About Me(aka David Froy aka Minerjr)

Well lets see...
My name is David Froy. I am 17 years old going onto 18 in March. I have been programming scence grade 6. I started out by reading a Amiga basic book. The book was way beyond me then and I just learned a few things like variables and how the print text. Just simple stuff like that. Then I meet my best friend Jeff in grade 7 who actully programmed before I tried to and knew how to do a hell of a lot more then I did. I would goto a computer area after school about every day for an hour and work on these 8086's with a black and yellow monintor all in one using GW-Basic. If you have ever used it you know what I mean when I say nasty. I then worked in Qbasic for a few more years until I got into high school. Then I got real serious. I started to learn as many languages as I could. So far I have learned C, C++, GBDK C(ie GameBoy), QBasic, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Flash 5.0 Action Script, CSS. I bacicly know these languages off by heart. I also know but not completely from memory these languages/API's DirectX, openGL, Allegro, Tool Book II, 6502 ASM. There are probably more but I sometimes forget which languages that I know how to program. That is pretty sad. I am very good at what I do. I can figure out programming problems really quickly.

At work I am a junior programmer. That means I have to efficient in HTML, JavaScipt and Flash Action Script 5.0. I also figure out general programming problems. I am only a junior programmer because I only work part-time due to I still goto high school. I work after school every day for 2 hours programming. Then I go home eat supper, do homework and then program till 1 or 2 in the morning. Then get up a six and get ready for school.

I am currently in high school. I got a decent total average at 90%. I am trying to goto university at UNB or University of New Brunswick. I am hopping to be able to get some schoolar ship and also save that money that I earn at work and be able to pay my own way through university.

I am not trying to brag about how good of a programmer I am. I make mistakes like everyone else. I am completly self tought. Execpt for openGl where I get tutored by the local Community Collage Professor in Game Development. I am considered by some to be gifted. But I can't really judge my self against anyone else because I don't know anyone else who spends 6 hours a day programming and as many languages as me. I think I am good because I started when I was really young and it was like a snow ball. Once you have learned a few languages then they become simpler to learn. The problem can be sometimes you do one language for a while then try to switch and then you mix two languages together.

I hope someday to become a game programmer at a large gaming company. Hay I almost got one of my games publishted with Ultima XI. But if fell through because the game was made in QBasic and needed alot of DOS memory 1