Frequently Asked Questions About Akalabeth

Q. How do I unzip the game?

A. You can run winzip and open the file and extract it to you hard drive or you could use PKUNZIP. The command line you use for it is PKUNZIP -d c:\

Q. Ok once i got that done what do I do next.

A. Next you would run the game. The part that starts the game is AKALAB.BAT. Then once it starts up you have to choose 4 on the menu and setup the game options. Then you can run the game with option 2 or watch the new into with 1 or view the readme with option 3.

Q. So now that i ran the game and choosed option 2 to play the game it comes up with some memory error. What is wrong? I have lots of EMS memory.

A. The problem is that you do not have enough conventional memory left. The game uses Conventional memory and not extended memory like most games of today. I would strongly suguest you run this game under Windows 95. It is easy to get the sound to work in Windows and it dosen't use as much memory as DOS does. If that dosen't work then you can run edit and open your AUTOEXEC.BAT and put the owrd rem infront of each line in there and a space. Do the same for your CONFIG.SYS. This will get ride of and programs DOS loads when booting windows.

Q. How much memory do I need and how do I check how much I got left.

A. You need around 590K of conventual memory. You can check how much memory you have left by going to the start menu in windows, click on it, go up to run and click on it. Next you type MEM and a Dos screen should come up with a list of memory. Look at the bottem at Conventional memory and look at how much free you have. If it says for example 589,552 then you can run the game.

Q. Ok now i am in the game but some of the sounds are messed up nad midis sound funny. What is wrong?

A. What is wrong it that you own a Sound Blaster 64 or better and or another non-soundblaster card. The game is compatible with a Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE 32 and a Sound Blaster Pro. I have tested all of these cards and they worked fine. I have tried a SB 64 and it would play some of the wavs but the midis would sound awful because it uses other instruments then what the game was ment to have.

Q. My game runs slow what kind of computer do you recamend?

A. I own a Pentium 90 laptop with a Soundblaster Pro sound card. I works full speed on it. I would say a 286 or a 386 computer might have problems with speed but a 486 computer should work fine. A penutium 233 or greater can run the game but could be too fast.

These are the computers that I have tested the game on.

Pentium 90, Soundblaster Pro, 256 Color video card and monitor, 600k of memory, Windows 95

Pentium 133, Soundblaster 16, 16-bit Color video card and monitor, 589k of memory, Windows 95

Pentium 200, Soundblaster AWE 64, 16-bit Color video card and monitor, 589k of memory, Windows 95

Pentium 233, Soundblaster AWE 32, 16-bit Color video card and monitor, 600k of memory, Windows 98

All of these worked fine except for the SB AWE 64 sound card and the Pentium 233 was a little fast.

Q. I keep on playing the game but i keep on dying. Its says that I have starved. What is going on?

A. In all of the Ultima games you characters need food to stay alive. This game is no different. You must buy lots of food at the first and explor for a while until you start to get low on food and leave the dungeon and buy some more food.

Q. How do i beat the game.

A. Well i should let that up to you but if you really want to know you have to talk to Lord British and get a quest from him. When you have completed the quest you have beaten the game. 1