Welcome to Minerjr Productions homepage

This web page is my personal web page. It contains programs that I made in various languages. I hope to be able to add new programs that I have done and also add old ones. I work in C, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, etc. To download some examples of my work click on the "Download" button on the side menu bar. To see what is new with this page or with me then click on "News".

I will just say this one thing. I do not like to do web pages to much. I work on my school's web site. I do web pages for a job and I am a little sick of doing them. But they are still programming so I will continue to do them. I will though only update this site maybe once or twice a week due to me spending more time on real programming and school and work. I live a very full life. Mostly school and programming.

If you wish to contact me about any programs that I have created or have a question then e-mail me.

This webpage is best viewed in Internet Explorer at 800 X 600. Netscape is EVIL and don't try to tell me different. I have to program websites all the time and Netscape is a pain, so is AOL. 1