January 28, 2001 - General News Update
This update is just to tell everyone that I am not dead. I have just completed five exams at school. They weren't that hard but I still want to get good marks so I have an easier time getting into university.

Latly I have been working on this gossip system that my tutor and I have been working on. It is really cool. What you can do with it is add some friends to the engine and run the world. You friends can start to attack and fight each other or do the opposite. It is really funny when you slap your best friend, HAHA. By the end of this week I will release the Gossip Engine for people to out. What the actuall point of the engine is to allow NPC's to interacte with each other. They can meet different NPC's and can either tell them a piece of gossip or do an event together. Based on the event or the news a NPC tells another NPC the more or less that person like's the other. Eventually if a NPC does not like an NPC enough then the NPC can kill the other. When this happens the NPC is deleted out of the game. And anyone who liked the murdered NPC then will dislike the NPC that killed the other. This is really cool. After the engine is completed the I am going to create a RPG around it.

I will add my old Akalabeth game to the site latter this week also. It is a remake of a very old game. It is predissesor to the Ultima series.The game went from 2 color no sound to 256 color, Wav sound effects, Midi music, better interface. All created in little old QBASIC. That took me two years to finish.

I will be adding new stuff on Monday. I am going to work on my gossip engine now.

January 8, 2001 - Put up JIDE
I installed the Visual Studio Installer and created an installer for JUDE so it will install all of the nessisary files needed to get JIDE to run on any Windows 9X/ME/2000 system. The download is 5 megs though but future releases will be only the executable so its a one time thing. I will be adding more programs latter this week.

I am going to busy for a while with Exams comming up soon and also next semester I have Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus and the school web page. So I am going to be really bussy trying to get decent marks.

One final thing about the web site. If you have noticed that there are spelling mistakes that is because I am bad at spelling. Blame the school systems. Also if the colors look a little wierd that is because I am partially color blind and have trouble with shades of colors. Like yellow and green, gray and green, purple and blue. I can see color but the wrong ones. HEHE I never realised that Windows default background color is green not gray. I would like to hear anyones response to my web site. I hope that people will be able to put my programs to good use. Cya.

  January 7, 2001 - Web Site Created.
Created this webpage. There is currently only one program made by me on this web site. It is a free Java IDE called JIDE. I know it is not the greatest name. It allows you to use the JDK v1.3 with out have to make all of those anoying .bat files. It features:

  • Notepad like text editer.
  • Preview applet using builtin web browser.
  • Compiles applet and create a simple web page for it.
  • Auto insertion of java packages commands. Like MSVB and MSVC. (only supports the java and javax packages so far.)
  • IDE supports 10 different popular fonts and sizes.
  • Completly free for anyone to use.
I will be adding other programs after such as my completed Akalabeth remake done in QBasic. My start of a Gameboy RPG, a few C/C++ examples, a few openGL examples, Flash 5.0 stick game I started and some other internet examples. I will release the code for most of these examples except for a couple. Like JIDE.