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Hi, I know that some people have trouble with the game, trying to get it to run. That is why i made a FAQ page so that people would not have to e-mail me. Some people problably don't know why its there. I hope people enjoy this game as much as I have in making it better. Thx for the support.

I, Miner Jr have taken complete control over the project. Dung dragon has left the project for lack of interest.

There are two people who are on this project, they are Dung Dragon and I, Miner Jr. Dung Dragon was the one who got the whole project going. This is the story of how it all it all got started. From the words of Dung Dragon.

The Idea, The inspiratiion

I found a copy of Akalabeth in Basic format while I was searching around the Ultima Dragon's FTP archive..

I had played Akalabeth from its .exe format and found the game quite fun even though the graphics look like something from the age of dinosaurs. I later found the game in Basic format and took a look at the code. Fortunatly I'm lucky enough to have a copy of Qbasic kicking around so I could read and edit the Basic code for the game. I thought to myself, these graphics sucks, I can make better. So I started to work and this is what I've gotten so far.

My inspiration comes from the Ultima 4 graphics pack, if that guy can make a good game so much better, well I sure as hell can!

I have my Qbasic experience from past years of heavy GWbasic programing on my 8086 (which I had until 1993 (stop laughing:-)

Akalabeth was written in Gwbasic (I think) Qbasic is much more user friendly so it made rewritting the graphics a snap!

It took me several hours to make any sense out of the original code because it has so complex (marvelous job Richard Garriot) but once it make sense propramming went fast.

I, Miner Jr, joined the project at first as a graphic drawer, but i figured out the monster code and chest and the character graphics. I also got a copy of WAVPLAY.BAS and intragated it into akalabeth. I took alot of sounds from War craft 2 because it was easty to get the sounds and they sounded ok. 1