favorite Ultima fanfic. Do yourself a favor and read it!

9: No, Book Four is not out yet. Instead, I have a pretty short story called Last Moments. It basically winds up the whole Serpent Isle side-story involving Melino, Columna, Mosh, and Torrissio. In other news, I still have yet to receive any questions, comments, submitted stories, or death threats. SOMEone out there is reading this page, I know. Well, write some crap down pretaining to Ultima and E-mail me with it. Even an inane remark like "You know, Iolo sure looks old." will prove people read this! Oh well. Have fun!

9: Ultima IX: Book Three is out! Enjoy it, because the "real" U9 will be out in about the week, and I doubt Book Four will be finished by then. Of course, I'll keep writing these as my computer perpetually fails to run any programs that were released in either the 80s or the 90s (plays Akalabeth pretty good though). That doesn't mean I won't buy the Dragon Edition, considering that its the last Ultima that won't be a money scam like UO. Another note: the Ankhs that come with U9 had better be made of cheap tin like those in U4!

9: At long last, I have a story on this page I didn't write. Of course, no one E-mailed it to me. I had to find it on my own. What is wrong with you people? Don't you want fame, fortune, and your name on someone else's web page? Anyways, Ultima IX: Book Three is progressing nicely. While it'll probably end up even shorter than Book Two, its packed with a lot of story. Four crucial characters will be introduced from previous Ultimas: two who you'd never guess, one who you'd certainly guess but not in the way you think, and one who you'd probably guess. Well, that's today's ramblings for me. Have fun!

9: I'm faster than I thought; Ultima IX: Book Two is finished and has been uploaded to this page today. In other news, I still haven't received any stories. Please! Someone send me something else! Even if you think it's total crap, I might like it (Good writing strategy: If someone thinks your writing is awful, just talk to someone else)! Well, that's all my babble for now. Enjoy Book Two!

9: I added this section to the web page. With any luck, some of you are reading this. If so, send me something! No matter how big my ego is, I don't want to devote this entire site to my own stories. Speaking of which, Ultima IX: Book Two is about two-thirds finished. It should be up on the page in a few days. It's much shorter than the first book, maybe only half the length (my biggest flaw in my writing is that my chapters steadily get smaller and smaller as I write). Still, there are already some pretty good parts in it. I hope you'll enjoy it when it comes out.

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