Whats New.

July 26, 1999

Worked on the homepage a bit. Added new side menu and three new pages. The orginal manual of Akalabeth, a FAQ page for people having problems with the game, and game info page to tell people what this update really does compared to the first Akalabeth.

July 23, 1999

Well its finally here. The final release of akalabeth. The game is finally done. I opoligize for the lateness of the game but i was bug fixing it and bussy this summer. I have done alot of changes scence the last release I made V3.1b and the final release. I found out that the joystick couldn't work with the midi's. I also added keyboard menus and fixed menny bugs. I colored in all of the dungeon and the outside. I fixed the dungeon completely. I had another version to release before IE V3.1b but couldn't find the time so i continued to work on the final. There will be no more updates except if some one finds a major bug then i will fix it. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the game or any problems. Thx this has been a fun two years. I have really enjoyed working on this prject and hope that most people will like it to.

To see whats new view game readme inside of the game.

Site update, Added pictures of new game.

May 8, 1999

I am adding updated progress all the time now. And i will give the dates of when the news is updated. I will include whats new to the game at rerlease time, what I have done to my site, what is currently being done.

Whats New V3.1

Added midi's to the game.(D%@# clear command was erasing the memory after setting up the midi program)

Added save feature to the game. It is "s" button and to load a game you journey onward at the menu.

So far since the last release Jeff has colored the ladder, trapdoor, and most of the doors. I am trying to make it so that the dungeon is drew first then the monsters. It should not be to hard.

I took off the guestbook seeing as it only worked in my orginal homepage. Please E-Mail me if you like what i am doing, it will help me alot to see that i am not wasting my time.

Version 3.0

This is a major release

Fixed dissapearing menu, now viewing health and life is possible.

Added dissable sound option in setup.

Added faster footsteps.

Added disable footsteps option to setup.

Fixed up setup for joystick(Button selection now works)

Added EA and Origin to credits.

Added (v) button to view version of game.

Colored all the monsters(Balron, Daemon, Mimac, Orc, Gremlin)

Colored the chest

Fixed the text in dungeons.

Fixed all the Magic Amulent bugs(It now works properly)

Fixed up capitalozed text(NOT OWNED, etc.)

Added differnet hitting sounds for monsters.

Redrew Lord British's castle.

Added music to main menu and readme (Using .bat file only)

Now you can setup the game and read the readme in the main menu.

Added graphics to main menu.

Version 2.9b

Fixed up the keyboard completely(It still wasen't working right)

Fixed some lower case letters.

Added new graphics for mage(Another wonderful Ultima 5 graphic:))

Added new readme program.

Added new ending and intro

Added menu to view intro

Version 2.9

Added joystick support.

Added joystick menues.

Added sound for thief.

Added new intro.

Added new fighter graphics. (Same as the one from Ultima 5!)

Fixed magor graphic bug.(view screen command caused not all the graphics to be displayed properly) :)

Added new way of stopping game.

Version 2.8

Colored in 8 of the 10 monsters.

Version 2.7

Added UO sounds to the game. Each monster has it own sound when it attacks. Changed starting, it has a midi and no more sounds. Added whatsnew.txt file. Added credits page.

Version 2.5

Added color to all the monsters. Fixed up some of the graphics in the outside. Made two different graphics for the fighter and mage when selected. Added wav sounds for effects. Gave each weapon different sound effects. Changed the dungeon graphic.

Version 1.15

Wasn't going to be one but I thought, what the hell.

I added a bit better graphics and colors to the landscape Added some sound, Mozart I ain't

Version 1.10

The start-up screen The outside land! New character New castle New shops New dungeon icon Colored all objects 1