Ultima Related
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The Orginal Akalabeth Remake This is my orginal site. I will be adding more stuff from the old site to the new one like the faq, what is done in the remake and the orginal manual.
Dung Dragon's Ultima Page This is my best friends ultima page. It has walkthroughs and reviews of all the ultima games. Its really a good site.
Uo Stratics An execlent page for Ultima Online. This is Origin's great online game based on the Ultima series. This is the site if you want information on UO.

Non-Ultima Related
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Ebay This is the best online auction site in the world. You can get anything that you could want to get there and cheaply. It has thousands of things that are hard to find. A great site.
Rpgamer Rpgamer is a really well done site on old and new RPGs. It has pictures, sounds, music and release dates for all kinds of RPGs.
Game Faqs Game Faqs has reviews and faqs on about every game known to man. It has stuff on all the gaming systems and the pc. It even has faqs on the systems them selves. Great site.