May 1, 2000 - Added Music Player
       I have removed the single music file and replaced it with a Ultima music player. I have added music for Ultima Online only yet and hope to get more up latter. I am having trouble with Java and Live Audio. The player will play the first song with infinate loop but after you pick a new song it does not loop anymore. I hope to find out how to fix the problem soon.

April 29, 2000 - Added Music and Links
       Here is the second update of the new page. I added some music and will be adding a music jutebox for all the ultima music. I have also added new links to my favorite sites. I hope to get more done by tonight.

April 27, 2000 - New site and new Akalabeth
       I know I have not updated my site in a while. The new site is now java enhanced. I am learning java script right now and trying out new things . Hope people will like it.

       I have added my new version of akalabeth. The new version is made in DJGPP C and will not have the memory problems that plagued the orginal Akalabeth. Right now the only problem is that once you start the game the memory gets corupted and gives all kinds of weird values. I am trying to figure out what the problem is and it is the only thing keeping me back.