This is my links section. You will find links to sites that I use all the time.

Vital Knowledge Software Inc.
This is where I work. It is a educational software company that designs and develops online eductational software. They have a really cool looking site. And I am not just saying that because I work there.

Slash Dot
This is by far the best web site on the internet for tech or computer news. It is updated every day and has new about linux, new technology, Bill Gates and his adventures at M$. I would really recamend this site if like that type of stuff.

Zophar's Domain
This is the best emulation site period. I know that it is illegal to pirate roms but emulators allow you to easily program a game on a console which is a pain to do if you do not have a Dev kit or a backup device. I did this with my gameboy game I work on for a while.